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  1. drjohnnyfeva

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    Better than last year. I think 60plus is a reasonable - yet lethargic expectation. If we win more than that, we'll be benefiting in the trade market.
  2. drjohnnyfeva

    How good can the 2019 Orioles be?

    This is where I am too. Winning only 47 games is almost impossible, yet we proved it is. I just don't think they are going to reach that level of suck this year. But I do agree that anyone doing well in the first half will not be on the team if we can find a trade partner. I'm thinking there are 3 starters available... and then there's anyone else that is showing signs of life. Next year might be worse than this year. If anything it will be we don't do as well as we might have because we've traded our performers away for return.
  3. drjohnnyfeva

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I agree with this and I think THIS is where things are going to start to shake out with players like Manny. Sure, you are worth 150 million for 5 years, but I'm not going to commit to 10 years for 300 million. Maybe even higher for a 5 year deal at his age. If he's tearing it up, he might get a second large payday that would, in the long run, even have out earned the 10 for 300. I think it's agents as much as anything looking to line their own pockets with these long-term, high dollar deals.
  4. drjohnnyfeva

    Anyone Following Manny?

    It's essentially impossible to prove, imo. Yet I do think there is a growing reluctance across all owners in MLB to get stuck into paying contracts for enormous sums. I wouldn't want to put out giant sums of money to a player who could get injured day one or go into a level of suck early on and still be on the hook for ALL of it for the next "x" number of years. That's crazy to me. The Chris Davis deal has to be enough of a reminder to owners to make them weary. That's not collusion, that's business sense (cents).
  5. drjohnnyfeva


    I'm in the hopeful, but I'll reserve judgement camp. I really like the Elias hire and Hyde seems like a great choice as manager. As a kid brought up on 1970's and 1980's Orioles baseball, the drama that has engulfed this club since the Angelos purchase, has been heart rending. I love my team, but geez-Louise, the double talk, deception, and clandestine back room dealings and internal distrust are not something I'm going to either forgive or forget easily. I fell like the Angeolsii might finally be on the verge of getting that they are owners not baseball people.
  6. drjohnnyfeva

    Reminder: Official Press Conference Monday Noon

    It may even be a stretch calling it a "leak," per se. If it was Maddon who happened to drop a comment then that is hardly on the FO. Perhaps it was merely that it hadn't been inked... who knows. Yet, history makes me as skeptical as the next guy as to why they'd delay an announcement like this if it was, indeed, a done deal.
  7. drjohnnyfeva

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    I agree with this too, but the appearance that he isn't "trying" to do anything is what is troubling. Just reread the SI article. Yet I also wonder if it is "mental." I mean apparently he does have a medical issue with ADD and has been medicated successfully in the past with a substance that is now banned. IDK, it would seem to me that he has a gripe in that regard. Still, if he is unable to do much of anything at the plate nor meaningfully engage in trying to fix the problem, medicated appropriately or not, then he needs to go by whatever mechanism the team can use to remove him from the team. I'd much rather see someone trying to make it than I would a frustrated Davis abusing his bat over his knee or the clubhouse railing.
  8. drjohnnyfeva

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    I voted to not change the rules. I think the game and players adapt. Plus, I'm fearful of detrimental changes to such a pure game. I'm increasing shocked each year when the shift is on that batters don't "adapt" by taking what is given. Moreover, this is the same argument I have about pitchers who throw under 95... Movement and placement is more valuable than velocity, imo. Where is the next Greg Maddux? Sitting on a bench someplace while the heaters are on the mound or maybe he's vacationing with his family at Walt Disney World after his HS coach told him 10 years ago, "Sorry kid, the bigs are interested in speed." Things always turn around...
  9. Could this be a buy low sell high scenario that was scoffed at in another thread? Perhaps??? I think all options are open because the Angelosii are still interested in a$$es in the seats. Maybe there was a caveat--- do what you desire, but try to get some butts in the chairs too. Albert Belle part deux... ...stirring the pot.😉
  10. drjohnnyfeva

    Thoughts about David Hess in 2019?

    Cy Young!😎 We're going worst to first... or Furst.
  11. drjohnnyfeva

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    I was 10 and at that game. There were a few that summer that were walk offs like that, but the upper deck was shaking with everyone jumping up and down. What a great memory! Still get chills thinking about it. The next day was just as fun. Got out of school for that one. I was convinced we were going to win the WS that season. Almost...
  12. drjohnnyfeva

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    With all due respect, Brady is more than a level down as compared to the statue guys...
  13. drjohnnyfeva

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    I'll be the first to admit that I suffer from Angelos Organizational PTSD. 😁 My personal wish is that all of that "cloak and dagger" behind the scenes jockeying that has been part of this organization since it was purchased by Peter ends in favor of a properly run real-life MLB organization. I'm willing to give credit to John and Lou that they have committed to this reality. To that end, Brady has to go. Treat him with respect, wait out his contract, whatever, but having him around to potentially get in the ear of the Brothers and undermine a new regime is simply dangerous to the whole thing becoming a mess as it has been. Any lingering "stink" of the old way just has to go, imo. I gotta think anyway, that Elias is gonna want his own guys in positions close to him. What I don't think we will ever know is if Brady is kept around is whether it's due to skill or his close relationship with the Angelosii.
  14. drjohnnyfeva

    Josh Donaldson or Mike Moustakas?

    Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse the debate on the Donaldson signing... I was referring only to the strategy of "flipping" a player at the trade deadline. Both Donaldson and Moustakis, to me, are not fits in the scenario the OP posted, but I do like the outside the box thinking tho... others clearly don't. That's cool. Donaldson getting 23M is not even remotely something I think this club would consider, nor should they at the moment. Nor does the amount being paid to the guy indicate that the Braves would try a similar proposition of flipping him. I'm with you, they like what he could provide and have paid him in the hope he does. I think the idea of flipping is a good one and potentially something that could be fruitful with a small investment. Do we do it? Probably not. Maybe when we are on the verge and spending increases. For now, I think we are in the poor-house and likely selling off pieces, not engaging in gambling. I think we get a more quality player by devoting the money to infrastructure now. But if we were going to do something of this nature, I think a gamble on a reliever would be more likely than on a former "front-line player."
  15. drjohnnyfeva

    Josh Donaldson or Mike Moustakas?

    I think that is kinda the idea being posited by the OP. The two guys might not be the best examples, but the idea of acquiring a couple/ few guys that could be flipped is a legit strategy and something teams do all the time. Whether we are in that situation - carrying the Davis contract - trying to save/ diminish payroll, I'm not sure. But relievers with upside would be cheaper to try the rationale out on, for sure.