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  1. 8 straight! Dylan Bundy: Not a great outing but there's a couple silver linings. He kept his streak of 5 or more inning games going, and he racked up 8 Ks. Mychal Givens: Something to build on here with a scoreless inning that featured 2 Ks. Rio Ruiz: Produced the only two runs for the Os with a clutch 2-RBI single that found a hole in the shift. Rio! Mini 🌈 s: Boy just another pretty barren game. Severino stolen base? Martin got a hit? Broxton got a hit? DSJ is back, hooray! Roster moves: Fresh pitching is on the way in the form of Kline and Scott, at the expense of Fry and Phillips.
  2. A cool dude and intriguing pitcher that I hoped we'd take a chance on. Beat reporters all completely asleep at the wheel on this, as usual.
  3. Or what I said, which is just as plausible.
  4. Honestly, he seems pretty underrated around baseball especially being on the Red Sox. He wasn't doing well here when we traded him and that's almost certainly entirely the Orioles' fault at the time with regards to their pitcher development. Oh well! Miller was fun while we had him.
  5. Yeah, you already have Broxton occupying a 40-man spot. I would swap those guys all day just to see what Williams can do. Neither of them will be impact guys, but who knows. Broxton isn't really a difference maker defensively like we thought he might be.
  6. interloper

    Austin Hays 2019

    Yeah this is getting silly. He's starting to feel like the Hunter Harvey of position players. That said, it could totally be a cramp who knows.
  7. Removed for "precautionary reasons" according the beat reporters. Nothing else is known yet.
  8. Would require a DFA, no? Or does he have an option? I'm getting to the point where I might like to see Wilkerson in the infield over Villar or Alberto on occasion. Not all the time, but mix him in.
  9. Would hate to be that guy in the locker room after that. YIKE.
  10. He usually does something good! He numbers are lacking now, but he's still up there in the leaders in walks on this club, which isn't nothing. I wish he'd hit more because I like his defense and his patience at the plate.
  11. Swept in Oakland. Was there anything good? Sure! Jimmy Yacabonis: Nice job as opener - scoreless 2 innings with only 1 hit and no walks. He certainly seems like he deserves to stay for a little while seeing as he's sometimes decent. Yes, that's where the bar is right now. Miguel Castro: In between Yac and Miguel, the bullpen was trash, but it was nice to see Castro go 1.2 scoreless. Jonathan Villar: Broke up the no-hitter! A 2-5 night for the leadoff hitter. Renato Nunez: Got the O's on the board with an RBI infield single. It would be the first of 3 extremely not-exciting runs the O's would score. Ready for the next one? Rio Ruiz: RBI walk! Rio's patience got the O's a little closer at 3-2. Anthony Santander: Sac fly! Lol. A nice POFO but alas, it would be all they score before the bullpen wheels fell off. Trey Mancini: Only a contusion! This is great news for many reasons. Mini 🌈s: Wilkerson hit and SB, Alberto walk (!), 2 double plays were turned, Davis got on base and just missed an RBI knock. No O in Oakland: The offense went quiet, but the good news is DSJ is BACK for the Seattle series. He really does help add something to this lineup. Homered in a rehab game yesterday. Changes coming: It'll be a tough roster decision for DSJ (Santader? Wilkerson DFA? Both guys feel useful right now especially with Trey banged up), but there will also be a pitching swap. My guess is it's a Straily DFA and a call-up of Eshelman.
  12. That's not what you want.
  13. Straily wasn't DFAd weeks ago because it was reasonable to expect a slight return to form based on his career. He's not out there throwing 88. He hits 94 and is a professional big league pitcher. Did they give him a bit longer than we'd like? Sure. But... who cares?
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