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  1. Otter

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    I'd have preferred they kept all 7 draft picks Dan has given up for mediocre veterans and organizational filler!
  2. Otter

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    I would have preferred more. With pitching prospects (and especially in the O's organization), the more quantity the better chance one makes it.
  3. Otter

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    I agree, but I think Knight sucks up most of the pool savings.
  4. Otter

    2018 Orioles Draft Tracker

    Looks like we won't have much leftover money to sign overslots after round 10. Sounds like Knight is very disappointed where he was drafted, so I'm guessing he'll want overslot money. I don't think he has much leverage, but the O's typically are not tough negotiators with their high draft picks. I imagine we'll have a tough time signing Killian.
  5. The curse of the Orioles has already affected our recent draft pick. Quite arguably the best defensive SS in college baseball makes an error on the very first pitch of the College World Series...he'll fit right in...😉
  6. Interesting observation. Although I would dispute that Jones is "playing to his potential." His offensive numbers are very consistent with his career numbers, but his defense has been bad the past few years and is absolutely atrocious this year.
  7. Otter

    Ryan McKenna 2018

    And the best part is he is actually athletic and can play defense! Not many in the majors or minors who we can say that about...
  8. I can tell you that I will be watching much more college baseball than the Orioles this weekend! Which has been no different than most of the past month... Even if you're not a fan of college baseball, I think any baseball fan would enjoy watching Oregon State. They have some elite talent, but they also play smart and fundamentally sound baseball. It's also fun to watch talented players play baseball with enthusiasm and hustle...
  9. Otter

    The defense thread, 2018

    I agree. I don't watch that much anymore but was lucky enough to catch those two horrible plays. The ground ball to Valencia would be made by a good 3B and even a below average one should have at least knocked it down. The "triple" to CF was just more of the same we've seen from Jones this year. He's been bad the past couple years defensively, but this year it's just embarrassing to watch. He not only looks old and/or injured, he is getting very bad reads off the bat. I wasn't surprised that Palmer criticized Jones' defense and declining speed, but I was surprised MASN put some defensive metrics on the screen showing how bad Jones and Mancini have been this year.
  10. This. Age relative to level, combined with raw tools, is often more important than stats at the minor league level. Look at Machado's mediocre offensive numbers in minors...but then look at his age compared to the average age of the level, and combine it with his raw tools, and you see why he was a highly ranked prospect and moved up aggressively through the system. And it didn't hurt that he was a high first round pick either.
  11. Otter

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    I disagree. I didn't form any opinion on Mountcastle's arm until I saw him play. And from what I saw, I don't think he can stick at 3B.
  12. This game was the worst I've ever seen Knight's stuff. Fastball velocity was down and breaking ball was flat. Control was good, but command was not. Sometimes he reminds me of Gausman; good stuff but hitters just look too comfortable. Both are around the plate and tend to groove 0-2 pitches, and don't really pitch inside. Still, I like the talent in the 3rd round.
  13. I could be reading too much into it, but some of Rajisch's quotes lately seem to suggest he might be a little disgruntled. He made comments before the draft on the pressure of finding good prospects since the O's ignore the international market. He also alluded before the draft to potentially drafting for need, and then used the word "need" to describe the Grenier pick. And this is after he has consistently for years stated you never draft for need in the MLB draft. Rajisch's draft record has been decent, but in his defense Duquette has completely handcuffed him by giving away so many 1st and 2nd round picks over the years. I would imagine it's frustrating to work at an organization that doesn't value your line of work the way other organizations do.
  14. Have watched 4 OSU games now; his defense is as advertised but his hitting is much worse than the numbers would suggest.
  15. Otter

    Top 20 after 2018 draft

    It does seem a very aggressive ranking for McKenna at first glance. However, after thinking about I don't think it's that outrageous. I think I'd still put Mountcastle ahead of McKenna, but I like McKenna's profile better. We've all heard how bad Mountcastle's arm is, but I wasn't prepared for how bad it looked when I saw him playing 3B this spring. I think there's almost no chance he is a ML 3B, and I think his arm might even be too weak for LF. He makes Mancini look like Jesse Barfield. Mountcastle is a 1B/DH, so his bat better be special. The hit and power tools are good, but the plate discipline worries me (and Buck apparently...). McKenna has plus speed and plays a premium defensive position. He's had a nice breakout season, but I want to see him do it for a whole season.