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  1. Beef Supreme

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    Tell him to get used to it? :-) Do you think the fans will be able to "get used to" watching Chris Davis play catcher? Seems like the worst thing the team could do to young pitchers trying to acclimate to pitching in the majors would be playing Davis at Catcher and Tim Beckham at shortstop.
  2. Beef Supreme

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    What if we were to say that VVM's ceiling is what Craig Gentry's ceiling was at a comparable age? That might be more compelling to fans. Gentry never reached his predicted ceiling, after all. I'm with you: regardless of his so-callled "ceiling," $4MM is affordable for a player with his apparent potential.
  3. Beef Supreme

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    I'm buying.
  4. Beef Supreme

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    Ichiro will be a first ballot Hall of Famer! To say he had a "solid career" diminishes his tremendous accomplishments. And is downright dishonest.
  5. Beef Supreme

    Mauer: Without Power

    Meanwhile, David Wright is due to be activated in order to play a final game before retiring. But he won't really be retiring. He'll still be making that cake.
  6. Oh how important Frank Robinson's veteranosity might have been as the next wave of Oriole prospects -- Bumbry, Coggins, Grich, Baylor, Hazewood, etc. -- assumed the role of starters in Baltimore. I know that term gets ridiculed but I think Frank would have given it gravitas.
  7. It's one of the lowest lights of the Baltimore Orioles franchise.
  8. Beef Supreme

    Managers available

    Never heard any player spout the F-bomb as much as he did.
  9. Beef Supreme

    Managers available

    Actually. they were a .000 team, not a .500 team. Buck's achievements were infinitely incalculable.
  10. The Orioles said that they would have retained Frank had they known the DH was about to be instituted. Cal Ripken was the highest paid player in baseball, signing the largest contract ever in 1992. Eddie was run our of town by racist sportswriters more than by the front office. Some of those writers are still active in Baltimore.
  11. Beef Supreme

    The "showdown" is coming

    That does not seem to mesh with Jazayerli's research. Where does your claim come from?
  12. Beef Supreme

    The "showdown" is coming

    He spells it out clearly that the #1 pick is worth more than the #2. Re-read the article and you will see that Jazayerli clearly cites the dropoff in value from the #1 pick to the subsequent picks.
  13. Beef Supreme

    The "showdown" is coming

    I wholeheartedly believe that there isn't too much pressure on organizations getting the #1 overall right. Teams get it right far too often for there to be some kind of equivalent of the "reverse jinx" coming into play. Every single GM would LOVE the chance to get the #1 pick wrong...because they, to an individual or group, are certain that they are smart enough to get it right. And I can't imagine how being drafted #1 overall is a psychological curse that would be mollified by the player being drafted #2 overall or any other selection. Who is feeling more pressure to perform a) the multi-millionaire teenager who has a big commitment from the parent club (D.L. Hall?) or b) a 23 year old right-handed college relief pitcher drafted in the 20th round (Scott Burke?)? Sure, Burke is getting paid...something...$1,100 per month? But I could find no proof of that. I'd prefer to take my chances in Hall's shoes. Likewise, give me the #1 pick instead of the #2 pick all day, every day... In his work, Jazayerli explains, "the value of a draft pick drops off rather steeply and consistently for the first 40 picks…and then flatlines." He adds, "As an interesting sidenote, in (Bill) James’ original study, he wrote that “players drafted #1 have produced about 8.5 times the major-league approximate value of those drafted #50.” In our study, the value of a player drafted #1 (46.37 WARP) was 7.2 times the average value of players drafted from #46 through #55 (6.44 WARP). The eras may have changed, and the metrics certainly have (the difference between Approximate Value and WARP is sort of like the difference between logarithm tables and Nate Silver’s supercomputer), but the relative numbers have remained reassuringly stable." My take: #2 pick...very, very good. #1 pick...much, much better.
  14. Beef Supreme

    MLB Announces Partnership w/Buscones

    If that were true, it wouldn't be as bad for the children. There is physical predation that few discuss.
  15. Beef Supreme

    Could the Orioles Move Out of Baltimore in 2024?

    Oh boy, here come the politics...