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  1. If the Orioles ever get a lead that is a save opportunity Harvey should get a chance at closer. But, I think we'll see Hyde continue with the committee approach. It doesn't make sense to have a designated closer with this team.
  2. So the Orioles are already planning to shutdown Harvey for the year. 😁
  3. Below .200 hitter whose power has evaporated and is 33 years old. Lucky thing Davis and his children’s children will never have to work another day in their lives.
  4. That would totally be the Orioles way to break the home runs allowed record.
  5. Why do I bother watching? 🤦‍♂️
  6. I was also an Expos fan. A lot of it was probably the uniforms, but they were the Rays before the Rays. A franchise without a lot of resources that still found a way.
  7. I sort of like the Padres now with Manny there and Tatis Jr. I like watching the Dodgers too.
  8. This article could have been much better if some solutions/alternatives were proposed. Gossage just sounds like an old crank that forgot to take his blood pressure medication. Raising the mound, moving fences back and looking at the juiced baseballs, etc. The analytical part of the game isn't going away so complaining about "Harvard guys" accomplishes nothing. Unless only trying to hit home runs loses it's statistical advantage nothing is going to change. Focus on that and I would love to see K rates drop too. More action is what I want to see.
  9. I think a lot of the problems would be solved if MLB goes back to a neutral baseball that doesn't turn warning track pop flies into home runs. Home runs are being incentivized and you can't blame teams/players for taking advantage. Launch angle isn't going away, but I'm curious to see how Nunez or little Yaz profiles as a hitter if you make them start hitting baseballs from 2014.
  10. Solid player who makes a lot of mistakes. I'm ok with Villar, but he can be very frustrating on defense and running the bases. I'm being too hard on him, but I want to see Elias trade him before he gets tendered $7M for 2020 season.
  11. Villar is a "'good bad player" as he looks good on the current Orioles, but would be a role a player on a legit playoff team.
  12. I’m thinking more blind squirrel 🐿 finds a nut.
  13. In 2014, that 4.71 team ERA would place the Red Sox in dead last in the AL team pitching by 0.14 points.
  14. If a picture summed up the 2019 Orioles, this would be it. Put it on the cover of the media guide for next year.
  15. Maybe a 75 MPH meatball. Stevie has a .416 OPS batting right handed coming into today's game.
  16. And now watch a double play to end the inning.
  17. Time to get up Harvey in the bullpen.
  18. Well if that's an added benefit, who am I to complain?
  19. I don't think you let Wojo face the Red Sox a third time through the batting order.
  20. With Hunter Harvey's injury history it isn't worth playing games with his service time. If he is ready then just let him pitch at MLB level. Six years from now Harvey could be out of baseball.
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