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  1. Hess wants a word with Hyde about Toronto.
  2. If she is going now, NFL makes sense.
  3. Those two teams came around by removing 2 from the California League: High Desert and Bakersfield.
  4. Roch pointed out 2 of the next 3 series are in NL parks, so they will have a 4 man bench anyway. No need for it to get too crowded.
  5. A lot of heartbreak for some people.
  6. Especially if he has what's going around. Antibiotics + this heat = not good at all.
  7. The bobblehead is pretty cool. The jersey auction was a freaking stab in the eye. I wish Bowie would put the jerseys on the auction sites online, instead of the "live auction" they have. People were putting $400 for Chris Clare and Alexander De La Cruz for god sake, along with a vomit inducing moment: The GM, who was doing the "auctioneer" role, announced Zac Lowther's jersey and price (which was pretty high anyway) and stated the highest bidder at that time was Zac's father. When he asked if anyone wanted to raise the price, a half dozen hands shot up and you would of thought people were bidding on the next greatest commodity. Just an absolute sh*tshow.
  8. And to think, I paid the lunch this past trip to Norfolk (post coming soon.)
  9. Apparently it was a very last minute call, so not even garunteed he will be there before the game. Before I saw Severino was sick, I was confused. Happy, but confused.
  10. Jean Carrillo was just placed on the 7 day IL, so they needed a catcher anyway. Robert's and Breazeale aren't doing good in Delmarva and I believe almost all of the Aberdeen ones are draft picks except one.
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