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  1. My point was that I don't think they are going to coddle him. It's good to see Caleb picking it up a little with the stick. Hard for me to imagine that his offensive woes over the past year have not been at least partly related to the injury.
  2. Because he is healthy. That's my guess. It was a minor injury, from reports I have read. He's the starting catcher. As such, he is supposed to be the catcher who gives the team the best chance to win.
  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Roy! I caddied once for Brooks - clad in blue jeans - when he was a guest playing at the fanciest, richest private country club in town. Brooks treated me better than anyone I had ever caddied for. He was friendly, kind and treated everyone with equal dignity.
  4. Giavotella has played 2B mostly. But it may be similar to the closer argument: you don;t know whether a guy can close until he gets the chance. Giavotella may be able to play 3B better than many of the starters in MLB, but he doesn't have the stick to play there more than as a Flaherty. He may be less than great at SS, but probably could acquit himself Flaherty. Giavotella has displayed better speed as a baserunner in his minor league history than Flaherty, but with less power. Maybe Giavotella could prove to be a better fit for this particular squad because of those differences. I'd say he could provide comparable value, at least.
  5. Arcia was a Twin. Some Twins' fans prematurely awarded him ROY in June, 2013.
  6. Someone in the organization needs to impress upon him the importance of setting his feet before throwing after fielding a grounder. Sure, you don't always have time, but he has runners out by two steps yet still hog dogs his throws. Davis has saved him 10 throwing errors this year! (unsubstantiated, just a guess. But Davis has saved Manny from being charged with many throwing errors already this season.)
  7. I am happy to see him swing at the ball.
  8. Did anyone ever see Bo Belinsky pitch?
  9. He has looked like a very good acquisition. Especially since the Orioles lost the love for Gallardo. Yeah, that was a miserable pitch to swing at. Looked like he was fully embracing the Orioles' offensive approach at the plate. He's probably happy to be here. His home field is the first hitters' park he has played in since 2011.
  10. That's pretty funny you are "Orioles Rick" elsewhere. I guess "Orioles Rick2" might be a bit clunky.
  11. You are?!? Who would have guessed? It's funny to me that fans of DC's baseball and football teams rail against Angelos' attempted obstruction of the Expos' move to DC when the NFL and Washington NFL teams have done the exact same thing to Baltimore's pursuit of a football franchise - TWICE. George Preston Marshall's and Jack Kent Cooke's obstructions are closer to being the equivalent of Angelos's obstruction in comparison to the cited football analogy . Like apples versus oranges... When the Colts left, the NFL was complicit in allowing the ownership to steal the history of the city of Baltimore, including renaming icons such as Johnny Unitas as "Indianapolis Colts" in its Hall of Fame. When Baltimore proposed the most lucrative bid for expansion in 1993 and lost, it wasn't without a parting shot at the city by the man in Cooke's pocket, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. This is what people call "crony capitalism." From the get-go, the national media trumpeted the wrong done to Cleveland and the NFL quickly jumped up to commit a franchise to Cleveland in three years with their history intact. After extensive talks between the NFL, the Browns, and officials of the two cities, Cleveland accepted a legal settlement that would keep the Browns' legacy in Cleveland. On February 9, 1996, the NFL announced that the Browns would be 'deactivated' for three years, and that a new stadium would be built for a new Browns team, as either an expansion team or a team moved from another city, that would begin play in 1999. Never would have happened for Baltimore. Here we agree: I wish the Expos well and it would be a good thing to watch a "Parkway Series" in October. Sounds a lot better than "Beltway Series," especially since there are two beltways, not one.
  12. I would take the rain out tonight and be happy to deal with the fall-out of rescheduling the game later in the season. The team's bullpen has been over-taxed since the Gausman ejection and Britton's return to the DL. Giving them a one-day rest could prove beneficial
  13. There's a girl right next to you And she's just waiting for something to do... And if you can't be with the one you love honey Love the one you're with Those "true fans" sound like they would be terrible choices as life-partners.
  14. I agree with you, OFFNY, but your example reminds me more of "for all intensive purposes." BTW, you may enjoy this video by Merriam Webster about the saying that I stumbled up two months ago: "Not hardly" is a similar idiomatic error. I get that it's a generational shift that results in people of a certain age writing "LOOSE" when they mean "LOSE." (Maybe the fault of "Hooked on Phonics?") You can see this misspelling as early as 1999 on the "Jump to Conclusions" game board in the brilliant film, Office Space. Maybe voice recognition and auto-correct have removed words like "its" from our written language, but it still sucks for the reader to be thinking "it is" in one's head. And then there is not knowing the difference between the noun, "EFFECT," and the verb, "AFFECT." The word "ME" has been nearly removed from the language; people think they are showing their intelligence when saying things like, "That's between he and I," (despite the correct objects of the preposition being "HIM" and "ME."). The word "UNIQUE" -- defined as "One-of-a-kind" -- has lost all meaning. When one qualifies the word, it means it is not at all "one-of-a-kind." When people say or write "somewhat unique" or "very unique," they may as well say nothing. Some writers insist on saying something "isn't" this or that or they write, "Nothing more than..." Tell us what something IS if you want to communicate your thought. Don't tell readers what something is not and leave us guessing as to what you might mean. Whether it makes the writer appear poorly educated or not interested in communicating clearly, these errors make it more difficult for the reader to comprehend. And if one does not take care when communicating, the writer or speaker should expect to be misunderstood. There are so many other errors that are employed more often than are the correct usage that it makes reading a sloppy writer a pain in the tochus. Why bother trying to communicate if you can't be bothered to use the right words, correct spelling, correct grammar, proper idioms, etc. Of course there is nothing that says "I don't care about communicating" more than people who write without punctuation. Sadly, these people often are such poor communicators that not even punctuation would help to create a clear, understandable thought. Link to Jump to Conclusions game mat: Look forward to my complaints about the ubiquitous "DUE TO" error as well as the commonly misused word, "MOOT."