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  1. Yep. And I think he's played the monster a few times the last couple years.
  2. Agree. It wasn't news, it's barely a rumor, it's founded on the flimsiest and silliest of concepts, and there's a thousand reasons why it doesn't make sense from MLB's standpoint to the Angelos' standpoint to Tennessee's standpoint. I'm not sure why it gathered any steam at all, and the fact that it's been given any light here with multiple threads is unfortunate. I'll admit it's an interesting topic, though, and I understand the desire to talk about it as a theory and why it does/doesn't make sense. Also. When you've run the organization this poorly for this long and you have back-to-back record-setting losing seasons, you absolutely open yourself up to this kind of rank speculation. Plus click-hungry guys like Heyman will jump on to beat an organization while it's down because it's provocative.
  3. Billy Hamilton? Honestly, it's a pass from me. We already have a hard enough time finding spots for all these outfielders, 90% of whom are actually infielders. I don't see us adding a speedy defense guy who can't hit. But... he's an interesting guy that is out there.
  4. So I think we have to wait until he's owed about that much, at least, to avoid precedent setting. But yeah you're right he is alone in his level of sudden badness.
  5. Every time I see this thread title, I think of the Refused Cyberpunk 2077 jam. Anyone else? High five if so because that's some specific stuff right there.
  6. I don't know but there are literally 14,000 other threads to talk about this. That said, I maintain this is one of the few, if not ONLY, areas in which Elias is being limited. It is what it is. I don't think it's a sign of anything. Show me another owner who cut bait on a player still owed nearly $100 million over 3 more years. That case doesn't exist. I'm not saying it's the right move to hold onto him (it's obviously not), I'm just saying that seems to be the reality for the time being. I don't think he makes it to 2023 though. The mounting bad press will eventually do him in and ownership will have to make a move.
  7. Wow, I must have missed that or just totally forgot. Pretty wild.
  8. I would be pretty happy with this ERA though.
  9. https://www.milb.com/about/faqs-business#24
  10. I think it's 7 years, so... he might actually be following this season?
  11. Like Bundy! I brought it back around!
  12. Glad he's back. Like Dylan Bundy, he tries hard. Unlike Dylan Bundy, he's not any damn good. But he seems to have a rubber arm and we sure have yanked him around developmentally speaking, so I kind of feel bad for the guy. I think it's pretty likely he finds his way back to the 40-man at some point next year.
  13. Page 2 of the Dylan Bundy thread: Cooking Hallmark movies Matlock Grindcore band CoC is old Well hey, sometimes it be like that.
  14. Brutal. I like it. Daughters is a little too on the grind/noise side for me, but I respect it.
  16. Well, fair point. He did make it back as a hitter so credit there.
  17. Yeah, I definitely agree here. Ben was no bust, in all honesty. Dylan I guess is more of an open question in that regard, especially if he can't really get below that 5.00 ERA mark. But he's useful, which is my main point. He's not a total non-factor out there (Hess), or a headcase (Wright). He wasn't derailed completely by injury (Loewen). He's fine. He pitches smart and he gets by. I tend to think there's more in the tank there if he can really tighten up his offspeed offerings, especially the curve and change.
  18. I keep seeing comments about trading or non-tendering Dylan Bundy. And I get it. He's not the ace we thought he was. He has no fastball and a long list of prior injuries and he gives up a lot of dingers. That said, I'm ready to move past what we hoped Bundy would be and just be glad we're getting what he gives us. Consider: 4 straight years over 100 innings. If all goes well the rest of the season, he'll eclipse 150 (hopefully more) the last 3 years. Has tried really hard to adjust how he pitches in order to get the most out of his current stuff. This year he's had to rework his repertoire at age 26 (!) and, all things considered, has found some success doing so. The ball, the park, and the lack of a ML outfield has certainly not helped, but he's doing what he can. Not many young pitchers will own up to the fact that he's going to have to find a way to get by without a good fastball. Credit to him. Hopefully he'll continue at his current rate and improve upon last years numbers. His WHIP, H/9, HR/9, and ERA have all fallen. His strikeouts and walks have gone slightly the wrong direction, but nothing crazy. He'll post his highest fWAR since 2017, currently at 1.4. For all the talk of his past injuries, they seem to be.. in the past? He's been pretty durable with his 3rd full season in the rotation and starting over 20 games. He should reach 30 or more again this year. Calm, "veteran" presence. He's been through a lot. Injuries, surgery, rehab, high draft pick expectations as a "savior", the playoffs, Buck, and now a rebuild. He's only 26 yet he's carrying a wealth of experience and doing it in a no-nonsense fashion. He takes the hill, he pitches with a plan, he stays in shape, and posts up. In a rebuild, that's honestly a huge value that I think gets underappreciated. Under control until 2022. Look, you're not going to get a whole lot in a trade for Dylan Bundy. I think there's more value to having him around and plugging him into the rotation than there is for the lottery ticket type of return you'll get for him. Maybe he goes on a real nice run and you can do him a solid and get him to a contender in the next year or two if the return is above average. If so, great. But that's not likely, and until the arbitration raises get too much to swallow, there's no rush to move him. He's a homegrown draft pick who is actually starting games! Wow! For all the failed homegrown starters like Matusz, Britton, Arrieta, Loewen, Hess, etc, here's a guy who actually made it here and is not a total dumpster fire on the mound. There's no 7 ERA, there's no 3 HR/9. Yes, he'll have a clunker now and then, but maintaining a low 5 ERA this season is actually (and sure, sadly) impressive. I dunno. I like the guy, I've decided. I appreciate his effort and quiet determination out there. I 100% expect him to be a part of this team next year and I think it's a good thing that he will be.
  19. I like this OP. 1. Hire a scouting director who is on board with Elias's whole thing. 2. Finish building out the analytics and international scouting departments with hires to help Sig and Koby. 3. Make any necessary coaching changes/hires/promotions/adjustments. 4. Obliterate the 40-man roster ahead of the Rule 5 draft. 5. Trade Mychal Givens and, if possible, Villar.
  20. It's a good post, but let's not go overboard here.
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