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  1. What was our record in games Hays started?

    I'd sign up for that in blood.
  2. Starting Pitchers-Best Stat

    Gotcha. Yeah, that's definitely fair.
  3. What was our record in games Hays started?

    Might have a shorter swing though. Certainly less windup. Chokes up a little.
  4. Vargas to the Mets :(

    A good righty is better than a trash lefty. I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about what hand they throw with. Also, I really do believe in the Cortes hype, but I understand if people don't.
  5. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Dunno. There seems to be more folks thinking that the O's may pass on Tillman. Tony and Luke here think he would have signed by now and Britt says he doesn't have an offer from the O's yet. If the O's pass, it's because they didn't like what they saw, not because they dropped the ball. Not to say they aren't dropping the ball in several other areas.. lol. But I think they find another "starter", whatever that amounts to, and a "left-handed outfielder", whatever that amounts to. It could be, like, Liriano and Pedro Alvarez. But hopefully it's more like Lynn and Jay.
  6. I hope we can make enough moves that Castro is back in the bullpen. He was really something in that role and I'm not sure I buy that he can be a starter.
  7. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Just Liriano and Anderson, according to the filter in MLBTR.
  8. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Brett Anderson is interesting because he's one of the only left handed starters left in FA other than Liriano. Not sure what happened to him last couple of years, but he used to be pretty good.
  9. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Here's who's left: Brett Anderson Jake Arrieta Clay Buchholz Trevor Cahill Jesse Chavez Alex Cobb R.A. Dickey Scott Feldman Matt Garza A.J. Griffin Jeremy Hellickson Ubaldo Jimenez John Lackey Francisco Liriano Jeff Locke Lance Lynn Ricky Nolasco Jake Peavy Mike Pelfrey Tyler Pill Anibal Sanchez Chris Smith Chris Tillman Cesar Valdez Edinson Volquez
  10. Vargas to the Mets :(

    I like Vargas, but it doesn't take much work to convince myself that it's a good pass, either. 35 yr old soft tossing lefty. I've seen that story before.
  11. What was our record in games Hays started?

    Yeah, I'd be happy to be wrong on that. I did see the Jones comp that someone posted in another thread. Does anyone else think his swing's a little weird though? Kinda slaps at the ball. Is that gonna play at this level? We'll see.
  12. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Well, let's see what happens. I would have been down for Vargas, but I'd rather a good righty than a meh lefty. Not sure we're going to get that good righty, though...
  13. What was our record in games Hays started?

    It was basically a revelation that Brian Roberts came up through the system and did what he did, at the time, and then Markakis. There's a reason the fanbase treated Markakis like the second coming of Christ. We just hadn't seen a young rookie like that in years.
  14. What was our record in games Hays started?

    Yeah, sorry, skimmed a little too quickly!