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  1. I don't know much about him, but I like the idea of getting someone who worked with/under Maddon.
  2. Amazing hire. Elias and Sig are going to turn this place around and I have zero doubt about it.
  3. He missed a few starts due to illness late in the season. Not sure what else there's been. The fact that all the top teams were in on him though and now a team has traded for him makes me think whatever his issues are now (if there are any) aren't seen as something that is an issue right now.
  4. He can pitch. A whole season? We'll see. Maybe miss a few starts throughout. Regardless, they kill them value wise. Sheffield is likely a mid rotation arm that is more like a #4 type from what I've read. The other two are super meh. Paxton has ace stuff when he's pitching. You take that chance 10 times out of 10.
  5. Pretty much. Yankees fleeced them though. Just saying.
  6. Ehh, you want a guy who has a similar mindset as far as what needs to be done. You want a guy who is behind the analytics side of things as well and won't fight you on that. I'd be extremely happy with a guy who is all aboard that train.
  7. Those moves may have been "obvious" to us, and the IFA market may not have worked out for us, but those are massive shifts in what the old regime with PA would do. So although it may have been things that were obvious to do, it shows a clear change in direction for this organization which is what we've been wanting for years/over a decade. This hire pushes the narrative even further and is worthy of being celebrated as it looks like our organization has finally stepped into the 21st century.
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