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  1. Orioles 30 teams In 30 Days Now!

    Should have figured as much, MLB network doesn't need to show Major League 2 for the thousandth time.
  2. Orioles 30 teams In 30 Days Now!

    Will this get shown later? I'm outside and can't watch this right now.
  3. Battle for the Bullpen

  4. Britton and Scott might give the bullpen a much needed boost this summer and prevent the bullpen from burning out. Orioles could have a very deep bullpen come September.
  5. I'd trust Givens the most right now.
  6. If Trumbo is going to start the year on the DL, I'd let Sisco stay as a third catcher. I think Pedro is more likely to end up on the team if Trumbo misses time.
  7. One problem with that and it rhymes with jumbo.
  8. If Pena hits the waiver wire, the Orioles should jump on him. Is Sisco passable enough to catch 2 or 3 days a week and possibly DH. His bat is ready, maybe he can get up to par on defense.
  9. Wish we still had Francisco Pena.
  10. Mike Wright’s last shot

    Agreed. Wright's best shot to do anything at the MLB level is in the bullpen. With Cobb now on the team, the Orioles might give Wright a chance in April to sink or swim as a reliever.
  11. Mike Wright’s last shot

    If this team wants to compete, Wright needs to get DFA-ed and see if he makes it to Norfolk. Wright has never been considered a top prospect, I don't see him being a star elsewhere.
  12. Os take Yankees LH Cortes in the MLB rule 5

    Oh yeah forgot about that, hope Cobb misses two starts max. Tillman needs to be hidden as much as possible until he proves the old Tillman has returned.
  13. Os take Yankees LH Cortes in the MLB rule 5

    Isn't the #5 starter role with Tillman for now?
  14. Adding Alex Cobb Allows Orioles To Change Manny Trade Terms

    10 years with an opt out.