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  1. interloper

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    My thought on Mountcastle is, you bring him up and play him if you have a plan for him in the future. Meaning, do you think he's your 3B/LF/DH/something of the future? If yes, play him. If not, don't. I don't believe they have any idea what to do with this kid. He can't play the field. It'd be weird to DH someone this young, although I'm for it. I always thought he should have been traded before he comes up and it's revealed he can't hit ML pitching or something. Just sell while he's a prospect, and get a pitcher or a defense-first prospect.
  2. interloper

    To Mountcastle or to not Mountcastle...

    You know, I mean that's we kept saying about Sisco, and then he couldn't hit a lick up here and has been banished for the likes of Joseph and Wynns. If Sisco's fine approach at the plate didn't translate up here, who's to say Mountcastle's overly aggressive approach will? How can we know anything anymore? Lol.
  3. interloper

    Bucks recent comments

    When those seasons are the fault of the owner and not the GM and manager, probably.
  4. interloper

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Incorrect. Jones has been lobbying for Mullins all year and has said he'd move to a corner for him this season. If there's anyone in the clubhouse who wants Mullins on this roster yesterday, it's Jones. The O's would find a spot for Mullins regardless of Jones switching off CF, but I don't know that Mullins is good enough right now to warrant moving Jones off CF and risking looking bad if Mullins tanks. I think if anything they are protecting Mullins and want to ease him in during expanded rosters. And not make Jones look bad if they can, for better and for worse. Here's the question: Is Mullins the CF of the future? Eh, I'm not so sure, and neither are most scouts. So why bump the face of the franchise for a guy who's most likely a 4th outfielder? I agree I'd like to see him, but there's really no rush. He's going to play all of next year, and it's not going to matter all that much if he gets a few games under his belt this season.
  5. interloper

    Wednesday starter?

    This is far too detailed and meaningless of a topic for me to care about at this juncture of the Orioles season. Right? I mean who honestly cares? I barely know who's starting on a given day anyway.
  6. interloper

    New appreciation for Bordick

    Yes I'm sure skipping Fanfest is realllll high on the list of ex-player regrets.
  7. interloper

    New appreciation for Bordick

    For the record, Schoop did apologize about the FanFest thing, or at least it sounded like he understood the fan disappointment:
  8. interloper

    Jim Duquette

    Because he's bad and available.
  9. interloper

    Jim Duquette

    Yeah, Coletti is as good as our GM before the end of the season. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what GM we bring in. It will be the same Game of Thrones power struggle with ownership/Brady/Buck (if he stays)/ownership sons, etc. Nothing will ultimately change. So who cares? Orioles are the intersection of nihilism and fandom.
  10. interloper

    Sisco optioned to Norfolk

    Second on the team in fWAR. Seems silly to me.
  11. I don't understand. MLBTR in fact said nothing regarding the Orioles, yet the thread title says they did.
  12. interloper

    Adam Jones Trade Expectations

    Jones wants to win, I would think, so it depends.
  13. interloper

    Adam Jones Trade Expectations

    Couple of meh minor leaguers if we're lucky?
  14. interloper

    Chris Davis

    It's ok guys, he only has the SECOND worst OBP in the game right now.