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  1. The only thing he has surprised me on was his speed. He is just so goofy and gangly that I thought I might have a chance against him in a foot race. I hope the Orioles don't do something stupid like trade him.
  2. His 71 strike outs probably has something to do with it.
  3. Close enough. Davis was sent to Frederick instead.
  4. 2 very nice sliding plays by Mancini so far.
  5. Alexis Torres is indeed in Aberdeen. He could have a minor injury or just not be in their rotation of players yet. They have only played 2 games so far.
  6. Gray is in the Gulf Coast League with Itchy Gui. I think Torres is there too, but I'll check later.
  7. Well, he was just released today by Aberdeen.
  8. No idea. I want to say it was a paper move due to Levy coming back from the DL and having a week (at the time) before Hays got moved up.
  9. Wells has started to get hit hard his past few starts and was dealing with an injury earlier in the season. Let him stay in Delmarva for now and keep tossing. Ring would be a good option to come up to take over Hays spot. Unless they take Mercedes off the temporary restricted list and put him in the outfield.
  10. Along with Tanner Scott, Lucas Long, and Tim Berry. If the rest of the bullpen could step up, they would be even better.
  11. Bridwell? Man, if only the Orioles had someone like him. Though they would probably only use him once or twice in a bullpen spot and then DFA him for a team to pick him up and let him show what he can do as a starter. Man, good thing the Orioles would never be THAT dumb...
  12. He will be my second favorite Austin in Bowie.
  13. SAL - Wells pitched a scoreless inning and struck out a batter. Ring was the leadoff hitter and went 0-3. Clare came in at shortstop later in the game and went 1-1. CAR - Hays started in center and hit second. He went 1-3 with a walk and a run scored. Mountcastle started as DH and hit 4th, going 0-3. Gassaway was a late inning replacement and went 0-1 with a strike out. Chleborad pitched a scoreless inning with a strike out and got a "hold."
  14. He is starting the All Star game tonight, batting second and playing in center. Mountcastle is 4th and DH.
  15. Hmmm.... Great minor league hitter Weaker arm shortstop Could be the next Orioles catcher!