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  1. drjohnnyfeva

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    I have a feeling this is why he's being talked to... McPhail and DD were both sort of on the sidelines of baseball when they were hired, as I recall. Maybe getting back into it would be a better characterization? Seems to be the story with Colletti too. I hope, as others have said, he's not a Brady coach or a sidecar to Brady. I think Brady needs to go. In the long run, I think I'd much prefer a younger guy from the Astros or Braves-type organization that has gone thru a rebuild and gotten a team back on track. But as MooseMilligan keeps saying, I doubt that occurs while Big Pete is alive OR while this team is owned by any Angelos, for that matter. Part of their management system seems to be that they are not able - despite what they might say to the local rags - to give up complete control to someone that might (re. probably) know better than they do concerning baseball. So I don't hold out much hope of getting someone innovative or self-governing to run things. I think ownership is intimidated by those qualities.
  2. drjohnnyfeva

    Most disappointing player?

    Totally agree. It's sad to see the young talent be so disappointing but when there is clearly no veteran leadership, hopefully we can chalk the youngsters up this year to having no role models. But this is also why I said coaches and even ownership deserve the real number one slot of disappointment.
  3. drjohnnyfeva

    Most disappointing player?

    Davis. But the fact that they are all back to looking like the briefcase-boys from the 2000's who just showed up for work, my second vote is the coaching staff. I know it's not a player, but goodness... are they even trying to get in the ears of players to make adjustments or try something different? Doesn't look like it. On the other hand, if the coaches are and the players are tuned out... remarkably bad... all of it. A virtually unwatchable.
  4. drjohnnyfeva

    Documentary Film on “The Blade”

    As a kid watching, he was amazing. I never saw an error or a ball get by him. But what struck me most about him was his bat was about a 1/4 of his height. He used the shortest bat I've ever seen a player use and had this awkward swing. He could bunt, tho. And he was very quick. The bat thing could have been a function of his height, but it looked dinky in his hands.
  5. drjohnnyfeva

    Did Jim Palmer get sent on a “sabbatical?”

    I like and appreciate Jim's honesty and his insights. He's a good pairing with Thorne, too. But my favorites will always be Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell. Hey were just the greatest. And when Charley Eckmann popped in, hilarious. Edit: I noticed Jim's absence too and was hoping it wasn't something nefarious like Brother Lo or Jon Miller.
  6. drjohnnyfeva

    Orioles Claim Snelten

    I get it, but what a mess he's coming into. Ugh. Is there a more painful place in MLB than right here, right now? I don't think so. We didn't sink like any mere stone, we sunk like a very, very large stone. ...but it still (technically) is the bigs. 😏
  7. drjohnnyfeva

    Orioles Claim Snelten

    Well, I considered labeling us a AAA1/8 🙂 but ur probably right... AAa, maybe. Nevertheless, I'd love to have seen the look on his face when he was told he was picked up by this train wreck.
  8. drjohnnyfeva

    Orioles Claim Snelten

    He must be ecstatic... to be climbing into a AAA5/8 team!!!
  9. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I don't need to ask anyone. You've just proven what I've said and have been saying: they aren't good at trading. Maybe instead of calling people uninformed or disconnected (while holding the same view and becoming argumentative over a couple potential successes in the midst of mostly failing), you should better state your case. I'll presume from here on out that you've been saying what I said 3 or 4 pages ago: The Orioles under whatever present regime they've been operating under for the past 4-5 years have been largely ineffectual in trading. The idea that this mess of an organization is going to get what they should for Manny, which is what the whole thread is about, is hard to imagine. Not impossible, but based on the whole scope of their work since McPhail left, highly improbable. I'll leave it at that.
  10. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I understand it. I also understand that you don't like to admit when you're wrong or, at least, concede that the vast majority of trades made over the last 5 years have not done much for us. Instead, you hang your hat on ONE move. You can't tell me you trust this club to carry out a trade for Manny when your hallmark trade is Brach. It was ok. But I'm dumbfounded by the fact that the two trades you could come up with other than the Miller and Trumbo trade that I mentioned are Brach and Bleier. Sticking your head in the sand about the others doesn't make them go away or become less of lightening rods. The trades they made in years where they were struggling to make the WC berth were ill-advised and have proven to be bad. Sorry, with all of your expertise...... I question how much you know about the current state of things when Brach is the only player you can point to that was a good deal. In fact, I think you've proven my point that they aren't really good at trading.
  11. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Boy, dude, you really do enjoy cherry pickin' don't you?! What about all the talent we gave away to get marginal guys like Feldman, DeAza, Parra??? These guys did nothing and were not adept trades. Just saying. And btw, Brach is done and Bleier's longevity is not certain. That much is for sure. And what about Travis Snyder... seriously. The Orioles have had their hits, but more often than not prove inept at trading. Even Hellickson... seriously. You have to be joking by tossing out Brach and Bleier. lmao.
  12. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Boy, dude, you really do enjoy cherry pickin' don't you?! What about all the talent we gave away to get marginal guys like Feldman, DeAza, Parra??? These guys did nothing and were not adept trades. Just saying. And btw, Brach is done and Bleier's longevity is not certain. That much is for sure.
  13. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Regardless of what I think they might get, I'm a realist and the club has not proven to be adept at trading under the current regime. I liked the Andrew Miller and Trumbo pick up... The others I could have done without. I wish we would have locked up Miller and jettisoned O'Day when he was up. Anyway, I think we merely net a decent return. I'd venture to say many to most are going to be disappointed.
  14. drjohnnyfeva

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Manny is having a great season. We need to expect two Mancini-like players at the point he broke in on in 2016 for Manny. Or one present major league guy and a Mancini-like guy. Mancini came in on a short stint and contributed to the point you knew he was going to be on the team the next year and beyond. Plus two really good prospects after those... maybe one really good one and two with a lot of upside... for me, that gets it done. It seems like the Braves are going to have the most need, but that means Manny playing 3rd the rest of the season... not that we care. And we shouldn't when pursuing the best return. If it's me, I'm trying to package Manny and Britton. Britton could come out a shell of himself and likely will look rough getting started. But having that potential dead end closer might make the difference on getting that third really good Mancini-like prospect with Manny's two ready to go major leaguers and two or three really good upside guys on the back end. Netting 6, 7, or 8 guys in short order would be nice. But it would take Britton (...or maybe Brach) to get the additional talent.