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  1. Sessh

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    First off, I didn't say "it's all the cops" nor did I make "sweeping statements" about anyone. I provided links to the things I was referring to. You're creating strawmen in an emotional tirade and attacking them. Nice that you would reinforce my feelings about it all by saying "don't call us next time you need us" in the midst of your rage as if you would choose not to help someone based on a difference of opinion or viewpoint with that person. All of that sounds far more embarrassing for you if you really believe that and all over a bunch of things I never even said. Sounds exactly why I don't trust the police as much as I should. Anyway, since someone eluded to a thread being locked for talking about Baltimore City (which I was not aware of), so I will cease discussion on the topic now. I blame the Mesas for taking their time signing with someone.
  2. Sessh

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Baltimore city deserves the reputation it has. There have even been instances of corrupt cops robbing law-abiding citizens and drug dealers alike. Most of the nasty stuff is in West Baltimore, but it's bad enough to give the whole city a bad reputation. It doesn't help that much of the city is populated with dilapidated, boarded up buildings and row houses with spray paint all over them. More and more people don't trust the police and that reaches far outside Baltimore and this state. I'm not a criminal and have never had more than a speeding ticket and I don't trust the cops either. They are out of control especially in places like Baltimore and Chicago. I read this long, but interesting article from last year about the state of Baltimore city and not much has changed. If it was just the riots as an isolated incident, I don't think it would be a big problem. For Baltimore city, it just piles on top of everything else. A few places aside, BC is a dump that brings a higher chance of being involved in a crime than almost anywhere else in the country. That's just the facts. Baltimore city has had this reputation for as long as I can remember. It's not a new thing. Being harassed by homeless people for money is unsettling especially when they walk right up to your car as soon as you park. I've seen people smoking crack in broad daylight in Fells Point just walking around like it's nothing. He was offering some to others as well and there was a police SUV about 20 yards away as well. I stopped going down there years ago. Almost everyone I knew from down there had been a victim of a violent crime or robbery at least once and these were just normal people. It's been terrible down there for a long time. The city deserves the bad rep it gets, all of it IMO.
  3. Sessh

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Not anymore. :)
  4. Sessh

    How to make baseball more interesting

    You'll have even more strikeouts if you start handing them out for foul balls. Being able to foul pitches off and extend AB's is a desirable trait, not one that needs to be punished with more of what you claim there is already too many of. Fewer guys on base falls on the players not prioritizing getting on base. It is not something that we need more rules for. The other things fall more into the category of strategy to me. A pitcher unexpectedly starts getting hammered and your reliever needs more time to warm up. Any manager with smarts would do whatever they could to buy a few extra seconds for them. I would much rather the pitchers are adequately warmed up before coming in the game as we already have enough pitching injuries as it is. Even still, this is a minor part of a game and doesn't even happen in every game or every other game. It is, IMO, trivial. Balls and strikes will always be divisive. Sometimes, the calls go for your team and sometimes against. I'm fine with that personally as it sort of evens out that way, but to each their own. The higher speed of pitches probably has nothing to do with anything, though. Pitchers have been throwing mid-upper 90's for a long, long time. I think the lack of accountability with umpires is the root of the problems. What incentive is there to get better if they can be horrible at their job and still keep doing that job at the same frequency and pay? None. There's a big part of the problem. If solving that problem (which includes higher standards for being an MLB umpire, better training techniques etc..) doesn't increase performance, then I would be willing to consider electronics. Not before then, though. I see it as a last resort. Electronics come with their own baggage, risks and unforeseen consequences. I am not satisfied with *everything*, but messing with the fabric of the game to the extent suggested is not reasonable nor is it more likely to fix problems than it would be to create more. It took almost 15 years for the negative consequences of the PED scandals to become visible, but they are now. The game is not the same. Whether people want to admit it or not, PED's were part of that fabric for decades and played a huge part in producing the game that many grew to love and the records that populate the record books. The bar was set with PED's. Take them away and you have an inferior product that does not (and probably can not) reach that bar without some help. The game developed with lots of that "help" and now it has been truncated and replaced with scandals and witch hunting. It's crystal clear to me, but that's just me.
  5. Sessh

    How to make baseball more interesting

    Most of the changes proposed by people on this are depressing. The game is fine the way it is for the most part. I think replay can be improved (sped up) and fewer commercial breaks would do wonders. The thing that hurt the game more than anything else was all the attention on PED's after many decades of widespread use and the increased performance that came with it. The excitement of the late 90's/early 2000's will likely never be seen again and now everyone wants to know what went wrong. People only want to get the games over with as quickly as possible now eve to the further detriment of the game itself. It's pathetic IMO. The game may be dying, but it's not because of pace of play. It's just not exciting anymore (playoffs aside) and all these changes being proposed would only make the situation worse. I haven't cared about the NFL in about 14 years now and I feel that baseball is starting to go the same way for me, but it has nothing to do with pace of play or foul balls. Something is missing now that was present for a very long time beforehand and if any of these silly rule changes ever see the light of day, they will just be nails in the proverbial coffin.
  6. Sessh

