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  1. Sir_Loin

    Santander Next Season

    Actually its Sahn-tahn-DER
  2. Sir_Loin

    Time to give Jones credit

    This is why people are paid to make the tough decisions and not us! Hindsight is 20/20.
  3. This is why people are paid to make these decisions and not us! Haha
  4. Sir_Loin

    Time to give Jones credit

    This start reminds me and us of his 2010 start...AS year?
  5. Lol it's been like 5 games...chill out.
  6. Sir_Loin

    Chris Davis to leadoff?

    I think about it this way: your leadoff hitter will get the most ABs during a season. Is Chris Davis the guy we want getting the most chances of an AB during a game? My thought is no, Manny should be getting the most chances to hit. Then you have the folks that will call for Manny to remain where he is so that when he launches on out someone is on base (as long as CD doesn't K).
  7. Sir_Loin

    TT: Time for Tillman To Go

    He said that he was (or at least he said he didn't feel right). Watch his interview from last night. Said he feels night and day difference from last season.
  8. Sir_Loin

    TT: Time for Tillman To Go

    Buck even said in his post game presser with Gary "He wasn't as crisp as what we saw in Spring". They liked what they got out of Tilly in ST. We will see how long they hold onto him. Hes two seasons removed from being a what 16 game winner?
  9. Sir_Loin

    TT: Time for Tillman To Go

    Might be helpful to also consider the fact that he was hurt last year....
  10. Sir_Loin

    Lineup for game 2. You pick it...

    Don't be surprised to see Santander in there OR see Sisco batting leadoff at some point this year based on wha tI have heard.
  11. Sir_Loin

    NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    Arrieta continues to be a person that we are keeping tabs on. Heard we haven't written him off yet. The two sides have talked. Hasn't progressed a ton, but the dialogue is fluid as recent as this morning.
  12. Of coruse Beckham is going to say the right things...he finally is playing everyday. He's not happy he had to move to 3B, but he is eying SS in 2019...
  13. Sir_Loin

    Dan talking "offers and physicals" with a RF target

    Jaso is retiring (he hasn't announced), so its not him. He's sailing the Caribbean on a new boat he purchased. FYI
  14. Are the Orioles for sure going to trade Manny? What are you hearing? Any chance that the Orioles trade Manny today? The Orioles have to get the deal done. Can you imagine the hurt feelings Manny is going to have if he is an Oriole in 2018?

  15. Of course, its a different mentality between the lines, for ANY athlete.