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  1. It's probably that, but getting Davis to put in max effort this offseason is going work out as well as herding cats.
  2. Well there is that too, but it would appear the Orioles are going to make one last good faith effort to see if Davis has anything left in the tank. I think it's a waste of time, and Davis at best is now a .200 hitter who might hit 20 home runs in 500 at bats.
  3. Sounds like one final chance to prove himself next spring training. And there is a plan to hold Davis accountable and just let him make up some story about working out with a hitting coach.
  4. I have a son the same age and know not to take what they say at face value. 😎
  5. Given that the team was basically hollowed out in 2018, being a playoff contender in 2022 works for me. Given the competitive nature of the AL East that would be an impressive turnaround for me. The Red Sox might be headed for some hard times soon because their farm system has been drained. Perhaps time that with a Rays sell off core players that are becoming too expensive for them, and you might see an up and coming Orioles team sneak into the playoffs.
  6. Would be funny if this was a front and the kid's ulterior motive was to encourage Davis to keep playing because he is an automatic out.
  7. If this ruling is final that might come as soon as this offseason.
  8. Looks like game might start up in the next 20 minutes.
  9. Looking at the radar I would guess about 10:30-10:45 pm.
  10. I don’t think adjustments are going to turn around David at this point.
  11. Maybe Stewart can play 1B if he hits enough and Mancini gets traded.
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