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  1. Schoop absence from Fanfest

  2. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    Sure didn’t know that it was a requirement.
  3. Schoop absence from Fanfest

    Is it in Schoop’s contract to appear at “fan fest?” If not, Schoop was in his right to skip it and I don’t see what’s the problem.
  4. Hall of Fame Inductees:

    As long as Bonds, Clemens, ARod and others are standing on the podium right next to him.
  5. Hall of Fame Inductees:

    For whatever reason, people seem to forget that Pettite is as much connected to steroids as Bonds, Clemens, ARod, Palmeiro, Sosa and others. For the record, I think they all should be in, but if you’re going to put one in, you put them all in.
  6. Congrats to Jim and Vlad!

    Deserves it over Chipper.
  7. Hall of Fame Inductees:

    BS. They put Pettite in, they better put Bonds, ARod, Clemens and any other player believed to has used steroids.
  8. ^^^^Two thumbs up for that post. It’s always one thing or another with this team.
  9. They were very much alive late. Wouldn’t going into September be considered late? It’s not as if our season was pretty much over in August. We were still playing meaningful games come September.
  10. Exactly. We were still very much involved until we completely fell apart.
  11. Jimenez is coming off the books.
  12. We were in it pretty late too. We fell off late, but we were in the thick of the WC until late September.
  13. I can’t wait until everyone in management is gone. Buck included.
  14. It’s not like the O’s don’t have the money to get Darvish. We’re not talking Kershaw where only a few teams could get him, but we should all in on Darvish, but we’re not. Darvish, Bundy and Guesman would be a formidable top of the rotation.