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  1. Wilkerson didn't get many chances at shortstop. He was mainly second base and then when he got to Frederick his second season, that's they expanded him really into a "utility" role at 3rd, 1st, and outfield. He has a good arm and glove and probably could of done decent there if they tried. Would of been a better defensive option than Mountcastle was.
  2. I think that applies to DJ Stewart as well.
  3. I haven't been impressed with his play at all. I believe Reinheimer was a much better option.
  4. Only changes might be Sucre instead of Severino and Mancini as the DH with Rickard in left.
  5. I predict 5 threads per day from wildcard about what players should be signed/traded/released/claimed/promoted during this season.
  6. Something I just thought of... Maybe Elias realizes Sisco probably had some issues last season due to mental stuff, with Buck using him as a yo-yo, Alvarez using him as a punching bag, ect. Let Sisco get his head together in Norfolk, come back up to Baltimore after a bit, and stay in Baltimore instead of bouncing back and forth.
  7. Samething with Coors Field stats.
  8. I think out of all the pitchers you mentioned, they ar probably highestton Fry.
  9. They came out in tweets and posts on your site. Spring Training for everyone, still.
  10. This morning before the games and just before Peterson got sent down too.
  11. If Trumbo goes on the 60 day IL, they don't have to DFA anyone.
  12. That's a crowded area. If Sisco is still there at that time, you have the possibility of Wynns, Sisco, and either Cervenka, Perez, Susac, or Cumberland there.
  13. Phillips was already sent down.
  14. It's why he is the only person I have on my "ignore" list on this site.
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