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  1. By watching his approach at the plate, I don't see why he wouldn't sustain what he's doing. He's done it at every level thus far.
  2. A lesser talent who is still a gold glove caliber CF'er with a bat consistently in the mid .800's OPS and improving each year and under team control for 3 more seasons. My guess is, if you want Benintendi, you get no prospects along with him. If you take Bradley, you get prospects in addition.
  3. Sounds like your rebuild is targeted at 2021. Mine is targeted at 2019. I'm not giving up known elite commodities for nothing but minor league prospects and throwing three seasons out the window with hopes of some kids panning out.
  4. Your talent evaluation is way worse than I expected.
  5. Is Wieters "elite"?
  6. Why would you pick out his career OPS instead of looking at this season and the two years prior (.844, .835, .832), which is his last 1,000 AB? His .531 OPS in his rookie season significantly influences the number you used in your argument.
  7. Bradley Jr is under team control thru 2020, and is a major league player. The two pitching prospects in the proposed deal in the post may never reach the majors. If we are giving up Manny to a division rival for a year and a half (at least) we better be getting more of a sure thing than a chronically injured decent player.
  8. Bradley Jr and Devers or Groome
  9. Seems like a terrible return for Manny.
  10. I don't want to dump Trumbo to clear salary. I want to dump Trumbo because of the logjam with the emergence of Mancini, and being stuck with Davis. Moving Trumbo would allow us to have a better OF.
  11. Could we unload Trumbo or Davis to the Yankees?
  12. The worst thing we could do is linger around .500 These are good losses. After these 6 games at TB and Toronto, management will have no choice but to see that we need to move in a different direction.
  13. Did work tonight in his first start. 5ip, 0 r, 2 h, 0 bb, 8 K