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  1. Akin is a work in progress, Rameriez is going to be an innings eater in a year. Add that with Gausman and Bundy and you have a great rotation. Wells isn't going to be that far off too. That and during the dark ages, we couldn't develop bats either.
  2. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Either fits. It's going to be a BORAS client.
  3. Unlike the dark days, we actually have pitching coming along the way.
  4. Fanfest

    I didn't see it, as i'm not going. Cool stuff
  5. Fanfest

    He has two?
  6. Decision Checklist for the Orioles

    I would be happy with that kind of ownership tbh. There really isn't anywhere they can move the team and be profitable. 4 teams claim vegas as a market, LAD, LAA, AD, SD, There is literally nothing in Ashville, and people from charlotte won't leave charlotte to go to games as it's 2 1/2 hours away from Charlotte city limits. Seattle has a team, San Jose won't get a team due to the giants claiming that as their territory. Montreal will probably be one of Tampa or Oakland, or an expansion team.
  7. Orioles out On Cobb per Roch

    Does Cobb have a QO coming with him? And isn't now a 1st round pick, but a 2nd or 3rd round pick?
  8. Hot Stove Event

    Dad has a signed McGregor jersey. Got it from Scott himself when he went in for treatment on a malignant tumor around 2002-2003. Talks time and time again how nice the higher ups like McGregor were and are, plus how the "Orioles family" helped take care of him. Would love to meet Scott someday and thank him for that kindness.
  9. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I think he'd should be at least 3 years away.
  10. RIP - Eddie Clarke

    Now the entire classic motorhead lineup is dead.
  11. What is Dan Duquette doing?

    You work in Baltimore or DC?
  12. My personal top 50 Orioles prospects for 2018: #50-#41

    Ok. Hence why we don't see many guys come from that part of the system.
  13. Suprising Off Limit Player

    He's got potential
  14. Sex abuse of USA female athletes