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  1. This is pretty much every season in a nutshell. Every year, people think he's turning a corner and every year, it's a mirage. I'll believe he's turned a corner when he can put up back to back strong seasons as opposed to just a couple months.
  2. Sessh

    Lack of international talent

    I don't remember where on the board this was posted, but wasn't that long ago. Someone had information that PA "doesn't trust any of them" in regards to IFA. Seems borderline racist and definitely discriminating. I could understand taking extra measures to make sure players are who and what they say they are age wise or whatever concerns there are, but to make the leap to deciding you don't want any of them in your organization at all? I don't know... how I feel about that.
  3. Well, Yordano Ventura's estate was owed the remaining $20M or whatever it was, but there was a provision in his contract that voided all payment if he suffered an injury or death as a result of drunk driving. Ventura's toxicology report was never released to the public and I'm not sure what happened with that, though.
  4. Sessh

    vs. RED SOX, 5/20

    Trey was due for a regression. He's not getting the same pitches to hit anymore and hasn't been able to make an adjustment. His wheelhouse is low or middle in or middle outside IIRC from last year, but was always susceptible to low/away, will chase in the dirt and will chase pitches high either whiffing or making weak contact on them. He's not getting the same pitches and has been exposed. Only now do people really start to notice that he's not a good outfielder and he may not even be a good hitter. That will be determined by whether or not he can make adjustments to the league. I imagine most folks here think he will, but I don't know. He hasn't looked all that scary this year. As CoC said, just another guy.
  5. Sessh

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    I double checked this and it was actually 1961. The injection was amphetamines and steroids apparently.
  6. Sessh

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    Mythbusters did a show about corked bats and determined that balls hit with corked bats did not travel as far or as fast as balls struck with normal bats. Corked bats don't help at all except possibly in a psychological way. It doesn't make the ball go further, though. Therefore, not cheating. Second, Mantle got a bad infection in 1953 from an amphetamines injection, so he most certainly used them. We don't really know when steroids became commonplace in baseball. Only that they were rampant in the 60's. Were they in the 50's? We may never know the answer to that, but there likely was increased use throughout the 50's. Mantle certainly was into amphetamine injections, though. Mays admitted to using "something" and Aaron admitted using them in his book. Amphetamines will improve hand/eye coordination, reaction time, concentration levels and energy levels. Steroids make the ball go further when you make contact, but don't help you to hit a baseball like amphetamines do. I would argue the former is more of a performance enhancer than the latter. They don't cause bulk, but they don't need to either. Second, the quality and effectiveness of the drugs increased substantially in the 80's and especially the 90's. The drugs got a lot better and so did the results. I don't even consider it cheating TBH since the whole league was doing something. For the most part, everyone was on an even playing field. I imagine I would try out some of the PED's myself. If I chose to not use, well that's my choice. I wouldn't expect the whole league to change for me. If I don't want to use, then it'll be harder for me. That's fine. I don't really think it's special, though. It's personal preference to use or not to use. The whole "PEDs in sports" thing is hardly a new development. By not using, you know what you're up against. If Griffey really didn't use anything, there's your shining example of succeeding without help. Of course, not failing a test doesn't really absolve anyone of guilt and I would bet Griffey did use early on. He's my favorite player ever either way. Superhuman feats usually require some help since we're not superhuman. Superhuman feats are part of the allure of sports IMO. It's incredible what athletes can do in any sport. I have to wonder whether or not sports without PEDs would have become as popular as they are now. Professional athletes display superhuman abilities and I would bet most of them are on something to help them achieve it. I really have no problem with it. As far as people denying ever using and playing clean, I don't even necessarily believe them anymore. How many guys have claimed with absolute sincerity and indignation that they never took steroids only to find out they were complete liars. What are they supposed to say? Palmeiro went over the top denying his steroid use while knowing the WHOLE TIME he had failed a test already and that this truth would certainly come out soon? Besides, if all the "cheaters" were exposed, MLB would need to start bringing fans in to play games as replacement players because the real players would all be suspended. Again, this isn't a winnable fight. It's already lost. You can't go back now. I think the only way to really get a handle on this is compromise instead of just banning everything. Look at the PED's individually and determine which are too dangerous to take at any dose and keep them illegal while making others legal to use, but ONLY under the supervision of team doctors who will monitor for side effects and control dosage. Any player found taking PED's outside of that restriction are suspended for a year without pay, no appeal. HGH should be completely legal as well and a mandatory part of any injury recovery program, but only under the supervision of a team doctor. Using it outside of that restriction is a one year suspension without pay, no appeal. This has to be a give and take thing. You can't just take, take, take (prohibition) and expect everyone to be cool with that.
  7. Sessh

