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  1. I understand that take, and to an extent it's true, but with a sample size that small (including just 7 appearances after the DL), every little bit is probably going to help. Someone pointed out some peripherals being down this year, but a couple good outings with a couple strikeouts and they look very different. I know to an extent this is a superficiality, and GMs are obviously not just looking at a K/9 rate and the like in a tiny post-injury sample size, but I think it helps our bargaining position. Thursday night against Texas was not helpful.
  2. Didn't see this previously, but Roch mentioned this AM that the Braves are checking in on Britton, too. The more teams the better, obviously, as I'm concerned the injury and the numbers are going to drive down his value. We really, really could use a couple classic Britton outings in the next couple days.
  3. I can see Miley getting a few more starts, but it is time for Ubaldo. I think two starts after the break to confirm (shocker) he is still miserable is plenty. DFA him, give him away, put him to work at Boog' doesn't matter. Bring up Aquino and give him an extended look to see if you can pencil him in as part of next year's rotation. He's never going to be great I don't think, but maybe he'll be passable. A lot of times the saying "it/he can't be worse" is an exaggeration...this time it's not. Aquino, please.
  4. It does make you wonder what the old man is thinking....I believe it was reported Monday afternoon (after the miserable Cubs series) that he'd given authorization to deal some players. Then, we come out and look like an actual baseball team for three straight nights against a not terrible (but pretty meh) Rangers team. Selling is still almost certainly the right move, but we do have three against the best team in the AL then three on the road against a quality Tampa team. I do not expect it, but if we, say, win 5 of those next 7 (including tomorrow against Texas), that would put us at a game under with a little momentum. It would probably help us pick up a game or two in the WC (currently 3.5 back). If that happens, I'm not sure Angelos would stomach a sell-off, even of just the guys pre-authorized. Again, I still think that selling is going to be the right move, but it's interesting that it's much less of a foregone conclusion than it was three days ago.
  5. Was thinking the same thing tonight....clearly concerning for all the discussion of getting a huge haul for him. It's already past the midway point in July...not good.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly. I know some in the org (I think Buck specifically) have kind of scoffed at inning limits for guys set to experience a big jump from one year to the next, but I'd love to see Dylan limited to say 150-160 (understand he's at like 108 or so now), especially since we're highly unlikely to be in contention. He may be completely fine without any limits (though his drop in effectiveness as the season has progressed doesn't suggest it), but it's simply an unnecessary risk for a losing team.
  7. Been to a little over half the stadiums in the bigs (OPACY, Nats, Philly new and old, Yankee new and old, Citi, Fenway, Skydome, PNC, Cleveland, Wrigley, ChiSox, Miller Park, old Busch, Kaufman, Houston, Texas, Braves old, AT&T, and Petco) and I give a very slight edge to San Fran over OPACY. While I agree with the poster that chided the giant coke bottle, the park is overall just beautiful and the location amazing. I liked PNC a lot, but not quite the charm of Camden, in my view, and I agree with the poster that pointed out the unnecessarily cramped concourses. Strictly in terms of the actual stadium, I really loved Citi Field, think the place is a gem. It gets downgraded though by a horrible location (in the flight path of I believe Laguardia, middle of nowhere Flushing/Queens I guess, surrounded by auto body shops with car skeletons on the roof as far as the eye can see). Honestly if you pick that place up and put it down in most any other MLB park location, it'd be among the best. Wrigley and Fenway are awesome as well, but apples to oranges with the new places. In terms of least favorites, we really disliked Miller Park; just a colossus along a suburban highway with no personality and no baseball park feel. Also, new Yankee stadium stinks, as its more a monument than a ballpark in my opinion. Rogers/Skydome is what it is: groundbreaking at the time but really just subpar now. A quick aside to the poster advocating a western NY team: respectfully, I think there are rightfully at least half a dozen locations that would be more appealing (thinking NC, Tenn, San Antonio or Austin, maybe even Vegas in time) before they would consider an area like that. Just don't think we are going to see a lot of teams moving north, especially into the rust belt.
  8. We'll see significantly less Kim, and probably deservedly so given how poorly he's performed this year, after the break when CD comes back. It's unfortunate but he just hasn't brought much to the table this year.
  9. Great stuff....really appreciate your insights.
  10. Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but Jon Schoop has 400 careers K's and 61 career walks, giving him a much higher rate (closer to 6). Obviously he's been better this year, but it's still just under 4. Even that, though, indicates an ability to improve over time in that regard (though we'll see if Jon can sustain that improvement). Another pretty good candidate is Jones, who is at just over 4.2 over his long career. Not quite as high as Trey's so far, but not in another universe. I'd additionally argue that the sample size is too small to be a big concern. I take the point and appreciate you pulling up those stats, but not sure I'm sweating it just yet.
  11. Agree with the sentiments in this thread and glad the issue has been raised, because it hasn't been discussed much. Clearly it's not all McDowell's fault, but he's probably not quite reaching the guys and he certainly isn't making anything better. Sure wish we would've called Dom Chiti this offseason when he was waiting for the phone to ring.... Not sure things would've been much different, but maybe would've helped. Alright, mercifully back to my vacation where I don't have to watch our season fall apart and can instead just wake up, see the score, and shake my head. Godspeed watching these guys, all...
  12. He and Mullins are the two most exciting players in our system. Need to get Hays to Bowie at the break and, probably later in the season because Mullins missed some time with the hammy, let's see him in Norfolk. The big club could really use a couple outfielders in the next year or two.
  13. I'm not sure there's anything to which I'm "looking forward" with regard to Orioles baseball these days...
  14. I don't mean in the greater scheme of things, I mean in terms of canceling a baseball game when it wasn't raining, hadn't torrentially rained all day (it was a pretty garden variety light rain most of the day, if I recall correctly), and clearly wasn't going to rain the rest of the night. If I can definitively make that call with my iPhone a few beers deep at Willies bar, the Nationals should be able to decipher that brain teaser with all the resources available to them.
  15. It was a pathetic decision to call the game, and reflected poorly on the Nationals. The Baysox played a home game 15 miles away without delay, and it had stopped raining in SE DC by 6-615 and didn't rain again all night. My buddies and I at the bar pregaming could have made that meteorological call, and we did. Got no problem with Buck giving them crap for it. And if Rizzo wants to go high and right with his response, up to him I guess. His franchise is still the one that looks foolish in all this.