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  1. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Akin went 3 scoreless, only allowing 1 hit with 2 k's last night
  2. Expansion/Realignment

  3. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    Sure. And bring back Bud Norris and Wei-Yin Chen too.
  4. The #11 Pick in 2018 draft

    Doesn't seem like locking into a particular position is a good strategy.
  5. Austin Hays

    Hays - Stewart - Mullins - Santander, I assume... Sure would be nice to get Mancini to first base somehow.
  6. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    Don't we have data to prove otherwise?
  7. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    Fair enough, I guess there are two categories of selling. A) Trading valuable players for top prospects who are expected to contribute right away and B) Dumping guys to free up some money and create opportunities for younger players in the organization. The guys I mentioned all fall in category B. When he said "if the team isn't going to sell", I assumed he was referring to trading for a TOR starter, which would cost us Manny or Schoop at least.
  8. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    Re-sign Manny and Schoop long term. Get Harvey and others in system ready for 2019. Look to move whatever you can out of Jones, Davis, Trumbo, Britton and Brach
  9. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    It's crazy that everyone wanted to sell, sell, sell at the deadline, but now are getting behind giving multi-year contracts to mediocre pitchers.
  10. Perusing the FA pitcher list...

    Every single pitcher on that either comes with a price tag too high for us or will just get us into a Ubaldo/Gallardo type situation.
  11. Ranking the O's starting depth

    Maybe I should have used big letters, alternating color and increasing in size with each line. I would have used the smallest font for Gunkel to reflect that he has been irrelevant the longest.
  12. Chris Davis

    Machado and Davis to the Brewers for Shaw and Thames, straight up.
  13. Ranking the O's starting depth

    The one that was used to start this thread.
  14. Ranking the O's starting depth

    That would be why he is scratched from the original list.
  15. Ranking the O's starting depth

    So... Scratch: Nuno Bleier Varrett Gunkel Garcia Add: Castro Means Long Hess Ramirez