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  1. Well, he’ll have that to look forward to in Baltimore too, lol... 😑
  2. If it wasn’t for Bannon blocking him at 3B in Bowie, I’d be inclined to just move him up and see how he responds. Nothing ventured...
  3. For him this season, he’s actually hitting well worse as a lefty (.497 OPS) than as a righty (.654 OPS). He’s actually hit lefties better this year than he typically has, it’s just that he hasn’t hit a lick on his traditionally stronger side. Either way, he’s totally out of whack, so I hope he can work his way out of it.
  4. These are interesting takes and I know a lot of folks appreciate you posting them....but dude, where are they coming from? There’s no source or attribution or anything, so we’ve got no clue whose opinions they are. Are they some random fan writer? A reputable national baseball guy? Some local sports writer? We have no way of knowing, and it impacts everyone’s ability to evaluate what’s written. Not trying to come across as a jerk, and certainly no one has appointed me board police, but please in the future include some info on the origin of the takes you quote. I know I’ve mentioned it before. Thanks!
  5. To the OP....how about center field? Lol, but in seriousness, to anyone who caught the game last night, how did he look out there? I imagine it was somewhat non-descript given the lack of chatter, but figured I’d ask for first impressions. Can’t imagine Santander as a CF will actually be a thing, but interesting experiment...
  6. I mean...he’s a broadcaster. It’s kind of his job.
  7. Yea we’ve seen this episode before lol
  8. What lands a player there in the minors? Presumably a personal/family situation rather than an injury?
  9. I’m all for it. Let’s see if he can be an average defensive CF. If so, that would have a ton of value for us, especially since it’s looking unlikely that Mullins will be a big league regular. Would help unclog the COF positions, too.
  10. Holy crap..... I went to bed at 12-5 in the top of the 9th and didn’t even think to check the final score this morning until now, thinking it was obviously well in hand. And yet, 2019 Orioles.
  11. Any chance Vaughn is willing to give it back lol?
  12. Lol I hope not, but I guess you never know!
  13. Yup, you’re probably right. And it’s not like the NFL draft where another team could swoop in with a trade offer at this juncture or something crazy.
  14. Got to think it’s just noise at this point. We’ve been looking at these kids for months knowing we’ve got our pick of the litter. We know who we are taking. Outside of something unforeseen or catastrophic, nothing that happens this weekend will change that.
  15. Needs to be Stewart. The whole issue with him was no place to play him. With CD out, a spot in RF is open. Let’s not delay it any further.
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