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  1. ReclaimTheCrown

    Players Who Were Outrighted From 40 Man Rosters - Free Agents

    Hah you’re right, I was talking about Torrey. I should’ve specified that I was being picky and needed a Smith #82.
  2. ReclaimTheCrown

    Players Who Were Outrighted From 40 Man Rosters - Free Agents

    I’d appreciate it so I can still wear my jersey. Never works though....I’ve been waiting on the Ravens to sign a WR/TE named Smith for years...
  3. ReclaimTheCrown

    The Buck Showalter Appreciation Thread

    I will miss Buck. He is intelligent and engaging. He is a decent man. He was old school, which was fun. He had shortcomings (plenty, like any of us), and made some bad decisions, some utterly critical and a few even indefensible. But he was critical in bringing winning, respectability, and general order back to baseball in Baltimore. And I’ll always remember him fondly for that. Thank you, Buck, and best of luck in your next endeavors.
  4. ReclaimTheCrown

    The Dan Duquette Appreciation Thread

    Opinions on Dan were certainly split here, especially toward the end of his tenure here, but I really think he did a nice job with the constraints put upon him by the organization. I’ll always appreciate the role he played in bringing winning baseball back to this organization. I would’ve liked to have seen what he could’ve done, unfettered and truly in charge, to rebuild this team. Best of luck, Dan.
  5. ReclaimTheCrown

    The Orioles biggest problem is....Baltimore

    No. There isn’t. At all.
  6. Thanks for posting; good write-up and will be interesting to see how he progresses.
  7. Yeesh, come on man. These guys worked their tails off in our city for our team for years. They were instrumental in bringing winning ways back to a struggling franchise. While they were both flawed, they generally did things the right way. And they deserve a gracious sendoff. I know you, like some others, fancy yourself a calculating, emotionless baseball guy, but don't be a jerk.
  8. ReclaimTheCrown

    David Hess 2018

    It’s incredible but you’re correct. Hess had a 4.88 ERA overall, Cobb a 4.90. Hess also had a 4.84 as a starter, with a 6 ERA in two relief outings. I agree that if he is decent in spring training, he probably has the inside track on a starting spot next year. Hopefully he can be a reasonably consistent, cheap backend innings eater; that’s probably his ceiling, which would be just fine.
  9. ReclaimTheCrown

    Reminder, doubleheader today

    Thanks....and I figured some team, sometime, had done it after I posted that. Regardless, just kind of pathetic that we could have 20 pitchers up if we wanted to, and still need to throw Jace Peterson today.
  10. ReclaimTheCrown

    Reminder, doubleheader today

    Only the 2018 Orioles could have room for 40 players on the roster in September (maybe 41? don't know if you get a call-up for an extra man like you do during the rest of the season) and STILL need to use a position player to muscle through a game. Oof....can't wait for this season to be finished.
  11. ReclaimTheCrown

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    Thanks for digging that up. I guess we'll find out if anything has changed.
  12. ReclaimTheCrown

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    I was curious about his latter point too.... I’m not sure I quite trust anything Rick Dempsey says, though. Can any of our folks that have scouted him chime in on the validity of DJ having “premium” bat speed?
  13. ReclaimTheCrown

    Would you trade Adam Jones even up for these CF's?

    I agree with this take - sure it would’ve been nice to offload him, get a piece back, relieve some salary, and see him play in a race. Nonetheless, and it’s easier to say this because it isn’t my money, it really doesn’t matter that much because any prospect return was going to be pretty negligible. Heck, it could’ve just been that Zoellner guy we were all pissin and moanin about getting anyway. I was surprised and a little disappointed, but it really doesn’t matter that much. I certainly don’t think it warrants badmouthing Adam. It’s just getting so much attention because we’re so ghastly and have nothing else to talk about. Like probably most on here, I love Adam (and he’s one of my favorites all time) so I’ll just enjoy watching him for a few more games in orange.
  14. ReclaimTheCrown

    Short on starters with 15 games to go

    I agree that Means is the guy I’d like to see. However, I recall reading someone say (perhaps it was Buck) that they don’t want to go with a guy that hasn’t been throwing in a while. I think that’s the potential problem; not sure if he’s been shut down for a few weeks.
  15. ReclaimTheCrown

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    Very simple after the Gausman trade....VVM or bust. Offer him all the money if that’s what it takes.