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  1. MMussina35

    MLB and Union talk major rule changes

    Wonder if MLB realizes millennials watch less sports than older generations and there is no way they are interested in 3:30 hour games x 162. These rule changes do nothing to help their appeal to that demographic. NFL is probably first major sports league to fall because of CTE but baseball won’t be far behind because the season is too long, games take forever, and the same couple of teams are good every year.
  2. MMussina35

    Over/under: Dylan Bundy wins 12 games?

    Under. They make him a swing guy to maximize his ability before season ends. Using him this way his value explodes and he’s traded for a better return than KG.
  3. MMussina35

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    Can’t see carrying a guy who needs a platoon partner when we are stuck with Cd/Trumbo/Trey.
  4. MMussina35

    Tim Locastro

    Has to be an upgrade on Joey?
  5. · Watching a skilled executive build a legit talent pipeline. · Not breaking out the coupons on draft day. · Actually signing a desirable Latin prospect in July. · Flipping Givens and Villar for actual prospects and not a grab bag of junk. · Manager and coaching staff that is managing/coaching a game/players in the modern era.
  6. MMussina35

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I’m hoping that Manny signs an absolutely ridiculous contract with the Spanks. Also hoping the loafing was just a preview of his work ethic after he gets paid.
  7. MMussina35

    Rank the #1 Draft Disappointments

    Passing on Rendon too...
  8. MMussina35

    Rank the #1 Draft Disappointments

    Passing on Buster probably cost us WS in 2014.
  9. MMussina35

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    The ridiculous strike zones is a far bigger problem. Second to that are the 2 two teams who can’t ever be bad. Yeah, shifts don’t crack MLB top 20 list of problems.
  10. MMussina35

    Elias' Brady comments (Connolly article)

    Brady thought giving Cobb 4 years was smart.
  11. MMussina35

    Update: Tim Beckham and Caleb Joseph Non-tendered

    I’ll miss Jo’s 2-3 clanks a game off his mit and his customary trip to the backstop to chase a ball down at the worst possible time.
  12. MMussina35

    Could we see changes to MASN? Please?

    Getting Jimmy out of the booth has to be good for a 10% ratings bump.
  13. MMussina35

    DJ Stewart

    How many former NASA engineers will it take to realize that Mancini in the outfield is about as much negative value you can find not named Chris Davis?
  14. MMussina35

    Will Roch actually ask his questions?

    Dead horse alert but Brady's status is the whole enchilada.
  15. Roch saying things to the effect that Jo has supporters in the organization is a red flag. New dude should have complete autonomy. Also, I think as fans it’s best to remain skeptical until the back channel to ownership is gone. (I also get Roch has to hit his quota on content and Jo is his personal favorite quote resource so maybe Jo’s ‘supporters’ in the organization are only the lazy blogger who is paid by the team)