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  1. This is the idea I like too. Buy and sell. Trade Britton or Brach for prospects. Ideally they'd get a mlb ready starter back. I'd see if you can swap seth smith or castillo for a middle relieve to take over givens job (think tommy hunter) Then trade for Feldman or some other cheap starter
  2. How serious is Feldman's injury? Might be had for cheap
  3. Anyone think the phillies would trade eickoff or nola? Their rebuild isn't going great so maybe they'd move on of these guys for more prospects. That would be a win now and help the future move for us Hellickson Nava and eickoff for reyes, peluffo, Akin
  4. Another question is who would you trade these guys for? I'd see what the blue jays would want for Happ or Estrada Or see if the phillies are willing to part with hellickson and another young starter(then maybe I think about moving akin or sedlock)
  5. Group A are all untouchable for me. Group B Hanifeee and Peluffo are untouchable. The other two are tradable. Group C Trade any of them I could live with it if they trade any of Group B as long as its a non rental good starter. Group A is untradable
  6. For the right price. Probably too much for us to pay
  7. I'd trade for RA Dickey just to have a knuckleballer He'd eat innings at least
  8. I'm hoping mountcastle turns into a competent 3B and we move Manny to short. Or we get a SS back in one of the trades if we sell. Pass on Cozart
  9. As much fun as it is to blast duquette I think we should withold judgement until after july 31. Now if he does nothing or makes garbage trades or buys then I will join you in calling on Dan to be fired
  10. October 1st will be a glorious day...Ubaldo's contract expires
  11. Well Colin Moran's making quite the audition
  12. Not sure if this was posted earlier but
  13. I think Buck is also at fault to a certain extent. He has a great amount of influence in the organization and I think this extends to the minor leagues. The one thing with Buck is that if he doesn't deem you one of his guys then you don't play. Look at Kim this year. I would bet that when Buck and Dan were discussing these guys, Davies was "too skinny" , Miranda too old, and Bridwell was just another guy who walked too many. If you aren't deemed a nugget by Buck you lose. Just look at Teagarden, Duquette had to cut him mid season to get Buck to stop playing him. I don't think Billy Beane is some genius, but he had a point when he said "we aren't selling jeans here." I think Buck lets his eyes make too many decisions and not the results.