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  1. Whether you move Rodriquez and/or Rom to A+ this season, or start them there next year, it has no impact on their MLB ETA. It is about making the decision that is best for their individual development, which is primarily establishing a professional baseball workload this season. It is highly unlikely that these kids begin 2020 in AA next season, which makes it kind of pointless to push them into A+ now.
  2. No, if two were to move to A+, it should be Fenter and Perralta Baumann to AA Sedlock to AA, later, if he comes back with some good outings Zimmerman and Wells to AAA
  3. I'd rather see Grayson and Rom establish a baseline of professional schedule/innings playing the full year at Delmarva, then start them in A+ next season and be willing to promote aggressively, based on performance, from there.
  4. DirtyBird

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Are you worried about protecting Rogers, Shepherd, Yacabonis, and others?
  5. How has nobody in the media gotten an answer on Sedlock? the guy was a 1st rd pick not too long ago
  6. DirtyBird

    Austin Hays 2019

    Maybe he just needs a tow truck?
  7. Pretty big bump for Knight, just for dominating Low A ball competition at 22 years old.
  8. DirtyBird

    Austin Hays 2019

    Or call him up to the O's today, with DJ Stewart injured
  9. Do you develop power by playing longer at a lower level? Or do you do it by getting stronger and making swing improvements in the offseason?
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