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  1. This is exactly what I was going to post as my prediction. Hopefully, the Orioles get a couple of runs off Stroman before Liraino pitches four scoreless innings. Two or fewer innings from the rest of Toronto's pen, if the game ends in nine innings.
  2. Thanks for resurrecting this post, OFFNY. Ubaldo 2015 vs. Ubaldo July 28, 2016 through end of season: K/9 2015 8.2 2016 7.86 K/BB 2015 3.3 (career best) 2016 3.26 BB/9 2015 2.47 (career best) 2016 2.41 I admit to cherry-picking stats in this case with Ubaldo. Still, something to be optimistic about. Especially since he'll be starting the Orioles next game this week, whenever that will be.
  3. Well, because it is one game...
  4. I have no idea what made Neil Diamond a tradition in Boston. Also, I can't confirm nor deny that Bob Brown first played "Country Boy" at the request of the Belangers. I was talking about why it began to be played at every Oriole's home game during the stretch. I will let everyone know; however, I feel confident that many other on here know the answer. One of them likely will provide the history.
  5. By the way, Flanagan was not on the squad when the tradition started.
  6. Maybe the did. Maybe you misread it. I don't know the source material you are referencing. Either way, that is not how the "Country Boy" tradition started. There was no live performance by Denver which started the Orioles playing the song every seventh-inning stretch. (Also, I am giggling a little about Press Box being a reliable source.)
  7. True, the additional displays they do now are paid promotion. But sports teams were playing the anthem before tax dollars were being doled out for marketing purposes.
  8. You're the closest so far, C_o_c. But we need more than that.
  9. Who remembers why they play "Country Boy?"
  10. "OOOOOO" is the only organic cheer this town has. Don't take it away from us. And don't move the Preakness to DC -- it's the only day of the year that Baltimore is on the international map.
  11. There would not be enough money to employ all the people who complain about crimes committed by police officers or non-criminal violence. But if there were enough money to add tens of millions of police officers, there would be a lot of cops bumping into each other. And a lot of other jobs not being done. I think it would be a bad idea.
  12. Count me in with you, CanadianOriole. I find the practice of playing the anthem before sporting events to be a crass display. Sports leagues marketing themselves as inherently honorable and patriotic is calculated emotional manipulation of the viewers. Also, I change the channel every time I see the NFL pimping its "Football Is Family" messages. Is it the head injuries? The three hours worth of alcohol ads they bombard families with? The sideline strippers? (that may sound like a harsh assessment, but witnessing the DC cheerleaders spin around, smack their asses and then bend over at their waists, looking at the crowd through their legs was something I thought only happened at strip clubs until then). I know how successful the NFL is in marketing their product, but their message of "family entertainment" clashes with the actual performance delivered. And it fails to qualify as my concept of wholesome recreation for everyone in the family. See you on the trails in the state parks on autumn Sunday afternoons.
  13. Talk about arrogant. Also, is there an emoji for bull-sheet?