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  1. If my life came down to needing a 1 run game saved, I'd take Britton over any other rp and it would be the easiest decision in the world. Kimbrel is great, but that straight FB has a better chance of leaving the yard than Britton has of giving up 3 walks/singles. He went over 27 innings without allowing an extra-base hit and that hit was a foul ball, grounder, that was hit about 60 mph. He's in his own category.
  2. Made a Chance Sisco playlist for the OH. 27 clips, plenty from thus year then some from Bowie v a couple highly rated prospects.
  3. Video from March
  4. Here are a few filthy curve balls from Long. Just published a month ago for some reason.
  5. wild thing
  6. Mountcastle Hays DL Hall Harvey Mullins Sisco Adam Hall Akin Scott Santander Liranzo Sedlock Lowther Bishop Baumann Hanifee Gassaway Wheels Wells Long (no love for long from mlb) Chrichton Rif Reyes Breazeale Peralta Cleavinger Curran Yaz Fenter Mostly future all stars, some just very good mlb players.
  7. 4ks, all swinging, 1HA so far. Id like to see him work as a starter for 2 more years in the minors and have plenty of innings to learn how to pitch rather than bring him up as a bullpen arm quickly. I think we have something in him, I hope we have good pitching coaches around him. Invest in teachers, my philosophy on most things. Teach him, take your time, and the reward may be more substantial than a strop.
  8. Ryan Mountcastle doubles (2) on a line drive to center fielder Harold Castro.
  9. Josh towers pointing to the sky, with enthusiasm, after a guy hit the ball 120mph & 470 feet,used to make me laugh. "We all know where it is Josh, we just don't know if its ever coming back"
  10. There is definitely something special about watching a guy succeed without 97 to rely on. Lowth throws up in the zone with 88 - he's definitely what people would distinguish as a "pitcher" while my second favorite arm, Liranzo, is a "thrower. My two favorite pitchers in the minors are nothing alike. I can't wait to see how he will do when he moves up. I don't recall where Lowther was projected to go in the draft, do you? I suppose a quick google search would provide that information, I fell hard for the Lowth on draft day, I've watched a million people pitch and he just has something unique. The 88mph heat with 103mph K numbers in college. I love that a few of his YouTube clips are from the first base side of the mound so we get a better feel for how much movement he can get on his fb. I wish mlb offered multiple camera angles to watch a game from, I'd pay for that.
  11. Oops brea did it again. Huge game from Breazeale.
  12. Lowth ♥️
  13. Posted a video that has about 6-7 pitches from his last outing. Shows a nice big curve.
  14. Wells looks a almost exactly like Ted Lilly, a guy like that isn't going to excite people but it certainly doesn't mean he won't make it. He's been a pleasure to follow.