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  1. Manny and his agent have given DD a contract to stay in the future. Whatever he wants, I'll give him. Dude is the present and future of the team. However, it makes sense considering our ownership to keep Davis and then let Manny walk. I hope to god we keep him, Schoop and Britton over the foreseeable future, but knowing our luck; we won't. I have hope that he will stay here unless we trade him or he signs elsewere.
  2. Problem is that the Ravens players can have an immediate impact. O's players take up to 1-5 years to get to the bigs, if they ever do make it to the bigs (Hobgood)
  3. If you're ever on the phone with a telemarketer, please be curtious and kind. Legitimately hate some of the people I get on the phone with due to how rude they are to me. Here a couple funny stories. Got denied a sale because of one guy not having the $, because he believes that western banks and western currencies are a (I'm not making this up, mind you) "massive Jewish conspiracy to control us all." I hung up on him after he started ranting like an insane person about the government's lies. Went on break and had my manager listen to it. Her face was of utter confusion. Then she just laughed at it, as did I. Met some nice people as well. Cool lady out in oregon, and some nice old southern ladies in NC and in MS. Had a guy who bought from me because he fell in the shower. Here's that paraphrased conversation. "I fell in the shower." "Well, I'm sorry for you, sir. How long were you down." "About an hour, but it's how I got there is what I find funny." "I don't follow, sir." "You're a guy, you know how it is." "I'm missing what you're getting at." "I was alone, my wife was gone.....and I was returning to my throne as lord of the manor. You know what that's like, right?" We both start laughing at this point. "Now Sir, are you buying our medical alert system because you're scared of falling again, or are you buying it as means of swallowing your pride." "As far as my wife knows, it's the former, but it's really the latter. I haven't told her, and won't tell her." "How come you won't tell your wife, sir?" "What she doesn't know won't hurt her, and she'd probably laugh at me if I told her." That made my day.
  4. Hey, remember last year when we hit the skids? And the year before? And the year before that? And back when Earl was our manager? And back when we won the world series and always went to the playoffs? Chill out. Every team goes through times when they are beer league team playing the 1927 Yankees.
  5. So today he looked like Gallardo did last year? Fanfreakingtastic. So we have a guy with a shot shoulder, a dominican cookie dispenser who can't hold a 5 RUN LEAD AGAINST FREAKING MINNESOTA , someone who needs to get his old glasses back due to how bad he's pitched and needs to make up his mind if he wants to be the next Mike Mussina or the next in a long line of Orioles drafting dissapointments, a very good Bundy, and an inconistent Miley who is either the left handed version of Bud Norris or a Louisiana's version of Wei Yin Chen. -.4 bWAR, 5.84 ERA, 1.5 WHIP, 69 FIP, 10 HP9 this year so far. Yeah, I'd have traded him for Seth Smith any day. DD got a steal there.
  6. So this guy is like if Flarethy and Bourn had a baby that couldn't hit but was god with a glove and could run around the bases as well? Fantastic.
  7. They do. That's how I paid
  8. He just looks absolutely lost. High fastballs are what I saw him swing at the most
  9. Did he switch drugs? I had no idea
  10. Schoop makes a damn good grab
  11. Because that's what he was suspended for it in 2014
  12. He needs something stronger than Adderal
  13. Jones has a base hit.
  14. I would sell my soul just so Hunter/Bordick never call a game together again.
  15. Work at a call center, an inbound only call center. Old people are mean, and people need to learn english like my grandparents did when they moved here.