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  1. Orioles all-23 team

    How about Crisco?
  2. So apparently he’s now the backup catcher to Joseph, and Buck said that he’d be the DH sometimes
  3. Pedro Araujo makes the major league roster

    Sweet. Dude deserved it
  4. Go Get Greg

    I don't see it, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.
  5. Nick Vespi 2018

    We'll see. I have my hopes up for him.
  6. vs. RED SOX, 3/22 (on MASN)

    I have an xbox, so my TV is taken up.
  7. vs. RED SOX, 3/22 (on MASN)

    I'll probably be playing overwatch or rainbow six siege.
  8. vs. RED SOX, 3/22 (on MASN)

    Pedro and Scott looked good, i assume?
  9. Middle innings first and work his way up
  10. Mike Wright’s last shot

    aaahhhh....uuuhhhuuuahhhahaaahhahahaha. Doddlely doodddlley dooooooooo
  11. Mike Wright’s last shot

    Into the BP he goes.
  12. vs. RED SOX, 3/22 (on MASN)

    Davis and Manny starting the rally
  13. vs. RED SOX, 3/22 (on MASN)

    O's need to get Kakes back. That way we can have #BigD!ckNick like the eagles do.