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  1. This is a bare knuckle brawl that I don't see us winning or settled fairly for us. Did/does anyone really see this going in our favor? Come on. Once the talk of the Expos being permitted to move started and the negotiations began to put them in DC, the Expos/Nats owners would have agreed to ANYTHING to get it done. Shaking hands, signing contracts, relinquishing their first born sons... All the while with one hand behind their back with their fingers crossed KNOWING they were going to get into this blood-sport to wrestle market share and tv rights from the Orioles. It was part of the long-range game plan. Had to have been. What's going to be interesting is to hear what Frobby has to say about the market share aspect. With where we are as a rebuilding franchise, slumping attendance, and having an owner who is ailing, we are ripe to be taken advantage of, imo. The Nats argument: We are the regional leader in attendance and fan loyalty, we deserve a greater percentage of the market and majority control of any TV deals in the region. The Orioles argument: Nuh uh. (Judge asks why...) umm, because.
  2. I don't know about raising the mound... Deadening the ball seems more beneficial. Clearly the lively ball is in play to make more HR's probable, so MLB is attempting to reach some target audience that feels HR's ARE baseball. Those of us who grew up watching 1-0, 2-1, or 3-2 games know this is untrue. If the ball isn't going to leave the park, the fielders become more active which makes more "action" by default. I think the problem is partially with metrics. The numbers DO tell stories, but they also focus scouting on specific details. With pitchers it's velocity, clearly, and spin rate. So if you don't have those metrics you are not getting the additional looks from scouts. Pitching used to be as much about the guy's ability to miss bats. Now it's about a 95+mph fastball and the ability to change speeds, not as much about pitch placement and movement. With hitters the metrics find the same style hitters because the value points are exit velocity and barrelled balls. We're seeing minions everywhere... THAT makes it boring. There used to be a variety of skill sets and abilities that were put together to work as a team. I'm not certain that is the case now.
  3. I agree with the Goose... a game of strategy without a good portion of the strategy makes the game hard to watch very often. Home Run Derby-style baseball is only fun for those that never really took the time to understand the game, imo. But I do think the neutral baseball is the way to go. I don't even mind teams using the shift. What I can't stand is that the OFF doesn't make adjustments to that.
  4. This. Who cares? I'd rather have the Orioles name and anyone not named or connected to Angelos to this club forever. They have been a pox on this org. And apologies to Frobby... many lawyers have no soul and do what is expeditious and/or in their interest in whatever term they are looking at.
  5. ...as will the club, via Elias, giving up on CD and finally ending this debacle in the off-season.
  6. O's, Ravens, UMD - before the Big 10 switcheroo, Penguins. I've never liked the DC teams, mainly because once the Colts left the Skins were on TV despite better national games every week. Turned toward the Pens in the late-80's, but the kids picked them 5 years ago as our home team as I tried to get them interested in sports other than just baseball and football. Completely ruled out Caps as a choice in that vote, referring to them as chokers. You can thank me for jinxing myself and propelling them into a Stanley Cup. NBA is unwatchable, imo. They have outdone themselves by playing less and less defense each year.
  7. I was where you were earlier too, but being worse would have been hard. I was thinking more along the lines of comparable. But I like this team. Not many are going to stick, but they are playing for jobs in MLB, if not for the O's. Good for them. They are playing! The guys last year clearly gave up. I have no respect for that and it's why I don't think any player, other than some of the younger guys like Mancini, regardless of their pay should still be on this team. It sets a bad example.
  8. And in another 12 or 13 years he'll be joining the 400 club...
  9. I'm starting to think that the feeling might be to just hang onto who we have despite Villar, Givens, and Mancini having some market. We don't pay a lot for any of them and the whole goal last year was to dump payroll. None of these guys, nor who we get is likely to change that dynamic, so there's really no rush to sell. Mancini likely gets the best return with his performance so far this year, but the deal would have to net a quality prospect or two, I would think. Maybe we let things ride and see what happens at the August waiver/trade deadline. We'll see, I guess.
  10. Same for me. The article made me think of how we walked away from Rochester when he was discussing how the Nats crow-barred themselves into DC. Coinciding with some of our worst seasons was the continual slide of the farm system, starting when PA took over. By 2001 it was so bad and the lack of talent so noticeable, that the Orioles were given notice by the Red Wings to improve or get lost. PA's response was to do nothing. But by that time most of the coaches and farm system personnel had either retired or moved to other organizations. It took 8-10 years of neglect, but PA managed to kill it. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-2002-09-19-0209190059-story.html Somewhere in the 2000's I remember ownership making a commitment to rebuilding, "Growing the arms... buying the bats." It was never a tear down. They kept making splashes in FA like Tejada, etc., but never really doing anything meaningful on the farm. I trust this tear down with who has been put in charge more than any of the organizational work that has gone on since PA bought the team. Maybe McPhail, but I think DD's tenure is going to be remembered more for what he traded away than him being any kind of architect of the handful of quality seasons from 2012-2018.
  11. It's only money... Personally, I hate that the Angelosii haven't released him. I think it's bad for morale that he's on the team. But, as they have in the past, the Angelosii seem to still be erring on the wrong side. I can't imagine Elias has any allegiance to CD and since every other money contract has been jettisoned, I'd imagine that he'd feel CD's should be too. Yet, the contract is a sunk cost. And the payroll won't really change by releasing him because we're still on the hook. So whatever. Pay him or pay him seems to be the choices. No team in the league will sign him to play, but if they do sign him it will be a bonus to what we're required to pay. Somehow THAT seems even a harder kick in the nuts.
  12. This is an excellent point. ...and if MLB is using the map I posted as to where a team's territory is, then a huge reason for that would be the poorly run Orioles' organization that has "chased" fans away by not fielding a competitive team. Pretty soon, our territory will look like the Oakland A's... a tiny speck in Cali.
  13. Yeah, you're right. And it doesn't have the A's on there either... Yet if this is the way MLB sees it in our area, I stand by that post. We'll get the short end. Even if the map isn't true, but it is the way MLB sees it, we'll get the short end. That's been my point all along. The different maps show all kinds of different allegiances in the area that is the Nats' in my pic. The point is, that in none of the maps is our old area still ours. That's not good! What it means is that if the Nats see it in the way that my map shows, they think they are the territory now. That's why I chose this map among the others to show... That's a scary scenario for the money we, re. ownership, might expect to receive many years from now. And all the more reason we need to continue to hope that it's the O's and not the Nats' territory.
  14. This is not an accurate "territory" map. The one I posted earlier in this thread seems more MLB accurate. This one is just fan devotion it seems. The Nationals were basically given all of VA and NC and eastern WVA if I recall. I'll dig it up and repost it. I'm not sure it makes any difference given what Frobby's expertise and explanation tell us...
  15. It was a Kenmore. Only home appliance brand I've ever purchased. It was the first model year, but I don't know the exact number. Purchased 2016. My father always cautioned first model year purchases. I wish I could tell you that it was model# 10.000019 or -.215 or c-d .581
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