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    It's amazing how many people seemed to miss some of the point of Caleb's message. He is not trying to motivate guys this year and it's not some kind of rallying call. Caleb is thinking about the offseason, next year and beyond regardless of whether or not he's here. Someone had to say it and he did and yes, that is something leaders do. Also, this idea that we should look at his performance and even compare him to former players in order to determine whether or not his words mean anything or will make a difference is absurd to me. Either his words are right or they're not, period. Caleb is 100% right and I'm glad he's speaking his mind. I would not be disappointed to see him back next year and I agree with the sentiment that he could be a great manager in the future. His stats don't mean S. His words do. It feels to me almost a form of ad hominem attacks against Joseph. It's like, "Oh, his numbers are bad and he's just a backup catcher, so no one should listen to him and his words couldn't possibly make any difference in anything. He should just shut up! How dare he!" and it's attacking the messenger for doing something that we need more of not only in matters of sports, but generally in everything. To do this, to me, is to completely miss the point by focusing on irrelevant information instead of the important information. Good for him. I hope he does more of it. Meanwhile, Showalter is a guy that was never good enough to play a single game in the major leagues. It's a wonder anyone ever listened to him about anything baseball related going by this logic. Showalter shouldn't be in baseball at all. Never played a single game at the major league level. His stats suck! That is to say, he has no ML stats because he never made it that far. It's amazing anyone ever puts a microphone in front of his mouth at all much less gets to manage a baseball team and influence personnel decisions in any way. Who does he think he is anyway? /s
  7. We don't stop at designated hitters. We do have designated fielders, they are called defensive replacements. We have designated runners called pinch runners and designated pitchers called relief pitchers. Pinch hitters are basically DH's anyway, but the AL only has one while the NL has three or four a game. You are deliberately being obtuse and unrealistic. I don't mind error with umpires. It adds an unpredictable variable to every game. Sometimes, it goes against you and sometimes it falls in your favor. So many times, there's people in the game threads or the PBP guys complaining about how a call wasn't a strike while the "electronic" K zone clearly shows it to be a strike. There's always going to be complaining and missed calls. I think there's too much reliance on tech as it is now. The umpire situation could be improved if they were held accountable and MLB had some sort of standard an umpire had to meet in order to be qualified to call balls and strikes. There are several really good and consistent umpires and several that are not so good. This problem could be vastly improved just by injecting some accountability into the situation with some kind of standard. With the DH, I don't like forcing it one way or the other. Giving teams the choice is the way to go. Both leagues then have the same rules and have a choice of whether to use the rule or not. I don't really see why it MUST be all or nothing. Put some more strategy at the feet of the teams and let them decide what the best strategy is for them in every game. There's no need to enforce it one way or the other. Watching pitchers hit is painful and in NO WAY helps most teams. If a team feels it does help them, then they can choose not to use the DH. If they would rather have nine hitters instead of eight, then they can use the DH. Let them decide. That's how it should be. I just don't believe in enforcing this one way or the other, but I definitely think they should have the choice. Both the AL and NL will have the same rules then.
  8. - I don't mind shifts. It is the result of hitters becoming one dimensional. The only way I want the shift to go away is by hitting skill returning to the game again. - I don't mind starting pitchers and relief pitchers (designated pitchers BTW.. we need to make them hit too! How DARE they be one way players!), but I think there should be limits on pitching changes per nine innings that are not the result of an injury. In extras, anything goes. - I hope the "teams start with a runner on second in extras" never makes it to the majors. That is probably the dumbest rule change I've ever heard proposed. Taking the excitement out of extra inning games is just ridiculous. Reduce game time by reducing commercial breaks. A commercial break in the middle of the third, fifth and seventh innings with no commercials in extras. THAT will speed games up considerably without any other measures taken. - I don't think the balk rule should be removed. The stolen base needs to come back, not be pushed further away. I don't want to see pitchers "faking out" runners by stopping their windup in the middle whenever they want. No jump is big enough to steal if pitchers are allowed to do that. Balks don't happen nearly enough and the collateral consequences would hurt the game way more than eliminating the balk would help anything. - As for the DH, there is absolutely no strategy to putting an automatic out in the lineup every single game. That is shooting yourself in the foot. I would much rather see Mark Trumbo hit than Masahiro Tanaka and I don't even like Trumbo much. However, the only rule change I want to see with this is to allow the home team to decide whether there will be a DH or not. THAT involves way more strategy. Maybe you want to take the opposing team's DH out of the lineup or make them play the field even if it means sacrificing your DH or maybe you just want someone in the lineup that can actually hit. Allowing teams to choose is the way to go with the DH. Then, we will see what the teams think is the better strategy. That's how it should be anyway. Make a rule that states that the home team decides whether or not the DH will be used in the game. I really don't see any drawbacks to that and there's no strongarming one way or the other. I don't mean only for interleague games, either. I mean for any game whether it's AL only or NL only games. The DH rule should be fully optional 100% of the time in both league. - I want the stolen base to come back. The problem with the fixation on the home runs is that it is a leftover to the days when anyone could use any PED's they wanted. Home runs were abundant always and there was no problem. Although I still think players use today, they are more careful and do not produce "suspicious" numbers for prolonged periods of time or maybe for a contract year. I don't have a problem with PEDs at all, but if players aren't going to be putting up those monster numbers anymore, then the all-or-nothing HR or K strategy needs to be phased back out in favor of stolen bases, hit and runs and all that stuff. It needs to come back. The game the way it is is not as exciting at all. - I don't mind replay. My biggest gripes with replay is that it takes way too long. The people home on the couch can see what the call should be minutes before the replay guys do. That is ridiculous. It needs to be more efficient. - I'm ok with 25 man rosters. I think I'm also ok with pinch hitters or players that were switched out during regulation baseball to be eligible for play again in extra innings. - I absolutely hate this idea of penalizing players for foul balls. A 13 pitch at bat that results in a walk or hit can completely change the momentum of the game. I really hate proposed rules like this that take any competitiveness out of the game at all or penalizes players in any way for this.
  9. As others have pointed out, I don't appreciate being told how to support a team or how to be a "true fan" like the OP has done here. Find me ONE fan base that does not point out flaws and criticize the team when they do something bad or aren't playing well. Just one. Since I know you can't find something that doesn't exist, let's just move on. Don't tell me how to support the Orioles. I'll criticize if I want to. What you want is a fan base that doesn't really care about the team at all. If no one cared, then you'd see almost no criticism at all. I'm also not into expressing the kind of untethered optimism that requires one to disconnect themselves from the reality of a situation to a large degree. There will always be criticism and there should be. Stop dictating to other fans how to be a "true fan" as though there's only one acceptable way to be a fan. Is that what "true fans" do? Tell others how to be a fan? Knock it off already. If you don't like what people say here, no one is forcing you to read it. You could always stop coming here until the team is good again, right? Even if you did, there would still be criticisms for something because nothing is ever perfect. Life isn't all flowers and rainbows and neither is fandom. Attempting to silence people who feel differently than you is a form of negativity BTW.
  10. This is about right. Almost everyone on here overvalued these two especially Gausman. His FIP has been lower than his ERA two years in a row now. He had a 1.50 WHIP last year which wayy below average and downright horrible for a starting pitcher. This year, it's closing in on 1.40. He has been a different pitcher overall these last two years. Maybe he finds it again once he gets out of this mess in Baltimore, but most folks on here were expecting way too much.
  11. Sessh

