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  1. Luke-OH

    New Manny Updates from Heyman

    Apparently his health was really poor for awhile, but he has recovered to some degree and is more involved now than in the offseason.
  2. Luke-OH

    Seamus Curran

    He's a late count guy and he has trouble with pitch recognition right now, but the swing doesn't scream high strikeout, he gets to his power pretty easily. Another cold weather New England guy like McKenna, could take longer to really click, the bat will really have to carry the profile though because he's probably not even an average defender at 1B.
  3. Luke-OH

    Preston Palmeiro 2018

    That too, it might be the most HR friendly stadium in the minors.
  4. Luke-OH

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    Yeah, I think the consensus is that he has a great chance to stick at SS. Not to get ahead of myself (this info is coming in my next article), but perhaps my favorite HS SS is Jeremiah Jackson. My confidence level in him is much lower (which is why he's ranked lower), because he doesn't have the same performance history as Turang and he was a 3rd/4th round type coming into the spring and has improved significantly. He has a Lindor-like frame, smooth hands and transfer, he had a pushy swing last summer, but has clearly added strength and transformed his swing. He joins the list of 4 or 5 guys who I'd be very happy if the O's could grab at 37.
  5. Luke-OH

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    That might be my favorite of Dylan's later year catalog.
  6. Luke-OH

    Preston Palmeiro 2018

    I'm sure it's partially coincidence, I mean he hit HRs in Delmarva. I'm just trying to reinforce that point that he doesn't have a first base bat. At 2B though, he's interesting.
  7. Luke-OH

    Preston Palmeiro 2018

    Because he doesn't have a first base bat and he can handle 2B defensively. Fun fact, he hasn't hit a home run outside of Harry Grove Stadium this year.
  8. Luke-OH

    Hunter Harvey 2018

    I'm not worried, he'll get lefties out well enough.
  9. Luke-OH

    Ryan McKenna 2018

    I don’t mean to be nitpicking here, but this is an extremely important point that I need to make regarding what you can and cannot ascertain from scouting a statline. As I wrote in my report on Ryan McKenna last year, he had a “patient” approach. What does that mean? That just means he would take a lot of pitches. A high walk rate is not an indicator (especially in the low minor) of a good eye, or good zone judgement. There are enough Ofelky Peraltas in the low minors that if you take most counts deep, you’ll walk a bunch, but you’ll also strikeout a lot. That was McKenna last year, it improved late in the year because he’d foul off more pitches when he had 2 strikes, thanks to the shorter swing. This season he’s being aggressive early in the count when guys throw strikes and he’s recognizing spin some and letting close pitches go, something he didn’t do before. A MLB example is Chris Davis, he walked 11% of the time last year and 8% this year, does anyone think he has a good batting eye at this point? No, he’s just not swinging and hoping.
  10. Luke-OH

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    India added strength to his frame, that’s the biggest cause for the breakout, although he’s probably not as good as his current batting line.
  11. Luke-OH

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    I like Weathers, he’s just outside of my top 11. Hankins is a weird case, he was amazing last summer but his stuff has backed up big time this spring (velocity and breaking ball quality) and supposedly the medicals are fairly clean, which presents quite the mystery, someone will take the risk, but 11 is too early for that IMO. I’m not a Gorman fan, I think there is a risk he just doesn’t hit and if I’m going to draft a HS guy with a maxed body, I want one who is performing, not struggling to deal with guys pitching around him. He’s a late first guy for me. As far as the Sedlock comparison, it doesn’t apply at all for me. Gilbert is a lower effort guy with a cleaner delivery, his velocity did decrease but has increased as the college season progressed, and he’s been more effective than ever. Sedlock didn’t lose velocity in college, the red flag with him was he had a huge jump in workload going from reliever to starter. The closest Sedlock comp (meaning similar concerns rather than build or stuff) in this draft is Roberts from Wake Forest.
  12. Luke-OH

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    India is pretty safe I think. Rolison is more of a 20-30 overall guy for me, there is some upside, he's a Soph., good LH velocity, plus curveball. Might take above slot, depending on where he goes, although at 11 slot would probably do it. The concern for me is RHB get a long look, the changeup needs work, and the command needs work. That's enough risk to push him out of the first half of the first round for me.
  13. Luke-OH

    Wilson Garcia

    Haven't seen him in action, seen pictures, he's got the Yermin Mercedes body. Seems to be growing into some moderate power, although Harry Grove stadium is a launching pad and all of his 5 HRs have been at home.
  14. Luke-OH

    Oriole Draft Primer: The 11th overall pick

    He just missed my top 11, he'll be in the next edition. Huge stuff, best FB in the draft, 100 from the left side. Plenty of risk though, control issues, tommy john survivor, smaller frame. A lot of relief risk for this early in the draft, but might be the highest upside college arm.
  15. Luke-OH

    Ryan McKenna 2018

    Geez man, I know it's a joke but you shouldn't throw that on a player.