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  1. MMussina35

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    I'd fly in from Vegas to take part in 'Free the Birds 2018'. When ownership is this bad it makes us squabbling over the X's & O's and roster moves pointless. Btw, Ned Colletti is from another era.
  2. Good. He hasn't been good for awhile, maybe he never was... I used to give him credit for outpacing the teams expected win % but maybe that was mostly luck + lockdown Bullpen & Defense (defense started cratering when he was the last person on the planet to realize DY wasn't a ML OF'er). I also think we are at the point, like GM's, we don't need a former player to be manager anymore. Give me someone who understands when to hit or stand. Like the strike zone its probably something a robot should take over lol!
  3. MMussina35

    Most disappointing player?

    Austin Hays. Him playing well would be a good reason to watch this nightmare.
  4. MMussina35

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    I come on here hoping to see the news broken that team has been put up for sale or there will at least be some accountability for all the bad signings, bad roster construction, bad player usage, failure to make trades of guys you have no hope of extending, etc....
  5. MMussina35

    How many players would NOT be on a ML roster if not for the Os?

    During the first ‘lost in the wilderness’ era it was so common for the Orioles to be a guy’s last stop before involuntary retirement. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  6. MMussina35

    Player moves on Monday

    Not a player move nor do I think this team has much talent but letting Buck go tomorrow would impress me. The O’s are clearly in some stage of a rebuild and Buck isn’t the manager for that environment because of his inclination to play favoritism.
  7. MMussina35

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/09

    Gausman 3rd time through the order wOBA .376
  8. MMussina35

    What’s the consensus about Schoop?

    Walks 3.3% K 22.3% ISO is lower than league average. Doesn't provide much range and that will get worse as he ages. The bat doesn't profile anywhere else on the diamond. If he continues at this rate he looks like a non-tender candidate. He should have been flipped during the winter...
  9. Trust me, this is a blessing in disguise. Jon had his career year and a top notch GM dumped him last winter knowing this.
  10. MMussina35

    Call it now: Who Will We Trade?

    I voted just ZB. I think they probably overvalue 2-3 months of Manny. If they were smart they’d float that a package or Manny/KG/Givens is available and if they were even smarter they’d let it be known that they’ll take bad debt for better prospects. But this is the Orioles, ZB goes to save 4 mil ish for Rickard type player that Buck will fall in love with and be overexposed.
  11. MMussina35

    The Trades are Coming

    Can’t wait for the pennies on the dollar for ZB because they had this foolish notion they were contenders in 2017 & 2018.
  12. MMussina35

    Is this rock bottom?

    Gentry is on no other Major League roster.
  13. MMussina35

    Embrace the Losing

    Oh I've embraced the losing, but I don't matter. What matter is the head of the snake realizes it's time to nuke this situation and come up with a coherent plan executed by a legit MLB hierarchy or sell the team. Check my preseason poll, I clicked the 72 wins box, I knew this team sucked from the word go. You aren't a contender with three rule 5 guys, countless 1b/DH types, and 2-3 guys who wouldn't even be in the league if Buck didn't like them.
  14. MMussina35

    Carfado: Dan is Doing the Re-Build

    Tomorrow being Memorial Day, the Orioles should officially be open for business on trade market. We should have an office-pool on when and where Manny goes. It will be a sad day and was totally avoidable at one point but this is how the Orioles roll.
  15. MMussina35

    Who would you hire to replace Buck?

    Give me a non-descript person who will accept the spreadsheets I give them every morning on player usage and is okay with having nothing to do with who is on the roster. So basically the opposite of Buck.