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  1. Should the O's sign Manny, Schoop, both, or neither?

    What I don't get is what is the apprehension with giving these guys massive contracts? I understand you don't want to give a 28-29 year old a seven or eight year deal since they are already in and soon to be past their prime. But if you give Schoop and Machado 8-10 year deals, you get their 25-32 seasons and only have to deal with a little decline at the end. That's a wise investment compared to giving a 29 year old Davis a 7 year deal.
  2. That list is...uninspiring
  3. If they were smart they'd sign either Darvish or Cobb. They need one guy to really anchor the rotation. Then you sign someone like Chatwood, Gonzalez, or Garcia for the back end. 1. Darvish or Cobb 2. Bundy 3. Gausmen 4. Veteran #4 5. Castro, Wright, Tillman on a 1 year deal
  4. vs. YANKEES, 9/07

    On the bright side Davis is only here for another 5 years
  5. vs. YANKEES, 9/07

    Manny ending it
  6. The Wildcard Race

    Just 0.5 games back. I don't know how we won but we did. Oriole magic
  7. Orioles win; Yankees lose

    Oh it would be so sweet if we make the wildcard and knock the Yankees out. Then meet Houston in the ALDS. Then Boston in the ALCS. Then the Dodgers in the World Series. Screw em all. Let's win the whole thing.
  8. The Wildcard Race

    Best way to start a new win streak is to win 1 2.5 GB of 1st Wildcard 1.5 GB of 2nd Wildcard 8 GB of 1st Place
  9. Miggy takes mound to help us out today

    And Chicago just blew that one. Thanks Sox
  10. Angels acquiring Justin Upton?

    Maybin to Astros
  11. Go Get Tommy Hunter

    Honestly this has Dan Duquette written all over it. I wouldn't be surprised if we grab him
  12. Go Get Tommy Hunter

    I'd get him just for playoff celebrations
  13. Castro convertible..its time

    I'd be on board with this if we only had one bad starter to replace but with Tillman, Miley, and Ubaldo all getting starts Castro is valuable as a long man who can keep us in games. Next spring training, go for it.
  14. The Wildcard Race

    Lucky number 7. The Bird's haven't lost in a week. At 68-65 1 GB of 2nd Wildcard (Twins play later) Currently 3GB of the 1st Wildcard (Yanks down 5-1) 7.5 GB of 1st Place (Red Sox play later)
  15. The Wildcard Race

    That's half a dozen. Six in a row! Currently 1 GB of the second wildcard (Twins up 4-1) 4 GB of first wildcard 8 GB of first place If we make it in Bundy and Gausmen just might be a solid 1-2 punch. #BabyBirds