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  1. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    1 year 10 million. Hopefully that sets the price for Cobb
  2. Orioles Interested In Neil Walker and Mark Reynolds

    So I guess Walker would become the 3rd basemen with Beckham moving to super utility? Don't really get the point of Reynolds at all.
  3. vs. Cardinals, 2/28 (Spring Training)

    Wright's command still spotty. Stuff looks alright though
  4. Place yer bets! (aka, the Pete Rose thread)

    You heard it here first: 92 wins Chris Tillman's ERA: 3.87
  5. Does adding Moustakas alter the balance of power in AL East?

    If they can get Moustakas at a decent price, I wouldn't be against it. It would give them a chance to lessen the impact of losing Manny next season. My only concern would be another mistake contract for an aging player
  6. Cashner signing

    I guess I can talk myself into Cashner. Sign Tillman and Lackey and let them battle it out with the young guys for the last two spots.
  7. In on Lynn?

    I agree that its a risk but if Tillman bounces back and he and Lynn simply pitch to their career averages, the team has a pretty good rotation. Also I feel like every year DD and Buck are banking on a miracle. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  8. Os requesting offers on Machado

    It makes a lot of sense. Cleveland has starting rotation depth and have a world series caliber team.
  9. In on Lynn?

    Gotta think if they sign Lynn for 3/57 that's the only real impact guy they sign right? I guess I can get behind signing Lynn and Tillman/Hutchinson
  10. Drew Hutchison? Ewww...

    I wouldn't hate this move. He's 27 and has some decent stuff. I'm accepting they are having an open competition for the last three spots in Spring Training at this point.
  11. Predict the Starting Rotation

    Bundy Gausmen Hutchinson Wright Cortes (Buck must have a lefty) It has potential...I guess It'd be cool to have a rotation that's young. Gives me a little bit of hope.
  12. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Wonder if that opens up the market for Manny at all
  13. Moves to Make You Feel Positive About THIS Season

    If Dan somehow signs one of Cobb or Lynn and Vargas I'll be more optimistic. If Trumbo can somehow be traded open up a spot for some of the younger outfielders, I'd be happy.
  14. Buck's comment today on Chris Tillman

    I don't see the harm in it. If he bounces back then he he is a very solid pitcher. If not then he probably won't be worse than any other no name guy we run out there.
  15. Don't overlook an orchid while looking for a rose

    Other guy mentioned was Odorizzi who I would love the Orioles to trade for