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  1. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    Well, at least Stewart didn't try to hit the ball with his face, too. Bat works better.
  2. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    What is Thorne talking about? Batter fouls a pitch back and he's talking about a swing and miss. What is he looking at? lol.. Thorne..
  3. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    I swear it's gonna start raining there any minute now.
  4. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    Pham with a screamer through the hole at second base.
  5. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    It's pouring where I am.
  6. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    I get that the balls are different this year, but it's getting a little tiresome hearing Palmer complain about it every time someone hits a home run.
  7. Sessh

    vs. D-RAYS, 8/22

    Really, really nasty line of storms headed right for Camden Yards. Probably 20-30 minutes away. Moving fast.
  8. Certain mechanical characteristics are pretty accurate predictors for injury. It's like weight training. There's a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way WILL get you injured eventually. You're talking about max effort forces being applied in both situations. If you do squats wrong, your lower back will suffer. Any heavy weight bearing exercise done improperly and often enough will eventually cause injury. Pitching is no different especially when the way you do it puts all or most of the stress on ligaments where it shouldn't be.
  9. Well, it's something that has to be implemented from the ground up. I agree with what you're saying, but those months or years they could be using to retool their delivery will likely be spent on the DL down the road which will eventually cost them that effectiveness and possibly their careers anyway. It took Roy Halladay about a year to reinvent himself though that wasn't due to injuries, but ineffectiveness. Pedro Martinez above touched on another aspect of it. It just seems bizarre that we generally know what's going on, but very little is being done in response. Then again, if it's giving them the results they want, why change? What pitching coach is going to step in and suggest it and how many pitchers would even go along with it? That number is probably very low and I guess pitchers are ok with injuries that are, to some degree, preventable and will likely cost them years of DL time and possibly their careers. These guys are learning to throw this way at a young age and that's where these changes need to start. As long as velocity is king, shortcuts to that goal will be taken at the expense of everything else and the injury epidemic will continue. Definitely not an easy fix, but it's probably a good idea to figure it out.
  10. Wojo is another one that doesn't look great. Elbow above shoulder, arm not up, ball facing second base. What's amazing to me is how analytics don't even touch this stuff. At least, it doesn't seem to. Pitchers still come up with the same mechanical flaws and eventually get the same injuries. I'm not sure why this is still a mystery at all. Improve this stuff and I think pitcher injuries will decline. Shorter innings won't help these guys. It will just prolong whatever they have coming to them.
  11. Mariano Rivera, Zach Britton, Josh Hader etc... most pitchers begin as starters. Converting them to relievers is pretty common based on either injury, ineffectiveness or need, I would say. That arm action is why his arm fell apart and was also responsible for his velocity. Elbow way above shoulder level and arm is upside down instead of upright, ball facing second base or first base. His arm is all twisted up. Just horrible. Harvey doesn't get his arm not up at footstrike and ball facing second base which indicates premature pronation of the arm and limits external rotation of the arm IIRC. I think I've heard it referred to before somewhere as the Tommy John twist as it puts unnecessary stress on the elbow and the shoulder. Not nearly as bad as Zumaya, but not good either and not hard to see where his injuries came from. I would also point out that this sort of thing was something pitchers used to be taught to do.. on purpose. I'm sure it still is in some circles because again, doing this stuff increases velocity while simultaneously increasing the chances of overloading and injuring the elbow and shoulder. It's basically a deal with the devil and this, IMO, is the problem with pitching today and why we see so many injuries to pitchers. It's amazing he hasn't lost any velocity and I hope I'm wrong, but I think this might be one of those bright flames that burn hot for a short time. I'm happy he's here and will enjoy every second he's here. That's what you want to see.
  12. Sessh

    vs. ROYALS, 8/20

    Dick Lovelady in the game now. Sounds like a pornstar name.
  13. Sessh

    vs. ROYALS, 8/20

    Bubba Starling said the same thing unfortunately. Robbed Santander of a 2B or 3B. Almost rolled his wrist to catch it, but fortunately all is well.
  14. Fair enough, thanks. That's one area where I'm not all that well versed in the details.
  15. Can't really argue with that. I'm not sure it will be easy for the game to let go of the home run obsession, though. It's hard to imagine a near future where another strike doesn't happen. Certainly, position players would reject any change that would lessen home runs. You mentioned Nick Castellanos of the Tigers complaining about the deep outfield at Comerica for starters. I don't think it's something that will be changed without a lot of kicking and screaming and that's just one thing, but how long will it take for the realization to set in is the question. Very rough waters ahead for baseball indeed. At some point, someone has to have the courage to just do what's best for the game as opposed to making wild changes that won't ruffle too many feathers. Feathers are going to have to be ruffled to fix what's wrong with this game.
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