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  1. If we get rid of Miley and Ubaldo, let's throw Wilson and Aquino out there.
  2. He will by next year.
  3. Because the guy I posted is somehow crazier.
  4. Tin Foil? I'm not a pleb. When I go full conspiracy, I go all in
  5. On vacation, probably
  6. Hey Joey, did you do this in the morning?
  7. Tides' announcer got called up. He isn't bad, but doesn't have personality. Not Hunter levels of bad, but average.
  8. What is this strike zone?
  9. I wouldn't mind that.
  10. I think it's weird that the only place Ubaldo pitched well was the NL West. Wonder if we send him there if the meme magic that was Ubaldo in colorado will continue.
  11. We have to overcome our SP every year.
  12. Well that was quick.
  13. Gentry as our everyday RFer? I puked in my mouth a bit.