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  1. I didn't realize how badly Drew fell off after the All-star break that year. Wow.
  2. Yes that was an actual snub that year. JD Drew over Markakis was something I'll never understand.
  3. If the Orioles win tonight, they will be 1 game better than they were at this point last year.
  4. On a very bad team. I call it the Markakis syndrome. The best good player on a terrible team is always overrated by fans. Means was the correct pick. Mancini is nowhere close to being considered a snub.
  5. Bingo. For a team that everyone is expecting to be horrible for at least 3 years, I see nothing wrong with bringing Ynoa up. It's a short term move. He'll probably be DFA'ed within a month.
  6. That was more of a reference to Snider than Smith. I didn't check and just relied on the other poster's post that Snider was graded positively in dWAR. He was not and had negative numbers in every year of his career except 4.
  7. That's because like every other stat, WAR is not the end-all be-all people make it out to be.
  8. I don't see them giving up on Bundy as a starter this early in the season...but if Means and Straily continue to have quality starts, I see this move happening sometime in late June or early July.
  9. Something just seems different as of late with Davis. And it's not just is ball off of bat speed, or making contact and putting the ball in play. I'm not making some grand proclamation that he's back to his old form, but an even slight improvement from last year is huge considering how awful he was. Let's hope it continues.
  10. There are more teams other than the Royals this year that will be competing for the worst record in baseball. This isn't denial to think that the O's have a shot to not have the worst record this year.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure about this.
  12. There's no doubt in my mind that this team will have a better record than last year.
  13. It's not. People are frustrated with Davis but not to the point where he'll get the Hyun-soo Kim treatment.
  14. I think it is for games like yesterday with a 4 run lead going into the 8th. That way you don't get a repeat of Sunday and have Givens pitching 50+.
  15. Hyde's explanation made sense. I forgot that Hess pitched 40+ on opening day. That said, this juggling of the bullpen is not sustainable. Need to have a set set up guy and closer, IMO.
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