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  1. Lucky_13

    Top Manager Candidates

    I'd still see if Girardi would want the job honestly.
  2. Lucky_13

    Top Manager Candidates

    I think they need a new voice, so I'm not sure hiring a guy like Dickerson would be the best idea. Although on the other hand Dickerson is really good at what he does so I'm not sure you'd want to lose him either. Just hope he's not a one trick pony where he's really good as a instructor but can't handle the other aspects of managing.
  3. Lucky_13


    DJ Stewart. He's struggling at AAA but he knows how to control the strike zone. No one on the mlb roster right now seems to fit. Although when Mancini is hot I'd bat him 2nd.
  4. Lucky_13

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Hopefully Valencia is traded for something of value
  5. Lucky_13

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    Finally. The Orioles will now have two real outfielders in the outfield. That's progress baby!
  6. Lucky_13

    2019+ Positional Review Series: 2B

    I sure hope they don't think they can be competitive next year. 2020 I can understand, most of the prospects from trades and the top of the system have an ETA then. But getting a strong defensive shortstop like Iglesias would be a good move, especially if defensive liabilities like Nunez or Mountcastle are at third baseman,
  7. Lucky_13

    2019+ Positional Review Series: 2B

    Rather he be nontendered and they spend money on a stop gap shortstop
  8. Lucky_13

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    If it were up to me I'd call up the entire Norfolk Outfield. I know Yaz isn't really a prospect but he has .812 OPS at Norfolk and plays good defense. I'd platoon him and Rickard in LF. Then slide Jones over to RF and play Mullins in center. DJ Stewart can come up and get some starts in the outfield and DH. The outfield defense would be fun to watch. But Trumbo on the roster kind of screws everything up.
  9. Lucky_13

    Duquette in mix for Mets new GM

    I agree. He traded both Schoop and Gausman and the plan he has detailed seems to be his. I think he's back next season.
  10. Lucky_13

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    .8 dWAR according to Baseball Reference. Schoop was replacement level
  11. Lucky_13

    Jonathan Villar- Our new 2B?

    Good defender at 2nd and athletic. Two things this team needs more of
  12. Lucky_13

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

    This is what I'm not getting either. Wynns is pretty good defensively and might be able to hit a bit better. I really don't understand why Caleb gets most of the starts.
  13. Lucky_13

    Who stood out in July?

    Does Mountcastle get a promotion to AAA or do they just wait until next year?
  14. Lucky_13

    Renato Núñez

    I like him too but yeah he isn't good defensively. If anything he, Mancini, and Valencia prove you can find a RH DH without spending 13 million/yr
  15. Lucky_13

    Claim Party

    Yes we need some improved defense if they are going to audition some young pitchers.