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  1. You know most have been for the rebuild.I see many criticisms of the Orioles on here. Some defend the Orioles at all cost and others criticize at all cost.I think it is a mix of different views.But Elias could fail and might not.So many teams rebuilding that some are going to fail
  2. All teams like to have Yankee and Red Sox home games.Rays had their sell outs.The Dodgers-Yankee are one of their toughest tickets
  3. We came not to praise Joey Rickard but to bury him.
  4. As I said in another thread,should be well rested. Has not pitched since June 14th Obviously our genius manager was resting him for this start .
  5. Seem to like AL East outfielders. Yaz,Rickard,Pillar and Tyler Austin .
  6. Looks like Gilmartin will be the first pitcher for the Orioles tonight.Not sure why he has not pitched since June 14th but maybe Hyde was saving him for tonight.
  7. Orioles have not had a winning full month since August 2017. Won't have one this month either. Also have not won 10 games or more in a month since August 2017.
  8. Some Orioles fans believe baseball already is exacting retribution for the MASN conflict; Camden Yards, one of the game’s most cherished parks, has not hosted an All-Star Game since 1993, its second year of existence. But the Orioles have not made a formal proposal for the game, according to officials on both sides. The club’s preference, sources say, is to secure a new lease and work with the state to make improvements to the ballpark first From old article
  9. The Orioles still have not put in a bid for the All Star game Not sure why A major bike race supposedly Labor Day 2020.The first HC race in the US since 2012
  10. At least the Women's Soccer team won't tank. So by easing up and finishing second in its Women’s World Cup group — which would require losing, an outcome foreign to Jill Ellis’s squad — the U.S. national soccer team would dodge a potentially perilous quarterfinal with France next week. Consider: Passage to the round of 16 already has been secured, and regardless of whether they finish first or second, the Americans will play a second-place side Monday. No team wants to face the hosts and their flag-waving, “La Marseillaise”-singing supporters in a rocking stadium, either. Oh, who are we kidding? https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/06/19/us-soccer-trashes-any-talk-tanking-vs-sweden/?utm_term=.62ea470f4168
  11. i know the Orioles want Yankees and Red Sox games. Not so sure about Rays and Jays. Orioles attendance is 603,318 after 36 games. 13 games against the Yankees and Red Sox drew 298,700 . 23 games against all other teams drew 304,618. I took out Opening Day against the Yankees because of usual sell out or near sell out. So in 12 games against the Yankees and Red Sox averaging 21,209. 23 games against everyone else averaging 13,244.
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