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  1. drjohnnyfeva

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    It's a good point you raise, but I don't think the fallout would be any worse than Arrietta's success once he was shipped out. I don't know... I just don't feel that he is the veteran leader a young team might need to look to given how little he seems to have worked before the season started and the futility of the "changes" he's made during the season to improve. The whole tale about how much he worked in the offseason and the contradictions, therein, worry me about him being the type of player Adam Jones was to our upstart club once Buck arrived. I just don't think you DFA him, which they should do if they can't find a buyer. Even paying 80% of his contract is better than just casting him off having to foot the whole bill. But as someone said, it is money that has theoretically already been spent. Either way, I just don't see him here next season.
  2. drjohnnyfeva

    Chris Davis Trade Possible in 2019-20?

    There are probably a few teams that look at his juicy numbers a few years ago and think they can get him back on track. I don't think we get a player back with a bad contract. I think we find a team willing to take him with us paying most of the contract off and just wiping him from the books. My feeling is, they can't go into a new season with a youthful roster while Chris Davis, their signature signing and constant reminder of this year's futility, potentially flops majorly again. They can't take that PR chance. His days are numbered, imo.
  3. I think that's where the significant reduction comes in. Davis can't handle another year of the scrutiny about performance and especially on a losing/rebuilding team team. We'll eat most of his contract, but not all of it. He won't be on the team come Spring Training. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.😉
  4. drjohnnyfeva

    Orioles set record for futility, will Buck survive?

    And there we have it! Who's the skunk? Ownership! When you solicit opinions from everyone and side-step organizational structure, eliminating the need for the structure in the first place, you wind up with an ad-hoc system. That's precisely what we've had. Trumbo signed to negate the need for signing Davis. I think that was attributed to DD and it shows some foresight knowing Davis was going to command big money. Then the signing of Davis anyway. That was attributed variously to Buck, Brady, AND big Pete. Reason given: that he was one of Buck's guys or whatever. Goodness! You can't have an organization and then side-step it when it's convenient. If ownership doesn't finally get that there's only one chef and that everyone has their own responsibilities - as foxfield above described the situation so adeptly, then we're still doomed because there is no long view or commitment to structure. It's just, "What feels right now?" or some other similarly ludicrous organizational management structure.
  5. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado comments after trade

    My friend lives in Rochester and he said that things got so bad with the Orioles and the Redwings, that the Redwings ownership basically fired the Orioles, filing for free-agency. The relationship between the O's and Rochester began in 1961 and was the longest running majors/minors relationship in MLB. According to him, Don Buford was way over his head as director of the minor leagues. It's why I still fear hearing that this or that ex-Orioles has been brought in to do this or that.
  6. drjohnnyfeva

    Is tonight, Kevin Gausman's last start, as an Oriole?

    I agree with that. But if they don't deal him by ST then they haven't learned the lesson.
  7. drjohnnyfeva

    Is tonight, Kevin Gausman's last start, as an Oriole?

    We can only hope that the FO has realized their mistake with not dealing Manny sooner and get this over with whilst we can still get major return.
  8. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado comments after trade

    Any comment he might have made, mid-thought or whatever, is going to be quoted as gospel truth on its own. It's the sad commentary of today's world.
  9. drjohnnyfeva

    Adam Jones a no show at State of the Orioles, Schoop late

  10. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado comments after trade

    ...I don't know it's time for Buck to go. I think, in the words of the Rock, he needs to know his role. Buck would be hard to replace. I don't disagree him going... if they find the right manager. He turned the fielded team around, no doubt.
  11. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado comments after trade

    I agree. As much as Iove Buck for getting the most out of our guys when he came on.... this is HIS pattern. I don't want to disparage him, don't get me wrong, but certain expertise expends itself. I'd love to see him as an evaluater in the minors. edit.... but I think the Angeloses have their culpability too.
  12. drjohnnyfeva

    What are the chances of another July deadline trade?

    While I'm encouraged by the moves that have been made, the FO would prove that they are committed to a new organizational dawn and rebuild by dealing the two/three most valuable players left in Gausman, Bundy, and Schoop. If they do it now we get the types of players Manny would have commanded last year or at the end of the previous year. If they make those moves those moves now, they show that they understand how to get value that they missed out on with Manny. Schoop should definitely be moved if possible, but maybe Gausman and Bundy next year... I'm always leery of waiting due to potential injury or performance concerns. Strike whilst the iron is hot. I think there's another deal or two or three. Whether it comes before July 31st??? It's only 4 days away. Altho, the Orioles saying they'd listen about Schoop and Gausman is encouraging to me.
  13. drjohnnyfeva

    The Orioles Should Trade Gausman at the Deadline

    Is there really anyone that they shouldn't be considering getting return on at this point. I'm just happy that something other than a player's best year seems to be driving the decision about whether to consider them for trading. After all, the best year analysis is what saddled us with Davis. Dump everyone with value for the best value you can get. Problem is with a fire sale, the seller usually gets hosed... or lesser value than they would have gotten if they had been smart about trading in the first place. When Manny made it clear he was going into FA two years ago, the value he had then was far greater then than now. The same idea should drive all trade considerations NOW.
  14. I've been out of town for a bit... My take on this is that whatever happens, MLB and the Nats are going to prosper whilst the O's get the shaft. When MLB decided Washington as the destination for the Expos they and any ownership group down there would have agreed to anything to get the team there. But clearly they also had designs for redress of whatever they agreed to in the future. This is where Ole Pete is out of his league, literally. He thought a deal was a deal. It wasn't. He got a good deal when they moved, but didn't seem to plan for all this litigation. And also didn't seem to consider MLB siding against him in trying to balance a future deal. The problem is that Washington is a huge market and we're not. They are going to wind up with the bulk of the money in any deal because they are going to DRAW more. They probably are already. MLB is going to back the money and not justice. They allowed Bud Selig to negotiate a deal with Milwaukee for a new stadium while Commissioner. He categorically denied accusations that he would sell the team or was looking to do that. Yet after getting the stadium built on the city's dime, what did he do? Exactly what the critics inside and outside of baseball said. Scumbag. But that's who these people are. Money talks and legal agreements are meant to be revisited, reinterpreted, utterly disregarded... and so on. We'll see the team down the road relegate us to the team that plays between Washington and Philly. Suing probably won't do any good and the bar to recover or get some kind of fair deal out of this is likely too high, but as we've been the square peg trying to get what we feel is ours this whole time, we should continue to needle all the rats til maybe some judge sees our point. I hold out little hope.
  15. This is my take on the situation too. I think they should sue MLB too. I read the article yesterday and my take is Ole Pete is coming to the end, so they are trying to arrange the transition so as to not lose much with inheritance. It wasn't specifically mentioned in the article, but it would make sense with estate taxes and other such un-pleasantries. I have a hard time believing that talks with Nats to resolve the dispute is about preparation for an actual sale of the team... although that would be the dream scenario for me.