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  1. Legend_Of_Joey

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    Cobb, Cashner mainly. Wilkerson (family thing), Araujo (Winter Baseball) and a few others too.
  2. Legend_Of_Joey

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    Looking at the lists again, I notice a lot of names missing. Possibly explains the minor leaguers and so many "old timers" now too.
  3. Legend_Of_Joey

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    The last 3 years, the only ones I've seen at the "main tables" were the ones on the 40 man rosters. This is a first, as far as I know.
  4. Legend_Of_Joey

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    The autograph station list is now live. @Can_of_corn, DL Hall is in a group with Akin, Martin, and Boog Powell.
  5. Legend_Of_Joey

    Orioles bump up reporting dates

    Like @Can_of_corn said in another post: baseball is stil better than no baseball.
  6. Legend_Of_Joey

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    Autograph list will be up tonight by 9 PM and vouchers will go on sale tomorrow at 2 PM.
  7. Legend_Of_Joey

    Ryan Mountcastle - 3B - 2018 #3 Prospect

    Watching him throw the ball across the diamond takes the mood away quickly.
  8. Legend_Of_Joey

    Orioles bump up reporting dates

    Orioles Pitchers and Catchers now report on February 12th instead of the 13th. First full squad workout is February 18th. One extra day might not really mean much. This gives the posters in Florida or who are traveling there an extra day to see some of the team.
  9. Legend_Of_Joey

    Instructional League Begins

    So, about that Instructional League...
  10. Legend_Of_Joey

    Prospect361 - Orioles Top 15

    Two guys who make their living writing for Fantasy Baseball by using minor leaguers they think will help out the squads on the cheap. I'd take a sleep deprived, hung over @Luke-OH article about the last pick in the draft when he only saw grainy cell phone footage of the guy pitching twice over their stuff.
  11. Legend_Of_Joey

    2018-19 Offseason Tracker

    No. Mullins, Stewart, Hays, Diaz, McKenna, along with Rickard and Mancini (and Trumbo...) until they figure out what to do with them. Orioles need a starting rotation, not someone else to clog up a spot where they have an excess of players.
  12. Legend_Of_Joey

    2018-19 Offseason Tracker

    Spring training invite?
  13. Legend_Of_Joey

    Doug Brocail is the Pitching Coach

    If you want to know just how much the Rangers staff struggled, they signed Colon to anchor it, then had Lincicum and Tillman on contracts.
  14. Legend_Of_Joey

    Baysox Event Featuring D.L. Hall

    Most likely at the Kids Table. They've had a few guys from A ball (though usually Frederick the year before) there. Could have him at one of the forums too.
  15. Legend_Of_Joey

    Baysox Event Featuring D.L. Hall

    Day before FanFest, so he is in the area. Very good get though. I don't remember a Baysox event like this with a player who hadn't played for them/wasn't planned on being there to start the following season being there.