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  1. They sold out Beltre's retirement, and it was only a 15k run on the bobbleheads. I managed to get three. And yes, the Mancini bobblehead is exactly what I'm talking about
  2. Everyone does it, so you can't just blame the Orioles. I paid $80 for far upper level tickets to Adrian Beltre's number retirement/bobblehead in Texas while on vacation this year. The same tickets in the far upper deck cost me $25 for another bobblehead the weekend before. What pisses me off the most is that I can't "upgrade" my season tickets to get the theme night giveaways. Last year for Star Wars night, I had the bobblehead tickets, and then I had my own. Just let me buy the damn thing for $20 extra.
  3. He had a three week stretch with an OPS around .750 in June. Let's also remember that this kid never hit until last year, due to the Athletics never giving him an eye exam and then figuring out what corrective vision could do for him. So yes, his hit tool is definitely behind, but I can't really blame him for that. He deserves to finish out the year as an Oriole and get a chance to prove himself at AAA next season. It's not like he is blocking anyone else now, or at AAA next year.
  4. Yes, you get 15% off concessions as an orange member, and 20% off as a black/platinum member. About a month ago, they expanded the coverage to include Boogs and just about every other place except the fruit smoothie stand. Half of the time, I forget to wear the goofy lanyard so I don't get it, I guess that they were also hoping that would happen.
  5. A couple problems as I see them: 1.) Hawaiian shirt and MD Flag jersey when they started it (or for Hawaiian, restarted) sold very well. I remember going to the first MD Flag jersey game, all of the gates were packed for entry. It was a legit sell out, with SRO tickets going for $90 plus. The problem isn't just the price as someone mentioned it, the problem is that the demand isn't there for it on the third year. Yes, they did something different, but it's not enough to keep interest up after the first time. 2.) The bobblehead offerings this year are ridiculous. The Orioles are offering one stadium giveaway bobble-head, which is Brooks. I'm not asking for 12 like the Dodgers have, but the Nationals have 6-8 bobblehead offerings each year. Scherzer, their top pitcher, has had a bobblehead three years running. There's no need to space them out like the Orioles have done. Machado received one Orioles bobblehead if I recall, the platinum glove one. They just did an augmented reality display for the statues out in center field. Why couldn't they highlight that more with bobbleheads of Cal, Earl, Brooks, Jim and Frank? Why not make the bobbleheads match the statues in appearance? Or they are celebrating the Why Not 89 Orioles? Why not have bobbleheads commemorating players from that team? While it's not as bad as it used to be with all of the t-shirt offerings, I do miss things like the golf umbrella, fathers day grill set, etc that they tried in the 2015-16 season. I thought that was the best time for giveaways. Also, our tickets are pretty damn affordable compared to other stadiums, even $75 for a box seat for an elite game. In Texas, I paid $80 for the farthest away seats for Adrian Beltre's number retirement game and bobblehead while on vacation. I spent $100-plus each night for my ticket behind the dugout when the Orioles were there.
  6. So you essentially bench the guy for the final month of the year so the option doesn't vest, and how many players/agents does a new GM turn off before he even has a year on the job? Quite a few, I would imagine.
  7. From my understanding, they are essentially paying the signing bonus money and approximately half of the salary remaining, items that they were already responsible for, to avoid the $9 million option for next year. So about $4.7 million to save $9 million as someone said earlier.
  8. Exactly my point. It's a crap shoot. David Andrews released an app a few years ago to help parents track how much their kids pitched at the high school level because what he found out is that, by the time these kids are drafted out of HS or go to college, they have so many miles on their arm that they are a ticking time bomb for elbow and shoulder injuries. He had parents coming to him and other colleagues asking for "preventative" Tommy John surgery. Who knows how much Espinoza pitched as a kid/teenager before coming to the Boston/San Diego organizations, and if that ruined him or not.
  9. On the flip side, the Padres got what everyone considered a steal when they traded Drew Pomeranz for Anderson Espinoza, who was a top 20 MLB prospect at the time of his trade. Four years later and too many injuries to count, he has yet to pitch in AA ball and has been surpassed by countless other pitchers on their roster this year. It just goes to prove that prospects are a crap shoot.
  10. Problem is, you can't just throw the towel in on the games and not play. Someone has to pitch. it stretches an already thin pitching staff to trade Cashner since he's been a lock to pitch 5-6 innings during most of his starts. And Bundy is now on the DL. Cashner was one I was on the fence about trading of all of the people on the roster, especially with only one trade deadline this year.
  11. Ownership wants to be involved in decisions over $20 million or so it seems, I'm OK with that. If the rumors I heard were true about Peter's wife pushing to re-sign him, then there is no way he is gone at this point. With everything else Elias has been allowed to do that were in direct defiance of decrees from Peter, I'll take how this is operating right now 100% of the time.
  12. I went to the Friday Indians game on the 28th, and between construction on 424 outside of Annapolis and an accident on 295, it took me almost an hour and 40 minutes to get to the stadium from Annapolis, and I'm already leaving between 3:45-4:00. Looks like I'm going to need to be leaving work extra early.
  13. He may be a potential 26th man for the double-header, or additional help at any point during the weekend. Coming off a break and playing at 7 pm, 1 pm, 7 pm and 1 pm is tough, potential for some injuries or additional bodies, and having him 30 minutes down the road will be clutch. EDIT: Maybe not, last I saw his numbers in AAA they were at least respectable. Looks like he's cratered.
  14. Thats what all of the deferred money is now. The Nationals deferred money to Scherzer, Strasburg and Corbin is all no interest, as was their second offer to Harper.
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