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  1. Britton came on in the 6th for the Bowie Baysox (AA) tonight and... .2 of an inning, 1 hit (home run), 2 walks, threw one in the dirt for a stolen base, and 1 strike out. 28 pitches, 17 strikes. Has 2 runners on that are his, right now.
  2. Last I read, he was in Extended Spring Training and had about a month to go.
  3. 4 by 1 player, 2 by another. I think Bowie was out to make a statement after the walk off loss last night...
  4. I wouldn't. He skipped Delmarva and didn't pitch much in Aberdeen. There is no real tape or report on him. Let him stay in Frederick for the season. Let him face the same teams 3 or 4 times and see if they figure him out. If he still has the same success all season, then Bowie next year. If he gets knocked around a little, then good. See how he bounces back.
  5. Just got back from the Keys double header today against the Salem Red Sox. No one was beaned... Frederick swept the double header. Akin and Sedlock both did very well, mixing in the pitches and getting lots of swing and misses. Very, VERY solid efforts by both. There were 0 home runs by both teams, so that's a plus and a minus. Stuart Levy is a very good catcher. He made several stops on breaking balls and balls in the dirt and made a very good throw to second to catch a runner stealing. Also made a nice catch and tag on a runner in the first game. Stev(i)e Wilkerson is a very good player, who is repeating Frederick (might be his third year.) He batted leadoff in both games and did very well. I know he had 3 hits in the second game and had atleast 1 or 2 in the first. Very solid on defense (second base in game 1, right field in game 2) and cut down a runner at home on a nice catch and throw in the first game. Switch hitter with more power on the right but still made solid contact leftie. Mountcastle, Hays, and Gassaway all did good. None looked bad in the field. Mountcastle made a very nice stop on a ball deep in the hole at short, but couldn't get it to first in time. The bats were a bit cold, as they got fooled by breaking balls. Yermin Mercedes needs to figure out what he did last season and do it. He played both games and was swinging wildly. He tries to destroy EVERY pitch, but isn't putting his lower body into it. He is relying just on his arms and looks horrible on breaking balls. Had a single to center that he just threw his bat at and got lucky. Had a few deep fly balls that would have been home runs if he used his lower body. Overall, not too bad by the Keys. Solid outings by the pitchers helped a LOT! Oh, and Christian Turnipseed and Luis Gonzalez were both lights out in relief in both games.
  6. Extended Spring Training.
  7. Wynns singled in his first at bat today and now has a 12 game hitting streak.
  8. The grill thing on the third base concourse is good. The new "healthy" thing on the first base concourse though...Not so much.
  9. Maybe still feeling it from the Toronto wall?
  10. I'll bite on this one. I want to see consistency. That has been his issue. He will go 3-4 and 2-3 for a 3 game stretch, then have a 2 for 20 slump before rebounding with a 10-40 and then going on a small streak. Also...Defense.
  11. Wynns went 1-4 today and now has an 11 game hitting streak.
  12. Sisco is having a large issue with his defense in Norfolk this season already. But, let's see how the entire season goes. If things stay the same...Wynns.
  13. I think Mullins has settled in a bit now. He might not repeat the way he started the season, but I think he will pick things up again soon. Hopefully Keller wasn't THAT bad last night and the rain played a part of his struggle. Wynns is...Well, Wynns. 9 game hit streak now, multi hit game in over half of them, and was bumped up to second in the line up. Also had 2 walks. To say that I am happy for him would he an understatement.
  14. Ubaldo must of had one of Mancini's bats.
  15. Chris Lee left todays game with an injury in the 3rd after throwing a ball low. He was replaced by Scott McGough. No word on the injury yet.