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  1. They said the Orioles have used 12 position players to pitch since coming to Baltimoe. Three already this year in less then a month. Not good.
  2. Three position players pitched for the Orioles before the end of April.That is a sad commentary.
  3. Maybe about Sucre's pitching.Three position players have already pitched for the Orioles. Sad.
  4. They just had a fluff piece article about Sucre in the Bsltimore Sun on Sunday.
  5. When you having a pitching coach like Roger McDowell you see these things with Orioles pitchers. Oh ,nevermind.
  6. So I guess the Orioles use the accounting method-FIFO.First in,first out.
  7. So who will we blame? No Mike Wright to use.
  8. So he will go to the corner to get cut? He was hit hard .
  9. What is the record for most past balls in an inning? Also still will win more games then last year .
  10. 8,555 tonight.Better then the four games against the Rays.Things are looking up.
  11. Tried to get Gretel also but tough to get through witch waivers.
  12. So this is only Wilkerson's fifth game ever in left. So much for defense being number one with Hyde Correct, and he's ony played four games in left, where he starts tonight.
  13. I know this is mostly about Mullins but it did mention Lucas.Any word on Karns? Read yesterday after his one outing that he was going to see a specialist again
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