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  1. Lucky_13

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Well at least they're fielding offers. Although kind of hard to convince yourself you're a contender when you're 15-34.
  2. Lucky_13

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    Not to mention they have a huge hole at 3B at the moment.
  3. Lucky_13

    Who would you hire to replace Buck?

    Hardy would be interesting if the roster is completely overhauled at the deadline/during the offseason. Wouldn't want to have a manager who recently played with a lot of guys on the team. Caleb Joseph might also be an interesting choice. Have a feeling Buck is promoted to GM with Brady continuing his undefined role. John Russel becomes manager.
  4. Lucky_13

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Yeah I think the fact that this offer is on the table shows the team is at least taking phone calls already
  5. Lucky_13

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Agreed but I think they are going to try and trade all the free agents and Trumbo, then retool for next season rather then do a true rebuild which is what they need to do. I guess I can follow the logic. They have three at least three outfield prospects they deem to be legitimate ML starters. The rotation is coming back intact net season. Schoop, Mancini, and Sisco are still there. So if they get Baez that replaces Manny and maybe they can get a young third Basemen in another deadline trade or through free agency.
  6. Lucky_13

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Would you guys do Manny for Javier Baez, Mike Montgomery, and Mark Zaguinus? The team needs a corner outfielder and Zaguinus has really good on base skills but is blocked at the ML level. Not a great defender though.
  7. Lucky_13

    Lack of infield heir apparents

    This is what I want to know too. He doesn't hit for a ton of power but they already have enough power hitters on the team. Even if he's just average at third, that's an improvement over Valencia.
  8. Lucky_13

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    Wonder if this is Duquette's way of getting Buck to play Sisco everyday Kinda like when he DFA's Teagarden
  9. Lucky_13

    Renato Nunez Claimed from Texas

    Rather see Drew Dosch get a shot at 3B
  10. Lucky_13

    It's Time to Sell; How Far Would YOU Go?

    Keep Bundy, Sisco, and Mancini. Start shopping Manny, Jones, Gausmen, O'day, Brach, and Givens immediately. This team is 8-23 and terrible. No need to wait until July. Give Schoop and Britton time once they're healthy to up their trade values and trade them by the deadline. Play the young guys and let them develop at the major league level. Extend or fire Buck. Personally, I feel like he'd be a good guy to have around if the team is going to be substantially younger. DFA all the dead weight on the roster.
  11. Lucky_13

    What a sad and dreary season this has been...

    I agree with this in terms of infield prospects. But I don't know why guys like Hays, Stewart, and Sisco (already on team) aren't up and playing everyday instead of Santander, Gentry, and Valencia. Unless this team has some sort of delusion that they can still compete somehow, there should be a youth movement and preperations for trading vets in July.
  12. Lucky_13

    David Hess an Oriole

    Tillman's next start is currently listed TBD Wonder if Hess gets a shot if he isn't used.
  13. Lucky_13

    vs. TWINS, 4/01

    So safe to safe Gausmen is just a mediocre pitcher at this point? It's been four years of the same
  14. Lucky_13

    Predict our Opening Day lineup!

    Trey Mancini - LF Manny Machado - SS Jonathan Schoop - 2B Chris Davis - 1B Adam Jones - CF Pedro Alvarez - DH Colby Rasmus - RF Caleb Joseph - C Tim Beckham - 3B
  15. Lucky_13

    Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    Rather have Valencia to fill the 2014 Delmon Young role. They have Beckham to back up short.