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  1. Orioles Interested in Lance Lynn

    I want no part of Lance Lynn. That guy is going to be a Ubaldo style disaster if he plays here
  2. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    My bad. The point is that he's my age. The height is there, but the muscle mass will come in time. His command is a plus tool already at this time in his career, and he doesn't walk a ton of guys. Your comments on his development are pretty much what I think as well. I'm really rooting for this guy
  3. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    That guy is the blithering moron we complain DD is. Tyler Wilson never had the control with his other pitches that Wells is showing. 3 pitches that he can command and control where he wants is normally what makes a good ML starter. He's my age at 19, so the velocity that he's showing will most likely increase as time goes on. Around his age 21-22 season, he could have very good velocity as he bulks up with more muscle.
  4. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    Is that the best you got? Lel.
  5. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    Love you too, sweetie.
  6. EA Killing Battlefront II

    I'm not buying it. I refuse to support EA's BS
  7. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

  8. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

  9. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    So a LOOGY? Meh
  10. GM Meetings

  11. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    If we were talking about a Machado extension, I'd agree with you
  12. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    Chatwood to us.
  13. O's interested in Tyler Chatwood

    It practically guaranteed to happen
  14. Thank you for your service

    There’s a guy in politics who should have been kicked out for wet starting his engine like a jackass and causing the USS Forrestal to go up in smoke, and gave up secrets to the enemy while a POW for better treatment. This guy also wants to vote for war every chance he can get. There was this other guy who ran in 2004 who won 3 Purple Hearts and who wants to send my generation into the same war he fought, but in the sand. Even when he said that congress shouldn’t support the same war that he fought in.
  15. Thank you for your service

    Vietnam vets should have had that. I can't get drafted due to a health deferment, but I can see why people would get angry about draft dodgers.