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  1. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    I'm hearing three with a possible option.
  2. Cobb only thread

    I'd take Lackey, Feldman or Jimenez over Tillman.
  3. Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

    My childhood friend who USED to work for the O's claims he is pretty sure that they are signing him, though the medicals may be a concern. I have hesitated to say this bc I don't want to look foolish.
  4. John Angelos and Brady taking over? (note on Boras as well)

    Yes, we dodged a bullet there...way to go Peter!
  5. No, but it is his fault for not recognizing that Macnini could be the DH, and thus signing Trumbo.
  6. The April Gauntlet: Do the O's survive?

    They will stumble out of the gate terribly and then from May 1 on we will hear, "well, our April schedule was brutal, but we are improving."
  7. Jake Arrieta to the Phillies - 3/75M

    LOL....sadly it is very possible.
  8. Lance Lynn Signs with the Twins (One-Year Deal)

    Detroit pays top dollar.
  9. Lance Lynn Signs with the Twins (One-Year Deal)

    We need to face reality. Let's say you have no connection to Baltimore. Why would you want to move your family here? This is one of the worst run cities in the nation. Look at the murder rate. Baltimore is not a place people want to move to.
  10. What is your opinion of shielding the starters?

    Buck is a master at hiding pitchers--Just ask Zach!
  11. Tillman

    It is about time. These are things they clearly have not done in past years.
  12. Could Davis and Trumbo start the season on the DL?

    We can only hope these are not career ending injuries with insurance paying most of the salary. That would be tragic.
  13. Yes, yes, this team is better with Manny at short and Tim at third. Then when Manny leaves they will move Tim back to short. No doubt the move was made because they thought this made them a better team this year. Just like signing Davis made them better two years ago and signing Trumbo made them better last year.
  14. Starting Pitching-What if?

  15. Orioles Interested In Neil Walker and Mark Reynolds

    Walker is a higher OBP guy. He would be a great addition IMO