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  1. I had him around 30 before the prospects were acquired at the deadline, had him at 49 in the offseason. This is what I had on him. They shifted him back to starting but the results have been poor until this start, I haven’t seen him pitch yet this year. edit: I think he’s a fringe prospect, a half a grade above an org guy.
  2. I think you promote Baumann first, then Sedlock midseason.
  3. Nick Vespi 6.2 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 11 K
  4. Luke-OH

    Drew Rom

    Yeah, that was above average velocity at the time, but he also had double plus fastball movement.
  5. Kazmir I think http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/11123695/how-scott-kazmir-came-back-help-unconventional-training-espn-magazine
  6. Stranger things have happened, like Kyle Zimmer going from completely broken to throwing 95-96 again.
  7. Luke-OH

    Drew Rom

    The theory here is similar to this sentiment...
  8. Luke-OH

    Bullpen guys

    Older guy with a deceptive fastball (high spin?), tight spinning curveball, was low 90s last year.
  9. Luke-OH

    Drew Rom

    I’m a little higher on the future grade for the slider, and he has a knuckle curve too, but in general, I agree with the report. He’s succeeding with things that won’t necessarily hold up moving up the ranks. Velocity is key though, if he adds a couple ticks, the change and slider will bump half a grade due to arm speed if he can still command them.
  10. I didn’t want to disparage your questioning, even though I strongly disagreed with premise.
  11. Don’t take this the wrong way, but here’s a few reasons. 1. His velocity is steadily declining, HR allowed on FB has negative relationship with velocity. Faster the pitch, lower the HR rate, slower = higher. 2. It’s not magic, even the best player development or coaching can’t fix everyone 3. Change is hard, especially for someone who has been doing things the same way. 4. It doesn’t happen overnight The thing with Bundy is without the fastball, which doesn’t play at 89-92, he has to pitch backwards and doesn’t have enough consistent feel for the secondaries to do that regularly (sometimes it works, like his last start). I think his best path forward is in the offseason go to Tread or Driveline or RPP and just work on getting the velocity back.
  12. I talk about a bunch of these guys in this podcast with Adam Pohl.
  13. Luke-OH

    Keegan Akin 2019

    It’s a 4th SP look for me, he’s been better than last year IMO, he’ll see Baltimore this year, at least as a September guy.
  14. His feel for the offspeed pitches have improved based on the 5/2 start, slider and curveball have both been significant weapons for him. He’s did what I mentioned which is pitch backwards. His fastball still gives up a bunch of hard contact in the zone, he allowed 2-3 fence scrapers that could have gone out on a different night. I think it’s good to temper the enthusiasm, teams didn’t just miss on him, he was available where he was for a reason (not to say he wasn’t good value at the spot, he was). But he allowed the most HR of any pitcher in the SEC last year by a comfortable margin. It’s because the FB is mostly straight with average spin and average RH velocity.
  15. TV/video, only seen a couple live games so far this year and they were George Mason games (very close to home) only one real draftable player on that team, Logan Driscoll. 5th-6th round type. Good raw power, solid approach, if he could stick at catcher he might be something, but that’s a long shot IMO. I’ve been a shut-in mostly since the twins were born.
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