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  1. Santander

    Could just be a camp monster this year, but with Trumbo out to begin the season, I definitely want to see Santander get some early, reasonably consistent at bats. He should be regularly starting in left or at DH in the beginning of the year unless he slumps significantly over the next few weeks.
  2. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    There is danger everywhere...I live in DC and a guy got shot and killed in an alley behind my house, about 15 feet from my bedroom window a few years ago. A couple friends got held up at gunpoint in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon. And that's in pretty heavily gentrified Shaw/U Street area. St. Louis has a higher murder rate than Baltimore and plenty of people still make their games. Understanding that Baltimore is a dangerous city, quite simply, it's just remarkably unlikely that you're going to suffer significant bodily harm as a result of a random act of violence if you go to a ballgame even, gasp, at night. As I stated before, I'm sure there have been incidents, but think of the millions of fans that have gone out to a game over the years and have made it home unscathed. To each his/her own, obviously, but just get out there and enjoy it; if the worst you experience is some poor fella asking you for money....get past it.
  3. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    Of course tragedies happen, but I’m just wondering if there is any real correlation in violence against the millions and millions of fans that have attended games over the last number of years? I’m sure there must have been something at some point, but I think I’d qualify that as “remote”, right? The point isn’t how safe Baltimore is in the worst parts, but the areas around the stadium. There are terrible areas everywhere....it shouldn’t mean that folks hide in their homes and avoid a whole city. Lot of life out there. Also, I don’t mind you throwing a little heat back at me, it’s probably warranted, but don’t presume to know what I have or haven’t experienced.
  4. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    Russian roulette? I’m sorry, but come freakin on. Go to the game, enjoy your life. A lot of great things happen in cities, even scary ones. There is an incredibly remote chance you get shot, so go out and enjoy it. Not to pick on you specifically (quoting you was a bit of a target of opportunity), and I know I’ll get some backlash, but a lot of the recent posts in this thread are ridiculous. This isn’t Mosul.
  5. Teams (except O's) keep saying not in on Cobb.

    It's been said before but I feel the need to reiterate.....a reasonable, 3 year deal (even at 12-15 million per year, if it takes that) for Alex Cobb is just what the doctor ordered for this team. It's not a crippling contract and, as long as he stays healthy (admittedly an 'if') its a tradable contract. I see it as a good deal for several reasons: - First, for this year, I think it gives us a legitimate chance to compete. Cobb, Bundy, Gausman, Cashner, probably Tillman, with guys like Wright or Cortez there as insurance, is a solid though certainly not spectacular rotation. Obviously plenty of hand-wringing that we should've sold this offseason (which is probably correct), but we've decided we're going for it, so heck, go for it. Again, this would not be a crippling contract. - For next year, should we keep him, it will help bridge the gap of some of our heavy turnover. Yes, we'd still lose Machado, Jones, Britton, and Brach (probably), but we'd essentially bring back the top 4 of our rotation, which ought to keep us at the very least somewhat respectable. Of course, there's the case that 2019 should be a retooling year regardless, which would bring us to the next point... - Finally, for the trade prospect. Again, this should, unless his arm falls off, be a tradable contract. One of the ways the Yankees have built such a strong system in the past few years is trading guys that had value on good contracts (such as Andrew Miller, though if I recall correctly there were a few others), and I think this would be an opportunity to do that. Whether its at this year's deadline if we're out of it, next offseason, or later, if Alex Cobb is reasonably healthy and pitches near his career ERA of 3.50, that has value that should be tradable on a contract like this one. I don't want Cobb on a one year deal because of the lost draft pick (in my view, it's just not worth it for what is still at least somewhat of a long shot to really make a run this year, even with Cobb), but having him for a pretty good price for a couple years I believe would make losing that pick worth it, and could provide an asset in several ways. Get it done.
  6. Certainly open to interpretation. Despite Tony's anecdote of a young hitter that reacted poorly in a certain situation when challenged by his minor league manager, I'd still be pretty surprised if he was so brash as to laugh in the face of a seasoned big league manager of the team he's eventually going to try to make. Again, I've got no idea, but I'm willing to give the kid the benefit of the doubt that he's a little more respectful than that, even if he did internally disagree with the critique. But again, open to interpretation.
  7. This is all very interesting discussion in this thread. I will say that, in fairness to Mountcastle, when I read the account of the interaction, I assume Ryan's laugh was more an "aw shucks, yeah I'm a bit of a free-swinger" kinda thing than a "don't tell me what to do, old man, I can mash" kind of thing. I think Buck then, wisely, used it as a teaching moment to underscore the importance of being disciplined, especially as Ryan advances in his career. I of course don't know the guy, but I'd just point out that I think it's more likely that he didn't mean it disrespectfully to Buck. Others with more knowledge could disagree or correct me, just want to be fair to the kid at least.
  8. Orioles to offer free UD seats ALL season to kids

    Great initiative by the organization. Those seats are for the most part just sitting empty anyway....get people in there spending money on something, or at least developing their fan-dom. Lot of credit due for taking a bold step like this.
  9. BA ranks the O’s organization 17th

    Orioles: “hold my beer.”
  10. MLB Trade Rumors Predicts We Sign CarGo

    Fair enough, thanks for sharing that projection (can’t say I’m especially familiar with that tool lol). Not saying he’ll put up silly numbers, but I do think there is some left in the tank to exceed that projection. If the price is 1/5ish with some incentives, I’d roll the dice on it.
  11. MLB Trade Rumors Predicts We Sign CarGo

    I agree. Patience throughout the offseason has clearly paid off by now presenting the opportunity of several top pitchers on the market probably feeling a little desperate. Now is the time to be aggressive and try to sign at least one of these guys to a high dollar, shorter term deal. I’d take any of these guys on a 2-3 year deal. Don’t try to pinch pennies at this juncture; you’ve more than likely gotten the years down, just be aggressive and ink a guy. We’ve clearly decided that we’re going for it this year, so freakin go for it. On CarGo, I know opinions are rather split, but if you can get him on a reasonable one year deal, I’m all for it. He could have a big year at OPACY.
  12. Cashner signing

    Tough to be angry about this one. Sure, he is highly unlikely to post a 3.40 again, but if he is anywhere in that universe, it’s a good deal. I got it, peripherals ain’t pretty and regression is likely, it’s just tough to defend pissing and moaning about 2/16 for this guy. Worst case scenario is he totally sucks and we’re out 8 a year. Meh. Add one more legitimate ML pitcher and we at least can dream about being decent lol.
  13. Call the date. Time and player.

    Tillman, 3pm next Thursday, 2/22.
  14. Drew Hutchison? Ewww...

    Lol that smells like such an Orioles move. I’m okay with giving him a look as a #5, but there would need to be two other real starters signed before him if we’re serious about competing (which it seems we think we are, even though we probably should not be).
  15. Which starting pitchers will Dan bring in?

    Thanks for sharing. And while I don’t agree with every word, this is a really terrific rundown of some of these guys, and I think an accurate summation of the market. And, as Ripken said, I would happily shell out the projected contracts for Lynn and/or Cobb, even at four years. I’ll pitch in for the kegs, too. It’s too bad we went through the Ubaldo nightmare, but it wasn’t like even that contract, as terrible as it was, was crippling.