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  1. Horsepower

    What Will Make this Season a Win?

    I know its beating a dead horse fellas but its a win for me if I don't have to see Chris Davis in an Orioles uniform ever again.
  2. Horsepower

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    Aside from the fact that it is totally annoying that a MLB player cannot even put the ball in play, yes it matters. How about giving some of our younger players some experience?
  3. Horsepower

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    Well he was 4 for 4 again last night (four strikeouts that is). Its really unbelievable that Buck can write his name down in the lineup each day. If we are truly in rebuild mode come September 1 his butt should be on the pine for the rest of the season and give someone else a chance to strikeout.
  4. Horsepower

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    More screw ups by Davis again tonight,,,,,,,,,,,why did he not tag and score? He is a train wreck.
  5. Horsepower

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    He sure was putrid last night. 3 dtrikeouts in 4 at bats and a throwing error in the eighth that led to two unearned runs. He's a gem.
  6. Horsepower

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com Mayo: Had Witt been in the 2018 class, many thought he would be at or near the top of the first round. He'll get his chance a year from now. The Texas high schooler has five-tool potential with the ability to stay at shortstop long-term. One evaluator put at least a 60 (on the 20-to-80 scale) on all of his tools. And obviously there is a year of baseball to be played and all we can do is speculate on the "right now". Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/dfwvarsity/article212812254.html#storylink=cpy
  7. Horsepower

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    We should not give anyone a pity prize of Bobby Witt Jr. Many scouts indicated that if he was in the draft last year he would have been the number one overall pick. I know its very early but if a "cornerstone" player comes along, especially a SS, you do not let someone else have him out of pity.
  8. Horsepower

    Updated prospect list

    And when we take Bobby Witt Jr as the number one pick next year it will be even higher
  9. Horsepower

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Can we just have Bobby Witt Jr play for us now and get a headstart?
  10. Horsepower

    As we dismantle, the thing that worries me

    The most scary thing for me as we have begun the rebuild is that we do not get rid of Davis. Somehow someway he has to to be GONE after this season (if not sooner). I mean literally NOT ON TH TEAM. He may be a really good guy but we cannot have the young guys see and be a part of his poor performance. Sadly he is like a negative cancer on the team. He must go.
  11. Yep he failed but it was Brach that let us down again. How soon will it take to rid us of Brach, Castro, Givens, and Davis?
  12. Horsepower

    Brach Trade Discussion & Expectations

    Brach is way over rated. Just get anything basically out of him
  13. Horsepower

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Like to see him go to the Braves for Wright or Soroka
  14. Horsepower

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    So,,,,do you think we valued Diaz over Verdugo or was LA just unwilling to let him go?
  15. Horsepower

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I will consider it a fail if we don not have at least one of these coming back to us............Verdugo/Lux/May