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  1. 11 am conference on Monday with Lou and John Angelos to officially announce Elias.
  2. Legend_Of_Joey

    2018-19 Offseason Tracker

    Ryan O'Rourke has signed with the Mets.
  3. Legend_Of_Joey

    2018-19 Offseason Tracker

    Alex Katz was signed by the Chicago White Sox.
  4. Legend_Of_Joey

    Sig Mejdal

    Interesting. That's definitely an interesting rumor that does seem to have some teeth.
  5. Legend_Of_Joey

    Ryan Mountcastle - 3B - 2018 #3 Prospect

    I'm not comparing Sisco to Mancini...
  6. Legend_Of_Joey

    Ryan Mountcastle - 3B - 2018 #3 Prospect

    God given talent, tearing up Frederick and then AA. He still can be fooled and needs to make adjustments. Look at Sisco as a recent example of tearing up AA and below, only to have the bat be an issue above.
  7. Legend_Of_Joey

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    Mullins is 24. Scott is 24. Mullins just completed his first month and a half of MLB time. Scott has a year and a monthish. Why give them up? What are you gonna get for them, the same type of player or worse? A younger player, who would be in AA and might not even make the MLB?
  8. Legend_Of_Joey

    Steve Wilkerson!

    2 things stuck out to me: "Injury history" being first. I don't remember him missing time before this season, aside from 1 injury. Second was "throwback ballplayer." In Frederick, he wore the old school knee length pants with the old school stirrups. Earned the nickname "Stevie Highsocks" from my wife. He switch to the full length once in Bowie. That was a sad day...
  9. Legend_Of_Joey

    Who Will Get Cut From The 40-Man By Opening Day?

    Would he be a better option at short than Villar? Serious question.
  10. Legend_Of_Joey

    2018-19 Offseason Tracker

    Delmarva bench coach.
  11. Legend_Of_Joey

    2018 Orioles Top Prospect List (Updated through 20)

    Imagine the look on Corns face when "Jack Zoellner Bobblehead Night" happens.
  12. Legend_Of_Joey

    Ryan McKenna Future Second Baseman?

    Mountcastle in left over Stewart, Mullins, and McKenna? Did Santander also fall totally away? Mountcastle would be a great DH. But until he actually goes to the outfield, I'd rather have a true outfielder there.
  13. Legend_Of_Joey

    Gilmartin and Peterson

    Today by 5 PM, the Orioles had to clear space on the 40 for any players on the 60 day DL they wanted to reinstate, instead of waive. They have to make room on the 40 by mid November (believe the 20th, might be wrong on the date) and then add any Rule 5 eligible players they want to keep. They need to make room on the 40 by the Rule 5 pick in order to select anyone.
  14. Legend_Of_Joey

    Gilmartin and Peterson

    The Orioles may have offered them minor league deals, where they figure maybe they can get a MLB deal elsewhere. Peterson had some interest from other teams before the Orioles hot him. Plus, they saw that Andreoli was put on a MLB roster. The Hart thing though...I don't know how he is still there.