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  1. That too, Britton wasn't the best relief pitcher in baseball last year, but it's not like he was Brad Pennington either.
  2. It's a not a no win situation, the best course of action is to hold onto Britton unless some team wows you during the winter with a trade offer. If Britton's is healthy and pitching like he did pre-2017, teams will pay a bounty for him at the trade deadline. I would rather pay Britton $10M next season even if he drops off than on a Wade Miley type. It's a gamble, but you can't non-tender Britton and let him slip away. Besides Britton was getting underpaid in 2014 to 2016.
  3. Orioles to take another shot at extending Machado per Roch

    If he stays healthy. With Stanton's track record, odds are he will miss extended time with injuries.
  4. Unless the Orioles are convinced Britton is damaged goods you don't just trade him in a salary dump. If Britton bounces back next season, you can trade him at the deadline or keep if the O's are in contention. This isn't Trumbo who I would gladly give away for a bag of baseballs to get his salary off the books.
  5. I would be good with this. I don't like the idea of Dickey pitching in Camden Yards on a night where his knuckle ball is off.
  6. Orioles offseason simulation

    Gah, that is the reference I should have went with.
  7. Orioles offseason simulation

    Sort of reminds me of when you play Madden and do a fantasy draft before you start your season. I would love to get rid of Davis and Trumbo, but I don't see any scenario where it happens in real life. Well I suppose if you traded them for another problem contract.
  8. Orioles offseason simulation

    Where does this take place Fantasy Land? Could it be a tad realistic. The Orioles aren't going to make that many moves. And you're dreaming if you think Trumbo and Chris Davis can both get traded. O's would never pay Yu Darvish that much money. And with his injury history and turning 32 years old next season I wouldn't sign him.
  9. Orioles to take another shot at extending Machado per Roch

    Those were all trades made by Andy MacPhail and not Dan Duquette. Huge difference.
  10. Thinking like an MVP voter

    Votto is not getting the MVP. I do think Altuve will win in the AL.
  11. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    I figured when Trumbo was acquired the O's were not going to resign CD. Trumbo looked looked to be his replacement. After CD's 2014 season, I wanted no part of a long term deal even coming off his 2015 season. Also was any other team close to signing CD, the 7 year contract is on the way to sinking this franchise. Why did the front office bid against itself and not save that money for Manny. Hoping for the best in 2018 because I have no idea what this team looks like in 2019 and beyond.
  12. This Off Season Feels So Hopeless

    No way I trade Givens unless you get a really good young prospect for him. Givens isn't a free agent until 2022, I would deal Brach for the right price. Agree about trading Britton last off season, you could have landed a haul for him. Most relievers have a limited shelf life of being elite, Mariano Rivera is the exception to the rule.
  13. MLBTR's FA starter contract projections

    Give the youngsters a chance, say no to CarGo. Sign me up for Lance Lynn at 4 years for $56M. Except he is getting more, Ubaldo got a similar contract 4 years ago. I don't like Darvish at those terms, I want to see how he bounces back after a disaster of a world series and he is injury prone. Tanaka also risky due to injury factor.
  14. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    I think the upside for Trumbo is .260 avg and 30 or more home runs. I don't see 2016 happening again. My fear is we see a slightly improved 2017 version. With the outfield talent the O's are developing, Buck needs to start benching Trumbo if he continues to struggle.
  15. First Move

    Also there's always the chance Buck won't like the pick-up from Asia and will bury said player on the bench.