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  1. Lucky_13

    Winter Trade Value

    I'd make it a priority to trade Trumbo simply for the roster flexibility and to cut salary. Even if that means attaching international money or packaging him with Bundy or Givens. That gets Mancini out of LF and gives them room to see what Stewart or someone else can do in LF. Everyone else is in wait and see territory. Hope they build value for the deadline.
  2. Lucky_13

    Elias & Mejdal - how excited are you?

    At this point I'm still getting over the shock that they hired Elias. He's young, up and coming, and considered a great hire around the mlb. Also the fact that he was given full autonomy. It's just so un-Orioles. Mejdal would be great but Elias is a great first step.
  3. Lucky_13

    Ryan Mountcastle - 3B - 2018 #3 Prospect

    Well as long as they're in the mood to trade pitchers to dump salary, I'd see if a team would take Trumbo's contract to get Bundy. Then Mountcastle and Mancini split time at 1B/DH and Davis parks it on the bench.
  4. Lucky_13

    Free Agent Tracker

    Weren't there rumblings they had no interest in Stanton last offseason? I'll believe it when I see it regarding Machado and Harper
  5. So much for this guy saving the Gausman deal though. That looks especially rough now
  6. What are the rules exactly? The money doesn't carry over to the next signing period right? Time to attach all our international money to Chris Davis and see if we get a taker lol
  7. Lucky_13

    Who Will Get Cut From The 40-Man By Opening Day?

    Because it doesn't hurt anything. Roll the dice on a couple of these guys and see what happens. If they fail they still win maybe 60 games next year
  8. Lucky_13

    Who Will Get Cut From The 40-Man By Opening Day?

    Yeah I agree. This is the year to carry three rule 5 guys imo. Not gonna win a ton of games anyway
  9. Lucky_13

    A Few Questions About Some Former Orioles

    Does it really matter though? Winning games means very little except for pride at this point. If the prospects are close and have potential than play them in the major leagues. It keeps the team from spending money unnecessarily and you see if the young guys are mlb caliber.
  10. Lucky_13

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    I'd nontender Beckham and trade Villar. That should save them roughly 8 million which I'd then use to sign Jose Iglesias. Although I like the idea of seeing if you can get crawford from Philly. Let Wilkerson take a shot at 2nd and Nunez or mountcastle at third.
  11. Lucky_13

    Loverro: The Orioles could be sold this winter

    Any chance of Biscotti having interest?
  12. In my heart: 1 year In my head: 3-5 I think they'll be able to score some runs with the young guys they have but I don't see any impact pitching in the pipeline
  13. Lucky_13

    Crasnick on DD, Buck, and the Angelos'

    It's almost like the Orioles brass is who we thought they were
  14. Lucky_13

    Top Manager Candidates

    I'd still see if Girardi would want the job honestly.
  15. Lucky_13

    Top Manager Candidates

    I think they need a new voice, so I'm not sure hiring a guy like Dickerson would be the best idea. Although on the other hand Dickerson is really good at what he does so I'm not sure you'd want to lose him either. Just hope he's not a one trick pony where he's really good as a instructor but can't handle the other aspects of managing.