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  1. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I think it's just short of 70 innings. He also hasn't even seen A+ ball. He needs time, probably two more seasons since his game is reliant on being a step ahead of hitters, and I guarantee that at his age and experience he would not be ahead of MLB hitters right now. It took half the season for him to figure out Low A hitters (he gave up a bunch of HRs in the first half).
  2. Slow Offseason around MLB

    No, but it speaks to the extent of the reluctance to delve out big free agent contracts that a player would be seriously considering something like this in January.
  3. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Pretty interesting.
  4. Suprising Off Limit Player

    Thanks! I think Baumann, Bishop, and Lowther could all handle the jump but there is going to be a logjam in the Frederick rotation especially if Sedlock repeats (I don’t think he will). Harvey, Wells, Dietz, Peluffo, Humpal and Lowther is how I’d guess right now with Harvey and Peluffo piggy backing to control innings for Harvey. Then Delmarva would be something like Baumann, Bishop, Hanifee, Hall, and Vespi and perhaps Yelin Rodriguez.
  5. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    You are right Frobby, the system now has some interesting SP prospects (good depth too, especially in the lower levels) but the only guy who is a top 100 guy is Harvey. Now there are a few guys who could be right there if they have good 2018s, but right now no. The Orioles position prospects are much stronger now than back then however.
  6. Suprising Off Limit Player

    Baseball America had him in their top 20 NY/Penn league prospects over Lowther and Hanifee. So people like him. I’m not as high on him, and I’ll explain why in detail as I do my top prospect countdown. An interesting aside from the BA top 20 NY/Penn league list is they asked a scout about Hunter Harvey (who didn’t pitch enough to qualify for the list) and the scout said if he was eligible he’d be #1 (over McKay who is probably a top 100 guy).
  7. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    I think he’s got a chance too. His fastball has good velocity and late life, the slider is good enough and when he’s on, he can really hit his spots. The lack of a third MLB quality pitch hurts him and I’d like to see improvement of his changeup. Even without it, I think he can eat some innings respectably.
  8. You are right, the further away a guy is, generally the lower the floor which pulls their overall future grade down due to risk. At those low levels it’s more about tools and pitches than results.
  9. So it's less than a Month.

    No one should get too excited over a rule 5 pick but I think we should assess each player for their own abilities rather then lump them together by the method of acquisition. Obviously rule 5 picks aren’t top prospects, but saying they are going to be Jason Garcia is just as valid as saying they’ll be Odubel Herrera.
  10. Luke's 50!

    Yeah, I probably could of come up with a better example (he may be more of a 50), but I wanted an example of a non everyday player that still is a solid contributor. Outside of the career year, his other seasons have been .2, 0, 1.2, 1.4, and 2.6 fWAR which fits the role 45. rWAR likes him a lot more, so you are right. Sticking with Pirates, Jordy Mercer is probably a better example of a 45. The examples are hard to do because a player can change so much throughout their career, so I tried to pick guys who had consistent levels of performance over most of the career at least.
  11. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    There are plenty of internal options, none are the type you’d want to pencil into a rotation of a team trying to be competitive, even the most intriguing ones have question marks. So here goes...(just ones you started with some frequency last season) Ynoa Cortes Wright Long Mesa Jr Hess Means Asher
  12. Luke's 50!

    Everything after 18-20 is pretty fringe honestly, #35-36+ is really fringe. I was just wondering if there are any little known names you all think should be in the 30+ range. Curran has legit power, and an easy swing for a slugger. There is some length to it and he’s a raw player, so there are going to be swing and miss issues. The loss in development time hurts a bit, he’ll most likely be a slow mover.
  13. Luke's 50!

    Check out the list, he snuck onto it.
  14. Here is part 1, http://www.orioleshangout.com/2018/01/15/lukes-top-50-orioles-prospects-2018-primer-41-50/ Did I miss anyone you all like? #40-31 coming later this week.
  15. Luke's 50!

    31-40 coming soon! Any fringe prospects you all like?