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  1. Legend_Of_Joey

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    But why lie about working with a coach?
  2. Legend_Of_Joey

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    Would anyone even be opposed to Garabez Rosa, Little Yaz, Drew Dosch, or any other "career minor leaguer" getting a chance to play instead of Davis? I mean, they couldn't do any worse...
  3. Legend_Of_Joey

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

  4. Legend_Of_Joey

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    For the framing or the call?
  5. Legend_Of_Joey

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    Maybe that Fast guy can help.
  6. Legend_Of_Joey

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

  7. Legend_Of_Joey

    vs. YANKEES, 9/22

    He was just returning the favor to the Yankees.
  8. Legend_Of_Joey

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    Not after he lied about working out with Coolbaugh.
  9. Legend_Of_Joey

    MLBTR: Fast Available

    If Sisco ever got playing time, I'd make an excuse for him too. 😂
  10. Legend_Of_Joey

    MLBTR: Fast Available

    With the way most of the Orioles throw, none are close enough to the zone to frame...
  11. Legend_Of_Joey

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    A few months ago around the series in Atlanta, he made a change for either 1 game or 1 at bat after Palmer criticized him on TV, then dropped it. This was also around the time the "Coolbaugh" story broke. He might just not care.
  12. Legend_Of_Joey

    Jean Carlos Encarnacion

    Was that a home run?
  13. Legend_Of_Joey

    Updates on Hunter Harvey

  14. Legend_Of_Joey

    Early off season re-signing

    Yes to the 40. I think Susac is on a 1 year deal and won't be resigned. If he is on a longer deal, he will be DFA'ed. Joseph might be non tendered and offered a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite.
  15. Legend_Of_Joey

    The Case For: Austin Wynns

    Very mixed up game for him tonight. 1-4, but the hit was a lead off home run that started a small comeback. Then had 2 passed balls, a weak throw to second. Then made a couple of very good blocks on low pitches and threw a runner out at first on a weak hit.