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  1. Well there is that... They both hurt themselves running into that damn wall. Smith isn't worse than Mancini at DH. Lets put Nunez out in the field. Last year he played 3B. I swear i remember that. Not this year...
  2. Too dangerous to play Mancini in the OF. He is a first baseman. He is also a fine DH... but Nunez seems to have that spot clogged up.
  3. What OF have we tried who has better numbers?
  4. We need a CF for the future. It aint Broxton. It aint Rickard. Waiting for Hays to hit in Bowie...If you cant hit in Bowie...
  5. Santander or Smith? And the answer is...Both. Smith has proven he can hit. Lets put Santander out there instead of Broxton ( he can't hit, and is a below average fielder who makes mental errors.)
  6. That post was in reply to Frobby's post. No need to be so defensive. I think we all want to see the team get out of the basement as soon as possible, it's going to be a long road. But I can help out our powers to be because I am not blinded by pressure like a head coach or manager can get. No one can fire me...
  7. Obviously Cashner and Castro have the best haircuts. 😁
  8. Stacking the team with minor leaguers has not worked so far. Batting good in the minors doesn't mean squat facing Major league pitching. We have seen it over and over.
  9. Not at all. I am a die hard fan. I want us to not be the worst team in baseball. I want to turn this disaster around. Having such a lousy team hurts me. I just want us to be better as soon as possible.
  10. Interesting. I like going with youth on a team in total rebuild mode. But none of those guys have proven they can hit ML pitching. Conversely...Smith leads the team in RBI.
  11. COC...Let's hear the OF you would field, and who would you put at DH? Just curious.
  12. When your pitching is horrendous...Only lots of runs will win games. Santander should play more, to see if he can hit. Last year he could not. But he's a year older now. I say lets try to get him some more AB. But to bench your RBI leader is inconceivable...Smith is adequate in RF.
  13. Our hitting is pitiful. We got 3 hits last night. Our defense is pitiful. Unearned runs lost us the game last night. We need more runs. The only reason to not play our RBI leader is if someone wants to tank so we get the #1 pick again.
  14. Never seen Rickard make a mental mistake out there. Broxton makes mental mistakes often.
  15. Smith is leading the team in RBI's even after missing several games with his injury. So like how many RBI's does Santander have? 😉
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