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  1. I think that's what Kansas City was saying about Santander before that at-bat.
  2. Well, I guess that's a theory. But actually, Hyde did use two guys off the bench. In addition to putting Martin in the game, he inserted Wilkerson in center field, removing Stewart, for the ninth inning. If you're going to use two guys as defensive replacements when you only need to hold a lead for one inning, I don't know why you wouldn't use three. Edit - This was a response to the last post on the first page of this thread. I didn't realize so many other posts had been entered in between.
  3. In Roch's column before last night's game, Hyde was quoted as saying that Chris Davis was not sick or injured, but Trey Mancini was being given the start at first base in order to give him a break from playing the outfield. Well, if Hyde wanted to give Mancini a break from playing the outfield, that was all well and good. But when Mancini was removed from the game for pinch-runner Richie Martin and the Orioles took the lead, I was expecting Hyde to put his best defensive infield out there for the ninth inning. That would have meant leaving Martin in the game playing short, moving Villar to second, inserting Davis at first base (taking Alberto's spot in the batting order), and leaving Ruiz at third. He did put Martin at short and move Villar to second, but he also moved Alberto to third and Ruiz to first, leaving Davis on the bench. There's just no way I can see Alberto at third and Ruiz at first as being a better defensive combination than Ruiz at third and Davis at first. Anyone know if there's some reason why Davis might not be available to play in the field?
  4. I lived in Philadelphia for a number of years, so I root for the Phillies in the National League. On those rare occasions when the Phils and Orioles meet head-to-head, I'm for the Orioles all the way.
  5. If anyone wants to accuse me of sour grapes, go ahead. But I can't help but remember that the umps called Villar out for running somewhere in the vicinity of Devers (without making any significant contact) on Santander's ball that Devers had no chance whatever to make a play on - and then the same umpiring crew called nothing when Travis belted Sisco in the chin with his elbow while Sisco was trying to reach for a throw. If they had called Travis out (and sent Vazquez back to third), the ensuing strikeout would have ended the inning with the Orioles still leading, 6-4.
  6. Tying run is coming to the plate.
  7. Kahnle blew saves in each of his last two appearances against the Orioles (May 23 and August 5.) Looks like Boone wanted to get him into a situation where he couldn't blow another one.
  8. I root for the Orioles and the Buffalo Bills. I'll root for the Ravens in the playoffs if the Bills are out of them. My college alma mater plays at the Division III level, so I don't have a strong preference for any Division I team.
  9. Way back in post # 2, I offered my astute analysis of this game. Don't pitch to Gleyber Torres, I said. Pitch to Michael Ford, I said. And Torres ended up taking an 0-for-5 and Ford hit the game-winning home run. So much for my brilliant analysis. 😞
  10. In twelve games between the Yankees and Orioles so far this season, Gleyber Torres has hit ten home runs. I think I'd give him an intentional pass every time he comes to the plate tonight. I'll take the chance that Michael Ford won't drive Torres home from first as often as Torres might drive himself home if given anything to swing at.
  11. He didn't want to overwork Stevie Wilkerson.
  12. I have a book called The Orioles Encyclopedia, which was published in 2009, covering all the Orioles' history from 1954 up through the 2008 season. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get your hands on a copy at this late date, but it would fill you in on everything up to three years before you started following the club. You named four of the five players whose statues stand in Legends Park at Camden Yards (I'm not counting Earl Weaver as a player). If you want one name of an Oriole to start reading up on, I would suggest the only player in Legends Park that you didn't name - Eddie Murray.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Those pictures are really something.
  14. I live in York County, PA. When I come to an Orioles game, my custom is to drive to Timonium, park my car and take the light rail to Camden Yards. Saturday afternoon the light rail service ran from Hunt Valley only as far as North Avenue. At North Avenue, everybody had to get off and take a bus the rest of the way to the ballpark. Someone at the light rail station told me there was a problem with the light rail tracks along Howard St., though they were vague about exactly what the problem was. The bus had to take a somewhat roundabout route to get from North Avenue to Camden Yards. It worked, but it took longer than the light rail would have. Does anyone know exactly what is wrong with the light rail? Does anyone know when the problem is likely to be fixed?
  15. I was an American League fan living and working in Philadelphia from 1972-1987, during which time the National League won 11 All-Star games in a row and 14 out of 16. I took an awful lot of grief from the National League fans. I really wanted to see the American League turn it around. It took a while, but they did it. The American League has now won 19 of the last 22 All-Star Games played to a decision (not counting that blasted tie in 2002), and I'll tell you what - the winning has not gotten old. You may not care about the outcome of the All-Star Game, but I sure do, and I'm a good bit older than 11 years old. I'll bet there are lots of other fans who care. Including, I have no doubt, National League fans living in American League cities who really want to see the NL turn it around one of these years.
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