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  1. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    This pic seems appropriate...
  2. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    The previous game log will be up when I get home from work. Also, Anthony Santander is the Orioles rep in the Bowman Hitting Challenge tonight, which is a modified Home Run Derby/Accuracy challenge.
  3. Which Tides/Baysox players could help the O's in 2018?

    I actually wouldn't mind seeing him as a back end rotation guy. I just think they might use him in a Castro role first to get his feet wet before he fully starts.
  4. Which Tides/Baysox players could help the O's in 2018?

    Let Mullins get some more reps first. He had hamstring issues last year and I would rather see him in a full, healthy season than rush him up. Hays, yes, let's see him and what he can do. Stewart needs a spot. Mancini to DH? Then what with Trumbo? Harvey needs to build up his innings. 2019 might be for him. I want to see Wynns (incase anyone hasn't been reading any of my posts), and this winter will be a sign of what might happen. On a side note, Francisco Pena opted for free agency. Hess and Scott could be bullpen guys, just need Scott to have a bit better control. I don't see Mountcastle being a third baseman in the Majors. Maybe left field or first base. Or even DH.
  5. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    There is also Drew Dosch, who got moved up to Norfolk this year. Steve Wilkerson was also primarily third in Bowie before they brought up Mountcastle, but he is thought of more as a utility guy. No one would be able to replace Machado, but those are two "in house" guys for now that could bridge a gap.
  6. Which Tides/Baysox players could help the O's in 2018?

    Also gotta factor in pitch count. Next season will be his first full season after surgery.
  7. Wilkerson can help as the Utility Infielder

    I think some people are selling Wilkerson a bit...Short. He can play 3rd. He was the primary 3rd baseman at Bowie and doing quite well until the brass decided "hey, let's talk noodle arm from Frederick and stick him there!" He can play 3rd, 2nd, and the corner outfield spots. Shortstop is his weakness because he hasn't played there, but nothing says he hasn't been practicing there. He could also practice a lot this off season and during the Spring, with the Major League coaches. If worst came to worst, he can play 3rd or 2nd and slide Machado or Schoop over if needbe for an inning.
  8. Duquette's first BIG move (sarcasm)

