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  1. Not provable. Just because he felt discomfort while throwing a curve does not mean that the injury was caused by throwing curves.
  2. For weeks now, I have been wondering how much less bad the Orioles pitchers would be performing if Wieters were catching instead of Beef. That doesn't mean I would have waited to see whether I might have been able to signed him as a free agent nor that I would have signed MW to the contract that the Nationals did thezeroes post is startling.
  3. I was not on the forum for a few weeks. I have been too busy to play here. Friday night was the forst time I saw that you had replied to my comment What did Brach do the two weeks prior? He pitched well as a closer. Like I said: He is capable. He is not one of the best in MLB. Two weeks of high-level production does not automatically make a player one of the top 10% at his position. Are you arguing he is one of the top 3 closers in baseball? If not, i don't understand where this is going.
  4. This claim is meritless. Last season the average age of a rookie was 24.5. Mancini just turned 25 before opening day. Moreover, it's what he would do after the trade that counts as the reward. If he were to hit .280 with 30 doubles and 30 homers per year for six years, any team would see that as high reward, regardless of his position. Did the Orioles not receive a "high reward" when they traded for 30 year old Frank Robinson? Roy sees it: Mancini has one of the most beautiful right-handed swings in all of baseball. He's a natural hitter whose MLB production should far exceed the expectations based on his minor league stats. He definitely has done so thus far.
  5. Not true on both counts. I had my post prepared during last night's game. Nothing about changed after last night. Brach melted down. Average closers melt down sometimes. As for shooting the messenger, I know a lot of people on here have strong negative opinions about Bud Norris. I do not share their point of view. I chose Brach's comp without looking at player names. Once I saw his name, I guessed that some would say I was dumping on Brach by comparing his 2017 stats to Norris's. But I am not doing so. Norris and Brach are both doing well in their roles. Neither qualifies as "elite."
  6. "Serviceable," to me, means "capable." During their Orioles' tenure, Tommy Hunter and Mihael Gonzalez were not "serviceable." We are disagreeing on semantics only, I think. Key stats for closers, in my opinion, include ERA, ERA+, WHIP and HR/9. (Blown Saves means something to me as well, though I am not belaboring them here.) For 2017, Brach currently sits at 2.72 / 159 / 0.908 / 1.0 Jansen 0.79 / 532 / 0.529 / 0.3 ("elite") Kimbrel 1.01 / 456 / 0.477 / 0.3 ("elite") The best comp I could find for Brach amongst closers: 2.43 / 175 / 1.11 / 0.8 As for Saves/ Blown Saves: Brach: 15 / 4 Jansen: 23 / 0 Kimbrel: 18 / 1 Comp: 11 / 2 Don't shoot the messenger: statistically this season, Brad Brach's best comp is Bud Norris.
  7. I agree. I meant as part of a package. As a catcher, if another team believes he could play the position, he would be a "lead piece."
  8. Trade Sisco FOR Gray!
  9. Trade Sisco or Gray! He'll never play catcher in MLB. Worst case scenario: the Orioles will have traded Jayson Werth again.
  10. I agree. Unless a power bat gets injured. Or two... Things can change quickly.
  11. Yes, do it! Get him used to playing SS immediately. Next year, so he an start the season at SS. It is where he was supposed to be and where he'll provide the most value to the Orioles.
  12. I would sign him today if he could give the Orioles six strong innings once per week,
  13. There is no valid reason why a rational adult should be scared of a player's name, initials or nickname.
  14. My point was that I don't think they are going to coddle him. It's good to see Caleb picking it up a little with the stick. Hard for me to imagine that his offensive woes over the past year have not been at least partly related to the injury.
  15. Because he is healthy. That's my guess. It was a minor injury, from reports I have read. He's the starting catcher. As such, he is supposed to be the catcher who gives the team the best chance to win.