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  1. Another good reason for a 6 man rotation
  2. vs Angels, 8/20

    They could go on a run and sneak into the WC, it's just not likely.
  3. vs Angels, 8/20

    Someone forgot to tell someone this.
  4. vs Angels, 8/20

    The guy the Orioles traded to the Angels for a bag of balls beat the Orioles twice. And he's on the team the Orioles are chasing for the WC. Brutal.
  5. vs Angels, 8/20

    I think I'd prefer this so I can stop having my hopes crushed
  6. vs Angels, 8/20

    The Angels are just better than the Orioles
  7. vs Angels, 8/20

    I don't think I'd send Gentry at all.
  8. vs Angels, 8/20

    When do you send Gentry
  9. vs Angels, 8/20

    Bunt base hit CD 2 run HR, GG
  10. vs Angels, 8/20

    Plus, it's 2 outs with CD up. The chances of some kind of hit that results in Gentry scoring from first based on speed are slim.
  11. vs Angels, 8/20

    Seemed like a strange move to pinch run there. You knew Trumbo was most likely going to bat again, and the third run isn't huge in that situation.
  12. vs Angels, 8/20

    That guy is good
  13. vs Angels, 8/20

    You're not the first person to confuse opinion and fact
  14. vs Angels, 8/20

    I'm not the one who's wrong here, and you know that