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  1. Luke-OH

    Internal manager candidates

    Why not BJ Surhoff?
  2. Luke-OH

    Baby Birdland: Some Surprises

    I feel like a naysayer with this, but he's a bigger, less toolsy, RH Jake Ring IMO. Ring had an interesting season BTW, he changed his swing to try and shorten it up and make it so it'd play at higher levels. Well it worked, he made more contact and was able to wait on pitches longer, leading to more walks. The downside though was huge, it killed his power production and contact quality overall. He went from a .185 ISO in a pitching friendly league/stadium to a .083 ISO in a extremely hitters friendly stadium. He also regressed defensively, so it's possible that there were some injury issues.
  3. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    FWIW, I've heard from more than one scout who thinks McDowell's pitching philosophy is antiquated and doesn't work against modern swings.
  4. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    I read a lot of his articles, maybe I'm just not a fan of the style. Maybe I'm being unfair to him, the team definitely doesn't do him any favors, leaving him hanging while national reporters break most important Orioles news. I do agree that the comment section of his blog is extremely poor.
  5. Luke-OH

    Top Manager Candidates

    I really like Buck Britton and I think he is going to be a big league manager eventually, but he needs years more seasoning in the minors before he's an option. A big part of that is that he's 32 years old, now this shouldn't matter, but I'm 100% sure it does. Being younger than some of the players on the team will make it harder to command respect and authority. Again it shouldn't matter, but it does, it's just human nature.
  6. Luke-OH

    BR: O's farm system 18th; list of 10 prospects

    Delmarva's pitching coach Justin Lord's take on Hanifee and strikeout rate, similar to what I've mentioned before. “That can be the case,” Lord said. “It’s hard to predict the future, but I have a feeling, if I had to guess, that his strikeouts will potentially increase as his secondary stuff gets better. Because he will be able to keep hitters off-balance a little more. Now he works hard to get ground balls, but I think the strikeouts could increase moving forward. http://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2018/09/a-look-at-the-minor-league-pitcher-with-big-stats-but-little-fanfare.html
  7. What does the piece entail if you don't plan on creating the montage video yourself?
  8. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Huh? If you are trying to be snarky, it's lost on me.
  9. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    I believe that, I don't think DD is a great GM or anything, but I think he's competent and the Orioles (when PA was involved) were wholly incompetent.
  10. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    I know, but the idea is that he is a pleasant, informative liaison from the team to the fans. Recently, he's been more critical of the fanbase than the team, which can't be the best way to go about things.
  11. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Roch's recent tone could be described as embattled against unreasonable fans who have the audacity to question the team's decisions. I appreciate that beat writer is a terribly difficult job that I wouldn't want to do, but I'd suggest a different tact with the team shooting for a historic loss total.
  12. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Yeah, he needs to report to Dan, IMO. Roch's reporting doesn't make it sound like he'll be giving up any authority though, but who knows.
  13. Luke-OH

    Per Nightingale: Dan Stays, Buck Goes.

    Roch wrote this morning that Brady will either have a similar role or receive a promotion. What’s Brady Anderson’s role in the organization moving forward?Stays the same or he’s elevated. Those are the two scenarios. He’d gladly take on more responsibilities, but he’s not pushing anyone out the door to do it. And he’s always going to be the Swiss Army knife of baseball executives, no matter which title is attached to his name. People need to accept that instead of harping on how unusual it is. He’s going to train players because conditioning and nutrition are in his wheelhouse. He’s going to shag fly balls in workout clothes and offer one-on-one hitting instruction. He’s going to wear jeans and an open-collar shirt with a sports coat, no matter the function. It’s fine. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/09/because-you-asked---full-throttle.html
  14. Luke-OH

    Grayson Rodriguez 2018

    Season FBv 2002 89 2003 89.4 2004 90.1 2005 90.1 2006 90.5 2007 90.3 2008 90.7 2009 91.2 2010 91.2 2011 91.5 2012 91.6 2013 91.7 2014 91.8 2015 92.1 2016 92.3 2017 92.8 2018 92.8 If the game is moving away from velocity, it sure hasn't started yet. This is average FB velocity league wide over the past 10+ seasons.