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  1. Which is why baseball has a dedicated fan base but is still losing ground. There’s always tomorrow. There’s no urgency in any game or even any one series.
  2. I disagree. Only in the MLB are there 162 games. Little League, High School, College, Semi-Pro. MLB games are already longer than any other sport. and there’s 162 of them. Basketball and hockey have what half that? Football the game is the same amount of time and then it’s only played 16 times a season(not very comparable but still.) MLB is asking its fans to put an extraordinary amount of time dedicated to watching this sport over the course of a season. It’s not keeping up with the fast moving pace of the Internet.
  3. Wilkerson hits RHP well. He might need to give up switch hitting. I think he can be a toolsey Ryan Flaherty (more power/speed). Broxton can’t hit the ball.
  4. Easy. 100 game seasons. Every game would mean so much more.
  5. When Stewart returns from IL, is Broxton DFA’d? I think we’ve seen enough. Let Wilkerson/Santander man CF. Stewart has nothing left to prove in AAA.
  6. I don’t know that Ynoa has pitched himself off the roster like Hess and Straily did. Baseball’s a game of adjustments. He started off really hot, baseball figured him out. He turned in a good start last time out. I think he should get a chance at the bullpen before should he get removed from the rotation. There’s plenty of time for Wojo and Eshelman to get starts in the 2nd half.
  7. Anyone else concerned about Mountcastle's 9 walks to 62 strikeouts?
  8. DSJ is controllable through the 2024 season. Career line in the bigs is .262/.317/.464. What kind of numbers are you hoping for out of Stewart and Santander?
  9. Man this is bad. Having to call up Ortiz and Rogers is just painful. I’m not sure if that is more painful than having nobody worthy to replace Hess and Straily. Still can’t wrap my head around giving away Yefry. Tanner Scott has been pitching very well at Norfolk.
  10. no AAA experience. Elias is pretty adamant about players earning their way up by dominating each minor league level. Kline was here by default.
  11. I actually like Wilkerson quite a bit. Ideally he doesn’t play center but he’s versatile. I think his slash like against RHP is .286/.322/.526. Whoever is called up will only be here for a week so it doesn’t really matter. Just figured the current admin wanted the prospects to really EARN their way onto the roster like Stewart and Sisco. This situation is more like...well Santander is hitting good enough..and we need an outfielder so. FYI Rickard is smashing the ball at Norfolk too. Of course we know what Rickard is, but he is playable, especially on a team like this.
  12. Surprised it’s not Rickard. Rickard and Wilkerson would seem to make a nice platoon. Santander has decent but uninspiring AAA numbers and it seems like you would want a temporary call up like this to go to a non-prospect.
  13. He hit well in 2017. He hit horribly in 2018. The thing about 2019 is, it's not 2017. He needs to show he can hit again.
  14. Same with Diaz. Prove you can hit in Bowie then Norfolk and we’ll see you in 2020.
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