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  1. ORIOLE33

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/21

    I’m just not liking baseball right now. I see these other teams with their phenoms making immediate impacts. The Nats 19 year old hits the 1st pitch he sees for a HR.
  2. ORIOLE33

    Which team was better, 79 or 83

    They were good enough to make it to the WS.
  3. ORIOLE33

    Which team was better, 79 or 83

  4. ORIOLE33

    Which team was better, 79 or 83

    With that being said. The 83 team finished the deal. That shouldn’t be overlooked.
  5. ORIOLE33

    Which team was better, 79 or 83

    If we win in 79, Earl Weaver’s career is a whole lot better.
  6. ORIOLE33

    Buck losing the Clubhouse?

    Running Davis out there has got to be a topic of discussion among players behind Bucks back. We all work. And who hasn’t questioned their bosses concerning their favorite?
  7. Shutting down the White Sox, what does that really prove? I would actually like to see Gausman shut down a good team.
  8. ORIOLE33

    Buck Has Seen Enough

    First, I’ll like to say that I have absolutely no problem with what Buck did. But I have to ask, if another manager did that to one of our players, would it be deemed as unclassy?
  9. If we’re going to be this bad, we might as well be the worst.
  10. Markakis hitting over 340. Flaherty, FLAHERTY, hitting almost 280? We’re in late May so it’s not just a good start anymore. Jake Arietta? Guys leave Baltimore and they become great. I don’t care anybody says, this is not a good look for the Orioles. On top of that, we’re on the verge of losing our best player in free agency, but we kept Davis and Trumbo. After we let Cruz walk.
  11. ORIOLE33

    vs. RED SOX, 5/20

    Who gets 13 hits and 0 runs? Lol
  12. This is why the O’s should get a killing for Manny.
  13. ORIOLE33

    Adam Jones is the buyer of Cal Ripken's estate

    Plus, Jones buys and sells homes.
  14. ORIOLE33

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    That’s what I was thinking too.
  15. ORIOLE33

    Cano hit with 80 Game PED suspension.

    Thanks for the info OFFNY, “Eight Men Out” is a great movie and according to what you said, it’s quite accurate.