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  1. I don’t feel sympathetic for this multi-millionaire, at all.
  2. No, not really. But there are teams that I like more than others. I tend to cheer for the underdog organizations once the playoffs roll around and the Os are out. Or for teams that have former Orioles that I like, like Jones and Markakis. Not a fan of the Nats at all, though. I’m 29, so I was in high school when they came to town. I lived in the DC metro area and it sucked watching some of my friends jump ship to become Nats fans. It felt like most of the Nats fans I knew had abandoned the O’s while they were down. Never sat right with me.
  3. One of my favorite Orioles of the past five years, Joey Rickard was called up by the Giants a few days ago. He was absolutely killing it for them in AAA: .922 OPS over 56 games. Over his first four games back in the majors he’s 3/9 with a homer, a double, and two walks. (1.232 OPS). He joins another former Oriole prospect, Mike Yastrzemski, in their outfield. The grandson of Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, has been off to a great start for the Giants. He’s got an .821 OPS over 61 games, with 12 homers, 14 doubles, and 2 triples. Sure would be nice to have Yaz, Rickard, and Christian Walker (all 28) back in our system...
  4. People would have loved Hanser Alberto twenty years ago... And yea, Santander is killing it. He seems like the real deal. 1.7 rWAR over 59 games this season.
  5. All I’m saying is Chandler Shepherd has a 2.25 ERA against the Yankees....
  6. Last year we were the worst team in baseball. We didn’t have the worst attendance, or the second worst, or even the third worst. Just five years ago, in 2014, we had the 14th best attendance out of all 30 teams. Camden Yards consistently gets ranked as one of the top 5 stadiums in baseball, by national news outlets. Also, many East Coast cities, like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Atlanta are rapidly growing, as more and more college-educated millennials opt to buy houses in and around them, instead of moving out to the suburbs. I think the city will find new local buyers and Baltimore will continue to grow and improve over the next twenty years.
  7. I think all things considered, I’d have to say Cedric Mullins. We knew Davis was a train wreck. Richie Martin is a Rule 5 guy, and I think the expectations were low to begin with. But Mullins really had a chance to step up and claim CF for years to come. Instead, he looked like a guy who should never start another major league game. It’s especially consequential because, for all our great outfield prospects, none seem like an obvious long-term solution for center...
  8. 13 of 30 teams have made a World Series in the last ten years. Here’s a list of World Series appearances since 09: Giants- 3 Dodgers- 2 Red Sox- 2 Rangers- 2 Cardinals- 2 Royals- 2 Astros- 1 Yankees- 1 Cubs- 1 Cleveland- 1 Phillies- 1 Mets- 1 Tigers- 1 I’d like to see a team not on this list make it. Someone like the Braves or the Twins. Not the Nationals though... never the Nationals.
  9. Peterson sucks. Like a career -1.2 rWAR over 1300+ ABs...
  10. Good post. I’ll be interested to see how Alex Cobb does when he gets back. If he pitches to his career average (far from a sure thing, I know), it would go a long way in improving this rotation in the short term. I hope you’re right. My friends and I have been saying “above .500 by 2022, playoffs by 2023.” Got hope for something, right?
  11. I hate the DC sports media, and I’m from DC.
  12. Honestly the starting pitching has been a pleasant surprise this season. 2019 Starters: 5.34 ERA, 26th in MLB 2018 Starters: 5.48 ERA, 30th in MLB 2017 Starters: 5.70 ERA, 30th in MLB Oh, and the O’s pitchers have a 4.90 ERA overall this month. That’s better than 10 other MLB teams.
  13. If the Angels win one World Series during Trout's tenure then his deal was worth it. I think they will.
  14. I mean, the Angels are definitely in the playoff hunt. They’ve won four in a row and are only four games out of the wildcard. Obviously I want the Os to sweep em, but after this series, I’m cheering for them to snag an AL Wildcard spot and the Diamondbacks to sneak into an NL Wildcard spot. I like Trout and Ohtani. I like Jones, Walker, and McFarland.
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