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  1. janderson1622

    Machado Trade Expectations

  2. janderson1622

    What happened to the ivy that used to grow on the CF backdrop?

    Trumbo probably complained about it.
  3. janderson1622

    Slow Offseason around MLB

    It will be very interesting to see. The dominoes are falling quickly so I wouldn’t imagine we will have to wait too long to see.
  4. janderson1622

    Slow Offseason around MLB

    $7.5M over 2 years per Heyman
  5. janderson1622

    Cashner, Presley, Tillman - are the O's done now?

    Orrrrr Colby Rasmus... haha
  6. janderson1622

    Tillman back. Are we happy?

    $3M guaranteed with incentives up to $10M total per Roch
  7. janderson1622

    Tillman back. Are we happy?

  8. janderson1622

    Alex Presley - Mil Deal

  9. janderson1622

    Tillman back. Are we happy?

    This is exactly my fear. I almost wish Tillman signs elsewhere to hopefully force the O’s to go harder after Lynn or Cobb.
  10. janderson1622

    Slow Offseason around MLB

    Odorizzi traded to Twins for Twins SS prospect Jermaine Palacios. Palacios was the Twins 27th ranked prospect per MLB Pipeline.
  11. janderson1622

    Where is the starter market? Where are the O's?

    O’s are interested in trading for Collin McHugh from the Astros. Not sure if I missed this already being talked about, but what do we think it would take to get him? He is under control through 2019.
  12. janderson1622

    MLBNetwork Rosenthal Breaks Down the OS

    Also said that O’s should have traded Manny and that it will be extremely difficult for O’s to compete in the AL East this year. Not really things we didn’t already know.
  13. janderson1622

    Predict the Starting Rotation

    Gausman Bundy Cashner Castro Cortes