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  1. Teams declare themselves champion, and they did. There is no D1 football champ according to the NCAA.
  2. Hardy probably would have looked better with some B12.
  3. VaBird1

    Bands that should have been bigger

    The Connells
  4. I agree that takes away from the game.
  5. Bill Ripken could do it too 😁
  6. Pretty sure a shift doesn’t work on Rod Carew. 😁
  7. VaBird1

    Thoughts about David Hess in 2019?

    I had started to type the same thing!
  8. Hoping for back to back Championships!
  9. VaBird1

    Thoughts about David Hess in 2019?

    Best ERA of any Oriole starter last season!
  10. VaBird1

    News on Managerial Interviews

    and his Dad sure could hit!
  11. VaBird1

    Rumors and News

    Would’nt that hurt the development and results of their pitchers though?
  12. VaBird1

    Rumors and News

    I agree, I personally don’t think Schoop is anything special and think they need better defense in the middle than he can provide though.
  13. VaBird1

    Rumors and News

    My issue with Schoop is not his offense. He looks like a 3B playing middle infield to me. Even with a down year he still had an OPS+ of 96. He also is going to cost a few million more than makes sense for where the Orioles are right now.
  14. VaBird1

    Rumors and News

    If they are going to be bad why not go with Nunez and Valera for this year?
  15. This is what I was thinking too. No rush IMO.