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  1. Cumberbundy

    Piggy out for year with ACL. Hill Time

    Shawn Petty. True Freshman LB.
  2. Cumberbundy

    Piggy out for year with ACL. Hill Time

    Good to see Tony learning. Hill not beating out Piggy in week 1 of his true freshman season didn't mean he wasn't still a great talent. Tough news on Piggy & Jesse, tons of injuries around NCAAF in week 1.
  3. Cumberbundy

    Thank You, Mark Daniel Trumbo

    Trumbo swung at the worst pitch I've seen all year that wasn't thrown to Edwin Encarnacion by Chris Tillman -- then he strokes a double & previously hit a HR. Hard to believe the same person had those ABs.
  4. Cumberbundy

    The Wildcard Race

    Robbie Ray used to top out around 92 I believe, now he's throwing 99. We need to get Wells in that program.
  5. Cumberbundy

    The Wildcard Race

    Robles for $200,000, we need corn to start a gofundme. We will pay. I'm in.
  6. I'd think it's unlikely we sign 3 guys who give us much. A trade, one signing, & a rebuilt Tillman would be our best bet. Tillman still has 94, there may be something we can make out of him. Cobb will be out of our price range. If form holds, we will get the guys no one else wants, that has not worked out well when it comes to signing pitching.
  7. Let's get Bundy signed. Manny/Schoop/Bundy/Gaus can take a group of average players to the playoffs.
  8. Absolutely. I still enjoy it but the week used to revolve around the regular season games. Money & one & dones changed a lot. I used to thumb through the TV guide just to find the games that would be on - I'd just look for the long dark gray boxes & hope Maryland or Seton Hall was in them. TV guide...haven't seen one of those in 20 years.
  9. Layman, Garrison, Morris....three guys who may have gotten worse as they got older. Garrison & Morris in particular were frustrating. Gary could always use his big men, Jordan Williams & Baxter didn't have a ton of talent, but he got a lot out of them. Baxter was awful in HS, my 2nd HS beat him 3 times and our center was 6-1.
  10. I was a tad late myself. I love anything positive that happened in MD. I try to claim the NCST national title with my NC friends because Maryland players did everything.
  11. They should have done much more with the team 2 years ago. Maryland should be a top 10 program imo. I missy he days of pressing, the 1-3-1 3/4 court with Rhodes & X flying around.
  12. I've been to one hockey game, my cousin coaches the girls at Maryland. It was 100 times more fun than going to Cole. That was at the old capital center.
  13. It wasn't anything too special, I think it's cool that the Kentucky/Texas Western game was played there.
  14. http://247sports.com/Season/2018-Basketball/Recruits The 2018 recruiting class, Maryland has a shot at the #9 & #10 player in the country.
  15. Oh man I went about 490 times, I saw the NCAA tourney there, about 10 capital classic games, even preseason v Venezuela! It was hot as heck in there. My pops took me, he's diehard MD.