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  1. ReclaimTheCrown

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    I don’t know how we do this, but this may be the only thing that could possibly save this guy. And even that is an extreme long shot. While there is obviously some physical degradation, clearly things are weighing on him mentally. Some time away, and almost certainly some help if he’s willing to seek it, might help. It’s a Hail Mary though, as he’s almost certainly finished.
  2. ReclaimTheCrown

    We are only 1 game better currently than the 1988 Orioles

    How about Wednesday night? Incredible we are this bad....with no Machado, it’s little wonder we got shut out over 12 innings.
  3. In the 38th round....no doubt.
  4. ReclaimTheCrown

    I see the Orioles are trying everything to get fans into Camden Yards.

    They tried that for about 5 years. Somewhat surprisingly, it didn’t work as well as you might think.
  5. ReclaimTheCrown

    2018 Trade Deadline

    That’s plausible. I’m just betting that if we had come to an unemployed veteran player in the middle of spring training offering a fair contract with the chance to start everyday on what was expected to be a decent team, Jon Jay would be wearing orange and black. And we’d maybe have another win or two lol. Obviously moot at this point.
  6. ReclaimTheCrown

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Fair question, and to my knowledge there isn't. All we know is that we signed Rasmus (2/22) before Jay signed in KC (3/6) for a very reasonable contract (1/$3 mill plus some incentives). Given that A) spring training was getting underway when we signed Rasmus, B) it's not like the Royals are a particularly appealing destination, and C) we had playing time to offer Jay, it's an assumption, but probably a fairly good one, that Jay could have been had for a similar contract (1/$3ish) at that juncture. Coupling that with our past pursuit of Rasmus, and the organization's apparent affinity for him, I don't think it's a stretch that we preferred Rasmus over Jay. So yes, a fair question, but as I'm sure you know, that isn't the type of thing that is often publicly discussed. That said, I think these are reasonable dots to connect.
  7. ReclaimTheCrown

    Pilot: The Hands

    Agree.....say goodbye to Gentry and give Yaz a shot. If he shows you nothing, you've lost nothing.
  8. ReclaimTheCrown

    Welp, are we officially worried about Sisco?

    Mediocre would be pretty amazing right about now....
  9. ReclaimTheCrown

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Yeah seriously 🙄 Rasmus also appears to be 0-14 with 6 K’s on his rehab assignment. He is finished. Obviously wouldn’t have made the difference in our season this year because we’re so far from being competitive, but Rasmus over Jay was a dreadful idea.
  10. ReclaimTheCrown

    Child molester to be drafted?

    Frankly, it's tough to know what to think, and no one will probably ever know what happened - or didn't - aside from those immediately involved (and given the very young age of the accuser, perhaps there is even some question there). And I'll add the obvious (but sometimes obligatory in a forum such as this) statement that what he was accused of and seemingly reluctantly admitted to having done was absolutely horrible and disgusting (whether or not he made such an admission solely based on legal advice that admitting guilt would close the matter quickly and quietly is a separate point). At this juncture, the question is how he moves forward; I believe an opposing coach in the SI article rhetorically asked if he's just supposed to kill himself. I think it's a morbid but fair question; if no one will ever give him a chance to work in his chosen profession, where he has the potential to excel, what exactly is he supposed to do? At the same time, I totally see the MLB club perspective of whether or not this guy is worth the potential headache. I think most would agree that, having legally been determined to have paid his debt, he should have the opportunity to make a living and actually live his life. It's just tough because few organizations would want to be the one that gives him that chance. We'll see what happens today. I bet, and hope, he gets drafted by someone. It's a hell of a complex issue, though.
  11. B.P.A. That is the only philosophy that makes any sense, in my view, especially with all these kids being at least a couple years away and with such a high fail rate for baseball prospects.
  12. ReclaimTheCrown

    Child molester to be drafted?

    Good article on an admittedly unsettling issue. Will be very interesting to see where this kid ends up. https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/05/16/luke-heimlich-oregon-state
  13. ReclaimTheCrown

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    As we get closer to 37, who are people in the know liking (Luke, others)? McClanahan, Rocker as potential overslots?
  14. ReclaimTheCrown

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    I know slot value and preserving money is important, but I’d rather get the best damn prospect we can, unless the cost is absolutely astronomical to limit our ability later in the draft. I don’t know enough about any of these kids, so maybe we like him the best. I sure hope so.
  15. ReclaimTheCrown

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    See ya.