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  1. In the same way, Theo Epstein gets credit for the ballclub that Duquette largely put together in Boston before they let him go. He was hired to be their GM in 1994 and laid the groundwork for the entire success of that club- started their analytics department, started their investment in the international market (Hanley Ramirez, anyone?) and he was the one who drafted and/or acquired Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Pedro Martinez, Jason Varitek, Derek Lowe, Shea Hillenbrand, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe and numerous others who played a hand in the 2004 World Series club. That was after some very good work he did while in Montreal. With that track record, I'd rather see what he can do given full control over the rebuild and really dig into what is going on with the Orioles. He hired John Wasdin as the new pitching coordinator two years ago, leading to the shift in philosophy of drafting pitchers and positive reviews of our draft classes the past two years. DL Hall just made the top 100 list for Baseball America, and is likely to make some more. Grayson Rodriguez looks like he could be even better. Wasdin came out of the Athletics coaching system- heavily driven by analytics. It is a start on addressing pitching. However, what about the rest of the player development staff? Why haven't we not developed a true ace-level pitcher since Erik Bedard? And before him, Mike Mussina? Why did we go through all of the failures, from Matt Riley and Matt Hobgood to Brian Matusz, Zach Britton and Jake Arrieta all failing as starters? Some combination of those three, along with Harvey, Gausman and Bundy, were supposed to lead this team through this last window. We need to go through the minor league system and figure these things out and either change roles and responsibilities, or find new people who can do a better job. I think it's the latter. Loyalty is great, but when it is not turning out results, we have to go in a different direction.
  2. Exactly. After 2014, we all knew that the Orioles needed starting pitching, and if Angelos wanted to spend the money, we could've been in the market for Max Scherzer or Jon Lester. But, his steadfast refusal to allow FA contracts not to exceed certain year/salary limits, plus refusal to invest much in free agent pitchers to begin with, played a part in that failing. Instead, we got half-assed measures like Jimenez and Gallardo over this last competitive window. The teams in 2015 and 2016 would've benefitted heavily from a TORP like a Scherzer or Lester. Even in 2017, when the wheels were coming off in June with the pitchers unable to not allow less than five runs a game, an ace like that rights the ship. Instead we all know what happened- let Markakis and Cruz walk- which I agree with in a sense due to the risk both had. However, we did nothing to replace their production, either offensively or shifted those resources to pitching. And that falls square on ownership not approving the resources to go out and make something happen. Mike Illitch also knew how to run a successful organization, as evidenced by the numerous championships his Red Wings won in the NHL. In no way, shape or form should he be compared to Angelos. Those Tiger organizations had a ton of homegrown talent, and he wasn't afraid to spend to bring players in, or to spend to keep players like $300 million for Miguel Cabrera.
  3. ThomasTomasz

    The heir apparent O's owner

    At least on the topic of the wealth of Angelos, his work on asbestos related cases, as well as the tobacco case, have funded his wealth, as well as ownership of the Orioles. From Wikipedia, and yes, these are sourced at the bottom of their page: Alright, so just in two highly recognizable cases, Angeles took in $480 million. $330 million in 1992, which spurred his investment in the Orioles (contributing $40 million of the original $173 million) and then $150 million from the Philip Morris case. That was in early-mid 90's money, so with inflation, other law firm cases and profits from the Orioles, I easily buy him being on that list.
  4. ThomasTomasz

    Has Cobb become our "ace"?

    ........and they have a ridiculously loaded farm system. Encarnacion, ranked 15th in a loaded farm system, is easily a top 10 guy for us, possibly even top 5. Phillips has back end of the bullpen potential, a player type that has become extremely valuable in recent seasons as teams are loading up on bullpen talent. Brett Cumberland looks like a decent hit tool guy, but likely isn't a catcher moving forward and is a wild card (he was ranked much higher but has been surpassed as a prospect, so this is buying low.) Bruce Zimmermann's stock is on serious rise, and if not for the shear volume of pitching prospects that Atlanta has, should've been in their top 30, maybe even top 20. He's certainly pitched his way into that kind of pitcher and is very polished and moving quickly. Meanwhile, Gausman had potential as a TORP pitcher, and I think still has that potential. The problem is, he's been extremely inconsistent and has not cashed in on that potential yet. So we are selling low, and selling a salary dump in O'Day. Despite that, we end up with a top 15 and a top 30 prospect in a ridiculously loaded organization, a guy in Zimmerman who should be in their top 30 and a potential bullpen piece. Oh yeah, and $2.5 million in international money. If you are ranking Gausman as an elite pitcher, yeah, we didn't get that great of a return. The problem is, he's not an elite pitcher right now, and has only shown those flashes on an inconsistent and short-term basis. I was shocked that we got what we did for him with O'Day included to be honest.
  5. ThomasTomasz

