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  1. Luke-OH

    Astros and Orioles pitching

    I agree, they aren't going to trade him. I was suggesting trying to acquire him mid 2017 before he became a national name, but I bet he was 99.9% off limits already, they knew what they had. He was the best minor league pitcher I saw in 2017 by a large margin, and I saw Mitch Keller.
  2. Luke-OH

    Is there the hot stove radio show tonight?

    I know, I think that's a nice story, but I hope he'll trust the slider in a relief role in 2019.
  3. Luke-OH

    Is there the hot stove radio show tonight?

    Yeah, not bullish on Cashner either. he's lost like 4mph from his peak velocity. I'm also not bullish on Hess as a SP.
  4. Luke-OH

    Is there the hot stove radio show tonight?

    If Hess is in the bullpen, I'd agree.
  5. Luke-OH

    Astros and Orioles pitching

    Whitley (with the standard pitcher-health caveat) is going to be a TOR guy. He's absurdly good.
  6. Wells’s FB is mostly straight, it doesn’t play except for at the very edges of the zone and that may go away at higher levels. He’ll need to lean more on his curveball (which is good for called strikes but doesn’t miss bats due to its soft break) and his changeup. I like Wells and he’s a smart pitcher with good mound presence, but it’s important to understand the reality of how often pitchers with his stuff succeed (not very often). I do think there are things mechanically he can do to throw harder, but there is no indication that he’s working towards that.
  7. Luke-OH

    Interesting FAs

    He is quite sophomoric, I’m not a fan at all, but he has a point about the potential of substances to increase spin rate.
  8. Luke-OH

    Interesting FAs

    Foreign substances. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/trevor-bauer-addresses-astros-spin-rate-cheating-controversy-offers-no-comment-after-his-own-spin-rate-improves/amp/
  9. Luke-OH

    Interesting FAs

  10. Luke-OH

    Interesting FAs

    The Reds sounds like they are considering Shed Long, the 36th pick + for one year of Sonny Gray. Is one year of Sonny Gray at 7.5M really worth more than 3 years of Givens at 2.15M this year? I’d take that deal for Givens in a heartbeat and I’m not particularly high on Long.
  11. Luke-OH

    Anyone Following Manny?

    I’d take a discount to sign there.
  12. Luke-OH

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Performance art
  13. It depends, DSL teams have plenty of non-prospects who aren't worth anything really (as players, not to disparage the human beings involved). The player the Yankees acquired has only t88 mph and wasn't a big bonus signing, so it's not a big return by any stretch of the imagination. Probably a live arm with no present strength who the Yankees want to throw into their excellent pitcher development mix.
  14. Luke-OH

    Brenan Hanifee - RHP 2018 #10 Prospect

    I think Rajisch did well, but it may just be a matter of the Elias team wanting to draft players that fit their player development scheme. That's why Elias is taking the lead and I assume will eventually put someone in that role who will facilitate that.
  15. Luke-OH

    Zac Lowther - LHP 2018 #8 Prospect

    A look at Lowther's late breaking CB, which he commands well. He'll need to utilize this pitch more as he faces more advanced hitters.