    One thing that was brought up was his versatility, being 1st, the corner outfield spots, and catching. Seems like he will go into Bowie as a Rosa type player (Rosa was 3rd, 1st, and RF this season), without the Rosa love. Makes me wonder if they will re-sign Aderlin Rodriguez and put him in Norfolk or just let him walk. No real intrigue, just curiosity.
  9. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    October 19th, 2017 - Glendale Desert Dogs @ Salt River Rafters The Bad: There were only 2 Orioles who played. The Good: Both of them. Hitting/Fielding: Steve Wilkerson (2nd Base): 2-3 with a triple, a strike out, and run scored. Also had 2 double plays in the field. First AB: Single To Center Second AB: Called Strike, Swinging Strike, Ball, Swinging Strike 3 Third AB: Ball, Foul, Triple To Deep Right (Scored On Error) Ryan Mountcastle (DNP): Mountcastle was given the night off. Anthony Santander (DNP): As was Santander. Hitting/Fielding Recap: Wilkerson was clearly the story here...Mainly because he was the only one who played. He continues to swing a good bat and his defense at second continues to be good. Was on the throwing end of 2 double plays. Pitching: Jesus Liranzo: 1.0 IP, 1 hit, 1 run (earned), 1 walk, 1 strike out, 20 pitches (11 strikes), 2 fly outs (0 ground outs), 5 batters faced Pitching Recap: Liranzo continues to give up runs when he comes in, but he only gave up 1 this time instead of 5 like last time. Baby steps Jesus, baby steps. Final Recap: Wilkerson had a triple that started off a rally in the 7th and a single on the pitch he saw in his first at bat. Even at a slightly higher age, Wilkerson seems to be handling himself well in the AFL. Liranzo continues to be an enigma, since you don't know which Liranzo you are going to get.
  10. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    Sorry for the delay. LOOOONNNGG night after work setting some stuff up. October 18th, 2017 - Salt River Rafters @ Mesa Solar Sox The Bad: 1-8...1 for freaking 8. The Good: Keegan Akin. Actually, scratch that... The VERY Good: Keegan Akin. There we go. Hitting/Fielding: Anthony Santander (LF): 0-4 with a strike out. Atleast he didn't spike himself. First PA: Ball, Ball, Foul Tip, Swinging Strike, Foul Tip Second PA: Foul, Swinging Strike, Fly Out To Right Third PA: Fly Out To Center Fourth PA: Ball, Foul, Foul, Ground Out To Second Ryan Mountcastle (DH): 1-4 with a single, 2 rbis, a stolen base and 2 strike outs. The two rbis actually became essential as the Rafters won by 1 run. First PA: Ball, Ball, Foul, Called Strike, Ground Out To Second Second PA: Ball, Swinging Strike, Swinging Strike, Swinging Strike 3 Third PA: Foul, Swinging Strike, Foul, Swinging Strike 3 Fourth PA: Called Strike, Ball, Ball, Single To Center (2 rbis) Steve Wilkerson (DNP): Wilkerson got the night off. Hitting/Fielding Recap: Nothing to report for fielding. Hitting still seems to elude everyone. Mountcastle seems good in the late innings (7-9th) as that is where most of his hits and production in runs has come in. Before that, he hasn't done anything. Santander continues to be streaky, but is making contact. Pitching: Keegan Akin: 3.0 IP, 1 hit, 2 strike outs, 1 wild pitch, 34 pitches (24 strikes), 3 ground outs, 1 fly out, 10 batters faced (1 over minimum). Picked up the win. Akin was just flat out dominate here. Pitching Recap: Akin showed a lot of good stuff here. The wild pitch is a little bit of an anomaly, but he threw mostly strikes, didn't walk anyone and only allowed the 1 hit. He had the longest work of any of the pitchers on his team and was rewarded with the win. Final Recap: Hitting is still the question mark here. Wilkerson leads them at .294, with Mountcastle at .192 and Santander at .143. Mountcastle has been horrible in the first part of the game and is getting a lot of his production late. Santander is making contact but it is usually at people. Wilkerson has one of the two triples on the team. Pitching, especially by Akin and Gonzalez, are the best parts so far. Scott was decent in his lone start so far, while Liranzo is having a tough AFL so far.
  11. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    October 17th, 2017 - Mesa Solar Sox @ Salt River Rafters The Bad: Salt River as a team doesn't seem to be very good... The Good: Unless you are an Orioles pitcher (how strange is THAT to read!?) Hitting/Fielding: Ryan Mountcastle (3rd base): 1-5 with 3 strike outs and a rbi. Mountcastle hasn't been as dominant as he had been in Frederick and the slugging starts continue. Just when it looked like he was turning a corner with his hitting...Well... First PA: Swing, Swing, Foul, Fly Out Second PA: Called Strike, Swing, Foul, Swinging Strike Out Third PA: Foul, Swing, Foul, Called Third Strike Fourth PA: Called Strike, Ball, Foul Tip, Foul Tip Out Fifth PA: Swing, Single To Third RBI Steve Wilkerson (2nd base): 2-4 with 2 singles, an rbi, and a walk. Wilkerson has been showing his upward trend all season and it continues here. His defense continues to be on point too. First PA: Ball, Ball, Foul, Fly Out Second PA: Ball, Swing, Single To Right Third PA: Called Strike, RBI Single To Right Fourth PA: Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball 4 Anthony Santander (DNP): Santander got the night off. Hitting/Fielding Recap: 3-9 with 3 strike outs, 3 hits, 2 rbis, and a walk isn't that bad. But when one player has the 3 strike outs, that tends to even out a bit. Mountcastle continues his "hot/cold" flip flop at the plate. Hopefully he is learning a lot from seeing these new pitchers and can adjust, especially in this upcoming season and show that Frederick was no fluke. Wilkerson continues to show a steady consistency, even when being moved around the lineup. Continues at second base, which is a little bit of a shock if he is set for a utiity role. But, that doesn't mean he isn't working on it with coaches between games, same with Mountcastle at third. Pitching: Luis Gonzalez: 2.0 IP, 1 hit, 1 strike out, 28 pitches (18 strikes), 2 ground outs, 1 fly out, 7 batters faced. Only 1 over the minimum. Not bad. Pitching Recap: Only 1 pitcher got some work this game, but Gonzalez shows why he was selected. 0.00 ERA so far, despite Salt River being the "batting practice arms" team of the league so far. Making a case for Bowie next season. Final Recap: Another up and down performance by the Orioles players. Gonzalez and/or Wilkerson could be seen as the biggest winners here, while Mountcastle continues his struggles at the plate after a good showing the day before. 5 games in means we still have about a month to go, so anything can happen.
  12. Orioles Catchers, 2017 season

    I'm wondering if it was so much the pitch calling as it was the person who pitched it.
  13. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    If they are moving Santander to left, then I agree on that. This was his first error of the AFL season, but he had 6 in 39 games in Bowie. His arm strength was also recently quoted as "enigmatic." Lacking at times and then a laser throw another time.
  14. Connaughton article

    If the Orioles (or any team) have anyone in Frederick or lower that they want to protect, they can just assign them one of the "protected" slots in either AAA or AA to stash them and then assign them to their specific level after Spring Training, or would they have to stay at the assigned level?
  15. 2017 Arizona Fall League Thread

    If I'm typing a reply, a lot of times the screen will suddenly get smaller and typing won't work at all, or it will go back a page randomly. I am also still getting the random pop ups on the site. I'll be reading replies and next thing I know, the page turns into "get your Orioles tickets now!" The last one is just minor. It's easier for me to type and format it, with stats, on a computer vs. my phone, so I can have enough windows open and tab back and forth. Santander could use some seasoning, but he is also still getting back into things. He only hit from one side in the Spring and spent multiple months rehabbing before facing AA pitching and then sitting on the bench in Baltimore. Mountcastle, bat-wise, doesn't seem to be an issue. He starts off slow them picks it up, similar to what happened with Sisco this year. His defense is the main thing that will take work. Scott has had his ups and downs, but Liranzo has been FAR more inconsistent. I would worry a whole lot more about Liranzo pitching that Scott.