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  1. That made me happy, since I kind of have what Spencer has (Aspergers, so technecially I'm on the spectrum). My 2 obsessions are politics and the orioles, but to each his own. What a great guy, just a nice, loving, compassionate man that Jim Palmer is.
  2. God I love Caleb Joseph. That and the people on this board need to CHILL OUT! The O's will make the playoffs, but it doesn't help being negative all the time.
  3. I was going to use the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals as an example, but good points all around bro.
  4. This still helps the O's by putting Minnesota another game down.
  5. We're not done yet....not by a long shot "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!"
  6. Or sell it to the Orioles/ Ravens and have them go crazy with it. The possibilities are endless there for a baltimore sports hotel
  7. Oh....my bad. Sorry. He's an "economist".
  8. That and when does big government ever work?
  9. No kidding it's been a money pit. Have you seen how much rooms go for there? I could get season tickets for the next 3 years with the money I could spend on a hotel room there for one night.
  10. People don't really do it in Norfolk unless the O's are in town playing the tides. I've only seen that stadium do it once, when the O's were in town playing the tides on a rainy day.
  11. Another one has got to be Marlins vevazula (those annoying soccer horns) night. Oy vey, that was a bad one.
  12. I'd prefer they just leave it how it is. The open concourse wouldn't help out, and the stadium works well as it is. There is no need for it.
  13. No explanation needed. Mine was back hair appreciation night in Bowie. :slytf:
  14. They've had some goofy promos over the years, but you gotta love them for trying to fill the seats with people.
  15. Ah, you get the good old "I'm from Delaware, but I've been a Red Sox/ Yankee fan since (insert pre 2004 year here), and if you don't like it, go home!"
  16. It could be worse. We could always play in fenway where the seats are designed for midgets.
  17. You have no idea how many times I do that to my non-Oriole fan friends who dare question me when they play. I get the same dirty looks, and god do I love them.
  18. How about we fix the seats in the lower bowl, and then just leave it alone. DON'T MOLEST THE STADIUM!!!!!
  19. Ravens bandwagon fans are horrible to deal with, but my cousin is a diehard for both; and isn't a complete wreck when they're both bad. He just avoids twitter and "Stupid Ravens fans." Gotta love people from Frederick lol
  20. There are some exceptions
  21. That's Philly for yah. It truly is the white trash capital of the East Coast.
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