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  1. Mike Wright was DFA'ed by Seattle. They need that roster spot.
  2. Oh, you mean using those big words and things. I is ok with verbiage.
  3. Well, if Sisco was a nicer person, maybe someone would write a poem about him. *Just to clarify, I don't know what "waxed poetic" means.*
  4. Sisco taught him some defensive skills and he is showing them off. How's your boy Sisco since his recent hot streak? 3 for 19?
  5. @Can_of_corn asks about stolen base attempts in the majors and then the Orioles catch one stealing.
  6. Per Jon Meoli of the Baltimore Sun: With Cedric Mullins struggling at the plate in late April and no real alternative in the fold to replace him, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde sat in his office with executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias and came up with a solution out of thin air. "Me and Mike were just talking about it one night, probably about three days before [Stevie Wilkerson] got here," Hyde said. "Not kidding. We had him play a game or two down in Norfolk, and then he came, and he's been playing center field quite a bit. "We were talking about a lot of things. I don't know if it was me or him who came up with it, but we sent a message down to Norfolk to see if we could get some time for him in center field. A few days later, he was here." The result has been a real spark — to the extent of any the Orioles have had this year. Wilkerson's fourth home run of the season helped them to a 5-1 win over the Cleveland Indians on Friday, and Saturday marked his 12th start in center field in his past 13 games, knocking Joey Rickard into more of a reserve role. Wilkerson, 27, entered Saturday hitting .333 in that stretch and .292on the year. He’s had some difficult moments in center field but nothing glaring for a player who had never played it before being thrust into the role for a few days in Norfolk before his call-up. What he does struggle with, he makes up for with athleticism. "That's what we were trying to come up with," Hyde said. "Looking for some athleticism and Stevie brings that. We wanted to see what that looked like down there. It probably happened a little faster than we anticipated, but we rolled the dice, took a chance and he's been playing well." With Mullins still trying to steady himself at Norfolk, and Austin Hays finally back in games, there are more options behind Wilkerson than there were at the time. Mason Williams is also center field depth at Norfolk, but it's not as if Wilkerson will be hearing footsteps with the way he's playing. "I just like the at-bats he's taking," Hyde said. "He's playing with nothing to lose and leaving it out on the field. It's fantastic. "I just think he's a really good athlete. He's going to make some mistakes here and there, but the more reps he's getting out there, you see the improvement and I just like the speed factor. I like the aggressiveness. I think he's going to get better and better as he continues playing the outfield."
  7. Martin just doesn't seem comfortable at all at the plate.
  8. Wynns has changed up his batting stance. I didn't see the game until late or the last few games he played, so not sure how new it is. 4 hits in his last 2 games, so it seems to be working out.
  9. The second stop was after the catcher got the ball and he didn't know where it would be thrown. If they threw to 3rd, he could get back. The throw went to second and he could of either dove (like he did) to try and beat the throw or break for 3rd and work a run down and see if Davis can score.
  10. The issue seemed to be Flores. He never raised his hands or anything to give a sign to Wilkerson when he was rounding second and heading to third. Wilkerson saw Davis stop and go back and that is when he did. Flores needs to give his signs more, instead of just yelling at the nearest runner.
  11. STEVIE! VERY late stop sign on Davis there and caused Wilkerson to get hung up. Slight rally killer there.
  12. I hope he gets better at realizing what he can and can't get to. I do like the effort though. Davis has had 2 brain dead throwing plays in 2 weeks.
  13. When you 2 bench options in the 9th are Ritchie Martin and Austin Wynns as pinch hitters, that happens. Atleast Wynns made contact against Chapman.
  14. Paul Fry: *Sees defense behind him falling apart.* Screw it, I'll just pick him off.
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