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  1. And because they are usually not coordinated enough to hit a baseball. Especially with tall players, it is the rare player who can handle covering his own strike zone.
  2. That goes for every single team. If you consider a .600 record to be "excellent," then even the team with MLB's best record, the Mariners, will have to play outstanding .591 ball the rest of the way. But my point was that the Red Sox have excellent players. But you knew that, right?
  3. The Red Sox are an excellent team. Their current record does not make them a "bad" team.
  4. There never was any "illusion of competitiveness" for the 2019 Orioles.
  5. My point was that Morton's velo on his 4-seamers increased dramatically once he got to Houston -- at 33 YEARS OF AGE! That's not the result of pitch selection, i.e. throwing fewer sinkers. But there is a reason which I do not know why a 33 year old who was never known for having a big fastball suddenly got one at a period in his life when most pitchers have retired or, at least, are going in the opposite direction on the speed gun.
  6. And yet, this is why I hold out hope that Bundy can be made serviceable. The Astros turned Charlie Morton into Tom Seaver. Could Elias turn Bundy into the best three years of Chris Tillman?
  7. CM got used last night on back-to-back curves, striking out on a bouncer! He's pressing. He's stressed at his poor performance. Let him go down and try to get his head back together while focusing on hitting lefty solely. Switch-hitting successfully at the major-league is a rare accomplishment.
  8. I thought there was no way the Orioles were going to give him back. Elias must have hated his "eye test" of Jackson.
  9. This is terribly problematic. It's unsustainable for him to be an extreme pull hitter and have any semblance of MLB success. He should be demoted now to get his head back on straight. I would let him stay and try to sort things out until the ASB, but when a batter get pull-happy, his mechanics are all out of whack. And it probably means his head is out of whack too.
  10. I never suggested otherwise.
  11. Rickard is worthy of note any day that he is on the Orioles' 25-man...to a few Orioles' fans. In the larger scheme of MLB baseball, Rickard is overlooked. "Exceeding Rickard" is not going to be the subject of a future 30for30.
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