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  1. Thats Baseball

    Is there the hot stove radio show tonight?

    What's the website to listen in?
  2. Thats Baseball

    Kyler Murray

    Is it worth the risk for the A's to do a major league contract. I was very surprised at his college numbers.
  3. Thats Baseball

    Orioles Hangout Pilot Web TV show

    Very good job guys. Enjoyed that.
  4. Thats Baseball


    Why is there no crazy rush for Cuban pitching? Rhetorical question but just want to get different view points.
  5. Thats Baseball

    TT: Mullins defense (Orioles outfield defense as well)

    Looks like he is getting comfortable out there. Excited to see him bring the type of defense he was bringing in the minors.
  6. Thats Baseball

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    LF? LOL https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/mullins-over-shoulder-catch-032446875.html
  7. Thats Baseball

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    To get credit Mullins is going to have to be superhuman with no mistakes.
  8. Thats Baseball

    DJ Stewart 2018

    Represented the Orioles well last night
  9. Thats Baseball

    Cedric Mullins 2018

  10. Thats Baseball

    Cedric Mullins 2018

  11. Thats Baseball

    Cedric Mullins 2018

    Cedric Mullins has hit safely in five straight games, over which he’s batted .368 (7-19) with a home run, five doubles and three runs batted in. #Orioles
  12. Thats Baseball

    Most competitive

    I have heard many opinions about the subject. Based on league and not team, which league appears to be the most competitive this year?
  13. Thats Baseball

    Twins Upset with Sisco Bunting

    How about the veteran guy of the twins talking to Buxton about stealing second with a 6 run lead.
  14. Thats Baseball

    Possible trade with Yankees that doesn’t involved Manny

    The highest Frazier has hit at AA or above is .276 with 13 HR. We have guys doing that already with better defensive skills.
  15. Thats Baseball

    BP’s Orioles Top 10 Prospects 2018

    Bleacher Report article on underrated players. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2754364-each-mlb-teams-most-underhyped-prospect-you-need-to-know-asap