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  1. So the O's BP Game is going ok. What's funny is that if the O's want to do an actual Opener concept, they should have younger guys like Akin up and pitching the middle innings. That's the whole idea is to play matchups and accumulate innings for younger guys.
  2. Davis. Nunez has a platoon option and Mancini you can play in LF, 1B and DH. Davis is 1B or DH, but his bat is far and away the worst of the three.
  3. Norfolk: Keegan Akin, Luis Ortiz, John Means, Josh Rogers, and Dillon Tate. Bowie: Dean Kremer, Zak Lowther, Hunter Harvey, Alex Wells, and Bruce Zimmerman. I think Means and Rogers will be on the shuttle a bit, allowing Krermer and whoever does well in Bowie to get to norfolk before the ASB.
  4. This episode we discuss the Machado and Harper signings, along with our preview of the NL East.
  5. Half of his K's are him just standing there.
  6. Our pitching coach looks like Andros from Star Fox
  7. Big trades of all types and how they panned out. No Frank Robinson in this book, but Miguel Cabrera, Von Hayes, John Smoltz, and a few others are covered here.
  8. Baseball meat market and Astroball i've read. Those are two fantastic reads.
  9. It has been a bit. How've you been?
  10. Here's our newest episode, where we discuss a few topics. Going to get into the divisions this coming week.
  11. Adventure time is a great cartoon, even though I like Regular show better. Can't believe the Sopranos isn't up there.
  12. Hope he's in a better place.
  13. I think it might, honestly. Dude's college numbers are impressive and using options, he can always be developed.
  14. Halloween, a quiet place, a star is born, and Deadpool 2 were the best movies i saw all year. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody too. Rami Malek should win best actor but that movie has a ton of issues.
  15. JMU isn't that far from where i am.
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