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  1. The Rays TV ratings are good. Attendance would go up if they moved from St. Pete to Tampa. Would it be enough? Don't know. It seems like the Marlins could use a move too. I always thought Charlotte would make sense. Then they could let Oakland move to San Jose, that would fix a lot of their issues as well. That would give MLB three new stadiums and they could put off having the All-Star game in Baltimore longer. (just kidding, kind of)
  2. I have no problem with what Rizzo said, but I don't think what happened was a rain out since it wasn't raining here.
  3. I just tried to buy tickets for the May 20 game and it appears to be sold out. While I am happy to see that, I have to admit that I was shocked. Nice to see that kind of turn out for Toronto.
  4. I also think it really upsets him to see the large number of people (especially in Virginia) that he believes should have abandoned the Orioles but didn't.
  5. Does this mean we will see Ubaldo or Worley on Thursday?
  6. Section 17 Row 11 Seats 16,17,18,19 with Parking in Lot L for $128. 7:05 start time.
  7. Relative to other teams, I think that the Orioles are a very reasonable price for a family. Last August I took my family of 4 to a game, brought our lunch with us, purchased 2 soft drinks and 2 cotton candies and the total cost was $100 for everything (tickets, parking, food from both in and out of the stadium) plus we got 2 Manny Machado jerseys. We live in VA, so I have considered going to DC to see the Os. $100 would only get us two tickets if we wanted to sit in the same part of Nationals Park, plus we'd need to pay for 4 metro fares, can't take food in, etc. I feel like the Orioles are making a conscious effort to make games accessible to families. And the dugout club is an amazing deal as well.
  8. Anyone know why I can't get 105.7 in Virginia anymore? I could always get it, but one day in October it didn't come in and hasn't returned.
  9. I have been very confused when everyone talks about Boston having a good rotation. Has any one of them ever had two good years in a row (league average or better)? The best case scenario could be good, but it seems to be the same as expecting Jimenez to return to the top of his game. It might happen but I wouldn't count on it.