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  1. But we would have gotten a ton more for him if he had 3 or 4 years left at $8 million per
  2. DirtyBird

    The race for MiL player of the year

  3. DirtyBird

    40 man additions

    We put Jason Garcia on a major league roster
  4. DirtyBird

    August Trade Stock Watch

    You thought we should have waited a week to trade Britton because it would have increased his value
  5. That's a 13% BB rate. That's well beyond awful according to fangraphs.
  6. High K's and low BB's facing the O's... He must be legit.
  7. DirtyBird

    Zach Britton Appreciation Thread

    @atomic take on the Britton trade.
  8. DirtyBird

    A couple of unusual September call ups

    These are all guys that might as well stick around Norfolk for the playoffs if they make it.
  9. DirtyBird

    Take this for what it's worth....

    UA backed out of the deal on MLB jerseys
  10. DirtyBird

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    He could have accepted a trade. Maybe staying in Baltimore was best for him and his family, which is fine. That shouldn't also require him staying in CF.
  11. DirtyBird

    Grayson Rodriguez 2018

    '17 DL Hall: 10.1 ip, 10 h, 9 r, 8 er, 1 hr, 10 bb, 12 k, .263 avg, 1.94 whip '18 Gray Rod: 9.0 ip, 6 h, 0 r, 5 bb, 7 k, .194 avg, 1.22 whip
  12. DirtyBird

    Should Akin and Kline move up to get in a pennant race?

    Yeah, it's pretty dumb to knock "wins" when the guys hasn't allowed more the 2 runs in any of his 11 wins.
  13. DirtyBird

    Who stood out in July?

    How about Mason McCoy. Not eye popping numbers, but solid, best month of the year. I'd like to see him at least split time with Clare in Frederick, as Grenier has moved him off SS at Delmarva. .296/.367/.418, 5 SB/0 CS
  14. DirtyBird

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    He's my favorite Oriole