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  1. janderson1622

    New manager

  2. Great thread! Really cool to see everyone’s baseball journeys. As for me, stayed local and played 4 years at Stevenson University (D3). Graduated in 2012 and have continued to play in the York Central Baseball League in southern PA during the spring/summer.
  3. janderson1622

    Remaining Trade Assets Moving Forward

    If I recall correctly, I think Cobb has a no trade clause in his contract until November.
  4. janderson1622

    Orioles hiring Eddie Murray as Special Advisor

    Interesting quote in there, maybe a sign that change is truly coming to the O’s. “The Orioles are excited to bring back a few of their legends and perhaps signal a new era. Changes are in the works, the latest touched off by another meeting with John Angelos. “It was a great conversation we had,” Murray said. “He was letting me know that there’s definitely going to be a change made here. They say this is their chance to shine also and they would really like to get down here on this field turned around. It’s no doubt it made it easy. John really just spoke about trying to get something done.”
  5. janderson1622

    Orioles "No one is untouchable in rebuild"

    Interesting comments in Roch’s latest blog regarding our controllable assets: “The Brewers have talked to the Orioles about Schoop, as I tweeted Sunday, but a report that the sides are close to a deal is inaccurate, according to a source. Only the discussions have been confirmed. Starters Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman and reliever Mychal Givens also are drawing interest from multiple clubs, and the Orioles will continue to listen despite having them under contractural control beyond 2018 and 2019.” Never saw the initial report saying a deal was close on Schoop, but interesting to possibly hear that we are doing more than just “listening.”
  6. janderson1622

    Machado Trade Expectations

  7. janderson1622

    What happened to the ivy that used to grow on the CF backdrop?

    Trumbo probably complained about it.
  8. janderson1622

    Slow Offseason around MLB

    It will be very interesting to see. The dominoes are falling quickly so I wouldn’t imagine we will have to wait too long to see.
  9. janderson1622

    Slow Offseason around MLB

    $7.5M over 2 years per Heyman
  10. janderson1622

    Cashner, Presley, Tillman - are the O's done now?

    Orrrrr Colby Rasmus... haha
  11. janderson1622

    Tillman back. Are we happy?

    $3M guaranteed with incentives up to $10M total per Roch
  12. janderson1622

    Alex Presley - Mil Deal