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  1. Doesn't look all that quick out there to me lumbering over to that ball and wasn't that strong a throw. As you said, more runners error than anything else. He's still probably better than Smith out there, though. I still have big questions about Mountcastle myself. Seems like a good chance of being yet another DH type player and that's only if he can hit ML pitching. We seem to be desperately trying to find a position for him. I guess at worst, he would be able to fill in at several positions in the case of an injury even if it's just average D at best which is a valuable thing to have.
  2. Sessh

    vs. PADRES, 6/25

    If he can't make the throw to first from short and third, how do you think he'll be fine with that arm in LF?
  3. Sessh

    vs. PADRES, 6/25

    Gotta make sure he can hit at the ML level first. He seems to be a free swinger and doesn't walk which is exposed fairly easily at the ML level. He better be a special hitter that doesn't miss pitches to hit. Akin allowed 10 baserunners in five innings including four walks, three runs. Seems he has a big problem with walks with a 3.9 BB/9 in his MiL career thus far.
  4. Sessh

    vs. PADRES, 6/25

    Nunez is looking pretty figured out lately.
  5. Sessh

    vs. PADRES, 6/25

    Richie Martin doing his best Tony Wolters impression in the "on deck circle", too funny.
  6. Sessh

    vs. PADRES, 6/25

    That second pitch to Martin was 100% strike. All of the ball in the zone, but called a ball.
  7. Sessh

    vs. PADRES, 6/25

    Looked like a strike to me. Right on the bottom corner of the zone. GameDay shows the same thing.
  8. I went back to look in that thread and no one said that about Scott. We say that kind of stuff about players sometimes and I thought he was one. I did, however, find this comment: Well, so much for that.. unless Elias wants to start writing romance novels. Hey, never know.
  9. Bleier has been dealing with injuries this season, so he gets the benefit of the doubt from me for now. Looks like he's starting to get it together with a 2.35 (0.91) over his last seven appearances totaling 7.2 IP. Let's see if he can keep it up. As for Scott, I think someone actually said in that game thread that we should pick him up and he'd fit right in here. Wish granted!
  10. I've seen that mentioned when looking for information on him, but didn't mention it here so I'm glad you did. Just watching a few of his starts on GameDay, he pitches right on the corners a lot and was not getting the corners last night at all. Pitch after pitch showed up right on the corners and were called balls, so he got shafted a bit last night if GameDay was accurate. I don't know if he got rattled or not from that, but it went downhill once that started. In 307.1 AAA innings, he's walked 69 guys. Not as good as CSF, but still pretty good. Not sure what happened to him in 2018 and early 2019. His LOB% dipped below 70% and his BABIP was way higher than his average, so maybe some bad luck there. He was on the brink of the majors after an excellent 2017 and seems to be regaining that form this season at AAA despite the implosion last night. He's been very consistent before that. I'm not expecting a superstar, but he could potentially be a solid/serviceable arm in a rotation. Maybe Saturday against Cleveland will be his debut.
  11. To be fair, Eshelman had pitched at least six innings and allowed three runs or less in six of the last seven starts and had gone at least seven innings in the four of the last five starts prior to tonight. He also walked two or less in all but one of them. Everyone has bad games.
  12. Well, so much for that. Got out of a bases loaded jam in the fourth allowing only one run. Gave up four runs in the fifth. Based on GameDay, looked like the umpire was squeezing him on the corners. Hard to tell if that rattled him or not, but not a good fifth inning.
  13. That, too. Very high BABIP during his struggles in 2018 (.356) and early this season in AA (.402) all well above his usual numbers. His xFIP was 4.27 which indicates there was a lot of bad luck involved. LOB% also dipped quite a bit, but those numbers are great again this year at AAA.
  14. Eshelman perfect through 3. Also was looking at Mason Williams. No power, no special ability for OBP, doesn't steal but hits for a decent average. Has had four short stints in MLB with a combined line of .289/.325/.396/.721 in 187 ABs. His longest was with the Reds last year where he slashed .293/.331/.398/.729 in 123 games. Plays OF. Don't know about his arm, but is probably better than Smith defensively.
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