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  1. Not being snarky but is Brady Anderson also let go today?
  2. Cleaning house before the season ends.Must be a good reason why it could not wait till the season ends in a month.
  3. Only 10 games left for most of the minor league teams. I guess he could play in the playoffs Any point in moving him to Bowie for a few games?
  4. They have only been above 30,000 fans against the Yankees and Red Sox. Only been above 25,000 twice other then the Yankees and Red Sox. Imagine the attendance if they only played the Yankees and Red Sox for only six games.
  5. Will be more games below 10,000 .Mid week Blue Jays series in September.
  6. Yes.Tigers are on their death march now.Orioles look like they probably will get the second pick in the draft.One through fourth all look possible.
  7. Have not talked about Manny for awhile.Having a rough August 0 homers, 2 doubles and 4 RBI'S. 203 average and. 253 slugging. Having a decent year offensively.
  8. Yes, hopefully at least three or four years.
  9. The Orioles are on their way to having another historically bad season, but their TV announcers continue to rank among the major leagues’ best, according to a survey of visitors to the website awfulannouncing.com. The broadcast team, which usually consists of play-by-play announcer Gary Thorne and color analysts Jim Palmer or Mike Bordick, achieved the fourth-highest weighted score among visitors to the site. Fans were asked to grade the broadcasters on an A-to-F scale; average scores were calculated, with 4.0 being the highest score possible. The O’s team’s score of 2.90 placed them fourth, behind only the San Diego Padres (2.99), San Francisco Giants (2.98) and New York Mets (2.97). Sadly, for our baseball brethren down I-95 in Washington, D.C., the Nationals broadcast team of Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo finished dead last, with a score of 1.53. That may be small solace, with the Nationals still fighting for a playoff berth and the Orioles long out of the running. But we O’s fans will take what we can get this season. Nationals TV announcers are terrible. https://www.baltimoresun.com/features/baltimore-insider/bs-fe-announcers-20190821-5r7aiz6tpvftjopg5axztedtt4-story.html
  10. i think he could be good for a few years as a reliever. Starter would require a delivery change but I think the Orioles will keep him in relief. Reminds me a little of a Tiger reliever who threw really hard ,around 100 and had 3 good years. Also Daniel Bard from the Red Sox who also had a few really nice years.
  11. His delivery is pretty violent .A better version of Jimmy Yacobonis.No way with that delivery could he be a major league starter.Might play for awhile as a reliever.
  12. Still be getting deferred payments, so should come back.Maybe also play some first.
  13. So you are saying Martin has to be on the bench as Davis doppelganger?
  14. No Richie Martin again? They said he was hitting better.Three days in a row not starting.
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