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  1. His xFIP (expected fielding independent pitching) has been in the low 3s ever since being drafted. xFIP tends to be a better indicator of true talent in most pitchers than FIP or ERA. I'd argue Long has pitched quite well ever since he was drafted, but the low draft slot, and lack of big strikeout numbers have kept him out of the spotlight. This year his performance has taken another step to the point it's hard to deny his prospect status.
  2. I think he's not ready to go multiple times through a MLB lineup. If we want him to be a starter let him finish the year in the minors perhaps getting a taste of AAA and then let him compete for a spot in spring training. I do think he'd be able to succeed in a relief role at the MLB level currently.
  3. If it were as simple as picking up 3.5 games I'd say go for it, (even though we have one of the worst run differentials which has shown to have predictive value for future results). However, the problem is we don't just need to pick up 3.5 games. We would have to outplay TB and KC by 3.5 games each. Min by 2.5 games. And Tex, LA, and Sea by 1 game. If any of those teams even manages an equal record to the O's going forward we are done.
  4. 5 of the 6 hits were ground balls, not sure how hard he was getting hit. Looks like there were control issues.
  5. Other GMs are not going to base whether or not to acquire a player on one appearance good or bad. Players are not trying to play poorly to avoid being traded.
  6. He's like Goldschmidt of the Diamondbacks, both Goldschmidt and Stewart have received scouting reports giving them grade 30 speed, but manage to be an asset on the basepaths.
  7. He hasn't made a ton of attempts or been successful much, so I'd say no. Can't tell you what's missing there, he's not a true burner, but should be fast enough to have decent minor league SB numbers. Mullins is even faster, and he sucks on the bases.
  8. Above average, grade 55 maybe, but plays more like a 60 because he's got a ton of hustle in his game. For example, if he pops the ball up or hits a lazy fly ball with the bases empty, he makes sure he's near 2nd base by the time it's caught.
  9. Martes' delivery doesn't look like he should be a starter, but he looks like a definite set-up/closer guy in the future, which is quite valuable.
  10. Astros are showcasing Martes for us.
  11. I think they pulled him in the low 60s last game, so maybe 60 pitches is their comfort level currently.
  12. Pitchers Leonardo Rodriguez 19yo 6' 7" righty, 37Ks, .98 WHIP in 39IP, first taste of pro ball Cesar Angomas 17yo lefty, control hasn't been great, 14Ks and 11BBs in 17.1IP, but very young and a 72% GB rate! Position players Edidson Rojas - just turned 18, plays SS, hitting 22% better than league average with a .246/.378/.373 triple slash, also 12 of 14 for SBs Frank Tolentino - 17yo CFer, hitting 27% better than league average with a .293/.411/.345 triple slash, also 7 of 9 for SBs Oscar Olivares - 18yo 3B, only played in 7 games so far, but a great start. Hitting .320/.452/.560 so far.
  13. Until today, 2016 draft pick Bonilla had only pitched 5.2 innings this year. He's had control issues, but seems to overmatch hitters when in the zone. Today, something interesting happened, they let him pitch 4 innings and throw 65 pitches. Is this a one time thing or are they stretching him out? The results were quite good today, 4IP, 2H, 1BB, 5Ks.
  14. Escarra was our 15th round pick. Robertson and Yahn are interesting because of their extremely low strikeout rates 9.6% and 4.8% respectively. You got to like the start Sparks has had, taking walks and not striking out too much for a guy who was supposed to be very raw. Some pitchers who are interesting to watch... Ryan Wilson 20yo lefty, 33rd round pick this year, 17Ks to only 3BBs in 15IP Yelin Rodriguez 18yo lefty, 2016 draft pick, .94 WHIP and 13Ks in 10.2IP Matthew Hammonds 22yo lefty, 29th round pick this year, 12Ks, 1BB in 7.1 IP Nick Vichio 22yo righty, 22nd round pick this year 13Ks, .78 WHIP in 9IP Luis Perez 22yo international righty, 28Ks, .84 WHIP in 25IP Victor Romeo 22yo international righty, 13Ks, .94 WHIP in 11.2IP Gillian Wernet, 18yo international righty, not great stats, but the rare O's DSL guy that makes it to the GCL as a teen.
  15. This has been my argument, we need to act like a low budget team sometimes. I agree that it'd be powerful, we could afford to miss on some cheap early extensions much more easily than Tampa. We could also take on salary in trades to get value more easily than Tampa.