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  1. Time to change his mechanics!
  2. I appreciate the effort to engage and educate the fans about how we value our players. It's such a welcome and stark contrast from Buck, Dan, et. al.
  3. He's gotta earn that one all over again
  4. Important question: What's the preferred nickname? AR or Rutsch?
  5. Just came here to start an obligatory Matt Harvey DFA'd thread hahaha! He's totally done, I think.
  6. I mean they certainly want to improve the level of international talent. But whether that is tied to optics, we have no idea. Though I do suppose some of these kids know each other or have the same managers, so it's connected in that way. But I don't think this trade was purely to increase our profile in Latin American markets.
  7. Fine, cuz you keep pressing this conspiracy theory of yours, I'll entertain you: What evidence do you have that the Cashner trade was made to increase our profile "below the equator" as you put it?
  8. And shedding it from his payroll at the same time!
  9. I like the deal. By getting players this young, we can let them grow in our system and play our way. As opposed to older, higher level, flawed players which is what more "traditional" return for Cashner would have looked like. Elias is putting his money where his mouth is.
  10. Agree he gets a TON of separation. It’s an interesting delivery and I’d be really curious to hear what it’s like facing him live. Does anyone remember those terrible old pitching machines at batting cages that were like catapults? You could see the ball load up super slow in the head of the catapult and then all of a sudden it would explode out? That’s kind of what his delivery reminds me of. And I always found those machines maddening to time. And Luke, being that he’s such a big kid already, you think there’s room for added Velo without some of the aformentioned risky mechanical changes, or is a 92-94 t96 guy going forward?
  11. joelala

    Zach Watson 2019

    The next Ryan McKenna?
  12. Looks like there's a kid named Yiddi Cappe still available. Top 10 prospect from Cuba, plays SS. Throw him the rest of the money and call it a day
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