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  1. I doubt the rumors have any weight. The orioles are bad, so attendance is low. The crowds do show up when the team is good. No city is trying to woo the orioles, and outside of Montreal; every new spot either just built a AAA park (meaning no public funds) or have a smaller market compared to Baltimore
  2. Probably. A lot of teams who are competing like boston have thin farm systems too, so that might explain the lack of movement.
  3. I didn't know that it did, then again I didn't feel like looking it up. That's cool, and we kind of did the same thing. All depended on who was DM. Pathfinder is fun, but you get railroaded pretty quickly if the DM's story sucks. That's awesome you still have the original book. Buddy has one stashed at his house somewhere too.
  4. I'm still shocked that Givens wasn't moved
  5. Did you play pathfinder back in the day, or was it just base DND?
  6. Found one of him as a kid
  7. Do you put any seasoning on them? I normally put Montreal steak spice on my beef.
  8. Please be a promotion and not an injury
  9. Steam sales. That is all.
  10. That and he doesn't have any stupid lense flairs when he goes up to bat.
  11. Nah. Gotta send him to the Dominican Summer league. That'll show him to take a walk or 5
  12. Maybe he really liked the last season of game of thornes. Maybe he thought the hobbit trilogy should have been 3 movies and not two. Maybe Hyde thinks Khole is the best Kardashian sister? Maybe Hyde likes Beyoncé more than most people and was signing it to himself in the dugout. Maybe Hyde pointed out that he got the first pick in the team's fantasy football draft and Chris didn't. Maybe Hyde just speaks in Shrek quotes and Davis finally got mad of being called "Onion boy" or "Donkey". Who knows, man?
  13. He's in Norfolk right now.
  14. Givens will go soon. His numbers and everything look good, someone will bite.
  15. Is this something we did ala trying to mess with Sedlock's delivery, or is he a dud? Watched some of his tape from college and everything looked good.
  16. I can't wait for OH to complain that he doesn't take walks just like they did with AJ.
  17. Means he'll be a TOR starter and Cy Young candidate, right? 😉
  18. I've seen Mountcastle MASH at Harbor Park in Norfolk. He's hit 2 HR's when I've seen him and i love how quick his swing is. It's strong, compact and he follows through. A lot of power and he uses all fields. Maybe you just saw him on a bad day.
  19. I think it might be giving time to Hall at SS. They've been mainly playing him at 2B, might want to test him at SS and see how he plays there
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