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  1. MiLB TV is back from it’s annual update hiatus, so I was able to get a brief look at David Lebron. Not a big guy, short for a pitcher and athletically built, but not thick. Moves well, arm action works, hides the ball a little bit. Less rotational than most shorter pitchers, gets down the mound well for his size. He was working low 90s in the outing I saw, missed more bats than you’d expect, had some hop to it up in the zone and a little armside when located on that side of the plate. Didn’t see a Changeup, the other pitch was a hard breaking curveball. It’s a pretty good pitch, but he was wasting it too much. Both pitches seem (no data, just my speculation based on movement qualities) like they have high spin. He has the look of a prospect, not an org type, I would throw a 40 on him stats unseen if he was a normal age for a guy at his level, but being 25+, if he makes the majors, he’ll be nearing his decline phase already, so the clock is ticking. I don’t think he starts, the velocity needs to tick up from my look to play at higher levels. He seems like the type who’ll miss a bunch of bats but get hit hard when guys do make contact. With those considerations, I’d put a 35 on him with a chance for more if the velocity shows better or the pitchability holds up to a speedy move through the system.
  2. His tweets are quite dramatic.
  3. It’s impossible to look at all the cuts and think they are taking the best 25. Which is fine, it’s not about this year. I think the philosophy is pretty obvious at this point. If your young and possibly good enough to contribute to the next winning O’s team we are starting you in the minors unless there isn’t another 40 man option at the position. I honestly don’t think this means they are high on Mullins or Fry or Means or Wright or Yacabonis or Hess, but kind of the opposite. If they (or anyone else) are good and have trade value then that’s just an added bonus.
  4. When judging the field it’s probably important to remember that he’s playing some positions for the first time ever and others he’s rarely played. I don’t think he has the hands for SS, but I think he will be able to play scratch defense everywhere else (besides Catcher obviously). The bat is definitely questionable, he has some pop, plenty to profile as a regular considering he’s a good runner as well. The big question is whether he’ll make enough quality contact to get to the power.
  5. Someone posted this in another thread, but it’s a great video. I watch some of the Pac12 games streaming on the Pac12 network site.
  6. I don’t know much on the guy, from what I’ve been able find he’s a low 90s sinker, slider, change guy who had been good at getting GBs until last season. This is more about the OF glut you mentioned than Herb in all likelihood.
  7. Luke-OH


    I think Ryan should just go into coaching or scouting if he wants to stay in baseball.
  8. Luke-OH


    I don’t really see any reason to send Escarra to Delmarva, if he’s a prospect of any value, he’ll be able to handle Advanced A. He fits even if Curran is there because Curran can DH some and I think Escarra should get some COF reps.
  9. I think we might get a surprise Wright or Araujo cut, but I think this is probably close to being spot on.
  10. They are similar dudes, former early rd picks who are MLB quality players but will have to have a 80% or so outcome to be regulars. Stewart has a better batted ball profile but Smith hits the ball a little harder. I give Stewart a slight edge (more polished defensively and on the bases + younger) but I see why you’d add Smith especially is you think you can get him to hit it in the air more often.
  11. Luke-OH

    Single A Rotations

    I don’t think that was particularly aggressive, look how many top 2 round college SP start their first full season in A+. By my count of the 21 college pitchers in the first two rds in 2016, 4 were hurt, 3 started in A, 11 in A+, 2 in AA, 1 in AAA.in their first full season.
  12. Luke-OH

    Single A Rotations

    The last regime was very conservative with pitchers
  13. 4 in the top 100. 1-1, 2-1, comp B, and 3-1 There is plenty of depth, it’ll be interesting to see see how things play out, there are a lot of big time risers without much track record and then there are the guys projected to go in the first round going into the season who have only been OK so far. Teams weight things differently, so it’ll be fun to see how it plays out. I’ll have at least a top 100 draft preference list up on the site pre-draft.
  14. The sentence before I acknowledged that it was a fair view for fans to not to be happy about it and I agree that future employers have the right to consider his refusal to waive his rights. I'm not going after fans who are bothered by it, I don't think there is a "wrong" opinion here, I'm just saying why I'm not bothered by it.
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