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  1. TheDeau52

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List

    Thank you for all of your hard work, very informative!
  2. Reimburse me for my 2018 mlb.tv subscription.
  3. TheDeau52

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    He should have been cut too.
  4. TheDeau52

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    Oh of course, I was being sarcastic.
  5. TheDeau52

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    If he can’t hit grand slams, I’m not interested. Cut him.
  6. TheDeau52

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Thanks, Roy. As someone not close to the Orioles, I’ve always had the sense that was the case. I feel he’s now able to actually be a GM, thank God.
  7. TheDeau52

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    So when could we sign this Victor fella?
  8. TheDeau52

    Dan's 3 year Plan

    I agree with everything you’ve said, but my comment is more in reference to his relationship with DD. I get the feeling they’re not chummy. This is based off of 0 evidence, just a gut feeling. I feel like Brady is more his type of guy.
  9. TheDeau52

    Dan's 3 year Plan

    Reading the tea leaves, it looks like Dan won whatever power struggle was going on between him, Brady, and Buck. Sounds like the sons are taking his shackles off and will let him actually be a real GM, not half of one. I think Buck is gone after this year, and who knows with Brady.
  10. TheDeau52

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Seconded (or thirded I guess)
  11. TheDeau52

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Exactly what I was hoping for, one of those two.
  12. TheDeau52

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Very fair, and I may be jumping the gun. I’m not saying Britton will bring back a Chapman-like return, but a good closer will fetch a high price (I would think). He’s the biggest catch out there at this point, right? I know you are wayyy more knowledgeable than I am on this subject.
  13. TheDeau52

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I don’t see how the Cubs could outbid the other teams involved like the Yanks, Dodgers, Astros, and Brewers. I’m not an expert, but on the surface at least, I don’t see how.
  14. TheDeau52

    Britton Trade Expectations

    You’re a monster.