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  1. You missed my sarcasm in that post. My bad for not expressing it better.
  2. How much will arbitration say he is worth? Will the O's dump him because he won't be minimum wage?
  3. Alberto is 3rd in the AL in Batting Avg. And only 2 points behind second. But you know, now days Batting Avg is an old fashioned stat anymore that is meaningless... 1. LeMahieu • NYY .338 2. Brantley • HOU .323 3. Alberto • BAL .321
  4. Former Oriole Andrew Cashner has been sent to the Red Sox bullpen after posting a 1-4 record with a 8.01 in 6 starts and 30.1 innings.
  5. What good is having Davis on the team?
  6. It's a simple solution for DJ fans... A football helmet and knee pads could have prevented both of DJ's injuries in the outfield.
  7. Roch Kubatko @masnRoch Hyde says Stewart has concussion Uncle Fester didn't see any reason for taking DJ out of the game at the time.
  8. I expect that anyone who we don" t control, and who can ask for more money, are available to whoever wants them for Monopoly money or 17 years olds.
  9. Obviously Davis has no idea where the strike zone is...
  10. All star rookie Mean John Means legs out his first hit.
  11. #TankInsurance Losing a couple more games against Boston could be just what it takes to get the 1st draft pick again.
  12. We don't even need these two new prospects. Cedric Mullins and Richie Martin are our CF and SS of the future...Right?
  13. What a poor deal. Anyone who wanted Cashner has to take Cobbs contract also. Now that's the deal. 😎
  14. How valuable is one guy who has 32% of his team's wins?
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