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  1. I remember you defending Sisco's defense, saying that the effect of playing a "disaster catcher" is negligible. I guess you have changed your mind, huh?
  2. This seems more of an indictment of WAR and its positional coefficients than it does of Mancini.
  3. I think you've got it: if Cashner continues to produce at a level comparable to what he has provided so far this season, multiple clubs will be looking at him. If the Orioles just want to dump salary, they may receive a return of two or three high-minors, quasi-prospects. But if they eat some salary -- and this may depend on how much salary they are willing to eat -- they may land a player close to a #75-#100 prospect along with a low-upside, near MLB-ready starter who might help eat innings (think Ynoa, Yefry, Eshelman, Wojo. Or maybe don't think about them as the template for of a Mr.-Right-for-Now starting pitcher).
  4. Umm, Moose was talking about a different kind of pipe. btw: I am confused why they use the "music" of someone ripping a B, but the song is titled, Smoke Two Joints."
  5. I truly believe the "save rule" had absolutely nothing to do with Showalter's decision.
  6. MLB ultimately took action prior to the 2017 season:
  7. On MiLB rehab, opposing teams were screaming "illegal" from the dugouts at Capps' pitches. But minor league umpires concluded Capps had his own extra, invisible rubber, 54 feet from home plate. MLB umps followed suit, refusing to follow the rules when Capps returned to the majors from injury.
  8. I, too, would be happy to move Mancini for a worthwhile return -- by which I mean a couple of A-level prospects who show some possibility of making the majors. An injury can change a contender's perception of a player's value in a heartbeat.
  9. If you watch that vid on twitter, you will see that those guys are the most suckful whiffle ball players I have ever seen. They should be embarrassed posting that video. And he displays game records against his father and other friends along with the number of home runs he has hit against each opponent. OMFG! Too funny, in an absurd way. btw: Dude is 150 wins, 152 losses against his father.
  10. I think Cortes' delivery and all the Japanese pitchers' herky-jerky deliveries are fine and in accordance with baseball rules. If Capps had not been re-planting his back foot after pushing off of the rubber -- an irrefutable breach of the rules -- his fastball would have topped out in the low 70s. What I don't get is why he didn't start hopping a third time since the umpires were letting him get away with his illegal second hop.
  11. No. There is Capps with his illegal delivery and maybe one other pitcher blatantly breaking the rules. The rest of the league pitchers do not replant their push off foot six feet in front of the rubber. Trying to equate what nearly all NBA players do (carrying) to what one pitcher does is a poor comparison.
  12. Henneman has been a disastrously bad sportswriter for 20+ years and counting.
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