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  1. ISU94

    Joe Espada Future Orioles Manager?

    Ehh, you want a guy who has a similar mindset as far as what needs to be done. You want a guy who is behind the analytics side of things as well and won't fight you on that. I'd be extremely happy with a guy who is all aboard that train.
  2. Those moves may have been "obvious" to us, and the IFA market may not have worked out for us, but those are massive shifts in what the old regime with PA would do. So although it may have been things that were obvious to do, it shows a clear change in direction for this organization which is what we've been wanting for years/over a decade. This hire pushes the narrative even further and is worthy of being celebrated as it looks like our organization has finally stepped into the 21st century.
  3. Well, both would be. But I was referencing Mejdal. Don't get me wrong though. Elias was, if not the best, top 2-3 at worst among possible candidates I'd say.
  4. This would be a massive get fwiw. He's very highly regarded.
  5. Sure sounds like Elias is the head man running the show. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw one of those guys from the MLB come in with some sort of role pending on what Elias thinks though.
  6. Yeah, this place has been in shambles because we haven't gotten a lot of leaks and it's taken a bit, but with this hire it makes that all WELL worth it. Also, with a hire like Elias, this clearly shows a massive shift in the way this organization will be run and he was likely assured a blank canvas to do what he wants with the organization. There's no way an assistant GM for one of the best run analytical baseball clubs would take a job like our's without assurances that there wouldn't be meddling/someone over his shoulder.
  7. Yep, saw it and was a part of it from the get go. Seriously a fantastic hire. Was going to go into deep depression if Colletti was the guy, unless he had someone with him like Elias.
  8. Wouldn't worry too much on that. Probably just means he hasnt officially signed yet but that's the plan.
  9. This makes me feel like things are changing for the better. Young, bright mind out of a great analytical organization.
  10. Absolutely love the hire. Was one of my favorites from the get go.