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  1. You really think a team like Minnesota can win in NY in October?
  2. I always keep an eye on a team that could beat the Yankees. Unfortunately, the Dodgers might be the only team that can.
  3. I wouldn’t put Boston in that company. Not this year. “Maybe” Houston.
  4. Lol...The Indians should be ashamed of themselves. That is all.
  5. I just want a team that can get in the way of the Yankees. Unfortunately, the Rays are probably going to get our best later this season as we’ve already played the Yankees a ton.
  6. I’m all for guys moving to wherever they want to too, but I want a system in baseball where a small market team have a legitimate chance to keep their core players long term.
  7. And Trout is in a big market. He knew damn well he was getting paid by the Angels. You think Manny would have given up his free agency to sign a long term contract with the O’s 3 or 4 years ago?
  8. Unless he’s a foreign player, no way a player is going to sign a 10 year contract before he reaches free agency.
  9. San Diego might not be NY, but it’s not exactly a small market
  10. To keep their players once they’ve become stars?
  11. The reason I ask is because after we drafted Rutschman, you’re already hearing the old and tired “in five years he’ll be in pinstripes.” You get sick and tired of hearing that, but you really can’t argue against it because it’s a very real possibility. So since there’s no salary cap in baseball, why can’t they at least implement something that can at least give the small market teams a fighting chance to keep their best players?
  12. This might be the worst pitching staff ever.
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