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  1. Luke-OH

    Off-Season Trades

    He’s the 14th best pitcher in baseball by fWAR in the last three years despite missing time.
  2. Luke-OH

    Predict Mike Elias' first roster move

    First move is adding Dillon Tate to the 40 man.
  3. Chris Davis also had the worst fWAR (-3.1) in the past 80 years. It's not hyperbole to say almost anyone in AA or AAA could have outperformed his 2018 season.
  4. And as others have mentioned, part of the benefit of 1-1 is generally you can save money to get better prospects with subsequent picks.
  5. No, they didn't do that with 1-1, 99.9999% of the scouts who saw Aiken, missed on Aiken. Aiken would have gone top 5 regardless, and some team would have missed. I guarantee if Tony or I or anyone went and saw Aiken back then, we'd have loved him too, maybe not #1 on the board loved, but an early 1st round grade. It just didn't work out, that happens.
  6. Luke-OH

    Joe Espada Future Orioles Manager?

    Brian Graham would be an interesting pick, he's been a part of the development of the prospects that will be debuting in the next year or two. It'd be a good position for Graham and he'd likely get a pay raise. Also, I think Elias might want to put his own choice in the director of player development position.
  7. I'd like to see it just for the spectacle. I always like a good spectacle.
  8. Luke-OH

    Will Roch actually ask his questions?

    I think Roch is clearly more popular than Hunter around here.
  9. Yes, he was an amazing hitter and his independent ball performance is quite impressive for a 53 year old.
  10. Luke-OH

    Sig Mejdal

    This is just speculation, but that might be the reason Elias and Mejdal decided to leave Houston. Apparently Houston has cut it's scouting staff. Going off public interviews/statements, it seems like both Elias and Mejdal are of the mindset that you can produce a better result with a system that includes the input of a robust group of scouts.
  11. Luke-OH

    Will Roch actually ask his questions?

    I doubt he asks either of those questions you listed.
  12. Luke-OH

    Sig Mejdal

    I think the inflexibility comes in the trusting the odds. So you create a model and if it tells you to do something, you do it, whether or not your emotions or gut is telling you differently. Now the model and the inputs to the model can always be improved, but the results need to be trusted. He compares it to hitting on 16 in blackjack when the dealer is showing a certain range of cards, it doesn't always feel like the right thing to do and it won't always lead to you winning that particular hand, but over the long haul, it gives you the highest chance of winning. It's the same thing with his draft model that he put together. Obviously, the constituent data that the model relies on isn't public, but it appears to consist of stats for college players, multiple scouting report grades, EV, Spin rate, and velocity data, along with some mechanical criteria. That model will say who should be drafted with the idea that each pick might not work out, but in the long run it gives you a better chance for success. I'm not sure how closely the Astros relied on this model, but I know it existed.
  13. The results don't matter much in the AFL, Whitley was excellent in the AFL (from scouting reports, watching video), barring injury, he's going to be a star. He's going to have 4 plus pitches.
  14. @mdbdotcom beat me too it, but their actions show it was not a hard and fast rule, even at 1-1. So to take the leap to suggest they wouldn't have picked Grayson Rodriguez is just pure speculation.