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  1. Idk, I think the whole league is going a direction. So once that tack is taken, it sticks for a time. Pitching speed has been in fashion for decades. This is nothing new. What's new is kids putting pressure on their bodies to throw at the top speed of their delivery despite anything else know THAT's what MLB scouts are looking for. AND, those are the guys who are showcased at EVERY level. I've wanted to see the heir apparent to Greg Maddox for years. THEY aren't looking for him. Well, unless it's a knuckleballer. Pitching will always be about placement and movement and psychology. If speed comes with that, great. I would love to see a kid that can move the ball in the zone and has natural ball movement coached by a top notch pitching coach from the 70's or a devotee of one of those guys. I wonder what the outcome would be? Speed is great. It ain't everything. Especially now where every kid is looking to hit the heat. Slow it down and turn the world upside down.
  2. ...the other followup would be about different bodies, different deliveries, so why is pitching coached to be a specific, most effective delivery?
  3. I love these kinds of discussions. I happened to be watching a YouTube video the other day of Dave "La Lob" LaRoche after seeing another video about pitch speed and exit velocity. It was about how the Eephus pitch works. Very interesting. Can't find it at the moment, but when I do, I'll post it. It had a power hitter and and a for average hitter both hitting off a tee. What they were trying to demonstrate was that as the pitch speed decreases the ability of hitters to be able to generate the necessary power to overtake the lack of momentum of a 90 mph fastball becomes increasingly difficult. *The power hitter knocked one or two out, but the smaller guy couldn't get it out.* Frobby says it's a fruitless argument... perhaps. But I would still love to see a guy that could change speed and who has excellent command in the 60's to 80's master some of these power batters. What we're seeing now is power pitching. There has to be a yin to that yang... RA Dickey and Whetland were both guys mentioned in the video as having a slow enough pitch to make it extremely difficult for even the most powerful batters to overcome with HR's. Dr. Neil DeGrasse was even questioned about the minimum pitch speed for a ball to be able to cross the plate. 30 mph!!! lol! At a 45 degree slope. lmao. I'd love to see that! Here's the video of LaRoche. I'll try to find the other. It was Gorman Thomas batting. *edit*
  4. Well, this is what I was trying to say. But it came out in a less than delicate way. My apologies to lawyers who don't use their expertise in "blood feuds" or pissing contests... Many lawyers still suck.
  5. I was six for most of the 76 season. My Naana took me to a couple games and I went to a handful with my mom and aunt. Great times. A cop recognized my Naana as we were leaving after one game and gave her a poker chip or something to "Show (it) at the door." The guy at the door looked at her and whisked us off to a table with a little lamp on it. It was really dark, but I could make out Chuck Thompson sitting at a table and then an Oriole would come in and sit down and talk for a bit. The Hit and Run Club. I was in Heaven. That Reggie Jackson homer from the All-Star week at Camden Yards was great. I volunteered for a couple days. Someone had an extra ticket to the Home Run Derby, so I found myself sitting right behind the Orioles dugout. I wish the video had the whole home run trot of Reggie's because he did that Regie Shuffle stutter-step around every base to the roar of the crowd. Fun to see that again after all these years.
  6. Tried it at home this morning. Still comes up with a "Unfortunately this offer is not available..." popup at the site. Even took the ad blockers off to make sure it wasn't something on my end. Didn't work at work either all of yesterday.
  7. Well, I get it. That's why the lines are important. I don't agree with the pic I posted, but if it's a model that the Nats see as their area, we're in trouble and we're in store for a long a$$ court battle.
  8. Well, they are lawyers and their time, to them and their interests, is free; so let's not be too hasty. But I think that we disagree about the importance of the lines given how MLB will offer an end around with programming packages to be purchased now and in the future. The "spoils" coming from where ever the lines might be is the issue. That's why I posted the original pic that I did. We are the orange and the tiny slice of "rust belt" thru the Eastern Shore and into near Gettysburg, while DC and the Nats inherit the bulk of our "old territory." ...all of VA and WVa and northern NC, even Frederick, perhaps, and Hagerstown are a gray area. Ours is a sliver and if that's the Nat's ownership goal, then I say fight it until THEY blink. The Angelosii have nothing to lose on that. The only other issue is the death of Peter. His wife or the kids will inherit. MLB will not take the team. But the value of their inheritance can't be valued until the dispute is settled, so the Nats' ownership has us by the proverbial balls, imo.
  9. How many owners nowadays would embark on a plan to own their own stadium/park? How times have changed. Virtually all owners since Irsay - the d-bag - have leveraged fan devotion against the commitment of public money. And the guys making money the most continue to win. There will be no different outcome here. The TV and the advertising derived from the exposure is the key. And whichever lawyer group is willing to expend the most capital to get what they want will win. Whoever blinks first loses.
  10. I agree for the most part, however, it's the advertising as much as anything. Advertising revenue for DC would be a huge loss. So the O's losing that "market" is enormous. In such a large market, the rate to air commercials is far more than Baltimore. At least, I would imagine so. It's not just the "area" it's how many people are calculated to see the programming. If you have a business and you want people to see it, DC already has that advantage. These blackout lines are BS tho and MLB is making good dough on the sales of their regional and League packages. My buddy who lives in Glen Rock, PA gets O's, Pirates, and Phillies games free because he's in the market area. The Pirates might have been excluded recently, but still. Same with NBA and NHL. He's on the Comcast gray area and I'm totally envious. We're locked out of Phillies and we're probably locked out of DC too once this thing is sorted out. But DC is a "Cash Cow" if for nothing else but advertising revenue.
  11. I surmised this exact course of events a few years ago. They only agreed to get the team in DC. They agreed because without "agreeing" there was no move. What's the old saying, "There's no contract that can't be broken..." It was all part of the moving plan.
  12. I don't know the source, as I mentioned, but if you overlay the one I posted with the one Drungo posted, there is no substantial difference in the overall, now disputed, "territory." The question is, how do they make the split equitable when the DC market for us, was (probably) more profitable than Baltimore itself and much of the rest of our once large territory combined? DC is a cash cow, that's going to be gone. What's our compensation? Does MLB think we even deserve any? I would argue that it's doubtful that they do given how quickly they have reneged on agreement that was in place.
  13. They are still essentially the same territory lines overall. There's some additional bleeding into western PA, western NC, and WVa, but it's the idea more than the exact "MLB Blackout/ Media Area." What's scary is if the Facebook model, as you call it, becomes or is the argument the Nats use, that they deserve the bulk of the pictured territory. The question is, how is that area that was OURS distributed equitably? It won't be, ultimately, but what measly piece will be given of that giant tract?
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