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  1. That's his shtick
  2. Then we might as well start Gentry vs RHP over Kim too.
  3. The problem is, you speak as if all those skills carry the same weight. They don't.
  4. AA and/or AAA would make absolutely no difference in getting him ready. You either want him to be on the active roster, or you don't. I think that is the real basis of your argument - not that you think he needs AA or AAA ab's for rehab purposes.
  5. There is a lot of dead weight in the Norfolk outfield
  6. Any reason to keep him in Frederick much longer?
  7. Can you tell us more about his Delmarva AB's? Was he seeing many strikes, or just trying get get swings in? Were his outs hit hard? How about his hits?
  8. Trumbo doesn't feel the need to ever go opposite field, so he's not going to do anything with a ball on the outside anyway.
  9. It was close enough to call a strike.
  10. Last year, Wilson or Worley would have came in and allowed the inherited runners to score and we would have lost about 8-2.
  11. Bat him leadoff and tell him to hit doubles.
  12. I really don't feel like seeing any more of Tyler Wilson.
  13. With 3 RBI
  14. Mullins!