    Brewers- It's On

    Fixed that for ya, doofus.
  12. Sessh

    Brewers- It's On

    Gausman is an average pitcher at best and Schoop has atrocious OBP skills. Strong arm, average overall defensively and range isn't great. Career .745 OBP and 100 OBP+. There is absolutely NO chance the Brewers trade Hiura or anything close to it for these two. That would be insanity. People should temper their expectations a bit here. They could get a solid package, but no way we're getting Hiura unless the Brewers are seriously worried about his elbow. Even then, Hiura has outstanding potential with the bat and I doubt they'd sell so low on him.
  13. Sessh

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I'd rather get White/Lux and one of those guys you mention. Personally, I don't want a bunch of "low level guys"; I'd much rather have one high level guy and one low level guy. I wouldn't deal with the Cubs because they can't offer that. Quality is way more important to me, so consolidating all those low level guys into a high level prospect and a low ender is more appealing to me. In LA's case, something like White/Lux and someone else. Of course, I'd love to get White and Lux. That would be a fantastic return for me. If "at least six teams" are involved here, I would anticipate that kind of return being a real possibility. I really hope the Orioles are focused on quality because that's what we need. We don't want a system full of what will likely be mediocre talent, we've seen enough of that.
  14. Sessh

    Dan Duquette -- any chance he stays?

    I would be more than willing to bring Duquette back for another three years IF he is allowed to do his job without everyone else interfering. No Brady, no Buck, Dan hires who he wants and can implement the vision he wants to implement. I'm all for it. Trying to operate with handcuffs on and everyone else usurping your authority whenever they feel like it is sure to force you into making some mistakes you may not normally make. Duquette's track record is excellent.. until he came here and I think we all know why. Bring Duquette back, but Brady needs a defined (lesser) role and Buck needs to go. Give Dan full autonomy and get out of his way and I bet he does an excellent job. I'm all for it.
  15. Sessh

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Quality over quantity echoes my sentiments as well. It's the only thing I didn't like about the Machado trade. I'd rather have two top 100's and one of the four we got after Diaz as opposed to what we got, but hopefully it turns out well. I would much rather see us get two really good players as opposed to one really good player and four big maybes. I think Britton has done well enough lately for the Orioles to argue that Britton is almost back to being the guy he was at the height of his value. I do believe we can get an outstanding return for him at this point. He had to prove he could be that guy again and I think he's done enough to earn the benefit of that doubt. The Orioles should not back down from that either.