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  1. Fanfest

    Root for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. Lifelong (50+) Os fan here. In the end, 98% of these guys are just paid mercenaries and have no real appreciation for the fans in any particular city that pay their salary. There are some exceptions, but exceptions they are and they are very far and few between. With kids, I know this can be a tough experience. I was a big Eddie Murray fan growing up. But this is a teachable moment about how these guys have no real stake in the relationship with the fans and the city. And that for the right amount of money, they will play for anybody and anywhere. And that is not a criticism of the players. It is the way the business is set up (and before free agency, the owners had too much control). It is good work - if you can get it. Although I think the organization is going somewhat sideways this off-season, and would like to see some changes in the front office/ownership, I will be rooting for the 2018 Orioles regardless of who is on the lineup card. I don't expect any of the players to care about, much less reciprocate, my emotional attachment to the Orioles. And likewise, when they depart, I won't care about them, either.
  2. Maryland at Michigan

    To their credit, Maryland kept it close in the second half, including overcoming another killer 5:00 minute scoring drought. Combined with Michigan not hitting their free throws, it opened up the door for Huerter to hit the Terps biggest shot of the year and give Maryland a 1 point lead with 3.5 seconds to go. But shoddy defense (and questionable coaching of the defensive alignment) on the last play allowed Michigan to force a foul and win it at the line. Encouraging, yet ultimately dissapointing. A struggling Minnesota team awaits the Terps at home on Thursday in what is probably their last chance for a win this month.
  3. Maryland at Michigan

    Maryland quickly reverting to form with what Bill Raferty termed "faulty defense"...Michigan with a barrage of 3s in the first 10 minutes of the second half (8-10) and what was once a promising chance to get a big win on the road begins to slip away from the Terps.
  4. Maryland at Michigan

    And there it is, the patented MD drought. From 1:29 in the first half to 16:33 in the second (just shy of 5:00), MD went scoreless and allowed Michigan to storm back on a 14-0 run and tie the game at 30-30. Maryland , to their credit, then went on a mini-run of their own to take a 6 point lead at the under 16:00 timeout. It is clear that Michigan has come out of their slumber; Maryland will need to play well to earn this much-needed road victory.
  5. Maryland at Michigan

    At the half, Maryland is up 10 on Michigan. Maryland has played well on both sides of the ball. But the main story seems to be that Michigan has not recovered from their upset win over cross-state rival MSU on Saturday. In the first half, Michigan couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. They missed layups, 3 pointers (2-9) and a bunch of shots in between. Maryland allowed Michigan to cut the lead to 10 at the half, and they are another mini-run from getting right back into it. So the game is not over by a long shot, but the second half holds to be much more watchable than the previous MD games on the road.
  6. Maryland at Michigan

    Another tough road game against a Top 25 (#23) team. Unfortunately, due to injuries and recent events, I have been forced to downsize my expectations for the Terps. Not that they were high in the first place; I expected them to be an NCAA bubble team. However, now, I think they are an NIT bubble team - at best. Having said that, here is what I would like to see tonight: > Be within 10 points at some point in the 2nd half. > Keep Michigan from scoring 50+ points from the 3-point line. > Avoid scoring droughts of 5+ minutes. > Keep the final margin of defeat to within 20 points. On a side note, being a Catonsville native, I am keeping tabs on the UMBC Retrievers. Dave Odom's son, Ryan, has them playing well. If they get hot at the right time, they could make a run in the conference tournament.
  7. Maryland at Ohio State

    Another disappointing performance on the road. The Terps seem to be heading for the bottom half (quarter?) of the Big 10. A very tough schedule continues for this month (@Michigan, Minnesota, @Indiana, MSU, @ Purdue). With the way they are playing, I see the Minnesota game as the only realistic win in that stretch. Terps hopes of qualifying for the NCAA tournament are quickly disappearing (sans a miracle conference tournament finish). I know the injury bug has bit them hard, but save for the second half against (what is apparently) a very bad Iowa team, the Terps have played very uninspired over the last 3 contests. Very discouraging....
  8. Maryland at Ohio State

    Um, not exactly.
  9. Maryland at Ohio State

    Ohio State 13-22 from 3-point range. Another team on their way to score 50 points against the Terps from 3.
  10. Maryland at Ohio State

    "Everything going Ohio State's way." Imagine that. Cekovsky, at 7', plays like he is 6'2".
  11. Maryland at Ohio State

    Another big game on the road. Like at MSU, Maryland came out playing well, but like at MSU, they have faded at the half. Fernando has disappeared. And of course the Buckeyes are shooting the lights out. Let's see if Maryland can play a more inspired game in the 2nd half.
  12. The Orioles have certainly had their ups and downs during the Angelos years. But nobody...and I mean NOBODY...comes into our court house and pushes us around!!!
  13. Maryland at Michigan State

    Yes...a well needed response after last Thursday. The first half was touch-and-go, and quite frankly, Iowa looked like more prepared team. But with the Terps having to shuttle in new starters, it is to be expected that there will be rough periods until they get everyone situated into the starting lineup and rotation. Still don't like the high-post screen (stand around and wait for something to happen) offense. But it is what it is at this point. Energy was much better in the second half. Bruno seemed to single handily get the place rocking. Didn't see any of the Ohio State / MSU game. I suspect at the end of year, we will look back and note that MSU played one of their best, if not their best, game of the year against the Terps. Another big test for the Terps coming up against Ohio State on Thursday. They will need some road victories to secure a place in the NCAA tournament.
  14. Maryland at Michigan State

    I certainly agree. I didn't think they had a real chance of winning. I just would have liked to see a little more fight; once MSU made that run at the end of the first half, it looked like MD just packed it in. In the second half, talent discrepancy notwithstanding, one team was hustling and diving all over the court for loose balls and the other team was not. That was disappointing to see. Tonight should be interesting (I am going), I suspect with classes still out, it will be a half-empty arena. Iowa is the proverbial "desperate man backed in a corner". I will be curious to see if MD can bring the energy and focus.
  15. Maryland at Michigan State

    Well, like I said, they caught MSU on a bad night (for the Terps). The Terps stopped scoring and MSU kept hitting all their looks. That happens to all teams. But... One of the reasons the Terps stopped scoring is because they continually run that high screen offense that, if the first (only?) option doesn't come open off the pick, ends up with someone dribbling the ball at the top of key and the other 4 players standing around waiting for him to make a move. Izzo had his team playing defense like they were down 10 points all game. Bad coaching vs. good coaching. And... The Terps stopped rebounding. There was a timeout and they went into MSU's huddle, and there was Izzo screaming at his team telling them, "All 5 guys need to go for the rebound." Again, coaching like his team was down 10 and not up 20. And his team continued to bust their ass, diving for loose balls, etc. throughout the game. MD looked like they couldn't wait to get on the bus. It is probably not fair to judge the undermanned Terps or Turgeon on a night like last night when a #1 team, with all their players, at home brought their A game. But it sure did bring in sharp relief the difference between the 2 teams. Pretty discouraging night for me, personally.