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  1. Snyder only hires yes men. Bruce Allen is a yes man, and also on board because of his political connections in Virginia- once the Fed Ex Field lease is up, Snyder will have a new stadium in Virginia. What's appalling to me is that, if you break down Alex Smith's contract to what he's guaranteed, it's a three year, $71 million deal. Cousins signed with the Vikings for three years, $84 million. And we gave up Kendall Fuller and a third round draft pick. That's the kind of move that sets franchises back, just like the RGIII deal did for us years ago.
  2. Long-term, the record will also show what Houston did during that time was go from worst to a World Series, and implemented a system that created and will sustain that kind of success. The Orioles fell quite short of the Astros during that same time period, despite what the W/L record states. Now this is a new era for the Orioles, and I hope that the Angelos sons will let Elias do his thing. He needs 4-5 years to get us back into being a successful franchise, and it's going to be really hard with the other teams in our division. Everything could go right, and we might still need more time.
  3. And if Cobb opens with how he pitched in the second half last year- 2.56 ERA, .229 opp BA, 4.28 FIP- he can easily be moved, and for a decent return if we eat a little bit of salary. However, even rebuilding teams need a veteran starting pitcher or two to eat innings and not burn out the bullpen, so Cobb should be someone we consider holding onto.
  4. ThomasTomasz

    Sig Mejdal

    Wouldn't that just be the same thing we did? Not saying the Orioles had a super-star scouting program like Houston, but we diverted a lot of funds to the major league payroll to try and sustain success and get the most out of this window. Perhaps that is what Luhnow is doing? Even under previous ownership, the Astros were never a team super-flushed with cash, and while they are riding high on season-ticket sales and post-season profits, they have to be primarily focused on the MLB team and product right now.
  5. Yeah, ownership is at the owners meetings, which probably contains more business than usual as I am sure that whoever is representing the Orioles has been called to answer who exactly is in charge, the state of Peter, etc. They are also preparing for the ruling that will be handed down about the MASN dispute. Meanwhile, there is still a contract to draw up (good thing the Orioles have a law firm on call to do that) and of course, the press conference. I would expect the contract to be signed over the weekend, and hopefully have a conference by Tuesday afternoon.
  6. My bosses' initials are ME. When we were at the corporate offices last, he poked around some offices of our support staff and signed their whiteboards "I was here. ME" . So yeah, lots of fun to be had.
  7. He didn't leave, his contract expired and he didn't re-sign. Probably had an inkling that Elias would be going somewhere between openings at SF and BAL.
  8. Probably has something to do with the Orioles' physical.
  9. I am aware of what he does to some extent, realizing he handles more of the business side of things. I deal with the college sports equivalents of his position in my job quite a bit. My point still stands- this is an important job, one that should be left to the incoming staff to hire, especially if the contract has run out. So I am quite confused as to why we readily extended his deal before we've even announced a new head of baseball ops, much less a GM.
  10. ThomasTomasz

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    I just don't understand how Cherington would be the pick. Three out of four years with the Red Sox, his teams finished in last place- one could say, as many Red Sox fans do, that they lucked into the World Series victory under Cherrington. He had big failures in free agency and his tenure ultimately also cost Larry Luchino, a long-time executive in baseball, his job as team president. This is a guy who needs to prove himself as a GM again, not someone who should ascend to the highest spot in charge of baseball operations.
  11. Like many of you, I continue to hold my breath about the future of the Orioles- who we hire to fill the key spots in the front office, and then to the manager. I've heard the statement that whoever is put in charge of baseball operations- whatever that title may be- will have full control to make changes as they see fit. However, a move like this, extending someone in a key FO position as director of minor league operations, directly conflicts with that statement. While the farm system as a whole is on it's way up- a lot of credit has been given to John Wasdin's input on the pitching prospects we've drafted the past two years- I just don't understand how you can promise someone full control, and then have this key position not filled. I will continue to wait like the rest of you, but I'm really bummed out that it seems we are just about ready to head in the same direction we've been heading overall for the past 20 years.
  12. ThomasTomasz

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    Dodgers are likely moving a lot of people up the chain so Zaidi can't poach them all away. I'm sure we were left holding the bag on this one, and watching it play out. And Zaidi made the right call, there's no way you pick the Orioles over the Giants when you lay everything out in front of you.
  13. ThomasTomasz

    Fanfest announced for Sat, 1/26/19

    Also I am fairly certain the Orioles official Twitter account is still getting blown up from the diehard fans about having Fan Fest before a president and GM is selected. Rightfully so, however, we also have to remember they are doing fan fest for everyone, including the average fan who doesn't keep up with much of that stuff and only care about Opening Day, and Wins and Losses.
  14. ThomasTomasz

    Fanfest announced for Sat, 1/26/19

    They use them for marketing events throughout the off-season. I expect a lot of them will be given away at the exhibition game at the Naval Academy- two years ago when the Nats did it, they unloaded a ton of giveaways to the midshipmen. I'm . sure some are alloted for fan fest as well. I'm actually able to go for the first time in forever, too. Usually, Fan Fest is a week later during Super Bowl weekend, and I always have an outstanding church commitment......except for this year, so it only made sense they moved it to another time I could make. It will be an excuse to take off work on Saturday, so I'll probably be one of the first in, make the rounds and leave.
  15. ThomasTomasz

    Top President / EVP Candidates?

    I think either would be a great fit for our GM position. I do not think either have the experience yet for head of baseball operations. Given how John Wasdin has been instrumental in the past two drafts for pitching (pundits are favoring them for our selections) and he came out of Oakland with experience in their analytics, I would lean Kantrovitz.