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  1. Fanfest

    Good job!
  2. Fanfest

    Yeah, per Roch he is missing it due to rehab.
  3. Fanfest

    I'll be doing a YouTube video of it. Probably won't be many highlights, aside from the free promotion room again.
  4. Fanfest

    Nope, Christian Walker was there last year. Davis isn't there, but Joseph is right after having a kid. Of course, things can change between now and then... Interesting that Nester Cortes is there and not any of the other Rule 5s from this off season.
  5. Fanfest

    They just announced the autograph list: https://www.mlb.com/orioles/fans/fanfest The tables seem...Lackluster and strangely put together.
  6. Job Fair

    I'm waiting for the ballboy job.
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    If I remember correctly, Moran was an issue because he was out injured at the time (courtesy of the Orioles and a freak accident, no less) when the trade deadline came around.
  8. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    If I was stopping anywhere in the city, I would too.
  9. Whatever adjustments they had Akin make in the second half last season was the difference maker. At the start of the season, his pitches were like batting practice ones and his command was bad. After his "disabled list" stint, it was like night and day.
  10. Baltimore City Detective shot

    This whole thing still stinks and screams "cover up."
  11. Hospital Patient Discharged in Gown in Winter

    Its a horrible event either way. I think I know who that lady is too. Last time I saw her 2 years ago, she was homeless but had a very uplifting personality and would always stop and talk with us on patrol.
  12. Miguel Castro has a fourth option available for 2018

    I agree with the first half of your statement, with one small detail. Keep him as a swingman/long reliever but also use him as the "emergency" or 6th starter to get him a taste of starting, without throwing him out there every few days.
  13. outfield / 1B / S.Smith ? D.Ackley.

    Just say when and I can make that issue go away... I mean...
  14. Fanfest

    Orioles announced autograph vouchers will go on sale Wednesday, January 17th at 10 am. The list of participants and tables will be up no later than 9 pm on the 16th.
  15. Fanfest

    I'll be there this year. Last year was the first time I went and it was pretty fun, especially if you don't go in over thinking things.