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  1. Call me crazy but I'd give Mike Wright a shot at it. His stuff played way up in short outings last year. He also has an intensity to him that might work as a closer and I'm pretty sure he's out of options this season. Or sign a guy like Jake McGee. If they get a SP for Britton I think it makes the team better than if they keep him
  2. Also not sure if that would be a good idea trading your closer so close to the start of the season.
  3. Should the Orioles sign Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas?

    No to cashner. If Vargas was the guy they signed to be the 5th starter and innings eater than I'd be okay with it. But that would mean they had 4 better starters to put in front of him in the rotation. But that isn't the case.
  4. I'm not sure I agree with that second part. I think the smart thing would be to sign both Manny and Schoop long term. They have three or four outfield prospects and Mancini to make a solid cheap outfield with. Beckham at short until 2020 along with Sisco and Joseph at catcher. The problem would still be pitching but they have Bundy and Gausmen until 2022 and 2021. Harvey, Akin, Means, Sedlock, Wells, etc. all have ETA's from 2018 - 2020. The team would be relatively cheap except for the Manny, Davis, and Schoop contracts so they could always spend on some free agent pitching if they need to. You'd probably have to let Jones walk in this scenario but if the Orioles say no to having two 26 year old all Stars be their franchise cornerstones for the next decade than they are making a mistake.
  5. Will Mark Trumbo Be Back With Orioles In 2018?

    Free Agent 1B Yonder Alonso (31) Lucas Duda (32) Eric Hosmer (28) John Jaso (34) Adam Lind (34) Tyler Moore (31) Mitch Moreland (32) Logan Morrison (30) Mike Napoli (36) Mark Reynolds (34) Carlos Santana (32) Danny Valencia (33) If You're a team that needs a 1B do any of these guys really jump out at you other than Hosmer and Santana. I think Trumbo (If the Orioles eat some salary) would be a solid second option. Also the team that loses out on the J.D. Martinez sweepstakes could be looking for a right handed bat.
  6. MLBTR's FA starter contract projections

    Not sure how CarGo makes sense for the Orioles at all. I don't expect DD to sign an outfielder at all unless they trade Trumbo. As of right now Mancini is your left fielder and I think they are going to give Hays a long look. But if that's the price for pitching then the Orioles should be active in the free agent market. No reason they can't afford Cobb, Chatwood, Garcia, etc. If it were me, I'd sign Jake Mcgee for the 18 million and see what I'd get for Brach or Britton.
  7. Looks like they might be going this route. Tillman more likely apparently...Great
  8. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    I think with all the talk of how much they missed Ortiz this year, they'll want to go get a big bat other than Hanley. Looking at the 1B and DH options, Trumbo is probably better than those options.
  9. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    What about Trumbo to the Red Sox? They need a 1B with Moreland leaving and are missing a big bat in their lineup. I have to imagine that Trumbo would hit a ton of homers with his power and the monster. I'd see if they'd give up Brock Holt given that he's coming off of injury and I'm not sure he really has a spot on their roster. That rids the Orioles of Trumbo's contract and gives them a super utility guy they could play alot to keep guys rested. If not I'd take middle reliever or something.
  10. Tillman. Biggest risk but most likely of the three to make an actual difference.
  11. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Wouldn't trading Mountcastle depend on what they do with Machado. If they resign him Mountcastle becomes expendable but if not isn't he the only in house option?
  12. Expansion/Realignment

    Only thing I don't really like is the 4 play in games for the same reason I hate the wildcard game. It should be a 2/3 series which I assume they could do if they are going to reduce the schedule to 156 games. Also it would be strange to not play the yankees and the red sox so often. Kind of like when Maryland left the ACC and doesn't really have any rivalries in the Big 10 the way they did with Duke and UNC.
  13. I can't root for the Nats even if it meant Angelos went out and spent money. It's just to enjoyable that every year they lose in the ALDS.
  14. What will $40-50M get you?

    This is what I'd do. Invest all the available money in two good starting pitchers. If Angelos is willing to spend 20+ million on two pitchers I go get Darvish and Cobb. The staff gets a major upgrade. Hays can play RF, Bieir, Castro, and Mike Wright fill out the pen. Open competition for the 5th starter spot among aquino, Ynoa, and minor league signings. Find a utility infielder and Fourth outfielder.
  15. Build your 2018 Team

    Outfield LF: Mancini CF: Jones RF: Hays Infield 1B: Davis 2B: Schoop 3B: Machado SS: Beckham C: Sisco DH: Trumbo Bench C: Joseph Util: Some INF either from AAA or rule 5 OF: Rickard OF: Rajai Davis : 1/2 Million Bullpen Zach Britton Brad Brach Mychal Givens Darren O'Day Mike Wright (Has to be on the Roster) Tanner Scott Miguel Castro Rotation Alex Cobb: 4 / 64 Million (Might be willing to go as high as 70 here) Dylan Bundy Kevin Gausmen Tyler Chatwood : 2/16 Million Brett Anderson : Minor League deal (He throws a lot of groundballs when healthy) Sign Fister and Derek Holland to Milb Deals