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  1. Thato'sfan

    A midseason top 20?

    That is true, but it has been said that he may have the most upside of any prep-left hander. Not really worth much but nice to hear. So...Yay?!?!
  2. Thato'sfan

    Tanner Scott

    They don't plan form him to be a starter. He is starting so he has to mix in the slider and work on his command a bit more.
  3. Thato'sfan

    Grow the Bullpen

    Parker Bridwell Stefan Crichton Ryan Meisinger Tanner Scott Jimmy Yacabonis I think those are some of the more interesting BP options in the minor leagues. You could put Jason Garcia on that list as well.
  4. Thato'sfan

    Dylan Bundy Thread

    It seems to me that bundy and KG should work in the 93-96 range. They, especially Gausman, seem to perform better in that range. Vs indians, yank he was at that range. Vs the blue jays he was trying to get a little extra gas on the fastball more often. Im not saying they shouldn't reach back for a couple extra ticks(97-99) when needed, but they should focus a bit more on command.
  5. Thato'sfan

    How about Jon Niese

    Tbh if it came down to it, i'd rather get jon niese than cashner. First, he is a lefty and is breathing. Also, his ERA away from pnc park is 4.45 which is servicable. Lastly, he shouldn't cost much as the pirates would likely prefer to give their young guys a shot. And lets not forget that we could have him for up to two more years if he performs well. if he doesn't, he becomes a FA.
  6. Could u see DD going for another BP arm such as fernando abad from the twins? It would be nice to see another lefty in the 'pen. I'd guess DD might go for jon niese as a reclamation project who needs a change of scenery. I really hope they also get Hellickson or Ervin Santana. It isn't a perfect deadline scenerio, but it is something that i could definitely see happening...