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  1. what was the mound visit after 2 batters about?
  2. I'm not liking the O's chances in this one
  3. I don't know. Baltimore batters have a tendency to make guys like this look like Roger Clemens.
  4. I'll answer my own question: 1) strikeout; 2) groundout; 3) flyout; 4) lineout; 5) foul out; 6) tagged out trying to take an extra base on a safe hit; 7) running out of the baseline; 😎 getting hit by his own batted ball in the field of play; 9) interfering with the fielder attempting to field a ball; 10) batting out of order; 11) passing another runner on the basepath; 12) fan interference on a ball in play (reaching over the fence on a ball a fielder could have caught); .... more?
  5. Trivia question: How many different ways can a batter be retired during his at bat (assuming a flyout is one way, a ground out is another, a lineout is another, etc....)?
  6. O's close out the inning stranding the bases loaded - all walks, two with nobody out - in their effort to maintain control of that top pick in the 2020 draft.
  7. dollars to donuts says the O's don't score this inning
  8. A 13-pitch walk to a guy whose last name would make you think he plays for the Maple Leafs, not the Blue Jays
  9. Just logging on. A couple of observations: Good to see Means cut that albatross of pitching a shutout from his neck early. Now he can relax and pitch. Davis is hitting too high in the lineup tonight.
  10. The team's leader in home runs is Renato Nunez and he is not mentioned here. Are we expecting the minor leaguers to have a higher ceiling?
  11. That 5.76 ERA will fit in well on this Baltimore staff. They don't need some show-off coming in with an ERA of 4.00 or something.
  12. Mancini is going to hit one out of the park here
  13. Bundy not happy with that 4-run lead.
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