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  1. Adventure time is a great cartoon, even though I like Regular show better. Can't believe the Sopranos isn't up there.
  2. MDtransplant757

    Frank Robinson has passed

    Hope he's in a better place.
  3. MDtransplant757

    Kyler Murray

    I think it might, honestly. Dude's college numbers are impressive and using options, he can always be developed.
  4. MDtransplant757

    Favorite movies of 2018

    Halloween, a quiet place, a star is born, and Deadpool 2 were the best movies i saw all year. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody too. Rami Malek should win best actor but that movie has a ton of issues.
  5. MDtransplant757

    2019 College Talk

    JMU isn't that far from where i am.
  6. MDtransplant757

    Laptops on the field podcast

    Happy New year everyone, I have a podcast that I'm doing called Laptops on the field. It's about baseball with an analytical view of things. Got the title from a quote from Jayson Werth about the "nerds" who run baseball though "Laptops on the field". We're on soundcloud and YT. Please comment how you guys like it. We have 3 episodes out currently, and try to record every 2 weeks. Here's the link to our YT channel and our soundcloud page. Tell me what you guys think. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_6_a8NUw00I-vtC8Kb_FUQ
  7. MDtransplant757

    Favorite Animated Movies

    No list in particular, just name some All animation counts. The lion king Shrek 1 and 2 Prince of Egypt Fantasia Toy story 1,2,3 Monsters INC Pretty much anything Pixar has done except for Cars The nightmare before Christmas The iron Giant The lego movie Wallace and Grommet: The curse of the were rabbit.
  8. MDtransplant757

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    I'm hype for this guy.
  9. MDtransplant757

    Will Dickerson or Kirby Be Brought Back?

    This would be my plan
  10. MDtransplant757

    Nats say they’re not likely to re-sign Harper

    And neither are the yankees.
  11. MDtransplant757

    New manager

  12. MDtransplant757

    Bands that should have been bigger

    GWAR. They've always been a cult band, but they should have been as big as Alice Cooper. Still tour a lot, going to see them at the NORVA on new years eve. RIP Oderus Urungus
  13. MDtransplant757

    Album Closers

  14. MDtransplant757

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Eric Weddle keeps getting dunked on.
  15. MDtransplant757

    2018 Redskins

    And this season has gone down the tubes. Please tank and draft offensively this coming year.
  16. MDtransplant757

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    Alex Smith, but that's a different sport.
  17. MDtransplant757

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    That and St. Louis fell out of the race for MM at the deadline pretty quickly too.
  18. MDtransplant757

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    I would be happy, but i think that falls under the "overpay" territory that ownership would have accepted. If the Phillies weren't willing to part with Sixto Sanchez, then I have a feeling St. Louis wasn't willing to part with Flaherty.
  19. MDtransplant757

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    Manny should have been traded during the offseason. Yeah, and ownership wouldn't allow it minus a stupid overpay. So we gave up half a year of service time, unlike Arizona. Arizona got back a Starter with good upside, a catcher who was blocked by Yadi and some guy whose bat looks good but is a year behind schedule. However, I'd argue that overall, the Orioles got the better deal. Dean Kermer lead all of MiLB in K's this year, hence his rising stock. Diaz has been the OF bat and glove we've been missing since Markakis went to Atlanta. Pop could be a back end BP piece and Valeria is INF depth that we needed. All players listed above have total about 24 years total of service time added up. So we got 24 years of service time between all four of these players for one half year of one player, and Arizona got potentially 18 years, with the best asset of the trade having 4 years left. Would we have gotten more for Manny if we traded him in the offseason? Possibly, but there wasn't that insane desperation that we saw with LAD and them trying to rip the choker monkey off their back that's been there since the Reagan administration and a hole at SS. Kermer alone has as much upside as Weaver does, plus we have him for 2 more years. Diaz made great strides with his bat, and Pop went from A ball to AA. All things considered, I think we got the better deal for MM than AZ did for Goldy
  20. MDtransplant757

    What was the most exciting offseason move to you?

    Nelson Cruz was the one that got me PUMPED. Wei Yin Chen also got me pumped. Other than that, I was excited about Cobb and Cashner. Weary about Davis and liked the move at the time, but I wanted Cespedes BADLY that offseason
  21. Some guys like Jordy Mercer, Brad Brach and Schoop would help. I'd try and do that, then come july sell as much as i can for prospects.
  22. MDtransplant757

    Week 13 @ ATL

    Collinsworth is awful. Pompus and isn't happy until he sees someone's head ripped off.
  23. MDtransplant757

    Week 13 @ ATL

    Now imagine Tony Romo on NBC instead of Collinsworth. Al Michaels deserves better
  24. MDtransplant757

    Question on Mountcastle

    That's been the comparison i've been making for a year now.