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  1. Oh son of a bit

    Just came to post it.
  2. Baseball America Top Ten

    Does the list cone from Schmuck? It used to come from Roch.
  3. Replacements for Flaherty

    Yep, that’s him.
  4. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    I believe that he talked about changing his swing before the 2016 season (I believe he changed to have a more dramatic uppercut -- but could be remembering incorrectly). I wonder if as you lose power due to aging that kind of swing leads to fewer balls getting barreled up.
  5. Luis Sardinas

    He is. Way better against lefties when in the majors, but I have no idea about the minors.
  6. Luis Sardinas

    I am asking this because I have never seen him play... My impression was that he was a pretty good defensive infielder. Is he a possibility as a utility player next year in the majors or is there some kind of hole in his game that somebody like Wilkerson doesn't have?
  7. 2019 Roster

    With the obvious (and huge) exception of starting pitching, is it possible we might not be in that bad of shape in 2019. It looks to me like all of these guys should be up by then: 1B Davis 2B Schoop SS Backham 3B Mountcastle/Reyes (maybe they need another year?) C Joeseph & Sisco RF Hays CF Mullins LF Manicni DH Trumbo 4th OF Rickard SP Gausman, Bundy and Harvey +2 FAs RP O'Day, Givens, Hart, Castro, Blier and maybe Scoot? When I started to look I expected it to seems far worse. Of course they still would need two decent free agent pitchers.
  8. Austin Hays 2017

    In the current edition of Baseball America's "Minor League Tools" which is chosen by the Minor League managers, Austin Hays was chosen "Best Hitting Prospect" for the Carolina League. The only other Oriole chosen in any league was Alex Wells for "Best Control".
  9. The Rays TV ratings are good. Attendance would go up if they moved from St. Pete to Tampa. Would it be enough? Don't know. It seems like the Marlins could use a move too. I always thought Charlotte would make sense. Then they could let Oakland move to San Jose, that would fix a lot of their issues as well. That would give MLB three new stadiums and they could put off having the All-Star game in Baltimore longer. (just kidding, kind of)
  10. I have no problem with what Rizzo said, but I don't think what happened was a rain out since it wasn't raining here.
  11. I just tried to buy tickets for the May 20 game and it appears to be sold out. While I am happy to see that, I have to admit that I was shocked. Nice to see that kind of turn out for Toronto.
  12. Tom Boswell on the Battle of the Beltways

    I also think it really upsets him to see the large number of people (especially in Virginia) that he believes should have abandoned the Orioles but didn't.
  13. Tillman having shoulder issues still

    Does this mean we will see Ubaldo or Worley on Thursday?
  14. Section 17 Row 11 Seats 16,17,18,19 with Parking in Lot L for $128. 7:05 start time.