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  1. Bundy in the running for slider IMO.
  2. I like Severino and I like Sucre. I think some folks are wildly misinterpreting/overblowing Sucre's mannerisms back there, and tend to overlook the support he shows when the pitcher does well. That said, I would love to see Severino get more starts simply for the fact that he's younger and has more upside. And, you know, also because hit a 400+ foot rocket into the back rows yesterday.
  3. Hess is on notice with Means pitching like he is. Givens... I dunno man. He's just not very clutch this year so far. Too many hittable pitches. Career high K% so far though, so there's that.
  4. A potential solution is to get back to a 4-man bench and send a pitcher down instead of Mullins. Risky considering our pitching staff, but yeah.
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't hate Severino getting a little more playing time as the younger, more-upsidey of the two.
  6. Yeah absolutely. Just look at how many different guys had RBIs. I didn't list it, but Pedro had an AB where he saw like at least 8 pitches. The backup catcher!
  7. The 20th game of the season was a pretty good extra-innings affair. It's the SLR Zone! Beat the Rays: Hey, that's hard to do! The Rays look like a juggernaut of analytics, wacky on-field strategy, ridiculous pitching, pristine defense, and excellent hitting. But for one night, we got 'em! Andrew Cashner: Don't look now, but he's the Orioles' most consistent starting pitcher. He looked good tonight, touching 96 mph with good location which resulted in 6 Ks over 5. Just the 2 ER to bring his era below 5.00. He's getting some run support this year, which is probably nice for him. 🦄Joey Rickard: Have a game Joey! He got on base 5 times on the night, going 4-5 with a double, 1 BB, and 2 RBI. Stole a base. Dove headfirst into 1B to beat the pitcher. Uniform was dirty as hell. He needed a good game and had one. .591 WPA to lead anyone who played in this game. His clutch RBI double in the 11th would seal the deal. He gets the first-ever SLR unicorn for his performance. It's like the game ball. But a unicorn. Pedro Severino: A moonshot! Good lord. If you haven't seen it, go find the highlight. Trey Mancini: Just another 3-hit, 1-walk night. With a double. It's almost boring how good he is. The OPS remains above the 1.000 line. Jimmy Yacabonis: He weaseled his way out of some deep fly balls and got subjected to a Brocail pep talk on the bench, but all told he put up another scoreless outing. Chris Davis: Arguably won them the game. A pinch-hit single and proceeded to hustle 1st to 3rd on Ruiz's single. He looked like he might keel over in the process, but he got there. He would be the winning run on Rickard's RBI double. Davis is now hitting above .100. Cedric Mullins: Despite another tough night at the plate, he made a huge diving catch in the 11th inning for the 2nd out, which looked to be a sure hit almost all the way. Closing speed! John Means: How huge has this guy been? Fastball touched 94 and the changeup is anywhere from 75-81. 2 scoreless in extra innings to shut down the Rays. 4 Ks! Rio Ruiz: I'm gonna give one to Rio just because I like his game. 2-6 including the clutch hit 2-out hit that got Davis to 3rd in the 11th. Overall this season he's been hanging in there with a .224/.333/.362, which is a nice improvement on his 2017 numbers, which was the last time he got significant AB (150) in the ML. His 14.5 BB% leads the team. Richie Martin: First ML RBI! A solid single to CF. He went to 2nd on the throw, but got hung up thinking about going to 3rd. Hey that's ok Richie. Stay aggressive babe! Mini 🌈s: Smith double and RBI sac fly, RBI single for Nunez. Hey those would normally be their own bullet points, but that's how good the O's were in this one. Road record: 7-6 Back to Baltimore!
  8. I am starting to agree to this. A couple of weeks. No team should/does play a young guy struggling this bad on a near-nightly basis until June. That's far too long, IMO. He looks like a beaten man right now, just body language-wise.
  9. Great stuff, thanks. Perhaps worthy of its own thread.
  10. Ah, good to know. Hess would be another option to send down but it's probably too early to give up just yet. But good lord.
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