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  1. I would love to see Dan or another warehouse insider write a book about behind the scenes from 2012 to 2018. Get the skinny on Davis signing, how close was the team to signing Manny to an early extension, etc.
  2. Mike Wright pitching against the Orioles. Is this how the universe collapses on itself? Now watch him shutdown the O’s in the 8th and 9th.
  3. How about a “Lord, I didn’t need that” thread. Or is that just another day on OH? 🤔
  4. At the very least if Severino can hit .240 with some pop, the Orioles have a catcher who can bridge the gap for the next couple years while Adley progresses through the farm system.
  5. I was legit thinking a 20 game losing streak was in the cards. Very glad the bleeding has stopped at least for today.
  6. It's nice, traffic is a nightmare.
  7. The clock is ticking once Adley gets signed. I want to see Chance hit enough that he can be viable at another position.
  8. Especially now that sons have taken over. Knicks are a top two NBA market and have been horrible outside a couple years this century. If Dolan wasn't so incompetent, I would think it was sabotage.
  9. Then they should be good, no excuses.
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