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  1. Stanton to the Yankees

    Is he replacing Tillman in the rotation?
  2. Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    Frederick Keys have Guaranteed Win Tuesday but just get a ticket for a future game.
  3. Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    I understand the difference. Last few years it was organized through a organization and tickets sold on the Oriole website.This is the first year it is a recognized as an official promtion through the Oriole organization. If it bothers you that now the Orioles are the official sponsor fine that is your right.But all hockey teams had one this year and is becoming the norm.
  4. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    Tigers got a day night Dh tomorrow. Want to go hom,e.
  5. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    I thought they had a slight chance to make the game interesting . That is it.
  6. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    Has an Oriole team in Baltimore that ain't done jack. Manny took one out for a ride But next year he is never coming back. Everybody has a broken heart. Everybody got a broken heart.
  7. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    I see you're try colors shining through.
  8. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    Cleveland has a worse average and scored less runs then the Tigers.
  9. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    Buck knew. he said before the game that probably an eight man bullpen for the Cleveland series.
  10. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    Touchdown and a FG will put Orioles ahead. Jacoby Jones is playing.
  11. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    He is in Spring mode. Game is not over because their starter is bad also.
  12. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    At least the Orioles now have the Wright guy pitching.
  13. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    10 does it go to 11? Hits .))))
  14. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    What is Candelairo batting against the Orioles?
  15. vs. TIGERS, 4/19

    Still think after another start he will be fine but could have been handled differently.