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  1. I don't think so. I just noticed it today.
  2. When Gentry had those good years offensively, was he laying down a lot of bunts? I can't help but think it's hard to get in a rhythm squaring up to bunt all the time.
  3. Caleb thought he missed the plate?
  4. Loving Gentry today. 2 plays no other RFer on this team makes and a double.
  5. After Janish hit a 2 out, 2 RBI double, he could have walked straight to the dugout for all I cared. Looks safe on the replay
  6. Can't say I was expecting a 2 out rally from Joseph - Gentry - Janish
  7. That's two I thought were out
  8. Now Gary can FINALLY go get that pizza.
  9. Painful to watch Gausman walk so many
  10. Well, that's it for me. Will check box score in an hour
  11. At least they lost early. This will save me a couple hours tonight.
  12. Orioles gonna need eleve... make that fifteen tonight.
  13. Worked for AJ last year
  14. Davis is on pace to set the single season strikeout record
  15. How come I can't rep people anymore?