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  1. I would agree with your kids. I loved the movie
  2. MDtransplant757


    I'd bet DH if all other options fail.
  3. McKenna gives me Lorenzo Cain vibes if his hit tool can keep working.
  4. Even if we don't get any of the 3 cubans being up for signing, I know a guy we'll probably sign to a good deal. Google Wang Po Jung. This guy would be a game changer if we got him https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/10/lamigo-monkeys-to-post-wang-po-jung.html
  5. This most likely. Dude doesn't want to be part of a rebuild, hence why he said no to Cincy.
  6. Going to see this movie at some point this week with my best friend? Is it any good? How does it stack up to the first two movies and H20?
  7. I still don't get why they had him on. He played in Baltimore his entire career and IS FROM HERE, yet you want him to be unbiased and praise the Yankees. How dumb of a choice was that
  8. Billy won an Emmy for his work on MLB Network
  9. Working 5 days a week because we're so clearly understaffed it's not even funny. Also doing school with this too. I need a new job.
  10. I'd go for Matt Wieters, personally. Though JJ as a manager I'd like to see
  11. It was great seeing you in Norfolk earlier this year too. You and your wife are awesome people (I still get a kick out her sailor moon bag. No clue why). Next time you come down to Norfolk, let me know man.
  12. I think he'll be gone come july. Castro and Bleier are to cheap to move, and their value could be to high for some teams.
  13. Wonder if he takes a discount if they sign his brother first.
  14. MDtransplant757


    Wouldn't shock me if Mountcastle had the same career path as Encarnacion
  15. You sure? If you have your Cuban ID Card with you when you land in the US, you are automatically granted citizenship according to federal law passed under the kennedy administration. Are they officially citizens of the DR?
  16. Please be Sig Mejdal and Ron Johnson as manager.
  17. I think it's the state you live in that you file under.
  18. No, because he posted neutral-positive value at 3B. Put him at 3B and put him in the 5-6 hole where he's hit well where he first came here and recently and leave him there.
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