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  1. drjohnnyfeva

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    A more likely scenario is he and Kakes come together again in Atlanta as rotational backup guys allowing some of their younger guys more playing time. There's nothing wrong with being a backup and rotational guy or a guy who can takeover in case of injury. I'd have him in a situation like that. He's not going overseas or to any lesser league.
  2. drjohnnyfeva

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    hahahahahahahahaha good one. Winter League in Mexico! Miguel Gonzalez can make a few calls. 😁
  3. drjohnnyfeva

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    Me too. 😁 I don't think he's retiring. There's a place for him to play here that negates him moving to Japan. If you're saying he'd go to Japan to make some more money... I disagree there too. He plays MLB or he doesn't play. I'll stick to that. Suffice it to say, I don't think there is a snowball's chance Adam Jones goes to play ball in Japan. He'll take any offer here to not have to do Japan.
  4. drjohnnyfeva

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    I think it's a legit comparison. But I also think that he will get an offer better than league minimum to play or a minor league invite to play, as some have suggested. But him going to Japan is simply a comical proposal to me. He'll go to Japan when dogs grow wings.
  5. drjohnnyfeva

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    Of course he didn't have to go and he chose not to. Yet... Philly is about 100 times closer than Japan. Laughable. In my best John McEnroe, "You canNOT BE SERIOUS!" Laughable, Corn. I think he would retire at 33 before going to Japan. Yes, I do.
  6. drjohnnyfeva

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    If he wouldn't go to Philly, what makes you think he'll go to Japan. That seems ridiculous to me. I lol'ed, actually. Beer almost came outta my nose.😁
  7. See, now I distinctly recall reading that Dan lobbied for signing Trumbo so as to have some power left in the lineup if Davis were to leave in FA the following year. I think part of the piece I read stating that Dan thought there were other opportunities than Davis. It was very plausible, at the time, that Davis would be leaving. I'm not sure I understand the furor over Tillman. 3 Million seems sort of paltry for Major League starter. That sounds just weird to say... Yet those types of signings do happen all the time with teams looking for lightening in a bottle from a vet. What's more bothersome to me is how wrong the "scouting" on him was. The same could be said of Davis too. What did they see that made them think he could capture the lightening? Same thing with Davis... did they not notice the analytics of slowing bat speed, etc?
  8. drjohnnyfeva

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    ...and this is what happens when a club is clueless about how to handle a market they've had no presence or experience in for a long ti......... ever. I've mentioned it before. When the owners say that they are going to do this or that, ok. But when missteps occur, like trading the Phillies international money, it just shows the depth of their misunderstanding, especially if the intention was to land the guy after accumulating the money. Who knows? It could all amount to nothing. I'm not a scout. I don't know the whole book on the Mesas. Maybe the plan was to get the top guys after Mesa, but it is still a market we're jumping into with both feet after having no presence there. To me, that's like jumping into Penny Stocks with a basic understanding of Algebra. Doesn't make a ton of sense to me...
  9. drjohnnyfeva

    Top President Candidates?

    I get it, but not that he can resign and still get paid... That's the most goldenest parachute of golden parachutes. I can quit and still get paid?! You guys suck, and I'm out. Pay me. Sorry. I totally agree that the guy in the position needs to control the organization, but ownership would never offer, nor would they defer if they felt their "guy" was mismanaging or whathaveyou. And therein lies the problem! How do you empower a GM/President/Fuerer and at the same time dis-empower or temper/extinguish the desires of an over-involved ownership. Owners own. They can do what they want. They can suck at directing and decision making, but they can do what they want and change course to make themselves look without fault. You can't limit the ownership power. It makes me sad. Not really. If I owned a MLB club I would leave it to experts to run the baseball on the budget I gave them and I would be on the field running around a planted bat six times and then trying to make it to first base without falling down. But that's just me...
  10. drjohnnyfeva

    Top President Candidates?

    My Orioles PTSD doesn't agree. From here on out, I'm from MIssouri - The Show Me State.
  11. drjohnnyfeva

    Top President Candidates?

    I've sort of had this idea for a long time that the reason there are all these titled people who have a conduit to ownership is so that ownership can pick what they like despite whatever organization structure they say they have put in place. In other words, they know what they want and they merely wait until one of the "Positions" affirms that idea, so it sort of appears as an organizational decision when the reality is that it was an ad hoc ownership decision. That really isn't structure, that's window dressing.
  12. drjohnnyfeva

    Top President Candidates?

    I agree with that sentiment, but what ownership group would give a clause like that? It's not realistic, imo. But we all "know" -to the extent we can- how this thing has worked in the past, so I can't understand, personally, all the levels of structure. Ownership, President, Vice Presidents in charge of sundry bottle washing duties, GM, Manager... it's too much. Call the GM the President or just GM, whatever, but all that filtering down from Ownership is partially, if not mainly, what has lead to the mess we had in the 2000's and now today. Simplifying is the key, I think.
  13. drjohnnyfeva

    Top President Candidates?

    If we hire a President of Baseball Operations and a GM, aren't we getting into the whole too many cooks in the kitchen all over again...
  14. drjohnnyfeva

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    I was going to suggest shortening the thread title just a bit: "The Orioles need a plan for next year." But I'll join the small chorus, so far, for bringing JJ Hardy back as a player manager. I think he'd make a great coach for a young team.
  15. drjohnnyfeva

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    Yeah, THIS. Three years is VERY optimistic. I said in another thread that my oldest, who's in 5th grade, might see a winner at graduation...7 years. I'm sticking to that - which is hard to stomach. Yet, you are correct, to fix all of the stuff we've done wrong and get started with the things we've not done at all, while watching the other clubs who are already doing all those things and getting better at them, we're a black hole of pain just like the 2000's. I'm still not convinced the new Angeloses are any different that their dad. Actions will speak louder than words for me. Everyone is, therefore, trade-able.