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  1. Beef Supreme

    Top Five

    Great > Very good
  2. Beef Supreme

    Top Five

    One can only consider what players accomplished for the Orioles when ranking Top ORIOLES players. Why do you insist on quoting career WAR? It makes no sense. You can't rank the Orioles Top 5 according to what they did for other teams.
  3. Beef Supreme

    Top Five

    This is about Top Orioles, not top MFYers. The rest of Mussina's career means ZERO to the evaluation of Top Orioles.
  4. Beef Supreme

    Top Five

    It's mere conjecture what Mussina might have done in World Series games. We know how brilliantly McNally pitched in the post-season. I don't see the logic in dismissing what McNally actually accomplished. Since you insist on using wins in your evaluation, McNally won 184 games, 37 more than Mussina. He also took the hill for the Orioles in nearly 50% more games -- which has tremendous value unto itself -- as well as pitched 645 more innings. This is about what players did for the Orioles, after all, not what a player did for the MFY or the Expos. I do not recognize what is essentially FIP-based WAR to compare value. I'll never buy into the invalid methodology that ranks Kid Nichols as better than Steve Carlton or Mussina as better than Jim Palmer and Bob Gibson. Ignoring 75% of the results of a pitcher's performance -- especially dismissing the quality of contact generated by each pitcher -- does not provide a clearer picture of value; it obscures it. If you feel that you must rank players contributions according to WAR, then you need to remove Frank Robinson from your list of top Orioles. Mussina falls somewhere in the Top 10 but he's not even within sniffing distance of the Top 5. Nor is McNally, for that matter.
  5. Beef Supreme

    Top Five

    And Mussina is not beating out Dave McNally for value to the Orioles.
  6. Beef Supreme

    Top Five

    In the Top 5? No possible way.
  7. And then there is Nelson Cruz...
  8. Beef Supreme

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    Still, the Orioles ownership owns a percentage of MASN. Every team's profitability is driven more by their regional sports network revenue than by their ticket sales nowadays, n'est-ce pas?
  9. Beef Supreme

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    Having to rely on ticket sales to fund acquisitions is so 20th Century.
  10. The Dodgers publicly announced to investors that they are committed to staying below the luxury tax threshold for the next four years. Doesn't necessarily preclude them from signing Harper. They would need to make other moves, however, to fulfill their promise of remaining under the threshold. Or they could change their minds since it would be difficult to prove that a change to forecasted payroll would constitute malfeasance. Changes to payroll likely would be seen as acting in good faith, per the Business Judgment Rule:
  11. Beef Supreme

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Being faster than Bordick won't be the key to Martin's success. He's not going to be a base-stealer of any significance. If he is quick enough to play consistently upper-level defense and hit like Jose Iglesias, he will be valuable to multiple teams over the course of the next five or so years. Both of those will need to be proven at the major-league level before he can be comped with Bordick.
  12. Beef Supreme

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    I had a face-to-face conversation with him recently. I realize he is probably eating perfectly right and doing massive cardio. But our specs are the same, as listed on bbref. Yet he seemed more like 155 lbs. Looking healthy, to be sure.
  13. Beef Supreme

    2018 Winter Meetings Thread

    Thing is, he might have been even greater than that single evaluation. He has been among the most dynamic offensive forces in the entirety of MLB every year for the past six years.
  14. Beef Supreme

    Elias Progress Thread

    Seeing this sticky for the first time tonight -- b/c I often overlook the stickies... This is likely the very best post you have made, Tony, during my limited participation on OH. This sticky represents the heart and soul of what we fans will using to judge the new administration. We all are hoping for great results, obviously. Regardless, this excellent post will remain a trove of the brilliant transactions and signings of this front office leadership, as well as the mediocre and the not-good-at-all transactions.
  15. Beef Supreme


    There will be multiple teams that invite Tulowitzki to Spring Training. No team will guarantee him anything. That being said, he will weigh his options to find his best landing place -- a team that could use a shortstop who starts about four games per week (if he is healthy enough to do so). It's going to be Troy's choice. If he performs adequately and stays healthy, he could find himself in a Chase Utley-like, situation either in a mid-season trade or by signing with a competitive team next winter if he demonstrates health and value. As for the Orioles, the possible value is not about winning percentage. Everybody knows this team will lose 90+ games in 2019, with or without him. Sure, it is possible that paying three or four months of the major league minimum would be a decent gamble if the team believes they may be able to trade him for a valuable prospect. But that is, like I said, a gamble. It seems more likely to me that, if they do invite him to camp, they may value him as an on-field leader. Adam Jones was that for many players over the past years. Who is that leader in 2019? Who is the great on-field example who is capable of and willing to share his experience with the less mature players? Mark Trumbo, to me, does not seem like the veteran whom the team would believe is capable of guiding rookies and less experienced players. Likewise, Chris Davis seems to me like he is not a clubhouse leader. That leaves Villar as the sole possible mentor of the non-pitcher youngins. I am not saying Tulowitzki is definitely capable of doing that job, but people with greater insight than I may value Troy Tulowitzki for certain intangible qualities that have nothing to do with wins and losses or potential future trade value. My prediction: the Orioles will not sign Tulo.