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  1. ThomasTomasz

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    Also, I think their resurrecting of Charlie Morton's career kinda cancels out what they did with JD Martinez. Every organization has hits and misses.
  2. ThomasTomasz

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    They traded Giles and two solid pitching prospects who can hitch it up to 95-98, which has become super-valuable in the analytics age-https://www.minorleagueball.com/2018/7/30/17632752/blue-jays-trade-roberto-osuna-astros-ken-giles-prospects-david-paulino-hector-perez
  3. ThomasTomasz

    Wieters and Rutschman

    I was reading something, and I've heard this from a couple places, that he's Posey with more power, and the most locked-in offensive prospect since Bryce Harper. I've also heard that there might be prospect fatigue around Witt, too. I'm sure the decision isn't finalized yet.
  4. ThomasTomasz

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    Not to mention, build the prospect and depth charts to be able to trade for roster pieces such as Verlander, Osuna, Giles, Cole, etc. They;ve also retained their best hitting and pitching prospects as well.
  5. ThomasTomasz

    Crush Davis is in the House!

    They've made few moves to improve the 40 man roster, but the hiring of Elias has already paid dividends to some major departments. The analytics department has already had a lot invested in it for new technology and equipment. Elias is filling some of the positions personally until next off-season, where he can hire from other organizations in a timely manner (his late hire did not enable this to happen.) . I want us to hire the right guys, and I'm OK taking a year to reset. Hell, we havent even had a draft yet. But already we are talking about our Latin America facilities, investing in technology for the facility immediately and making plans to invest more money into the system. Rebuilding a team that was stuck in the stone age as far as analytics, scouting and player development takes time, and I'm willing to give it to get us back to being a consistent contender that we were in the 60's, 70's and early 80's.
  6. ThomasTomasz

    Fanfest 2019 update.

    Well, that is pretty good on their part, especially since the team doesn't really have to do anything since it was Ticketmasters vault- though the key to a great vendor relationship is to have their back in situations like this. Glad the Orioles are going above and beyond for fans right now. This, along with some of the new perks for STH's (at least for 81 and 29 games) makes me think we're headed in the right direction, at least with our fans.
  7. ThomasTomasz

    Baltimore Orioles will not play exhibition at Naval Academy in 2019

    The move to strike the Nationals from this completely was wrong. Yeah, i get territories and all, but this came together from their partnership with the Navy because of their stadium's proximity to the Navy Yard in SE DC. I was at the game as a vendor, and let me tell you, it was one heck of an experience for the mids that were selected to be there, and the teams got a tour of the Academy and got to spend a lot of time with the mids. Not only did the Nationals agree to this game, they were also putting in money to help make improvements to the stadium. The Orioles had every right to come in and demand some share of partnership because of it being their territory. But to cut the Nats out completely, especially when their relationship with the US Navy didn't even have anything to do with the Academy to begin with, is dumb.
  8. ThomasTomasz

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Absolutely, I knew that I was going to re-up, but the value they are adding while we are rebuilding makes this an extremely nice package.
  9. ThomasTomasz

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Get an apple tv or something similar and connect your phone to that device, and it will play on your TV.
  10. ThomasTomasz

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Oh, and we get a free mlb.tv subscription? The Redskins do something similar with Red Zone, that's a huge value and I'm going to love watching games on the west coast.
  11. ThomasTomasz

    Ticketmaster is Active

    I missed that, good catch. I've got two seats, meaning I've got two credentials for myself and my guest. Once you get to know people, I can imagine them letting you by if you have another guest (on bobble head days, I have multiple people with me) then you might be able to get more use out of it. I can also see them saying "no ifs, ands or buts, they have to have the credential" but then you get into murky water and making the fans happy. As long as it's limited and truly a benefit, I'm OK with it.
  12. ThomasTomasz

    Some Positivity

    Vlad Guerrero Jr is the HOF'er. Dante Bichette was not a HOF'er, but a very good outfielder and professional hitter. His son, Bo, will likely be up at some point in the season and Danny Jansen likely starts the year with the club. So they've got three top 100 prospects to watch this year.
  13. ThomasTomasz

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Which is also pretty cool. A lot of teams have a STH "Christmas present" which usually ends up being a bobble head. I know I have a collection of Mike Trout bobble heads and a couple of those were the STH exclusives. I've also got a Ryan Bruan Brewers ASG bobble head that was a STH exclusive. Nice to see the Orioles going with the Bird for now.
  14. ThomasTomasz

    Some Positivity

    At least the Blue Jays have an electric top prospect coming up in May (because service time manipulation) who is the son of a Hall of Fame player and will most certainly battle it out for Rookie of the Year in the AL. I still think their younger player talent right now is better than ours, so we will finish in the bottom. However, I do not mind, so long as ownership lets Elias do his thing and we stick to the process of rebuilding the right way, continuing to expand our scouting and player acquisition to all avenues and deepening those positions over the next year or so. Watching rebuilding baseball means a lot of losses, but it's also fun to watch in it's own way to evaluate the younger players and see the drive and hunger that they have to make and stick in the big leagues.
  15. ThomasTomasz

    Ticketmaster is Active

    Sorry, let me edit that, it was the 30 minute seating bowl thing. it's nice, don't get me wrong, but many STH's don't show up that early. It's a select few that let a lot of people in with them- including if you sell tickets online. it has the STH code and will allow a non-STH in.