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  1. How long before the O's convert Brad Brach to a starter?

    How long before the O's convert Brad Brach to a starter? Answer: January 22, 2025 -- Orioles' Dream Week
  2. Seems respondents are answering two separate questions. If the question is, "How much money would it require for Schoop to agree to a six-year deal?," then I think the answer starts at $100MM and goes up from there. If the question is, "What is the most a person, acting as team General Manager, would offer Schoop to buy out two arb years and get four years beyond that?," then I could see someone answering $80MM to $90MM. But I think that just means they will not be singing him. I think that my top offer if I were GM would depend partly on what type of ability I had to trade the player vs. what type of no-trade clause the player demands. So, between $105MM full no-trade clause for the player up to $120MM with no no-trade clause might get Schoop signed.
  3. Beckham was a "good teammate" according to many Rays, including Evan Longoria. Some in Tampa's management may have had a problem with him but it seems his teammates loved him.
  4. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    This may be a function of measuring the zone. This fangraphs article makes it look more like the 70% more fielded balls that Frobby referenced: https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/infield-defense-mdash-back-to-basics/
  5. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    I asked a question of you: Was Frobby wrong when he called you "silly?" Or was he wrong when he apologized for offending you? I'd like to know what you think.
  6. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    That's just stupid. You made a paragraph of those word, making it a stand alone insult. Sure you can parse the words now, in retrospect. Or you can say, "Yeah, that person believes I called him stupid. Maybe the way I wrote things could have been better. Maybe I could have left out that part altogether, knowing how I would feel if someone said the same to me." Remember how pissed off you were when Frobby responded to one of your posts with, "That's just silly." You took umbrage and calmed down after he apologized. He only called you "silly," not "stupid." Was Frobby wrong when he called you "silly?" Or was he wrong when he apologized for offending you?
  7. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    I was talking about all balls. I think it is more than 10% on batted balls alone, but I am interested to see if you can find the info. I had read within the past year that SS gets twice as many touches as 3B, including grounders, cut-offs, etc. To me, shortstop is more than just fielding grounders. Part of Hardy's appeal was the way he commanded the infield.
  8. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Stupid? You want to make this a personal attack, C_o_c? Would you like to walk that back and address me in a more respectful way? Or would you rather I sling the crap you have thrown at me back at you?
  9. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Nobody at 3rd? Beckham?
  10. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Number three, overall. There is no difference. Especially since the draft doesn't matter when it comes to playing baseball games. If you think that #1 means play the guy at shortstop over #3 overall because of their position, you are delusional. They weren't even in the same draft! To quote you, "That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works." (--weams quoting a television commercial in response to an OH post he disagreed with)
  11. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Something worse, RZNJ. Are you calling me a liar? An asshole? What is your personal attack on me exactly?
  12. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Since bunting has gone the way of the do-do, defense at third has lost some of its importance. I don't see how the Orioles would lose much so much with Beckham at 3B instead of Machado that would offset the gains the team would reap by playing Machado at SS over the inferior defender. The superior defensive alignment means playing your best infielder at shortstop. Fill in the other two blanks after that. The most efficient alignment is -- and has always been -- centered on playing the best defensive infielder at the most important defensive position, shortstop. The only thing standing in the way of playing the best fielding alignment is the politics of catering to Beckham. His happiness is a common defense used for not playing the best defensive team the Orioles could field. Or maybe some want to punish Machado for entering his last year of arbitration.
  13. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    Blame the Orioles. Blame bbref. I used the only measurements that were available. What I don't believe is that Manny filling out has significantly impacted his range. Nor do I believe he is bulkier than Correa or any other shortstops I listed when considering both height and weight. What I believe is that Machado has better, faster reactions than Beckham and a far stronger and more accurate throwing arm. If the focus is on winning this year, play the superior defender as the centerpiece of the defense.
  14. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    It's a political issue for you. The 1st round draft pick stuff is just fluff.
  15. If Manny stays he should play 3B.

    One more: Tim Beckham: 6'1" 205 lbs. Somehow he can play the position but Manny can't because he now weighs 185 lbs. smh.