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  1. So they're going to try and save davis. Makes sense from a certain standpoint
  2. Question about Davis and his contract. Deferred to mike
  3. That ownership and Elias kinda dodged. Makes sense
  4. Sounds like my kind of guy. Glad we got a hometown guy ish to run the show who also knows a ton about how to run a team now
  5. A galaxy far far away, or as a strength and conditioning coach
  6. I am happy happy happy. If we get Mejdal it turns a HR into a WS winning, Warehouse hitting grand slam
  7. Elias is currently the Houston Astros assistant general manager, in charge of scouting and player development. He has been with the organization since 2012 and has been working in Major League Baseball since 2007. If he joins the Orioles, Sig Mejdal could follow after serving as the Astros special assistant to the GM, per Mark Feinsand of MLB.com. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2805968-mike-elias-reportedly-to-be-named-orioles-general-manager
  8. Like hall, but i think wells and pop deserve to bin the top 20
  9. No to the cobb trade, honestly i want Trumbo here until the deadline. I think it's possible if he repeats his numbers from last year, we can get some value out of that. Givens trade, sign me up.
  10. Poor 3Bman who didn't have the arm, but could hit at a plus level. That was Edwin coming up
  11. Where do Mullins and Stewart play into this?
  12. I'd compare him to edwin Encarnacion
  13. Neither have a ton of power. Their strength is getting on base at a fantastic rate and good defense.
  14. Holy crap the offense couldn't get anything going. Joe Flacco turned into Eli Manning and the defense looked stiff as a board.
  15. Wonder if Tony-OH would ever be considered for a role in the scouting department.
  16. I would agree with your kids. I loved the movie
  17. MDtransplant757


    I'd bet DH if all other options fail.
  18. McKenna gives me Lorenzo Cain vibes if his hit tool can keep working.
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