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  1. The saddest part of last night's game is that we were playing a team with four of its five best players sitting on the bench plus we made their least effective starter look like a Cy Young candidate. I felt bad for the O's fans who attended, hoping to see those four star players in action.
  2. Hey, baseball is entertainment. Wouldn't it be great if it were acceptable to put comedians in the broadcast booth, who would be allowed to use colorful language. Kids here all this stuff at home or on the street every day, anyway. Censorship is created by very unhappy people, who do their damnedest to ensure everybody else will be unhappy, too. The best things in life are things that make you smile and laugh, regardless of the verbal content. You can find a joke on any subject. If we would laugh at ourselves more, the world would be a better place. Think about this.
  3. Yes, speed and defense are useful in the early innings, of course. So is hitting. Hyun Soo Kim offers, absolutely, none of these factors. What you saw from him on Opening Day, is what you're most apt to get for the rest of the season. Little "tricklers" to the right side of the infield and an OFer who looks like he's running in sand. This is why Rickard should be be given every opportunity to be the full-time LFer and lead-off hitter, Of course, sadly, we have to play Kim, because, we're stuck with his sizable contract, (for only 1 more year, thank God.) Sorry, I know, (for a reason known only to you), that you hold Kim in high esteem.
  4. Yeah, I do, in a lot of respects, now that he's getting older and probably feels very comfortable in his position. Of course, he is still a great manager. I don;t believe he would attempt the positioning of players that Tony- OH implied and it appears to me, he treats his star players with kid gloves.
  5. Earl would have taken the route you suggest, without hesitation. I don't think Buck has the stones to experiment with an alignment like this. It is intriguing, but it will never happen on Buck's watch.
  6. Ya know, I'll bet your statement raised a lot of eyebrows and if this comes to fruition, most fans will be wringing their hands over it. Giving Ubaldo the OD assignment would be the supreme vote of confidence from Buck. It would be like a movie script. The drama would be huge! It would be fascinating to anticipate the crowd's reaction, when his name is announced during the OD ceremonies. If you have a heart in your chest, ya gotta feel compassion and love for this guy. We all know how likable he is, as a person and how devastated he felt, watching that Encarnacion ball fly into the stands. So, yeah, Can of Corn, I agree with ya. The ultimate chance at redemption against the same team that crushed all our hopes last year. I have faith in Ubaldo's ability, his heart. to meet the challenge and the Karma this scenerio would afford. Good call, Can of Corn!
  7. Plus a few bucks to come work for a year on the East Coast? "Fly ball pitcher" in "pitcher friendly" OPACY and "weak hitting" AL East? Think his "junk" would work well between the "heaters" of Gausman and Bundy? Wait a minute, that didn't sound right. I meant to say, he, being a "junk ball" pitcher, might fit in the rotation between the hard throwing Gausman and Bundy. Might mess up the timing of the opposing team's batters. Could ya picture him and his shoulder length hair, wearing the Orange and Black? Obviously, I'm joking around here, but, seriously, folks, a guy like him, might be able to hold down the fort, until Tillman gets back. At least, he'd give us an indication of how good our OF defense really is. Could make "leaping at the fences" an art form for Kim, Rickard, Trumbo and Smith. They would be able to get it down to a science. Adam already is one of the best at taking homers away. So, should we attempt to sign Weaver for a year? Ya never know, he might enjoy the challenge and where's he gonna get better crabcakes?
  8. Wow, you really know how to "let someone have it". You put it very eloquently and this time, I'm not being sarcastic. Seriously, thanks, "ole buddy".
  9. If you noticed, I used terms like, "appear" and "I think". Only Adam truly knows if they are true and what the reality is. I don't pretend to be a mind reader.
  10. First of all, I like your moniker. Shows someone who knows and appreciates Oriole history. Yeah, "off-center and thought-provoking", that's me, for sure. I have thoroughly ingested and appreciate your incite. The best to you and folks like you. Go O's!
  11. See, Rene88, I have read many of your posts and have found them to be, mostly, intelligent and constructive. It is, however, disappointing that you saw fit to launch an attack on me for speaking my piece. If, what you have stated here, were said by one the OH staff moderators, I might have to rethink this thread that I started. You evidently did not see this message, I sent out, last night. Happy Valentine's Day! Most of you have probably seen this little video featuring the lovable little guy, Mo. Even if ya have seen this, it's worth another look. Ya just want to hug this neat little kid. Anyway, listen to Adam's response when Mo asks him if he's glad Trumbo's back in town. http://m.orioles.mlb.com/bal/video/topic/7997010/v1221481283/os-fanfest-mos-os-report/?affiliateId=clubMEGAMENU
  12. I quite expected a few responses like this and that's okay. I understand you are voicing YOUR opinion and I feel no ill will toward you. I fully understand that some folks feel that, if you do not understand a concept, the easiest way to deal with it, is to eliminate it. I do, sincerely, hope you enjoy some love today, on Valentine's Day.
  13. See, that is YOUR OPINION and I respect that. I was taught to respect everyone's opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Now, if I were smoking SGS, I would pass it to you, BRO. No need to HATE, not here, not anywhere.
  14. Thank you for defending me, in that regard and giving me the benefit of the doubt. I was merely stating my perception of the situation and offering a solution.
  15. Openly expressing his true feelings has appeared to create a negative effect, in general, thus making it appear he has become somewhat of a "malcontent". We certainly can't have tension in the clubhouse. I don't think he's the fun guy, leader anymore. I think it hurts him that Machado, Schoop and Trumbo have emerged as more popular with the fans. Hate to think that of the guy who has meant so much to this franchise. Maybe he needs a change of scenery. Maybe it's time to part ways with him, but to whom and for what? Maybe Granderson, Wilmer Flores and one of their young arms, to be groomed as starter at Norfolk for next year? Any other ideas?