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  1. I think we can all agree that this isn't the rebuild yet but more of a tank than anything. Hyde came from winning and I'm sure he knows the S---T show he was getting himself into but also hates when basic high school fundamentals can't be performed. Loosing is one thing getting embarrassed is another.
  2. Knew about Sanchez didn’t know about the catcher. My guess is Elias is a very patient worker.
  3. I skimmed through til I was Caught up and joined the conversation. It was just a question. I’m sorry.
  4. Who is it that you want him to spend the money on? Is there a player you know of? If he doesn’t see a fit maybe he feels trading it away for guys and hoping something sticks down the road is what’s best for the organization?
  5. Any chance he is a clone of Ivan Rodriquez? You know who had a cannon for an arm and was one hell of a catcher? Maybe a cousin or something? I'm reaching for anything here.
  6. The Josh Donaldson incident. Him and Ventura The “dirty slide” with Boston (though I didnt Think it was) how many back swings to a catchers helmet and he didn’t care to check on the catcher. Ive said it many of times. If Manny wasn’t an Oriole for the start of his career we’d hate a player like him and talk about what a douche bag he is. Manny was a douche bag in Baltimore and it carried into his time with LA. Some view Manny as a god cause he can damn sure play baseball. Some of us call out how he acts and people think we are bitter. I’m not bitter and ok with Manny being out west. I’m calling a spade a spade.
  7. Good post! Agree with all of it. However I don’t care to see him ever win a ring or MVP or make it to the HOF. If Manny never played in Baltimore I wouldn’t care for him at all. I tolerated him because he was on my lifelong favorite team. Manny to me is nothing but a cry baby.
  8. I’m still saying 70 wins wouldn’t shock me for this year. As for the farm system. Guess we will wait and see.
  9. I'm not one to boo myself but I get why fans do it and have done it. In this case I can understand it and think it might be a way for the fans to put pressure on the organization.
  10. Does he even make it til May before fans down the stadium start booing him?
  11. Hardy looked like he should have been on crutches when he was running. It’s was ugly. But him scoring from first and motoring around the bases on that Delmon Young double was a beautiful thing.
  12. Jones and his family are set for life. I agree he took a team friendly deal back then and it’s a shame we never got a WS with him. I do think Jones could make some more but I think Jones isn’t the baseball guy he was prior to the family life. I think he’s content and happy with where he is. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that. Personally I wouldn’t mind Jones on this team this year but he’d have to get rid of the no trade clause. And that alone I think Jones would say thanks but no thanks.
  13. I wonder what a team would be willing to pay AJ for his services? I think location and playing time is important for Jones as well. Just not sure Jones would wanna get back at it for $3-$4million.
  14. From the things I’ve seen on him he seems like a quiet guy. Almost like Markakis I guess. Quiet but plays the game hard and the way it’s supposed to be played.
  15. This needs to be the very first one. Nothing about him makes any sense for the 2019 and beyond Baltimore Orioles.
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