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  1. To a minor league deal, like it should have been all along.
  2. interloper

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    Just find a way to get Gaston.
  3. Sure seems like Dan kept holding out to see if PLEASE GOD ANYONE ELSE fell into his lap in the SP dept.
  4. By which I mean, who ignored all the data that said the guy, even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was actually healthy, had clearly lost the physical ability to pitch? Who thought, sure, give me 7 more starts of that guy for a few million dollars? You have to think it was Buck, especially in light of Dan's recent comments.
  5. interloper

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    That said, Jones will be lucky to get any more than 1 year. He'll be a mostly full-time RFer for someone who needs a RH bat.
  6. interloper

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    You have lost your damn mind.
  7. interloper

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    I'm fine with Villar honestly. Let's not overthink it.
  8. interloper

    Sun: Ripken files suit against Aberdeen

    I sure as hell don't. I want Ripken as far from the Orioles as possible. He's a suit who's been out of the game for far too long to be able to make sound decisions. I wouldn't trust him as a coach much less an owner or executive.
  9. Tyrone Brooks. I'm all in on this guy.
  10. interloper

    Is it safe to say that the Orioles will win more games in 2019?

    Yes, of course it's safe to say that.
  11. interloper

    Orioles being sued over ADA issues

    Certainly a working lift would be considered a reasonable request.
  12. interloper

    Orioles being sued over ADA issues

    I applaud this lawsuit. It is not frivolous if you are confined to a wheelchair and I encourage any able-bodied folks to simply look at this with some empathy. Lawsuits aren't always about money, they can be used to make sure important issues like this rise to the top on occasion.
  13. interloper

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    My thought on Mountcastle is, you bring him up and play him if you have a plan for him in the future. Meaning, do you think he's your 3B/LF/DH/something of the future? If yes, play him. If not, don't. I don't believe they have any idea what to do with this kid. He can't play the field. It'd be weird to DH someone this young, although I'm for it. I always thought he should have been traded before he comes up and it's revealed he can't hit ML pitching or something. Just sell while he's a prospect, and get a pitcher or a defense-first prospect.
  14. interloper

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    You know, I mean that's we kept saying about Sisco, and then he couldn't hit a lick up here and has been banished for the likes of Joseph and Wynns. If Sisco's fine approach at the plate didn't translate up here, who's to say Mountcastle's overly aggressive approach will? How can we know anything anymore? Lol.