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  1. interloper

    Watch Raffy hit a homer at 53

    Hell yeah, lol. Agree with this. You can miss me with any talk of Hays sniffing a ML roster this year. Hard pass on that kid right now. Give me Raffy, that would at least be funny to watch for a minute.
  2. interloper

    Calamity Porn

    I want more losses, in more horrifyingly tragic ways. Let's lean way into this. The worse we get, the better off the organization will be. The more shame is put upon leadership.
  3. interloper

    2018 Mike Wright

    Let's not forget he once blamed Chris Davis for a loss for a bad defensive play, when he himself pitched like trash, as usual.
  4. interloper

    Rock Bottom

    How is no one talking about whether or not Bundy is healthy? I've never seen a player go from dominant to this bad before in this short of a time. He can't be right.
  5. interloper

    Connolly: Heads may roll today

    Administer the blood healing.
  6. interloper

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    I thought he would be Luke Scott with better defense. Not so far, but I still think it's there.
  7. interloper

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    I'm not eager to send him down (because ultimately it doesn't matter anyway - the season is done), but I am eager to see Stewart. I think Santander will be great eventually, but I don't have a problem with seeing him get rolling at AAA.
  8. interloper

    PressBox: D.J. Stewart Thinks He Could Help

    Santander down, Stewart up May 12?
  9. interloper

    Welp, Are We Officially Worried About Brach?

    He's Jim Johnson. Loss of velocity, command, and intestinal fortitude.
  10. I didn't watch - did anyone notice a change in batting stance at all?
  11. interloper

    ESPN: Jones, Oriole for life

    Also... Matt Death? Jesus what a name.
  12. interloper

    ESPN: Jones, Oriole for life

    Jones will not get more than a year in FA. Not with his OBP and declining overall production offensively and defensively. His best bet is to take a cheap 2 year extension with the O's if they indeed offer one.
  13. interloper

    Buck confident in Davis' resurgence: 'It's there'

    If Davis doesn't return to the lineup next year with an extremely different batting stance, then there's no hope. He has to make adjustments to counteract his inability to get to fastballs. It can be done. It won't necessarily be successful, but they have to try. Word is they're tinkering with things already, so I hope on Tuesday we see Davis look a little different at the plate, even just visually. It will at least give the impression they're trying. His mechanics MUST change. There's no other option left to try.
  14. interloper

    Jung Ho Kang

    Didn't realize he had a sexual assault claim. Pass. I'd have taken him if it was just the DUIs.