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  1. SomethingMagicHappens

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    Ask him to politely retire & reach a financial settlement with him. Or, have him injure something so that disability insurance kicks in & he can get paid to watch from his sofa. Or, bat him 9th every night & shame him into retiring. Anything that gets him off the roster ASAP has to be considered.
  2. SomethingMagicHappens

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    Can they throw in Hugh G Rection in w/the Drew Peacock? Add in Gary Dell'Abbate & we've got a legit deal.
  3. SomethingMagicHappens

    Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

    It says Ken RoseThal.....not RoseNThal
  4. SomethingMagicHappens

    Are you happy spring training is starting?

    I don't think I've ever been less excited for pitchers & catchers to report. Can they all fit in 1 minivan???? I'm 50+ years old & have been testing out my knuckleball in case they need an old tired arm who is willing to pitch for the MLB minimum this year........ I just haven't been able to gear up my enthusiasm yet.
  5. SomethingMagicHappens

    Rosenthal: Orioles Uequivocally Plan to be Buyers

    If? When? Britton & O'Day come back, the pen can get back to some semblance of reliable. At that point, we have Brach, O'Day, Britton for 7-8-9. If a starter can go 6, I like our chances against anyone. If they go 5, we have to roll the dice on someone to get 3 outs without VidalNuno-ing it. Are the starters putting too much pressure on themselves, feeling like they have to be perfect, b/c the pen is a mess? What psychological impact will a strong pen have on the starters. Half of the game is 90% mental......