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  1. And I think that’s fair. I’m just saying that I think it’s quite possible he would get that bump in today’s game given the emphasis on K’s from a pitching standpoint and hitter’s aggression and willingness to strike out. It’s definitely a different game though.
  2. How much of the higher K/9 that you are referencing is due to those very same hitters that today try to do more damage from a power perspective? Even some of the legendary strikeout guys from back in the day (Bob Gibson 7.2, Steve Carlton 7.1, Tom Seaver 6.8.... I just picked three well-known guys, maybe there are other examples of much higher K rates) did not have eye-popping strikeout rates from today’s standards (Max Scherzer 10.5, Clayton Kershaw 9.7, for example). So while I totally agree that a guy that strikes out 3.8 per 9 wouldn’t survive today, isn’t it possible that the same Scotty McGregor would miss a sufficient amount of bats in today’s game because hitters are trying to do much more damage? Not saying he would hang Kershaw numbers, but I’d think perhaps enough to be viable today. Just think you may be ignoring the other side of the equation, which is the susceptibility of today’s hitters to striking out; guys simply didn’t have as many strikeouts back then because hitters were much more focused on putting the ball in play. Interesting debate, though.
  3. Great gesture. And they sure are trying. Gotta give em that.
  4. PCL scores are gonna look like football games if so.
  5. I posted this famous experiment in a similar context on this board a few months ago... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_marshmallow_experiment I know the team sucks, and it would be more interesting to see a couple guys like Mountcastle playing every night. But even if they come up and mash, you are talking about a very minimal difference in a team that will lose ~100 games regardless. Patience, my friend....it’s all about trying to sync up our young talent in Baltimore as much as possible so we can keep them together as long as possible for the next time we’re good. Don’t take that marshmallow yet.
  6. Just tremendous insights. Thanks man.
  7. The emergence of Núñez as a viable bat, along with presumably the eventual return of Trumbo, really just keeps Mountcastle at AAA. Along with the fact that CD is at least showing a glimmer of an ability to put the bat on the ball (staving off release at least for a while). I guess if we were to deal Mancini later this year that could open things up a bit, but I still don’t see Mountcastle any sooner than September. Nor should we, in my view.
  8. Cadyn Grenier hasn't necessarily earned it yet (OPSing a respectable .764 through 15 games after putting up a .630 in 162 ABs last year), but I wouldn't be opposed to pushing him to Frederick, as he's already 22 in low-A. Though Mason McCoy is off to a huge start at SS in Frederick (OPSing .902), from my understanding most folks don't really consider him a genuine prospect (he just turned 24), and there is room for another middle infielder there.
  9. This. He ain’t Mike Trout, but Drew Jackson would sure be a nice option to have right about now. Think we messed up on that one.
  10. It’s getting tough to watch, that’s for sure. Hopefully he can straighten himself out.
  11. It’s a fair point, but he has just been SO bad at the dish, I worry about permanently damaging his confidence. You could argue that if that’s a possibility, perhaps he was never going to make it anyway, but sometimes I think it’s just good to take a step back and hit the reset button a little. That’s where I’m at with Mullins.
  12. Good discussion on Williams vs Mullins. I do agree with those that think it is about time to denote Mullins - maybe not immediately, but if he is still scuffling this badly over the next week. I unfortunately fear it’s becoming more clear that he’s not going to consistently hit at the major league level, but if you think there is a chance he can, you’ve got to send him to AAA to find himself again. He’s just kind of drowning up here now, and you can sense his frustration. I’d like to give him a chance to regain some confidence.
  13. One of the many blessings of OPACY.
  14. ReclaimTheCrown

    DL Hall 2019

    Lol panic subsiding...it was all Frobby’s fault 🙂
  15. ReclaimTheCrown

    DL Hall 2019

    Did Hall get scratched tonight? MiLB app showing Bishop pitching, not Hall. A few of us were complaining about that app in another thread, so it wouldn’t shock me if they mixed up their lefties.
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