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  1. Will Castillo opt out?

    It kind of feels like what happened when Weiters was given the Q.O. with the main thought that he would decline. I hope he doesn't exercise his option because I want to see what direction the Orioles go with catching, but with him and Caleb splitting time and Beef not being the true #1 right now...Maybe he exercises it if he feels like he won't get more than $7 million in the first year from another team.
  2. A few of us will be at Bowie for an unofficial "Minor League Orioles Hangout" night. I'll try to check it out during the game! I'd be interested to hear your takes on: Hays and Mullins in 2018, if Austin Wynns has a shot at the majors (and how his hitting and caught stealing rate might effect the view of Chance Sisco by the org), whether DJ Stewart has a shot or is trade bait, if Yaz has a chance of being on the Orioles this season, and whether we should be worried about the struggles of Mountcastle in AA at both 3rd and at the plate.
  3. Anybody interested in an unofficial "Hangout Night" in Bowie?

    Final check before telling Adam how many there are.
  4. Alexis Torres and Max MacNabb Promoted to Delmarva

    With Torres playing short in both games, I wouldn't rule out a few injuries.
  5. Anybody interested in an unofficial "Hangout Night" in Bowie?

    DirtyBird NCRaven phillyOs119 survivedc (maybe?) Slade-OH O's84 Alright, looks like we have about 6 people that can go. Can anyone make arrangements with O's84 for a ride? I would offer, but I'll be coming from the City due to a training thing and might not make it until gametime. Need a final count soon. Spoke with Adam today and he said he would try and get discounts on the tickets and get us a section and hold a Q&A before the game.
  6. Santander

    You get more pitchers with MLB experience in AAA, even if they are AAAA guys.
  7. Santander

    He's been facing all Double A pitching. Never saw Triple A with better arms. Probably needs some time.
  8. Markel Jones

    Well, don't need to keep an eye on him for a bit...
  9. Minor League Playoff Standings (8/17/2017)

    We know the Orioles are half in, half out of the playoffs in the Majors, but how is the farm doing? Well... Norfolk Tide: Yeah, about them...17.5 out, 2 games from being eliminated from playoff contention. They were just as bad last year but held on until near the end. Their pitching has been horrible. Bowie Baysox: Bowie is 6 games over .500 but in first place right now. They are 1 game up in their division, which is a war of attrition. It'll be a fight to the end, but if they can hold on, they can do some damage. The emergence of Wynns and Marin, the additions of Rodriguez, Hays, and Mullins, along with their pitching has helped out. The pitching has been inconsistent, which has led to issues, but the offense has been solid. Frederick Keys: Despite a slightly horrible season (or atleast, less than what was expected due to their pitching staff), the Keys are only 1 game back from being tied for the Wild Card. While "officially" in 3rd place, the team in first already won the division in the 1st half, so the playoff spot now goes to whoever is in second. They didn't lose a step when Hays and Mountcastle were promoted, as Chris Clare has actually filled in nicely. The return of Jomar Reyes helped and Glynn Davis has been decent. Rifaela continues to abuse Carolina League pitching when he hits it. So does Mercedes, though to a lot lesser degree from last year. Could sneak in and pull a surprise. Delmarva Shorebirds: 8.5 back, 9 from elimination. If they could clone Alex Wells and have him pitch every game, they might have a shot. Otherwise, they will be out soon. Not too much was expected of them and they lived up to it. Jake Ring was a nice story to start and the resurgence (or emergence) of Preston Palmeiro was a nice surprise. Wells turning the league into his over video game was a hot story, but it can't cover up the smell of Delmarva. Aberdeen Ironbirds: 4 games back in the division, but first in the Wild Card. Pitching has been a good surprise and they have been outstanding at the plate. A league leading (I believe) 7 All Stars gives fans some hope, not only for the playoffs, but for the future too. Breazeale has been on fire, Ryan Ripken has surpassed what almost everyone on this site thought when he was signed, Jaylan Fergueson has been good in his second year, and the pitching has been coming around very well. This could be a good core of players in the next few levels, even if some drop off to the just be org guys.
  10. Austin Wynns

    *Crosses fingers* Please be on the 40 in September, please be on the 40 in September, please be on the 40 in September....
  11. I don't see Rifaela being on the 40. I'm hoping they do add Wynns to the 40, with him being Rule 5 eligible. I don't know if Hardy is brought back. I'm sure of another Rule 5 pick coming, especially a pitcher. Hess and Means probably won't be added. I could see Tim Berry get added if he has a good Spring. Don't see Wright staying on the 40, whether he gets moved for someone or just removed from it to create space and kept in Norfolk. Not sure who they use as a Utility. Flaherty at a reduced cost? Free agent? Only one person has been really doing that and that is Adrian Marin right now. Steve Wilkerson was, but he hasn't been seen in weeks. Not sure if injured, horribly sick from the thing that went thru the clubhouse, or what.
  12. Austin Wynns

    2 home runs for Wynns thru 3 innings so far in Reading. First career multi-homer game. Too bad both were solo shots so far.
  13. Ryan Mountcastle in 2017

    I think it has some impact. Threw a bit on him at once. I honestly wish he would go back to Frederick. They sent Gassaway back after a shorter time. Let Ryan work on 3rd at a lower level. Plus, selfishly, Bowie is in a playoff hunt. I would rather see Rosa and Wilkerson at 3rd than him.
  14. Anybody interested in an unofficial "Hangout Night" in Bowie?

    Adam is setting everything up for next Wednesday (August 23rd.) Need a quick count by the weekend. I know someone said they needed a ride from Bethesda. Is anyone over that way? I would get them if I was off that day but I'll be coming from work and might miss the pregame stuff.
  15. 8/19/2017, Replica Camden Yards Night

    I'll be there.