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    To have bench guys like Nunez and Peterson be able to get up and grind at-bats like that is great, especially late-inning defensive replacement players. Gentry was also someone good at that. Too bad we don't have a competing bunch to use that to our advantage.
  6. Yes, if the MASN dispute slides the way the team doesn't want it. Outside of that, the Orioles have fielded a top 10-12 payroll for the bulk of the time since 2005 at the least (minus a couple seasons here and there) and it was again in that range. The myth that Angeles doesn't spend isn't true from a certain point of view. The problem is that we spend it on things that aren't smart investments.
  7. We've already overhauled the development process, but when most 18 year olds don't see the majors until 21-23, you are going to have to wait and see for 3-5 years of those changes are worth it. Someone posted an article on here a few weeks ago about how our philosophy on drafting pitching has changed since signing John Wasdin as our director of pitching (or similar title.) He did a lot of work as a pitching coach in the Athletics organization after wrapping up his career, and learned from one of the best saber metric organizations about drafting and developing pitching. That is why our last two drafts have been graded pretty well from the start. And like I said, to see this through, you have to wait 3-5 years before the fruits of this changed philosophy have made it to the majors. I do wish we would stop three things: 1.) Eliminating pitches from being thrown. Let the pitchers pitch. Having no one with a cutter is ridiculous. 2.) Get rid of the cookie cutter minimalist wind-up. Let a pitcher's windup work for them. 3.) Stop speeding pitchers up with the lsidestep. Teach it as a tool, not the primary way to approach things. Hardly anyone steals anymore, so why put such an emphasis on it.
  8. ThomasTomasz

    Take this for what it's worth....

    The Under Armour founder, Kevin Plank, has been rumored to be someone that could front a group. When his company takes over the MLB jerseys next year, he should be even more flush with cash to help make an offer on the team. I imagine some others from out of state may be interested as well.
  9. ThomasTomasz

    New O's

    I believe his 2016 season had a lot of similarities to Schoop's 2017 season. We clearly bought low on Villar, who has a negative trend since then, compared to Schoop's positive trend (minus the first half of this season.). However, a lot of Brewers fans are pissed that they dealt Carmona in the deal, he's got a lot of potential down the line.
  10. ThomasTomasz

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    Thats the thing......I'd rather wait a year and see if he can rebound without being hurt at the start of the season, and his contract is a whole different story at the deadline next year.
  11. ThomasTomasz

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    Curious to see how you think Trumbo has any value right now? I just don't see it- his type of benefit (power) is being provided all around the league in spades, subpar defensively and the contract is horrible. Even if we eat most of it, I can only see a middling prospect in return for him.
  12. ThomasTomasz

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    And neither do I.
  13. ThomasTomasz

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    Most anyone could tell you that, it has nothing to do with Duquette's social skills, or lack thereof. The biggest rumored reason out there was that Jones didn't want to uproot his young family now, only to do it again in a free agency search a couple months later. That is why the tenured players get those 10-5 rights. Darren O'Day has a wife and a kid the same age as Adam's first, and he approved of a deal to Atlanta.......but he has another year left on his contract. Sounds to me that you have some sort of ax to grind against Duquette, for whatever reason I don't know. This had absolutely nothing to do with him, and everything with Adam not wanting to put his family through this process twice......not to mention his charity endeavors.
  14. ThomasTomasz

    Interesting Article on Orioles Pitching Development

    IMO, bringing in outsiders like Wasdin who are generating results and part of new-school thinking is great. I honestly didn't know about him until this was mentioned. There has been a shift in how we draft players the past two years though. I definitely see the team taking more chances on younger players with higher ceilings. Now, if we can just get rid of the "cookie cutter" molds that we still have our pitchers do like the minimalist windup or always using the sidestep from the stretch, I will be a happy guy. Let these guys pitch the way they have had success, we don't need to reinvent the wheel, or have the same wheel for everyone. And a journeyman pitcher like John Wasdin understands that, and that's part of the reason why I think he's having success with our young pitchers.
  15. ThomasTomasz

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    You tell him to take that deal 110%. Teams showed last year they aren't paying for declining veterans on the backend of their careers, and are watching the money now more than ever. Jones hurt himself even more by insisting he stay in centerfield, because now there are questions as to how he transitions to one of the corner spots. In my opinion, with the declining defense, declining power and next to no plate discipline, Jones will be lucky to get a guaranteed two year contract next season. If the Orioles offer a QO at that amount, you've got to take it and hope for a renaissance as a right fielder playing every day. If I am the Orioles, I stay far away from the QO for anyone.