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  1. Do you honestly believe that promoting a young(ish) guy like Bruce Zimmermann, who has a back of rotation ceiling, before he logs a bunch of AAA innings has any impact on the rebuild?
  2. So, you think allowing Bruce Zimmerman to make a couple September starts is going to ruin his development?
  3. It is not about "deserving" one for what he has done in AAA thus far. It is about preparing a pitcher who could be a legitimate possibility for the starting rotation next season.
  4. And we have Diaz coming back
  5. I think the subject should be “Please retire Chris Davis”.
  6. Ryan Mountcastle, Cristian Alvarado, Austin Hays, Dillon Tate, Keegan Akin, Bruce Zimmerman
  7. Delmarva is in Hagerstown this weekend
  8. Erie just lost, Bowie up big. Should move to 1 GB.
  9. It’s a business for the player too. And the organization is taking a year off of their income earning career.
  10. If I were one of these players, I would never sign an extension with an organization that played service time games with my career.
  11. Think he has more upside than Cedric Mullins
  12. Yeah, he’s not slow. Didn’t he over run the ball he took off his face?
  13. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. That is about what he has been all season. So, right now, that is the real Blaine Knight. We can hope that he has a good offseason program. Start with Frederick next season, put together some good early season starts and make the jump to Bowie around June. That would be good season for him.
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