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  1. I wish the Orioles were half as good at finding starting pitchers as they are at finding bullpen arms.
  2. Boom boom strikes again, too bad Judge is ahead of him for AL ROY.
  3. I might be ok with Tejada being the starting SS until Mountcastle is ready (assuming he remains an SS) or until a better option comes along.
  4. Can Kim throw 80 MPH?
  5. Miley should be a a mediocre 4th/5th type pitcher, but more resembles someone who belongs in the independent league.
  6. Well if you want to the Orioles to be sellers...
  7. MASN should be forced to air a disclaimer before Wade Miley starts, that watching him pitch may be hazardous to your health and consult your physician.
  8. I don't see the Orioles paying $75M for a more expensive version of Ubaldo (Zimmerman has a 5.81 ERA) just to get Fulmer. I can see the Dodgers making this trade in a heartbeat. Tigers fans would revolt at such a move.
  9. Dodgers probably trying to lower Zach's asking price. Dodgers need a starter, but they also want a lights out bullpen combo of Zach and Jansen.
  10. You have to include Tanner Scott on this list, teams are going to ask for him if the Orioles are buying.
  11. Parker Bridwell can't lose. At this point, I'm almost ready to sell my soul if it means the Orioles can start developing pitching prospects.
  12. Tillman and Gausman are capable of being better. Ubaldo and Miley, did anyone think they would be league average or better? I had some hope that Miley could post a 4.00 ERA before the season. I know there aren't any ideal options, but I'm at the point where I want to see someone else other then Ubaldo or Miley. If there was a worst pitcher of the month award, Miley and Ubaldo would finish in a tie for July.
  13. Just don't trade Tanner Scott for a Scott Feldman type pitcher and I'll be satisfied.
  14. I can't still believe DD said he is not interested in moving veterans. I have to assume/hope this is a negotiating tactic.
  15. They showed it twice and it was a brutal, freak play. Fouled the ball and it ricocheted off his face.