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  1. ReclaimTheCrown

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    I am liking him too, though I’m concerned how often I see his name on the bottom of the box score after having committed an error. He has 31 errors this year, which is obviously a ton. Not sure the nature of most of these (throwing, fielding, etc), but hopefully he can clean it up.
  2. ReclaimTheCrown

    Orioles Attendance Article

    Go to games, people. You’re gonna be fine. It’s fun....they’ve got beer and good food and the Jumbotron and lots of giveaways and your kids can go for free. And there is a small chance you’ll see the Orioles win. And despite how small that chance is, it is orders of magnitude higher than the chances of something bad happening to you. Live your life.
  3. ReclaimTheCrown

    Orioles CF camera ranked best in MLB.

    Or “punchouts”. Ugh, he kills me. Good dude, but reminds me of the Nationals’ clowns.
  4. ReclaimTheCrown

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    I don’t know about more typical levels (as I mentioned this was the first I’d ever seen that laid out our international scouting presence), but you’ve got to think our newfound interest in Latin America is going to alter this perhaps substantially. I think it’s a fair assumption that Peter’s unwillingness to dive into Latin America caused a reallocation to some other places; for example, our numbers seem a bit high comparatively in the Pacific Rim, though there is talent there, and high in Europe and certainly Australia. If we can’t just add scouts overall, a reduction in those areas makes sense to me. I mean, Alex Wells is a cool prospect, but how much talent are we legitimately mining down under? And I don’t think we’ve got any legit prospects from Europe, nor do I really hear of any. Take all this with a grain of salt, as it’s just what seems reasonable to me. I’ve got no idea how all this truly works.
  5. ReclaimTheCrown

    50 games left - call the record

    I’m on vacation so I’m feeling optimistic this morning.... 53-109 and we avoid losing 110. 😑
  6. ReclaimTheCrown

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    Not a signing, but didn’t see this posted elsewhere and it’s obviously relevant for this thread. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a breakdown, albeit brief, of our international scouting presence: http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/08/more-on-international-intentions-and-todays-game.html “But the plan won’t really take off until the Orioles beef up their scouting department, which is one of the areas they’ve vowed to address as part of their now-public rebuild. You can’t sign more international prospects if you can’t find them. The Orioles are still relatively thin in that department, as anyone in the industry will point out. And it’s important to find the right people to fill the gaps. Scouts with contacts in Latin America, for example, who can be trusted. Cale Cox, assistant director of minor league and international operations, and former pitchers Calvin Maduro and Luis Noel scouted Ramirez. Until yesterday, I didn’t realize that Noel had changed careers while staying in the organization. Noel, who’s based in the Dominican, hadn’t pitched with an affiliated team since appearing in 29 games with Single-A Delmarva in 2011. He finished his playing career in the independent North American and Frontier leagues in 2012-2013. Maduro and Joel Bradley are the only international scouts based in the United States. Ji-Young Koo is based in Korea, responsible for the Pacific Rim, and they’re the only names on the international side who are listed in the team’s media guide. Maduro lives in Maryland and Bradley in Florida. The Orioles employ three scouts in the Dominican, two in Australia, two in Europe, one in Venezuela, one in Columbia, one in Panama and one in Curaçao. I’m also told there are five or six in the Pacific Rim. “We’ve got pretty good coverage,” said one person in the organization. “We could use more.” Perhaps most important is for the Orioles to expand their presence in Venezuela, where it’s common for teams to have three or four scouts, plus four or five in the Dominican. The Orioles haven’t developed a player from Venezuela who reached the majors with them, losing one opportunity when they traded left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez to the Red Sox for reliever Andrew Miller.”
  7. ReclaimTheCrown

    Victor Victor Mesa Live Video?

    Sure. Like I said, not quite my style, but ultimately, it is what it is.
  8. ReclaimTheCrown

    Victor Victor Mesa Live Video?

    If he is an Oriole and he can ball, I don’t really care about it. The flash isn’t quite my style, but ultimately all I care about is him being a player.
  9. ReclaimTheCrown

    Who will be promoted?

    Ramirez is kind of the 4th starter now (only in that I think his rotation spot is much more solid than that of Hess.) Hess took Gausman’s spot, but with how he has looked, that has to be pretty tenuous. I’d like to see Means get a shot next time Hess’ turn comes up in the rotation.
  10. ReclaimTheCrown

    Service time of Sisco, Scott, and Hays.

    Exactly - the only reason not to at this point would be if there is a pressing need on the big league club that said prospect will fill to enable the team to win (as was arguably the case with Schoop). We won't be winning much the next couple years, so preserving the extra year of control is vital. It should be done for everyone.
  11. ReclaimTheCrown

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Regardless of the context, this is still a bit alarming. We presumably decided to forgo real living, breathing ballplayers in the Atlanta deal to acquire a substantial amount of international bonus allotment to spend. I don't doubt that we've got plenty of lower level guys that we're interested and planning to sign, which we're seeing play out right now, but those guys aren't all going to add up to $8 million. Thus, if we don't make a splash and end up spending the large, large majority of that money, that's opportunity out the window, and frankly a tradable asset in Gausman somewhat wasted. I know the old Orioles would screw this up; I'm hoping, and still reasonably confident, that the Orioles under the new direction will avoid doing so. Really, though, it's hard to see this as anything other than Mesa or bust.
  12. ReclaimTheCrown

    Support the Orioles or stop following until they start winning again

    Despite some of the huffy "don't tell me how to support my team" posts within this thread, I do think it's a kind of a true test of fandom to follow the team when they're down. It's awfully easy to back a winner... Obviously that manifests itself in different ways (and hence, different people will experience their fandom in varied ways), but I do kind of scoff at folks that say they aren't going to watch or buy tickets or purchase merch or whatever until we start getting better. That's kind of a BS approach to fandom, in my view (which will be unpopular with some).
  13. ReclaimTheCrown

    Should Akin and Kline move up to get in a pennant race?

    I agree, especially given the newfound glut of starters assigned to AA - you’ve still got Brian Gonzalez, but also added Kremer, Tate, Ortiz, and Zimmermann in trades. Hunter Harvey may at some point return to Bowie too. Definitely move Akin up, as there are a couple non-prospects starting games for Norfolk. I think Kline is probably ready too, and he needs to be on the 40 this winter, so may as well move him closer.
  14. ReclaimTheCrown

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    Sure I certainly don’t want us to just give them away, but really if the reports on Jones are correct that he is not lifting his NTC, there is really nothing happening with expiring guys. Most reports on those still under contract is that we’re just listening to the phone calls rather than actively shopping. Perhaps these are just semantic differences, but I’d like to see us being creative and aggressive in trying to deal guys with years left in order to maximize their return. Ultimately, I of course agree with you that we need to be getting solid quality for these guys if we do sell. If it isn’t there, it isn’t there.
  15. ReclaimTheCrown

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    Which is all well and good, but what does that really entail right now? Pleading with Jones to waive his NTC so we can hope to get a fair prospect? Calling other GMs and trying to talk up Danny Valencia? Most of our interesting pending FA are gone. Would hope we are being a bit more proactive with guys like Gausman and Givens right now.