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  1. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    If they don't sign any outside pitching, I'd think the entire Bowie rotation would get long looks in spring training along with the guys already mentioned here. So we'd have Asher, Wright, Ynoa, Castro, Cortes, Mesa Jr, Hess, Long, Means, and Ramirez. So I guess best case scenario is that Mike Wright figures it out, Cortes's minor league success translates and one of the guys from AA proves they can be a major league starting pitcher. If they go into spring training with no free agent pitchers I can almost guarantee Harvey is in the rotation to start the year. Honestly I'd rather watch young pitchers try to figure it out then ubaldo types getting shelled constantly.
  2. Baseball Prospectus: Lo Cain

    If they could get Cain on a four year deal, I'd be all over it. It allows them to slide Jones over to right and maybe trade some of their OF depth for a starting pitcher. If they trade Manny, Cain would do a solid job of replacing his production. I would love to see an OF defense of Hays in left, Cain in center, and Jones in right.
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    His bat profiles better at 2nd then 3rd.
  4. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Agree about Banda. I'd rather have Taylor Clarke who doesn't have has much of an upside as Banda but looks more likely to succeed in the MLB as a 3rd starter IMO. Drury I wouldn't mind as long as he plays 2B.
  5. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Gotta think the Yankees go make a push for Darvish now.
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Can Drury play third? Offensively he looks like he profiles better at 2nd.
  7. Os requesting offers on Machado

    If Manny's salary is unresolved does a team that trades for him get to submit their own number in arbitration?
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    What about Manny for RHP Taijaun Walker, RHP Taylor Clarke, and OF Socrates Brito Walker's been inconsistent but has potential. Clarke has only 3rd starter upside but is MLB ready, and Brito can play all three OF positions and is a lefty bat. Or replace Walker with Corbin and add Jimmie Sherfy, which makes Brach more tradeable .
  9. Os requesting offers on Machado

    https://www.fanragsports.com/inside-baseball-mlb-notes-astros-still-looking-to-improve/ Orioles telling teams they expect to keep Manny.
  10. MGon Signs with ChiSox

    Or the White Sox are shoring up their rotation so they can trade pitching for Manny Machado But probably not.
  11. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I agree. Once the big free agent hitters start to sign, I could see interest in Manny heating back up. I think if Boston somehow misses out on Martinez or finds his demands to high, they might come back with a package that could get a deal done. I think that's one of the reasons the diamondbacks have come up alot as suitors. They'd probably rather have Martinez but maybe not at his price.
  12. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Yeah you're right everyone's tweeting nothings imminent now. Sure would be nice if something happened this offseason.
  13. Slow Offseason around MLB