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  1. WR is a big need as well as is TE
  2. Peppers should be interesting. Would love to see him picked up, even with the weird test that came out
  3. he's a FA this offseason. I'd take a flyer on him for about 2/16
  4. Injured Gonzalez was awful too, and while he's been what he was with us; at the time he looked awful. Paying Miguel $4 million to fart around in AAA, good god we'd be SCREAMING at DD for doing that.
  5. Palmer mentioned him during the broadcast.
  6. Givens comes up big. Now bring out the beating Hart of the bullpen
  7. Yep. 10
  8. Ouch
  9. I love it when you can hear the fans "coaching" the players. Reminds me of when dad worked in Minor league ball.
  10. It's cause he's old
  11. Mr Kim and SCHOOOOOPPP get the long balls.
  12. June/July around the All Star game is when I'd really start moving people around in terms of promotions.