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  1. What would Trey's WAR be this year if he started every game he's played at 1B?
  2. Also Shohei Ohtani definitely deserves to be in the home run derby. Dude’s only had like 174 at bats this year and already has 12 dingers, has a .552 SLG%, and has star power.
  3. Real cool article and chart. I really hope John Means does continue his success from this year and becomes our reliable lefty starter for years to come. I think he will be. It'll be interesting to see what the catching unit looks like in a couple years. Lot of good stuff here. Wonder if there's any chance Sisco, Severino, and Rutschman will ever all be on the team at the same time? With one of them playing some 1B or DH? I feel like Mancini deserves to be ranked a little higher than "55 above average" this year. I think he could at least be "60 plus", which is still below All Star level. I guess his outfield defense just sinks him, but it sucks because he really should be playing 1B and its out of his hands. If you look at his 2019 stats compared with all of the qualified AL first basemen, he ranks: -3rd in OPS (.907) -5th in HRs (17) -1st in Avg. (.302) -3rd in 2Bs (19) That said, I think the 55 future rating for him is totally fair.
  4. Love the write up Frobby, but I think you're being pretty tough on Nunez. I know he had two homers last night since you wrote the initial post, but either way, I think its fair to say he's hitting way better than expected. 25 year old dude who had like 9 career home runs and a sub-100 career OPS+. Now this season he's got a .783 OPS, he's belted 18 home runs before the All Star Game, and he's got a 106 OPS+. Give the poor guy a 'B' at least haha
  5. Kinda feel like crabs fighting at the bottom of the barrel here, but we’re better than Miami. And maybe Kansas City.
  6. I was at the game. I honestly think he just thought it was a favorable opportunity for Davis to bust out and rebuild some confidence in front of the hometown fans. Plus Rickard hadn’t done much with the bat yesterday. The way Hyde talks about Davis, I think he does really want to figure out a way for him to be successful. I think he sees that as an important long term goal that is related to this team’s future.
  7. I think OPS is one of the most important stats in the game.
  8. Great move. Alex Cobb (31)- 2.8 WAR over past three seasons. Making $14 million this season. Andrew Cashner (32)- 4.6 WAR over past three seasons. Making $8 million this season. Dan Straily (30)- 5.7 WAR over past three seasons. Making just 500k this season.
  9. Manny did nothing wrong.
  10. Jones is balling. https://mobile.twitter.com/FOXSPORTSAZ/status/1113263848939708417?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet This was pretty funny too. Got the best of Manny here.
  11. Blue Jays to release Bud Norris. “Norris has had a pair of solid seasons with the Angels and the Cardinals over the past two seasons. Over the life of 57 2/3 innings in St. Louis last year, the righty notched a 3.59 ERA with 10 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 1.25 HR/9, and a 42.6 groundball rate.” Os bullpen is gonna get a lot of work this season. Maybe this would be a good arm to have back in the mix?
  12. I woulda let him pitch till he let up a hit or finished the 7th. Which ever happened first. But what do I know?
  13. Did you see the line in opening day? It was like New York -339 or something crazy like that...
  14. Right right. 30 years. Math was never my strong suit haha
  15. Great series for the Os. Won using the “opener” strategy. Bullpen looked pretty good (even though Mike Wright was tough to watch) Big opening weekend for Mr. Mancini. And sweet Jesus, how bout that Jesus Sucre? Im excited for this 20-year anniversary of the Why Not Os
  16. Jackson, Rickard, Bundy I think they’ll all have 1 WAR seasons. It’s gonna be a tough year, but I’m excited for it.
  17. I loved this series. Two great games too. I’m all about making MLB more international.
  18. Not saying they’re worth the same in 2019, but I don’t think there’s so drastic a difference. I think Jones would put up a 0.5-1.0 WAR playing corner outfield. I also think the Phillies overplayed for McCutchen. (And Harper...)
  19. Jones WAR over the last 3 years- 4.2 McCutchen WAR over the last 3 years- 4.7 They were born 10 months apart.
  20. Great write up. Couple questions: 1. How’s Hays defense in center? I was under the impression he profiles as more of a corner outfielder. 2. You seem real high on Jackson. I don’t know a ton about him. Why would he be better than Escobar, who’s been an everyday starting shortstop in the AL for years? 3. What happens if Eric Young Jr. doesn’t make the 25-man. Would he go to Norfolk or would we lose him?
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