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  1. So it would be hard for him to hit that poorly?
  2. But would he have been able to maintain a 236 avg?
  3. It’s very controversial to call pit beef bbq 😁
  4. I think this map doesn’t have the White Sox on it.
  5. It’s just the number of people who “liked” the team page on Facebook.
  6. There isn’t one in the system. The AAA guys have really hit poorly.
  7. Doesn’t mean that Cito doesn’t suck though.
  8. My guess would be Akin, he and Eshelman were the two that hadn’t pitched. I guess Ortiz is a possibility too.
  9. I’m hoping that the Devil Rays are tired from running around the bases in the heat yesterday.
  10. I only care about today haha. It’s going to be hot and I have to watch it.
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