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  1. Tyler Wilson is 27. Should they give up on him?
  2. How amazing would it be to have Miguel Gonzalez right now?
  3. Went from a 6 run, solid lead to WTF just happened, mop up duty, save the bullpen.
  4. Gotta give Ynoa or Asher a shot for Ubaldos next start or start after at the very latest.
  5. at least he didn't strikeout looking
  6. No, that's a testament to Mancini more than taking anything away from Schoop who's played hit well I think.
  7. pitched around mancini to get to schoop
  8. Davis trying too hard to walk?
  9. Davis is going to be reallllly hard to watch in a couple years
  10. And if it doesn't matter who's in first, why does it cause you stress?
  11. Baseball doesn't stress me.
  12. Really good game from Miley
  13. Rather be in first than 2nd, no matter what time of year it is. The games do count.
  14. Yankees winning, goodbye first place!
  15. Reminds me of the Kairns game.