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  1. MMussina35

    Duquette is expected to be fired

    Next up should be Brady. He is total garbage.
  2. Guess some will choose to completely overrate Bucks legacy and that’s fine. For me? Just too many failed prospects, too much favoritism, I could be wrong but it seemed he often ignored favorable platoon advantages while putting a ton of stock in a SSS pitcher v batter. I prefer a more modern approach but the mere fact that ownership doesn’t have an overhaul plan ALREADY in place says everything I need to know about the next 10+ years.
  3. MMussina35

    Joseph for the second time calls out the team

    Maybe they would win more if they didn't have players like Joseph on the team?
  4. 2027 - Major assumptions: Son's don't sell. They leave Buck/Brady duo intact. It takes the sons three years to figure out that Buck/Brady can't evaluate talent or judge the market properly. The sons finally hire someone competent prior to the 2022 season and that person takes 5 years to build from the ashes. Brightside? They cut it down from 14 years to 10 years.
  5. MMussina35

    What’s happened to Miguel Castro?

    Curious if he is a low spin rate guy?
  6. MMussina35

    Let's Beat the Red Sox (8/10)

    My first time tuning in for a minute and Bucks boys butcher another inning. *turns tv off and heads to the gym*
  7. MMussina35

    Bye Bye Valencia?

    Curious what it will take to get Joey off the 40 man.
  8. MMussina35

    What would it take to move Davis or Trumbo?

    Davis is just a matter of when you are ready to eat that contract. Hopefully the plan is to sell and let the new ownership decide how to deal with the bad debt. Dream scenario is they are sold and Ben Cherington is hired as Pres/GM and quietly announces in February that Davis has been DFA'd.
  9. MMussina35

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    D. There is a chance that KG is nothing more than a back of the rotation guy. Not all his fault. The pitcher development program has an awful track record.
  10. I don't like two recession proof teams.
  11. MMussina35

    Duquette Communication

    Dan just realized that the budget was blown on Davis, Trumbo, O'day.
  12. Up Next: Let Buck & staff go. His very worst attribute as a manager is player development. I’m happy for KG to escape Buck’s pitching program.
  13. I'll admit this story line doesn't peak my interests. However what about asking for that offer to get the F out of the AL East? If they are willing to offering that I'm thinking we are square. The family can sell MASN off to Fox Sports and the team can actually have a chance at a long term winning without two glutenous pigs who can't ever be bad for more than two seasons.
  14. MMussina35

    Could Schoop be the O's 3B of the future?

    Career: 3.7% BB, 22.3% K, .188 ISO. That’s just not screaming extend me for a team in year -2 of a 5 year rebuild. The Orioles, based on their revenue stream, should only extend guys who are projected 3+ wins per season and majority of those years covered by the extension are under the age 30 season. Everyone outside that criteria needs be flipped by year 4 of service time unless you have a team that will play deep into October.
  15. MMussina35

    Hader and the Orioles Judgement

    'fake news"? its literally from the horses mouth. We can debate how to hold someone accountable for something they have done in their past but to give cover by claiming "fake news" isn't close to the solution. "Fake news" is what you find on Russia RT or on Fox & Friends, it's not someone reporting offensive tweets that were actually, with proof, sent. Fake News understanding fail.