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  1. Ridiculously cool play, for so many reasons. Especially for us. As I texted my buddies when it happened, the thought of two O's going at it on a stage like this was completely ludicrous, and inexplicably far-fetched, say, 5-6 years ago.
  2. My bad, I was referring to in-season, in-market blackouts. For what it's worth, they're not giving it away until the day after opening day. For whatever reason.
  3. Will be very interesting to see how Pedro looks running around out there. Bummed I'll miss it. Semi-related public service announcement regarding MLBTV: if you're a TMobile customer, you can get it for free again this year. See link below: Just thought it may benefit a few folks here that may not have known. Note that I believe the O's will be blacked out locally again though (think I saw that discussed elsewhere).
  4. I'd be ringing Doug Fister's agent. He's far from inspiring but we really need some options with big league experience to compete with the young guys. Can't imagine Wright or Wilson is a good long term answer, and while Lee and Aquino have a chance, I don't think they're ready to go at the beginning of the year. Ynoa is a bit of a wildcard to me; saw him yesterday and the velocity is impressive, but not sure about those secondaries.
  5. I agree that Verrett and especially Wilson are the biggest threats to Drake at this point. I think we will want to see sustained effectiveness from Stewart in AAA before we consider him for Baltimore. I get the hunch that we want to have Aquino work out of the rotation in AAA to determine if he's a potential starter next year for the big club. And Liranzo just strikes me as a guy that would be a mid season callup; if I recall correctly he's just had limited AA experience so far, so that while very intriguing, we may want to let him season a little more. The other guy is Ondrusek. Obviously just getting started this year after the ankle injury, and while like many others on this board I'm not that moved by him, clearly he has some proponents within the organization, evidenced by the big league deal to which we signed him (believe he still has an option). I think he will be in the discussion, but has to play a little catch-up.
  6. I expect it to be Flaherty (he is a lock, IMO, as others have suggested), Gentry (I think he plays well and we carry him, though I don't fully agree), and either Tavares or Santander. Would love to keep both of those rule five guys, but don't think it's realistic, or frankly wise, for a team that ought to be contending. If I had my choice, I'd carry Santander.
  7. Guess this is as good a place as any to put in the first lineups of the year: Home Team Jonathan Schoop 2B Adam Jones CF Manny Machado SS Hyun Soo Kim DH Welington Castillo C Chris Johnson 3B Trey Mancini 1B Chris Dickerson RF Joey Rickard LF Mike Wright RHP Visiting Team Aneury Tavárez LF Johnny Giavotella 2B Ryan Flaherty 3B Christian Walker 1B Logan Schafer CF Chris Gentry RF Anthony Santander DH Robert Andino SS Caleb Joseph C Tyler Wilson RHP See: I'm interested that Santander is in there because we know from Roch that he is only currently able to bat right handed, not lefty ( However, looking at the list of pitchers on the opposite team (see, : Mike Wright, Logan Verrett, Zach Stewart, Jason Garcia, Jayson Aquino and Joe Gunkel) there is only one lefty. Not sure if they'll slot Aquino into the second inning so Santander can get an AB right handed, or if they'll just have him hit righty on righty (unlikely, I'd think), but slightly interesting to see how they do it. I admit, I'm mighty intrigued by Santander and hopeful that we can find a creative way to keep him in the organization.
  8. Make sure his hair is on point? Oh, oops, never mind. Learn how to play defense. Got it.
  9. Thanks for that...kind of incredible just how certain so many people are that this will be a bad deal. We will DH Trumbo 75% of the time, and I hope he will hit enough, and we will keep him out of right enough, that he'll retain value over three years. I'm not certain that I love this, and I was kind of in favor of giving Mancini a run, but we are going for it. We haven't had a losing season in 5 years after being trash for a decade and a half. Our team is pretty much set, and I like where we stand. Let's get after it.
  10. I expect the Orioles to be exceptionally creative (like bend the rules to the breaking point so much that MLB subsequently tries to tweak the rule kinda creative) in using Santander's shoulder injury to keep him in the organization. Especially if we can spread the time we need to carry him on the big league roster over a couple seasons. Think it's going to be interesting to watch
  11. Agree that there is very little reason (aside from the fact that he is a known quantity and a popular guy internally) to resign Trumbo with all the similar and significantly cheaper options out there. I do think there is a bit of overstating Trumbo's replaceability, but not a lot. Would be quite agitated if we sign Trumbo, especially if it's for anything close to what our initial offer was (4/52ish).
  12. Just going on record that I love this deal. Smith potentially fills a major hole, and I think we can find a cheaper insurance for the backend of our rotation than Yovani. Best of luck to him in Seattle, but I'm thrilled with this deal. We've been talking about just giving away one of these backend starters for salary relief all offseason, and to instead get Smith, which is exactly the type of player we need, is sweet.
  13. Ack...sorry, didn't read that carefully enough. You're right, probably all IL guys.
  14. Clearly C or D are the most intriguing. As I've got a hunch (as I'm sure others do) as to who at least one of those players is, I'm curious which AAA league each guy played in. Obviously there can be some pretty darned inflated numbers coming out of the PCL...
  15. Like someone mentioned above, I really enjoyed the fan forums. I didn't wait around trying to get autographs, but mostly enjoyed the atmosphere and getting a little sense for the players during the forums. Sure a lot of it is player-speak, but the interactions were entertaining and you got a decent sense of the human being. If you want to get the giveaway stuff on the third floor, recommend going up early - I went up late in the day and a lot of the stuff was gone. Lines are pretty long up there. Overall I'd definitely recommend - a nice baseball respite in the middle of winter. Make it a day downtown - wife and I went out for dinner, drinks, and a show that night.