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  1. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    I certainly wasn't expecting 2-8.
  2. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    The Indians is one thing, but I did not expect them to get crushed by the Yankees and Red Sox. Two teams they've had pretty good success against.
  3. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    Not exactly. We were a few games over 500 not too long ago. We might not have been a WS threat, but we were never this bad until now.
  4. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    Exactly. No one expected them to keep up August' pace, but no one was expecting the kind of drop off we've seen in September.
  5. Even if they'd played marginally good, they'd still be in the thick of the WC race. I know pitching is the proverbial whipping boy, and rightfully so, but our offense has been an utterly embarrassment this month. Not one player has risen to the occasion in September. They played this entire month like they were just going through the motions. This is, by far, the most I've been disappointed with this group since Buck has been the coach. Again, if they'd played just average baseball, they might actually be neck and neck with the Twins considering we're still 5.5 games out. SMH
  6. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Said it a week ago. As soon as we were virtually eliminated, the offense would wake up.
  7. We should move to the NL East

    Are people really crying about the Nats? My question is why. I do believe that every team in the same division should play the same inter league schedule. MLB needs to do away with these natural rivals. We get the Nats while the Yankees get the Mets, Sox gets the Phillies and the Rays get the Marlins. That's ridiculous.
  8. vs. YANKEES, 9/15

    Davis and Trumbo should not be guaranteed starting positions next year.
  9. vs. YANKEES, 9/14

    3-0. This game is over.
  10. Time for Buck nd Dan to go

    Well, it's not up to the fans to have someone in mind. That's upper managements job.
  11. Time for Buck nd Dan to go

    You can't continue to use that as justification for Buck. Are we now happy with just being a 500 team because the previous 14 was so much worse?
  12. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/13

    This game is eerily similar to last nights game.
  13. This pains me to say, but we might be better if we trade Manny for a hull of prospects. Just look at the Indians. They probably don't have anyone as good as Manny, but they have a collection of good young players. That could be us in a few years.
  14. Bigdomke1

    I bet you they wouldn't if They had a chance to get rid of it.
  15. How would you rather spend $300 mm?

    Then they better trade him.