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  1. They could try pitching better too 😁
  2. I’m worried that we are all on the board at this time of night thinking about this team 😁
  3. I loved that Joe Saunders who grew up an O’s fan was the pitcher too. It was perfect.
  4. I think Mancini and Trumbo are reasonably competent 😁
  5. I think a lot of that was Showalter, Jones and others keeping him in check.
  6. If everyone has the DH, there is no point in a separate AL and NL.
  7. He did hit those two homers in the second game of the year and have good facial hair though.
  8. Just because you are a pitcher, doesn't mean you can't hit.
  9. Keep in mind, these projections are typically + or - 10 wins, so if his is the same that means anywhere from 52 to 72. That’s a little something for everybody, 52 is awful, 72 is a huge improvement. 😁
  10. Sparky Anderson said he was the best right handed in the AL.
  11. It should have been a Yankee, but I was thinking of the lefty.
  12. Trumbo outhit Jones last year. Just sayin. I am hoping for no free agents this year tbh.
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