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  1. Horsepower

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Like to see him go to the Braves for Wright or Soroka
  2. Horsepower

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    So,,,,do you think we valued Diaz over Verdugo or was LA just unwilling to let him go?
  3. Horsepower

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I will consider it a fail if we don not have at least one of these coming back to us............Verdugo/Lux/May
  4. Horsepower

    Machado Trade Expectations

    IMO: Unless Sixto Sanchez is involved i say no to anything the Phillies give I like Burns alot from the Brewers but dont like what else they have to give Pretty much all on board with Dodgers. If we get back a future starting SS (Lux) and future starting OF (Verdugo) and possibly a pitching prospect...........YES
  5. Horsepower

    Manny probably going to the NL

    Maybe waiting until after todays game with the Phillies?
  6. Horsepower

    Chris Davis

    Sorry for kinda venting there but he almost makes it unbearable for me to watch the games. I have so much frustration with him I just need him to go away. sorry again,,,,,Happy 4th everyone
  7. Horsepower

    Chris Davis

    why why why why why..............he now cannot even field a ground ball and two runs score. also,,,,,tell me why he cannot bunt with the Phillie third baseman playing behind second?...It surely cannot be pride as i would assume he cannot have any left.
  8. Horsepower

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    I am not sure that I can totally care as long as Chris Davis is on this team.
  9. Horsepower

    Chris Davis

    Sadly it has gotten to the point where you actually lose respect for the person. Davis needs to man up and either step away from the game or go to the minors. He is doing a huge disservice to not only the fanbase but to his team mates also. Come on Chris Davis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DO THE RIGHT THING
  10. Horsepower

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    I saw him strike out India (Florida and #5 Mets pick) three straight times. I hope your bold pick comes true!
  11. Horsepower

    The turning point of this collape

    This is such an easy one.........two words........CHRIS DAVIS I honestly do not think we can begin to truly move forward until his situation is addressed. And by addressed I mean get rid of him
  12. Horsepower

    2018 MLB Draft Discussion

    I like Small a lot, saw him pitch a few times for Mississippi State. Nice pick
  13. Horsepower

    Machado Trade Expectations

    My preference at this point would be to send Manny to the Dbacks for Jon Deplantier and Matt Tabor
  14. Hjelle from Kentucky would be a very nice pick at 37 if he is still there. The guy is a bulldog and a winner.
  15. Seriously, 60 strikeouts in 151 AB's this season. LET HIM GO !....please, its turning out to be a cancer.