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  1. I turn on the computer and see Richie Martin had a hit? What is this world coming to? Speed is nice.
  2. That was the 182 home run given up by O's pitchers this year!??!!!! It's July 16, for crying out loud.
  3. it's such a deflating feeling when a one-run deficit seems insurmountable.
  4. Maybe he and Davis can just work at Powell's BBQ during games. Does their contract say they have to be playing baseball? Or just working in the Orioles organization?
  5. So Nats pitcher gets the joy of plunking two Orioles in one inning and doesn't have to pay anything for it in the way of runs scored?
  6. I was thinking the same thing. The slump started the same day he found out he was passed over as an All Star.
  7. Mancini appears to be taking hitting advice from Chris Davis these last 7 or 8 games.
  8. you are correct - I could have sworn I heard it was Mississippi River. Thanks.
  9. This should be the Orioles new marketing plan to get people out to the stadium.... "Hey, you just might witness a perfect game"
  10. Pitching a perfect game is cool and all...... but pitching one against these Orioles is like beating the Ecuadorian ice hockey team in hockey.
  11. I can't think of any lineup that would give you more confidence in completing a perfect game than the bottom third of the worst team in baseball.
  12. Or...... he'll watch an 89 mph straight fastball go right down the middle of the plate and then dribble one harmlessly to second. Either way.
  13. I'll bet you a nickel that Chris Davis isn't the one to break up the perfect game
  14. Do the Rays run Yarbrough out there next inning?
  15. Ahh. I missed that - showed up late to the broadcast. I just assumed he started.
  16. Are the Orioles even trying today? Yarbrough is perfect through 6 innings and has thrown fewer than 60 pitches.
  17. On the bright side - Orioles hitters doing their part to keep this game moving along.
  18. Wow - Bundy escapes a lead-off extra base hit in consecutive innings and comes away unscathed. Better pull him after 5 before the inevitable happens.
  19. A very Orioles-like effort - especially when coupled with a starting pitcher at 78 pitches with 4 walks and a home run surrendered. Toronto is going to out-Baltimore Baltimore.
  20. odds of Bundy giving the run back in the bottom of the inning are set at 80%.
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