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  1. Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/team/front_office.jsp?c_id=bal I would speak to someone hire up . Zach Brown might be a good start. And his band .
  2. Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    They go through reps constantly. I have had some good ones and bad ones.Most come here to get experience. If you have been a season ticket holder for awhile, you should have gotten a personal rep.I would email or call the head of season ticket sales.If they did not give you an assigned rep and have been a season ticket holder for years that is another example of how not to keep your fan base. Marketing has been as poor as I have ever seen it.
  3. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    Britton said his exit MRI, which the team typically conducts during its final homestand as part of season-ending physicals, revealed the MCL strain that caused him to miss some time in late August and has been bothering him for three seasons to some degree "had gotten a little bit worse, so that's why we're taking the steps we are now." The two-time All-Star closer's assumption is that his season is over, based on the team doctor's emphasis that such an injection in late September is meant to speed up his recovery for the offseason. Surgery, he insisted, wasn’t on the horizon. Manager Buck Showalter, however, said "in three to five days, we'll see where we are on a lot of different fronts and see where he is physically and where we are as a team." In late August, the knee injury cropped up as the exacerbation of a previous soreness Britton had dealt with for years. He took a few days off before returning to action, but had two blown saves in the past month and acknowledged pitching on it made things more difficult. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-take-another-look-at-brittons-knee-20170920-story.html
  4. 2017 Attendance Thread

    i also think so. 75,000 to 80,000 with nice weather.Still lowest attendance since 2011.
  5. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    i wonder the last time the AL had only five teams with a winning record? Could happen this year.
  6. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    The Oriole pitching might look better the last nine games. Rays have not hit since the All Star break. Pirates have really been slumping and also not hitting.
  7. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    Someone told me that if Britton was talked about in a trade to the Orioles ,he would fail the Oriole physical. Concerns about his knee. I found that kind of funny.
  8. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    if his discomfort is still lingering into next year,it all might be a moot point.
  9. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    Would Zack have failed Houston's physical? Do you think most other teams knew that Britton has been having discomfort in his knee since 2015? The Orioles would have been lucky to get whatever was offered at the trade deadline. They now might get an A ball prospect at best. They might have to non tender him. Roch was saying the Orioles wanted a big haul for Britton like some other closers. Looking back that seemed a big wish.
  10. Trade Zack Britton?

    Zack Britton has had problems with his knee since 2015. He might be shut down for the reminder of the season. The Orioles might get nothing for him in a trade this winter. Should the Orioles have traded him last winter or at the trade deadline of 2017. He will get around $13 million next year.
  11. Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    Britton might be shut down for the year. He has been wearing a brace for awhile now. Has had discomfort in the knee since 2014. Maybe that is why the Orioles did not get as much as they have thought at the trade deadline. Other teams might have looked at his MRI and injury issues and did not offer as much. If Britton does not pitch again this year ,i see no way the Orioles can trade him over the winter and expect anything back. He would have to prove he is healthy at the start of the year. They obviously can't cut him but he will be earning over $13 million next year.
  12. The Wildcard Race

    Twins look like the Yankees may sweep them. 82-84 wins might be too high.
  13. 2017 Attendance Thread

    And for those who are. Happy Holiday. Shana Tovah.
  14. 2017 Attendance Thread

    Many schools are closed in Maryland tomorrow. Don't think it would matter for attendance. I see 11,978.
  15. So what's the rotation next year?

    The Orioles don't like to go over four years for a pitcher. Three if possible. So unless they change their philosophy, they won't get the top tier pitchers and most won't want to come anyway. "History tells us that any [free-agent contract] over three years is a bad investment supposedly on starting pitching," Showalter said. "So, a lot of these clubs pay five years to get three or pay seven to get four. We're not going to do that. This is bad business for everybody. So, we really have to develop our own pitchers for the most part to do it right." http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bal-buck-showalter-defends-clubs-current-pitching-staff-20151212-story.html