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  1. Legend_Of_Joey

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    I only brought him up because he is the third baseman at Frederick, the spot it seemed like Bannon would be going to until this news came out. But...But...He is special!!!! I just think he should get a look. His defense isn't that good, but it seems to favor a bit more than Nunez. Plus, if they were willing to put Pedro "The Hammer" Alvarez there....
  2. Legend_Of_Joey

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    Thanks. I was more referring to Bannon moving up to Bowie and pushing Mountcastle up.
  3. Legend_Of_Joey

    TT: Orioles get Haul for Machado

    With Rylon Bannon coming over, do you see Jomar Reyes getting moved/the boot or would he move to Bowie and Mountcastle moves up to see what he can do in Norfolk?
  4. From a quantity point, it is great. A Top 100 national prospect and potentially a few gap fillers. But give it 5 years and see how these players are doing.
  5. Legend_Of_Joey

    Ryan Mountcastle 2018

    Must be "out of 100."
  6. Legend_Of_Joey

    Predict the return for Manny

    Diaz, May, Erroll Robinson.
  7. Legend_Of_Joey

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Not sure. His name has been thrown out there a bunch. Guess we can figure out things after they officially announce who is part of the deal.
  8. Legend_Of_Joey

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Right. But Ruiz and Diaz are the 2 main names mentioned. Rios has been the 3rd to see out there, none are on the 40.
  9. Legend_Of_Joey

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I could be wrong, but I did not find anything saying that any minor league players who are traded need to be added to a teams 40 man roster.
  10. Legend_Of_Joey

    Machado Trade Expectations

    The part I read was that he is a bat first player with good power but is bad at defense at 3rd. Hence, the Nunez/Dosch comparison. Or would Mountcastle be a better comp?
  11. Legend_Of_Joey

    Machado Trade Expectations

    Another Renato Nunez or less powerful Drew Dosch. Oh yay...
  12. Legend_Of_Joey

    Machado Trade Expectations

    With Diaz and Ruiz 2 of the anticipated trade chips, where do they land on your prospect list with the Orioles, what affiliates do you expect them in and who should be worried by these moves? @Tony-OH @Luke-OH
  13. Legend_Of_Joey

    Orioles Farm: Good, Bad, or Ugly

    Ramirez isn't homegrown. He was acquired last season from the Yankees for International money at the deadline.
  14. Legend_Of_Joey

    SS/3B in 2019

    Wilkerson might be back mid August and will probably get a bulk of time in the utility role as an audition for next season.
  15. Legend_Of_Joey

    SS/3B in 2019

    Grenier is not starting 2019 in the majors. Mountcastle shouldn't be near 3rd, but might be the best bat option.