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  1. Duquette's first BIG move (sarcasm)

    Thanks....as I mindlessly read this thread late tonight, I completely assumed it WAS Joe Mahoney back to the O's lol
  2. Lord I needed that

    Yup....that really needed to happen.
  3. Expansion/Realignment

    Oof....that all makes sense but that would be a horrific division for us. Three teams with plenty of resources, then us. We would struggle immensely.
  4. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    Try watching this series....bet you'll hate them again! Mercifully I'm going to dinner and not watching the game anymore lol...
  5. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    Yeah that was my mistake last night... And now, here I am at a sports bar waiting for my wife to arrive for dinner around the corner, watching the damn game lol.
  6. It's Time to Play the Youngins

    I would like to see Santander and Sisco start at least 3-4 of these last games. I think we've got a good handle for what Hays can do, but we obviously have to keep Santander up for at least a month and a half, so let's give him some chance to see ML pitching. Moreover, if Castillo doesn't pick up his option, Sisco is going to be at least a platoon starter. One of the reasons I (and many others) were frustrated with Trumbo's resigning is that we had a minor leaguer (Mancini) who appeared a viable option to step into a role and we effectively blocked him; I hope we don't do the same again this offseason. It's well past time to be transitioning to some of these home grown guys, even if there's risk involved. In a perfect world, Santander can at least platoon in RF to start the year for the first month and a half, while we keep Hays in AAA to preserve a year of service time. Probably not that realistic (I bet Hays forces his way onto the roster in spring training), but we'll see.
  7. Turn Out the Lights

    Well that did it, right?
  8. DJ Stewart 2017

    Lot of talk, rightfully, about Mullins (and of course Hays, who is a stud and probably our best prospect), but Stewart is arguably having a better year than Mullins (50 points higher OPS, though he's a year older). Folks have speculated a lot about whether or not Mullins could be called up this fall or make the club next year, but I think Stewart needs to be in that spring training discussion at least as well. I'm not sure any of them make the club next spring, mostly because we have to keep Santander up and it would be foolish to start their service time before May, but it's going to be a very interesting camp with all these outfield prospects.
  9. Id be happy to win one in Boston, but we probably won't

    Crap....this team has me believing again....
  10. Cedric Mullins, 2.0

    Gotcha, thanks
  11. Cedric Mullins, 2.0

    Anybody know what's up with Mullins, is he nicked up again? Looks like he has only played once (Friday night) since Wednesday. As impressive as he's been this year,- shame that he's been in and out of the lineup quite a bit. Hope it's not that hamstring again.
  12. The Wildcard Race

    What a mess lol. I think it'll be interesting most of the way, but a team or two is gonna get silly hot and separate a bit. Just hope it's us.
  13. Enough is enough, Tillman does not need another start

    I think it's significantly more likely we'll see him next time we are down 7-2, not up 7-2. I don't think Buck wants to risk him un-winning us a game.
  14. Rule 5 Strategies

    Sure. They couldve and in retrospect probably should've protected him, though I don't know their 40 man composition at the time. And clearly they gambled on the known injury. That said, there are a few reasons I'd be irked if I was the Tribe. If I recall correctly, the existing injury was described as a shoulder issue, but he was felled for four months by what we called an elbow issue. (Originally cropped up in camp, but got a PRP in May, see https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/orioles-anthony-santander-successfully-receives-elbow-treatment/amp/). Obviously different injuries happen, but just weird we stopped hearing about the shoulder. Also, we let him hit all during spring training (presumably to evaluate the bat, as that'd be the reason we want him), and only late in camp did we DL him to work on rehabbing whatever arm issue he had. Further, the issue ended up keeping him out, conveniently for us, until right about now when we could easily split his 90 day requirement over two seasons. I'm not saying there wasn't an injury (shoulder, elbow?) to be dealt with, but I'd just be a bit suspicious of all the timing. Look, I'm certainly glad the O's are where we are, because we are positioned to keep him long term and he looks like he could be a find. Moreover, I think most people suspected some fuzzy maneuvering was going to be done to keep Santander in orange. And I don't know that Cleveland has any real recourse here. But I think it'd be foolish to think they're not a little suspicious. And I wouldn't blame them. And to the poster regarding Hunter Harvey, that's a fine comp. I can't imagine he isn't on our 40 this offseason.
  15. Rule 5 Strategies

    Good post, and Santander's is very interesting (albeit probably somewhat unique) case. I was surprised to learn that it only had to be 90 total days that could be spread over multiple seasons; before, I had thought if he didn't reach the 90 days in 2017, he would have to do a full 90 in 2018 (that they couldn't be essentially combined). I bet MLB is looking at changing that rule, because you can see how a team could take advantage of it (I'm quite positive, though we'd obviously never admit it, that we had something like this in mind the whole time). If I'm Cleveland, I'm pretty sore about this whole thing, but doesn't look like there's much they could do...