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  1. Austin Hays

    Good observations, as for the AB with Gentry on first, I have to think he was getting a take sign. I've watched a ton of Hay's ABs and I don't remember seeing him watch pitches like that. He always tracks pitches and gets his body moving, those two pitches looked out of character for him.
  2. It's Time to Play the Youngins

    I think you need to get Santander ABs more than Sisco and even Hays. Hays has had a full season, as has Sisco. Santander has 71 ABs total. I know he's going to the AFL, but still. I'd like to see how Scott looks now, he didn't have the usual life on his fastball late in the season (still had the velocity), possibly due to blister issues he was having.
  3. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Yacabonis has a knack for staying off the barrel. Tanner Scott is the only Lefty still out there I believe, probably didn't want him to make his pro debut in a spot like that.
  4. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    He's not a leave the bat on the shoulder kind of guy, I don't remember him doing it once in all the A+/AA ABs I saw. Then to see him do it 2 straight pitches, it was weird.
  5. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    It looked like he had a take sign, he usually tracks every pitch. (or got crossed up and thought he had a take sign)
  6. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    That's what I keep saying. That's the reason he's got as many outfield assists as he does, everyone tries to run on him.
  7. What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    I wish I believed this. I think he may have one of those type seasons again (but wouldn't say it's likely), but the combination of having one of those seasons, the chances of the O's being smart enough to trade a player after a good season, and the chances of another team being dumb enough to take on the salary adds up to a major longshot.
  8. A report on the Baysox players that may make the O's

    I see how a scout could get that impression. Santander looked F'n amazing at Bowie, he looked like a man among boys, and he has a beautiful swing. That said, he's not the prospect Hays is, he's not as good defensively, he's not as good of a baserunner, he doesn't have the same hit tool. The thing that makes Hays special is his ability to hit everything hard, he can adjust his swing on the fly. Santander, Mullins, and Stewart will probably show up in different orders in different top O's prospect lists. I have Mullins highest because of his plus defensive ability in CF gives him both a high floor and a decent ceiling. I have Stewart next because I think his approach plays at the MLB level. I just haven't seen Santander make adjustments to higher level pitching yet, in AA he kind of surprised pitchers, I need to see the book on him get out and then him adjust to the way pitchers are trying to work him before I can rank him higher. He could end up the best hitter of the whole group though, just too much uncertainty right now.
  9. What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    Yuck. There are a lot of 4th outfield types on the free agent market this year who would come cheap on a 1 year deal and be better than Gentry or Rickard.
  10. Brenan Hanifee 6/28 notes

    Hanifee made a list of ten 2018 breakout candidates on Baseball Prospectus. I agree, if he can improve his secondaries, he can really jump onto the national radar. Projectable body, athletic, very little pitching experience, good fastball, and good delivery.
  11. What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    Hays is a better player and a better fit as a Rickard upgrade (RHed, RF vs Stewart who is a LHed, LF) and Sisco (also a better prospect) needed to be added to the 40 man to avoid the rule 5 draft I believe. I think he'll be given the chance to compete for a platoon spot next year (he hits RHers really well)
  12. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Let's get 4 more so we can see Santander, Sisco, and Scott.
  13. What is everyone's idea for 2018?

    I like Mullins, and I think he'll be a MLB starter eventually. He's not ready to play everyday though. Could you bring him up and use him as a defensive replacement, yeah, but I think that would sell his development short. He needs at least a half a season more in the minors, getting everyday ABs IMO. Edit: DJ Stewart is ready and upon doing some research, he has the best defensive rating at LF in the Eastern League per Clay Davenport's metric. He also rates highly defensively by Baseball Prospectus' metric.
  14. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    I agree, that's 7 out of 30 MLB starting shortstops. Throw in a few more and Beckham still sits solidly in the average, middle of the pack range defensively.
  15. POLL: Yay or nay on Beckham trade?

    That wasn't a routine play. That's a ball many shortstops don't get to, and if they do, they have to retreat into the hole to do it. I'd have liked to see him make that play too, but that's not a play Hardy would make and if that ball got to the outfield, Judge would have scored. So even with that error, he saved a run on that play. (I know the run eventually scored anyways)