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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-rumors-cubs-have-interest-in-nicholas-castellanos-mets-still-expect-a-good-return-for-zack-wheeler-despite-injury/ Wonder if the Cubs would want Mancini if they don't get castellanos
  2. Got to think its soon. He's the only real option at the high minors at this point.
  3. Yeah I'd rather see Stewart get ABs over Smith. Honestly rather see Mason williams too. At least he'd play decent defense in a corner spot.
  4. Currently slashing .299/.351/.489 after last night. I keep thinking he's going to come back to earth but he keeps putting together good at bats. So could he be a starting outfielder for a good team or is he just a bench player?
  5. Givens, almost for sure. Relievers are always on the move at the deadline. I want them to trade Mancini because I doubt his value will ever be higher but don't see it happening.
  6. Would have rather they taken a shot at shelby miller or Drew Smyly as reclamation projects. Harvey is done and done.
  7. For real. Just look at the average fan's reaction to the Cashner trade. Plenty of people still live and die by ERA, BA, wins, etc.
  8. Yeah Parra was the worst of the worst. Not only was Parra due to regress but they traded a starting pitcher in AAA having a good year even though they struggled to fill out a full rotation every year except 2014 during DD's tenure.
  9. He wouldn't bring back much agreed. But Kinsler is a replacement level player and Villar would be an upgrade
  10. Also I wonder if the Padres would want Villar to replace Kinsler?
  11. I'd do that. France is blocked at 3rd by Machado so Padres might be more willing to deal him. I'm not sure Elias would go for MLB ready guys though. Out of the four teams listed I hope we deal with the Padres or Braves. Their farm systems are loaded.
  12. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/07/astros-to-acquire-ryan-pressly.html I'm thinking the Ryan pressly trade from last year might be a decent comp. He was another guy with control and a solid track record. When he was traded he was also striking guys out at a career best rate but had a bit of an inflated ERA Twins got the Astros #10 and #15 prospect for him. Neither were top 100 but still a solid return.
  13. Guess they're going to keep Hall down at Delmarva all season
  14. Lucky_13

    Who is next?

    I'd be down for that. Montgomery would be decent option to pair with an opener too.
  15. Lucky_13

    Who is next?

    They could use givens
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