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  1. Beef Supreme

    Why is Machado Playing SS This Season?

    The eye test can be funny. We can look at the same thing and find different opinions. SABRmetrics declares Manny far above average in RF/9 and RF/G this year and last year at SS. Except for Beckham's couple of weeks in Baltimore, he has been consistently below average in his entire career in RF/9 and RF/G. My eye test says he is, at best, Beckam is a COF. I doubt his bat makes up for his inept infield play and I worry he won't hit enough to warrant an outfield platoon position against lefty starters. He is a bad fielder at SS by SABR and the eye test.
  2. Beef Supreme

    Why is Machado Playing SS This Season?

  3. Beef Supreme

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/28

    Finally...he said the score... after 12 minutes.
  4. Beef Supreme

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/28

    Does Hunter ever say the score during the inning? Eleven minutes, no score mentioned. Other than when a team scores, does he always neglect to inform new listeners of the score of the game?
  5. Beef Supreme

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/28

    JimHunter just said, while talking with Greg Bader, that it was great to be back and playing in good weather. Guess he hasn't heard about what happened to Ellicott City. One word: Idiot.
  6. Beef Supreme

    Off Limits?

    It's not that I "don't care for them because they are ours," it is because I want to acquire middle infielders and starters. An everyday Centerfielder, too with a good bat. Other than Harvey, which of our prospects qualifies? If trading Sisco or Mullins or Mountcastle or Mancini or Stewart or Hays helps me do that, then I do it. I am not suggesting we cut those players or give them away for MiL relievers.
  7. Beef Supreme

    Off Limits?

    If they are going to blow it up, trade anybody and everybody at AA or above...except Hunter Harvey.
  8. Beef Supreme

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    It's counterintuitive, you are correct. Market forces and human psychology may help explain why he may return more value in July despite the fact that acquiring him now could help his new team win more games in the meantime. I'd trade him now if I loved the package. But I am not so scared of possible injury to him that I would jump at the first offer, especially if it did not impress me. The suggested Cubs offer won't be the last shot to trade him. There is still time to accept other offers that don't impress. 😉
  9. Beef Supreme

    They All Break

    Yu Darvish, triceps tendinitis, 10-day DL. Would not be surprised if he is sidelined for longer than ten days.
  10. Beef Supreme

    Should the O's look to trade Jones and Schoop to the Angels?

    I don't believe Schoop's slow start has hurt his value one iota.
  11. Beef Supreme

    To Which Team Do You Prefer We Trade Machado?

    #1-15 NL teams # 16-25 AL West and AL Central teams #26 Tampa #27 Toronto #28 Boston #29 mfy For my preferred return, Cleveland is my pick. I want a shortstop and Cleveland has Willi Castro and Yu Chang. Castro should be ready by 2020. Another team we never mention that is looking like they'll be in the playoff hunt is the Rockies. Colorado has Brendan Rodgers and Ryan Vilade. Vilade might be ready for 2020. Maybe the Twins, who drafted Royce Lewis 1/1 in 2017, would trade Nick Gordon. Gordon might be ready now. Or the Nats with Trea Turner might be willing to move Carter Kieboom. Another 2020 arrival? Wishful thinking on my part? Sure. But that is what this exercise is about, right?
  12. Beef Supreme

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    Oliver Drake dfa'd today by Cleveland.
  13. Beef Supreme

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    You mean pre-2014? Or did he lose his TUE in the past couple of years?
  14. Beef Supreme

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    We know Davis received a TUE from MLB in 2015 for Vyvanse, HIPPA rules aside.
  15. Beef Supreme

    Just pathetic

    For over a decade I have recommended that the Rockies start flamethrowing relievers. Twelve guys who pump the heat to counteract the elevation effect that decreases pitchers' ability to make the ball break.