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  1. Yeah, I think in our situation we must consider that the Yanks and Sox are stacked for the next 3-4 years (perhaps more for the Yanks). We are not in the AL central. So we need a complete rebuild and shoot to be competitive in 2021 and beyond. Of course, we don't even know who is making the decisions!
  2. pastorfan

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    IMO it is time for Buck and coaches to be held accountable. Buck is the one who insisted on playing Davis and batting him 4-6 for much of the year. Then all these other guys are under-performing. The blame must go to the coaches. It is no coincidence that Mancini, Sisco, & Schoop are playing poorly. You tolerate Davis for this long and Jones terrible defense in CF then what "environment" do you think you are cultivating?
  3. pastorfan

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    I agree, you have to wonder. Maybe it is his 340 OBP that earned him the demotion. The O's hate high OBP players.
  4. pastorfan

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    Perfect time to do it, I mean it is not like we have a big trade deadline coming up. This team is a joke.
  5. pastorfan

    Player moves on Monday

    No sense in bringing him up and NOT playing him in CF and they WON'T move Jones.
  6. pastorfan

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    I'd like to lose some 2-1, 3-2 games with Cobb and Cashner pitching well enough to get something for them...especially with all the injuries going around.
  7. pastorfan

    Grateful for the (rare) win but Im amazed...

    I am referring to Davis, Trumbo, & Jones primarily. The problem with aging is their defense as well.
  8. pastorfan

    Grateful for the (rare) win but Im amazed...

    Coolbaugh may never get another job....but I don't blame him. They kept the same lineup but got older.
  9. pastorfan

    Welp, are we officially worried about Sisco?

    Is he rooming with Davis?
  10. pastorfan

    The Trades are Coming

    Bad news is that the Blue Jays will be selling and they actually know how to do it.
  11. pastorfan

    2018 Mike Wright

    Right now I'll take this. I'm going to enjoy anything positive. Maybe he turns out to be a serviceable reliever.
  12. pastorfan

    How did they get this bad?

    IMO the lack of offense from guys like Schoop and Mancini is part of the larger environment on the team right now. Losing is contagious and I think that has a lot to do with it. When you tolerate Davis' production in the heart of the order, then you send a message to everyone else.
  13. pastorfan

    How Does CF End for AJ?

    Hence, our porous defense.
  14. pastorfan

    Caption this

    "I traded for that guy right there--Trumbo--to take Davis' place, but you insisted on resigning Davis."