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  1. At least Cabrera made it to the bigs. Matusz for sure considering where he was drafted.
  2. I have every Baseball America Prospect Handbook since 2001 and have records saved back to 1991. To be sure, we have had very few success stories in drafting and developing prospects. Here is my O's Failed prospect team 1991-2015. Enjoy the time warp! C Brandon Snyder 1B Calvin Pickering 2B Manny Alexander SS Ed Rogers 3B Billy Rowell Of Keith Reed Of Alex Ochoa Of Darnell McDonald DH Ryan Minor Bench; Michael Ohlman (C), Nick Delmonico (3B), Xavier Avery (OF), Tripper Johnson (3B), Tim Raines Jr (OF),Mychel Givens (SS) Rotation: 1. Matt Riley lhp 2. Hayden Penn rhp 3. Adam Loewen lhp 4. Brandon Erbe rhp 5. Richard Stahl lhp Bullpen: Brad Pennington Radhames Liz Rocky Coppinger Matt Hobgood Alvie Shepherd Did I miss someone that really deserves to start?
  3. Draft time tbd after League is full. https://yho.com/mlb?l=91020&ikey=8366cc69b650af79&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk
  4. Besides for the obvious OH, what are some ways you can keep up with O's news? other sites, apps, blogs, podcasts? also on the radio, are there specific shows or times when they discuss the O's?
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