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  1. joelala

    What free agents should we sign?

    Disregard. Damned Twins!
  2. joelala

    What free agents should we sign?

    Ronald Torreyes, please.
  3. joelala

    The Pitching

    I’m not too worried about being competitive next year, but certainly hope we hire a good pitching coach and that analytics can help Bundy, in particular, bounce back. Also am excited to see it Ortiz et al. fight for rotation spots in ST.
  4. joelala

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    Nice post, great points as always.
  5. joelala

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I supposed Mauer is actually a pretty good comp. And yea, I would take a Joe Mauer in a second.
  6. joelala

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    Yea, I don't see the "raw power" I've read about in several scouting reports.
  7. joelala

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    He does move much better than Matt though and his swings look significantly more athletic.
  8. joelala

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    His swing from the left side looks pretty long. Or at least not very much bat speed. Right side looks quicker.
  9. This is a great point and has changed my mind on the subject.
  10. I voted yes much for the same reason. Pitchers are throwing harder than ever and advanced scouting definitely seems to benefit pitching and defense much more than hitting, which has tilted the playing field. It's been written about several times (I think espn.com did a piece during the season) that hitters are trying to beat the shift by putting the ball into the stands, but certainly someof the increased whiffs have come as a result of hitters trying to go the opposite way as well. I don't think there's anyway to deny this (or to confirm it It's hard enough to hit see 97mph two seamer, an 87 mph slider, and an 83 mph changeup in a pitch sequence as it is, and the defensive shift has made it even harder because now a, a lot of the time, putting the bat on the ball and making hard contact is no longer enough. Limiting to one shift per inning (my idea, not sure if that's the proposed limit or not) seems reasonable, and could actually introduce new and interesting strategic elements into the game. The only question to me is: What would constitute a shift and what would be in the realm of regular defensive positioning?
  11. joelala

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    I'm still really rooting for Riley Greene to be the pick. Was Elias in Houston when they surprised everyone a bit and took Correa number one even though many didn't have him projected there?
  12. joelala

    DJ Stewart

    Fully agree with this. We have to find out if Trey can be above replacement as a first baseman.
  13. “Orioles wait for Mike Elias to decide if he really wants to be their general manager” Seriously though the longer this goes the more worried I get. I keep thinking of the Josh McDaniels fiasco with the Colts last off season. They had an agreement of sorts, the team announced it, then McDaniels had a “sudden change of heart” and went back to New England. The colts looked absolutely awful for making an official announcement before it was official and I’m thinking that we haven’t made an announcement yet because it isn’t official.