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    Back then, this stuff wasn't that big a deal. You wouldn't expect to see a ton of stories on it. Pud Galvin was the first to use testosterone as a performance enhancer in 1889 and actually saw a brief resurgence in his career. Whether or not the elixir actually did anything is debatable, but it proves that athletes have been willing to risk it all for a longer or more productive career for over 100 years. Ruth using sheep testosterone after this happened is by no means unreasonable to believe nor is it a significant revelation really. To add to the general discussion, Cocaine was legal into the early 1900's and methamphetamine was synthesized in 1887, so that has also been around for a long time. Anabolic steroids were synthesized in the mid 1930's and won a Nobel prize. Steroids were being used by olympic athletes in the 1940's and were rampant in MLB in the 60's according to Tom House. Amphetamines were available in every clubhouse as well. The whole idea of a "steroid era" is ridiculous. PED's are as old as sports themselves and aren't going anywhere. People will just do a better job of not getting caught. There's plenty of undetectable PED's that have been around for years. Why any players still use the detectable stuff is a mystery to me. Drug prohibition doesn't work, it never has and never will. It only creates a thriving black market to meet the demands. Clemens also never failed a test and neither did Bonds. The testing program only catches the ones with the bad chemists. Keeping players out of the HOF now for using PED's is also ridiculous. Mays, Aaron, Mantle and probably just about everyone back then used some form of PED's especially greenies. Both amphetamines and steroids were rampant in baseball for a long time. The HOF is overflowing with "cheaters" and it is hypocritical to decide now to start keeping guys out while considering all the accomplishments of the PED users of the past to be completely legitimate despite having the help of PEDs that players today can't have and whose numbers would immediately be discarded as "tainted" or some word like that. Yeah, that seems fair and logical. I don't care who uses what, it's their bodies. Whether people like it or not, performance enhancing drugs are part of the fabric of sports and have been for a long, long time. People will just get around the testing program, it's easy with the drug technologies today and the smart players can do it and I'm sure they're doing it right now. It's not a winnable fight as the drug wars in general have proven over and over again.
  8. Sessh

    O'Day to the DL

    Indeed, I was under that impression as well in regard to that link. I also found this article on the VA having to do with veterans that suffered blast concussions. So, it seems that these horrible post-concussion symptoms are caused by a deficiency in one or more hormones due to the damage with HGH being the most common one. There is no reason why it should be banned from medical applications for athletes trying to recover from injuries and head trauma.
  9. Sessh

    O'Day to the DL

    .. because it's ridiculous that it isn't used when HGH's ability to heal brain injuries is well documented. Here is one page with links to many recent studies and I'm sure there's more to find. Patients recover much faster from achilles surgery when given growth hormones than not and this study examining how testosterone and growth hormone enhance injury and recovery with links, clinical data and anecdotal data. Growth hormones heal and regenerate tissue. That's what they do and have always done and it's ridiculous why it's not used as such in sports. Besides, growth factors aren't entirely banned since PRP injections contain several growth factors themselves otherwise they wouldn't work at all, but not as well as HGH itself seems to work. I've even known a few people who had chronic knee or ankle pain healed using HGH therapy in weeks after years of pain and the pain never came back. Why are growth factors allowed in PRP if they are banned and why does the general public get access to growth hormone treatments that athletes, who arguably need them more, can't have access to?
  10. That's because he's been battling elbow inflammation all season so far. He's close to returning to a mound, though.
  11. Sessh

    O'Day to the DL

    Agree. However, HGH is much better at healing injuries. I don't have time to surf right now, but pretty sure it's like 5x faster. HGH can heal old, nagging injuries as well as being able to heal traumatic brain injuries like concussions. It's insane to me that we're not using this more for this kind of thing. I've no doubt it could heal a UCL (or any ligament) without surgery. Millions of people the world over use HGH under a doctor's supervision without side effects every day. It has so much potential in this area. I can't believe we're not using it for injuries in sports these days especially with concussions.
  12. Yeah, my bad. BTW, thanks for transcribing. Nice work!
  13. ..then we need to try to lock up Schoop and Gausman at least. If we can't? Trade them. Have we learned nothing from this Machado situation? Try to sign them. If we can't, trade them and figure all this out now and not at the last minute.
  14. Sessh

    2018 Dylan Bundy

    Bundy also has a long stride, so if that groin is sore, he's going to be reluctant to stride as far which means he might try to compensate by putting more torque into his arm and that is not a good thing.
  15. Sessh

    2018 Dylan Bundy

    Indeed. I posted something along those lines in the game thread. I seem to recall Bundy tweaking something running to cover first base in the start prior to his record breaking start. He didn't come out of the game, but he was definitely wincing and it drew a comment or two from Thorne and Bordick. He gets a lot of his power from his legs. He's got really thick legs like Chris Davis has. A groin injury could certainly affect velocity. If it was an elbow or shoulder injury causing it, I seriously doubt he'd be saying he was healthy right now. He lost a lot of fastball velocity, so it's certainly something. Hopefully, nothing serious.