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  1. Best of luck to Nolan. It's a shame how a promising career was derailed by a series of injuries, but he had his moments in the bigs, which is obviously more than most can say.
  2. That's assuming we ever have high leverage situations this rate, I dunno...
  3. Smells a lot to me like the Caleb Joseph story, having never seen him play, admittedly. And every team needs a backup catcher. If he can be that, I'm happy.
  4. I agree with you, and hope that's the direction we take. I'm just concerned that, depending on how miserly Angelos is feeling, that there may be pressure to jump at a chance to save some of that sunk money in exchange for something of value. As CoC stated, we did it with Matusz and Webb; wouldn't be at all surprised to see us do it with UJ.
  5. And that's an important point....I want to be rid of Ubaldo, but I'm concerned we may see a trade where we send Ubaldo, his entire remaining contract, and a useful prospect to a team for nothing. That team will essentially be buying that prospect (or, say, a draft pick) by eating Ubaldo's salary. I unfortunately think this may be the mostly likely way that we get rid of Ubaldo. Which would be ironic and depressing because he'd still be screwing us even as we offload him...
  6. Could not be more in favor of the DFA of Ubaldo. Between Asher, Ynoa, or whatever other warm bodies may be around, give his starts away. This is an emotional decision, but I think it's the only logical one, too. Hell, it would be downright cathartic.
  7. Well played....we need to see if Jonah Hill can be our hitting coach!
  8. Thanks for this post, and I really agree whole-heartedly. I've had a number of debates with a buddy about this, who likes to lampoon Coolbaugh (and Presley before him) about our batters' impatience. I think that, in general, way too much credit or blame is put upon a pitching or, especially, hitting coach for player performance. In many cases, these guys just are who they are.
  9. Can I write-in Welington Castillo?
  10. Not a bad night, eh? What a tremendous signing he has been.
  11. I'll gleefully take pretty much anyone who throws with their right hand against this Tigers team.
  12. Sure glad we had three catchers tonight! Pathetic...
  13. I'll begin today's plea by noting that, indeed, perhaps a 7th bullpen arm doesn't change the game tonight. We went with two of our best and they just crapped the bed. Got it. I will say, though, that we have GOT to start staffing this bullpen appropriately and perhaps seeing if we have some keepers in the guys that are throwing well at the high levels this season. Bring them up and give them a chance to see if they can work into bigger roles. We got Gentry through to AAA, which is good. And I like Pena, seems like a nice guy and a nice player. But he serves absolutely no purpose on this team. For the love of all things holy, stop with this insanity and bring up a Jackson or a Yacabonis or a Crichton. All have been pretty good at AAA (though Crichton shaky in limited big league outings). Not going to know what we've got until we see it. Hell, bring up Verrett, who has been good in the bigs but struggled in Norfolk. These guys aren't going to come right into high leverage situations, but we can see what we've got. The bullpen is a calamity right now. Obviously the most clear savior is Britton, who is still a ways away. That said, doing nothing should no longer be an option.
  14. I don't agree with everything Adam has to say on these topics, but that's okay and I hope he continues to speak his mind. He is invariably thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thanks for posting.
  15. My plea is to do one of these things (note the word "or"), but if you want a whole truckload of pitchers go nuts I guess, lol.