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  1. Yep. Anyone notice the improved k/9 rate of our minor league guys? Not a coincidence with Elias and Sig...
  2. Freddie Bynum is a professional slow pitch softball player. Couldn't lay off the pipe and getting high was more important than a major league career to him.
  3. Surprised at this point he hasn't tried to at least lay one down...at least to get the mojo going.
  4. Helps that he has a hose for an arm. Like 1.8 pop.
  5. Nike actually got the deal after UA inked it.
  6. Del Rosario is a RHP sits 91-93 but can touch 95
  7. Kevin Plank founder of Under Armour
  8. Team should make an announcement soon if they haven’t already—I have not seen an announcement.
  9. Because they threw in $2.5M in slot money. Gausman for VVM. We now have over $6M in intl slot money.
  10. underwhelmed because we got $2.5M in slot money that's why...
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