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  1. I was honestly surprised Ynoa got reassigned. He seemed to be doing well in a small sample size but his stuff looked better then Wright's. Hopefully he gets more of a chance
  2. I like Rickard and he should have a role. Just think he's better suited as a part time player and he gets exposed when he plays everyday. Decent placeholder just not exciting.
  3. Well...apparently it wasn't too hard to keep him out of the lineup Really the most upsetting part about this is Rickard in right field. These guys will be up by June if they hit well
  4. Wasn't Dalton Pompey a highly regarded prospect at one point or am I thinking of someone else?
  5. This x1000 Ben Mcdonald was awesome though. I can't wait to have him and Thorne do a game together.
  6. Pretty good range at first by Mountcastle
  7. Wonder how they clear the logjam at first for him though
  8. Rats. I should have known no would claim him
  9. At least I never have to see susac bat again
  10. Well the Ravens season is over and my Baltimore sports withdrawal is acting up. All I got now is Terps basketball and I have no faith in Turgeon. So I'm ready for spring training to start. There's going to be a lot of new faces and players to follow. Never been more excited to see the rule V guys lol.
  11. A starting pitcher on a one year deal isn't a bad idea especially if they find a way to trade Cobb. If someone like Buchholz has a good first have maybe you can flip him. I think they are going to give every opportunity to Jackson and Martin to win the SS job. Rather just see what Hays has in RF than sign a veteran guy. I see them bringing in some minor league free agents to compete in spring training but nothing more.
  12. You guys think this means they trade Villar? They could let Wilkerson and Valera battle for 2nd and then Martin and Jackson play SS. Not sure it improves the team but I don't see a way they fit both on the roster with Villar on there.
  13. Its a Dodgers AA reunion in Bowie with Bannon, Jackson, Diaz, and Kremer.
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